faggotwizard and faggotdeer are faggots (glim) p1?

Jan 18th, 2018
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  1. >>
  2. >>Hey anon
  3. >>Hey
  4. >>Hey anon
  5. >>Anooonnn~
  6. >>Anon over here!
  8. "Oh hey glimmy, what's up?"
  9. >she grabs your face with her magic to pull you down to mouth level so she can whisper into it
  10. >or nearly whisper, the apparent urgency of the situation making it louder than expected
  11. >"You need to help me!"
  12. "Huh? What? What's happening?"
  13. >"It's Sunburst!"
  14. "Oh, yeah, he was supposed to come by today to say hello--"
  15. >"Yes! And we were supposed to do stuff together but, ugh, he didn't come alone--"
  16. >"Oh hey Anon!"
  17. "Steve! What's up dude? Still a faggot?"
  18. >"I'm great, thanks, I think? What's a faggot?"
  19. >"Certainly another offensive word coming from his barbaric land--"
  20. "Well speaking of faggot, here's the faggot wizard himself!"
  21. >"I-I am not a wizard, just a simple--"
  22. "FAGGOT!"
  23. >"Ugh, whatever, come dear, let's go and find some place away from this overgrown ape,"
  24. >"Aw come on shmoopydoo, Anon may be a bit rowdy but he's not that bad,"
  25. >Shmoopydoo?!
  26. >you take a glance down to find glimmy's eyes, silently asking her if he was serious
  27. >and her silence is all the confirmation you needed
  28. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't fucking believe it! You REALLY are a faggot! And you're BOTH faggots for each other, holy fuck!"
  29. >"DEAR! Let's go, now!"
  30. >"Ugh, okay whatever, see you around Anon!"
  31. "Ahahahaha, oh fuck, glimmy, you should've told me about that!"
  32. >"Well that's the thing, I didn't know much, I knew he was in a relationship but--"
  33. "But not with faggot deer, huh,"
  34. >"Uhm, yeah, we were supposed to go play some dragon pit and take a walk around town and see the others and just, you know, spend some time together but, ugh, yeah, he came with his... friend and now it's all awkward and I'm--"
  35. "Forced to hold the candle, yeah, I see,"
  36. >"Yeah... which is why I need you!"
  37. "Huh, sure, but you take care of the bodies,"
  39. >"W-what?! No, we're not killing Sunburst!"
  40. "What? Awww, but I kinda like Steve, he's the right amount of dumb so I can make fun of him without even him realizing it!"
  41. >"We're not hurting St--Thorax either!"
  42. "Wait what? Then why do you need me, just go ask Twilight or something--"
  43. >"I can't! They're getting ready for next week's festival and Trixie is certainly still sleeping at this hour,"
  44. "Yeah, I can only wonder why with what you did to her last night, hell, I'm sure Celestia heard it! Can't wait to see her walking funny ton--"
  45. >"A-Anon! H-how did--"
  46. "I like to watch is all,"
  47. >"W-what?! How--"
  48. >you boop her to stop the stammering
  49. "Ep-ep-ep! Not another word,"
  50. >"B-but, you...!"
  51. "Hush! So, what do you want me to do?"
  52. >it takes her a while to calm down, but the blush doesn't seem to want to go anywhere
  53. >"I just, uhm... stay with me?"
  54. "What?"
  55. >"Just, you know, hang around so I can talk to you while they.... flirt...?"
  56. "I am /not/ spending an entire day with faggotwizard, especially not now that he's a real faggot, and maybe not a wizard anymore, ugh, ewww, just thinking about it is just, bleugh, I bet he could pass me the gay with his mind alone,"
  57. >"Come on! Just a for a few hours!"
  58. "Nope, not happening!"
  59. >"A-and I'll make those cupcakes you love!"
  60. "Glimmy, please, you're not going to charm me using food, I'm more sophisticated than that, I'm not some kind of animal,"
  61. >"Then what--"
  62. "With sexual favours though..."
  63. >you grin, already getting ready to burst out laughing as she realizes you're teasing her--
  64. >"Uhm... o-okay, I guess I could..."
  65. "WOAH there, hold your horses woman, I didn't know you were THAT serious about it!"
  66. >"Well, it's kind of important--"
  67. "I would've asked for so much more than that if I had known, scratch that! I want you to cast that spell you didn't want to use last heartwarming eve,"
  69. >"T-the one about--"
  70. "YES, the one that will give me a big fat horsecock!"
  71. >She's slightly taken aback by your crude words but she recomposes herself rapidly
  72. >"But I already told you that this kind of spell could be dangerous--"
  73. "I don't care, you'll just have to make it work,"
  74. >she ponders on it for a few seconds, but sighs in defeat
  75. >"Okay, I'll start working on the spell as soon as--"
  76. "AND!"
  77. >"...?"
  78. "And I want to spend the next week with you /and/ Trixie,"
  79. >"What?! But next week is--"
  80. "Yes, heat week!"
  81. >"W-we--I-I can't, I don't know if--"
  82. "Of course you can! It's all in good fun, penis goes into vagina, and maybe other holes too while we're at it and then goes spurt spurt--"
  83. >"W-what about Trixie?! I don't know if--"
  84. "Oh come on, as if you couldn't convince her to do this, all you had to do to make her confess her crush on Twilight was to nibble on her ear while you were pumping--"
  85. >"O-OKAY! Okay, okay, I... ugh, okay, I'll do it, I'll try to do it..."
  86. "And finally--"
  87. >"Ugh!"
  88. "You'll make those cupcakes too while we're at it,"
  89. >relief washes over her exasperation
  90. >she's so cute when she blushes, you can't wait to see her streaked with--
  91. >"Okay, fine, I'll do the cupcakes too, but--"
  92. "Oh and maybe you could also wear that--"
  93. >"No! That's enough, you're not getting anything else!"
  94. "Eh, that was worth a try,"
  95. >you shrug, before turning 90° and the way the fabulous faggot duo went
  96. "Alright, let's find shmoopydoo and literalfaggotdeer and get this show on the road,"
  97. >"O-okay, alright, let's do that..."
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