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Oct 5th, 2014
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  1. Urgh... It's morning. No flashes of memories in your dreams this time. It seems you have to wait for Yukari to show up again-
  3. *Pluk!*
  5. “Morning Nobu!” Suwako pops out from what was supposed to be wooden floor. The hell? “I built a shortcut to your workshop. Come here for a moment!”
  7. Come on... Can't you take a bath first? You slowly raise a patch of wooden floor where Suwako showed up; there's a stone ladder here. You use it to slowly descends deeper into the underground.
  9. “Come on, follow me!”
  11. Suwako runs along the stone hallway once she sees you reach the ground. Small light-bulbs are used to light the way, but they are not that bright. Let's hope she used different light-bulbs for the workshop, or you can't use it, you need a clear vision to fix the items...
  13. *Click!*
  15. “Ta-dah!” She turns a switch on, and a brighter light fills the room once you step into it. “Welcome to your own workshop!”
  17. You take a look at your surroundings: The room looks almost like your old workshop in your drawing: The bench, the cupboards... It's clear that she's trying hard to fulfill your request. Problem is she makes them out of stones, it'll be quite a hassle to move them since they must be really heavy, but then you shouldn't complain about it, she gives this to you for [i]free[/i] after all.
  19. “Do you like it? Sorry if the room looks dull, we don't have a stock of paint anymore, but please tell me if this room needs more improvement, I'll try to fulfill it if I can!”
  21. Nah, this will do. You shouldn't ask too much of her. You bow deeply to her-
  23. “No Nobu, please don't bow to me. You deserve this place, we're benefiting from your work too.”
  25. *Chu!*
  27. She kisses your forehead.
  29. “Now look over there,” she points to stairs, then she points to a door. “That's the main entrance and exit to the surface, the other one leads to your room obviously, then that is the hallway to our storage room. Take the items that you want to use, but if you can, you should inform either me or Kanako first, so we have keep records of how much items we have left and what they're used for.”
  31. Obviously. It would be rude to just take the items that you want, especially since those things are worth a fortune, judging by how much the Kappa are willing to pay just for some television parts.
  33. *Tap! Tap!*
  35. You hear footsteps. You turn around and see Sanae walking into the room. The weird thing is, she's coming from the same hallway you used, which means she entered this room from the secret entrance.
  37. “Morning Sanae. May I ask why did you come in from Nobu's room?”
  39. “Morning. I wanted to wake him up, but he wasn't in his bed and there's a hole in the floor going downward...”
  41. “I should've made a contraption to automatically close the door a few seconds after it opens...” She mumbles. “Oh well, what's the menu today Sanae?”
  43. “I've made some gyoza,” Sanae checks out the room. “Where are your tools Nobu?”
  45. “I didn't move them down here, I'll let Nobu place his tools himself so he won't be confused trying to find them, ” Suwako pats her stomach and walks to the stairs. “Let's grab some food, I'm starving after all the hard work last night...”
  47. ----
  49. “So, have you made a list of what parts you need to fix those items?”
  51. Uh, not yet...
  53. “You don't have to Nobu, you'll know what spare parts you need once you examine the devices, right?” Suwako turns to Kanako. “Don't worry, I will oversee him and Sanae today. When he takes something from the vault I'll write it down for you. I will train him how to use faith today as well.”
  55. “Don't go overboard and destroy the items that he's going to fix.”
  57. “Jeez, what are you thinking we'll do for the training? Nothing will be destroyed!”
  59. Uh... You ask Suwako what will you do in this training.
  61. “Nothing that you should worry about Nobu! In fact, getting worried and cluttering you mind will make the training harder for you. Relax, don't worry about what we'll do next!”
  63. “Lady Suwako, will it be like me on-”
  65. “No Sanae, Nobu's a grown up now, so it'll be harder to make him ignore his common sense.”
  67. Ignore your common sense? What?
  69. “I'll explain it later, during training. I won't say it's going to be easy, but if you do it, you can do [b]incredible[/b] stuff like Sanae!”
  71. Wait, so you will become a deity too?
  73. “Uh... Not exactly with that amount of faith... But point is, you'll be able to do stuff that a normal person can't! Like fixing those items without any parts!”
  75. “Don't expect to be able to do it on day one.”
  77. “Don't let that discourage you! Besides, if you try your best, maybe some miracle will happen~”
  79. *Wink!*
  81. She winks to Sanae. Uh...You ask Suwako if she means Sanae will help you with this 'training.'
  83. “Well, she can't help you directly using her power if that's what you mean, what we will train is your state of mind, your belief in what you can do. And [i]more[/i].”
  85. *Sruulp!*
  87. “Of course you can't do that with an empty stomach though, so please hold more of your questions first and chew that gyoza that's in your mouth, okay?”
  89. State of mind? So you need to be insane to be able to use this 'faith'? More questions arise inside your head, but you need to finish your food first before she'll answer more. Well, first thing first.
  91. *Glup!*
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