Sep 7th, 2020
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  1. Generic Videogame Developer CYOA
  2. Bad Movie Adaptation [+100cp]: it's a videogame what you expect?
  3. Rule of threes [+100cp]: I don't plan on making more than two in a series anyway
  4. Digital Half-Life [+100cp]: here come the post-launch patches
  5. Sail the Seven Seas [+300cp]: I'm an independent I'm releasing my games on the ransom/patron updates model
  6. it for the art [+300cp]: already have money
  7. Roll(1d8)+0:4,+0 Total:4 2000 – The twenty first century. A new age and a new era, a time when games are banned in China and yet still surge in popularity. There seems to be no end in sight.
  8. Indie
  9. Designer
  10. It’s My Game free
  11. The Announcer -100 voice acting is very important
  12. One Hit Wonder -200 capstone booster loyalty is important
  13. Cult Classic-400 another capstone booster
  14. Criticism -100 a important thing
  15. Story free I have been stacking this
  16. The Jumper Parable -300 first capstone anything I write will apparently be some of the most important stories ever
  17. Making Virtual a Reality -600 mass-produce anything I can make and
  18. anything I make is better than the average
  19. Companion Import:Monique,Saitama,Leonardo da Vinci,mother box,retainers,Roland "RJ" Junior,Painwheel,Tin-200 and I'm gonna need backup
  20. Monique
  21. producer
  22. AAA Game Company:
  23. Multi-Platform free
  24. I own the rights -100
  25. Game Company -200
  26. Steam Sale -300
  28. Saitama
  29. Indie
  30. R&D
  31. Hardware Necessities free
  32. One Hit Wonder -200 capstone booster loyalty is important
  33. Making Virtual a Reality -300
  34. Leonardo da Vinci
  36. Artist
  37. Cult Classic -200
  38. Drawing free
  39. Backflip for Style -100
  40. Bring it to Life -300
  42. mother box
  43. AAA Game Company:
  44. Programmer
  45. Microtransactions -100
  46. Code Monkey free
  47. Triple A Title -200 capstone booster
  48. Lost Art -300
  50. retainers,
  51. Indie
  52. R&D
  53. VR Goggles/ Holodeck -200 a nice toy synergizes well with the data pad I picked up in tron
  54. Hardware Necessities free
  55. The Wonderful Joystick of Oz-200
  56. Tiny Manufacturing Plant -200
  58. Roland "RJ" Junior,
  59. Indie
  60. R&D
  61. Hardware Necessities free
  62. ABXY -100
  63. Modularity -200
  64. Making Virtual a Reality -300
  66. Painwheel
  68. Artist
  69. Cult Classic -200
  70. Drawing free
  71. Backflip for Style -100
  72. Bring it to Life -300
  74. Tin
  76. Artist
  77. Cult Classic -200
  78. Drawing free
  79. Backflip for Style -100
  80. Bring it to Life -300
  82. the plan: we have lots of out of context tech to make video games with, so let's make some actually useful video games -40 since we have a bunch of crafting jumpers one of whom has a specialty in video games and makey has reverse engineered a lot of information on technologys
  83. okay remember the stage select feature of the game driver and gashats? What if we could use that to manifest stuff like hospitals and five-star resorts? That would definitely sell! Roll(1d100)-40: 95,-40 Total:55 okay not enough storage space so let's increase the storage space by incorporating the amazo backup data to use one of my perfect infinite memory perks. In the meantime will rerelease the pods from the worldseed and my oasis knockoff Roll(1d100)-40:28,-40 Total:1 okay that works now let's try and build that again Roll(1d100)-40:11,-40 :1Total so the hospital is only a emergency medical center and the five star resort is more of a children's fun center still it's a breakthrough beyond anything anyone else has done so far. Okay so what if we port better than life? Roll(1d100)-40:
  84. 76,-40 Total:36 that under 40 and I'm just porting software so it's a scraping success.
  85. what about a maximally fun videogame? we have neural interfaces so what about a game that scans your brain in real time to come up with the gameplay experience you would most enjoy? Roll(1d100)-40:31,-40 Total:1 modified critical I have created the best possible videogame.
  86. Okay what about making a simulation of some of history's greatest minds in various fields whose brain tapes I have updated with modern knowledge in a sort of forum to advise and counsel those play it in a forum? Roll(1d100)-40:
  87. 26,-40 Total:1 okay the same but with "fictional" people Roll(1d100)-40:
  88. 43,-40 Total:3 damn near a modified critical so that's a good sequel.
  89. I have the data for every videogame ever programmed among hundreds of worlds, let's make an all in one! Roll(1d100)-40: 33,-40 Total:1 Modified critical! Yeah I don't think there's anything that can compete with this.
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