Fires of war(one shot)

Oct 15th, 2017
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  1. tags: Salamander, no smut
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  5. You feel your whole body ache while you fight the oncoming unconsciousness. The only thing still pushing you forward is your hate for the “thing” in front of you. To call it a being is an affront to the existence of a kind and loving god. No, this thing is a disgusting combination of beings, a thing that should have never been, an abomination. This perversion of nature has to be purged.
  7. You pick yourself up and raise your fists, your last remaining weapons. Your eyes meet the “thing’s” own. Your family and friends, all slaves now because of this “thing’ and it’s horde. Hate and a crippling sense of loss are all you have left and you’ll throw it all at it. You run at it and draw your fist back, this is all you can do, a more symbolic attack than anything to harm it.
  8. You fist meets the ”things“ head. It didn’t even bother to dodge.
  10. ”I’ll take everything you can throw at me, It’s the least I can do“
  12. You wind your fist back at it’s statement and throw another punch. And another. And another. You keep hitting it until your hand refuses to clench from the damage you did to it. you wind your head back for a final attack, a headbutt. As your last blow lands your vision fades to black and you crumble to your knees.
  13. You can only ask a question to it
  15. ”Why?“
  17. There’s a long pause and when you finally think it has ignored you, it answers.
  19. ”We have no other choice, we fight to survive and to clear a path for a new future.“
  21. A new future? You can’t stop yourself from screaming
  23. ”What of the men your kind has enslaved!? What future awaits them!?“
  25. Another pause, you drag yourself to your feet. you back hand the creatures face, a mockery of what a beautiful woman should look like. You prepare to deliver another blow before the creature throws its own to your stomach. You fall again at it’s feet as it speaks.
  27. ”stop being so naive, there are no innocents in war. Your kind has hurt ours as much as we’ve done today. We have a new plan, we’ll wipe out the old ways, BURN IT DOWN!“
  29. It delivers a kick that sends you flying back a few feet. As you’re airborne you catch a glimpse of it’s tail, only a while ago was it a dim light, now it looked like a towering inferno. As you roll to a stop the thing's voice booms at you.
  30. ”we’ll do away with the old ways and make new ones. We’ll make a new place ruled by strength with human and monster side by side!“
  32. Together, with those things? You stand and shout back at it
  34. ”Bullshit! Your kind has preyed on ours since times long passed. Now that your forms have mutated to look appealing to us, you think we’ll just lay down and surrender!?“
  36. The creature runs at you and starts to hammer you with blows
  38. ”There’s more that changed with us than our looks, our values, our outlook on life. Things aren’t so simple anymore, no more killed or be killed“
  40. It delivers another blow to your face that makes you crumble again.
  42. ”This blessing or curse, whatever you want to call it, has made us different. We can no longer live alone, we are becoming just like you humans. We need you and we think you need us as well“
  44. A small part of you wants to just stay here laying at its feet. No matter what you do, nothing will change, they’ve already won today. You pick yourself up till you are kneeling.
  45. ”And what do we need from you? What can you give us? What we need is an escape from you and your kind! The people we’ve lost, the villages, how many has your kind destroyed!? You expect us to forget this pain!?“
  46. The creature walks up to you and does something you would have never expected. It kisses you. it’s lips meet yours and it’s tongue slides pass your lips and into your mouth. It’s scaled hands move to your face and caresses it, while it’s tongue massages yours. It takes you a while to realize you shouldn’t be enjoying this.
  48. You shake the creature off of you while getting to your feet and backing away from it.
  50. ”What are you doing!?
  52. A crimson shade comes to its face.
  54. “I like you, you don’t stay down like the other men. Become mine and I’ll show you my future is possible.”
  55. As you take in its words, it charges you and knocks you down. As you try to get back to your feet, it jumps on top of you. It’s teeth meet your neck, but instead of it ripping out your throat, it nibbles on the side of your neck.
  57. “Get off me, you abomination!”
  59. The creature stops and stares into your eyes with it’s orange slit eyes.
  61. “This is the beginning of the future for our kinds, It doesn’t have to be painful for either of us. Just submit to me and I’ll make you happy.”
  63. You manage to get your feet under it and send it flying off you.
  65. “I’m not a thing for you to take, Demon!”
  67. The creature smiles and licks it’s lips.
  69. “Your kind will come with us, albeit kicking and screaming, you will be no different.”
  71. You climb to your feet for what you think will be your last time. You run towards the creature while it does the same. You throw your off hand in an uppercut towards it’s stomach while it throws one to your head.
  73. “HAA, you still have some fight in you, I think I’m falling even more in love with you!”
  75. “I won’t fall so easily demon!”
  77. You both continue trading blows, but your battered body just can’t keep up with it’s own. With a final blow to your stomach, you feel yourself collapsing.
  78. “I, I can’”
  79. you fall for the final time waiting for the creature to reveal it’s true nature. It walks up to you and sits next to you.
  81. “That was a great fight, You put everything you had into it.”
  83. You say nothing, there’s nothing left for you to say.
  85. “You don’t trust me, but I’ll show you that we can make a future without war between our people. You won’t be able to deny what you’ll see with your own eyes.”
  87. It picks you up and carries you over it’s back. You find it strange that the flame at its tail doesn’t burn you anymore.
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