New Site Section Added (Coming Soon!) | (06/03/2021)

Apr 3rd, 2021
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  1. New Site Section Added (Coming Soon!) | (06/03/2021)
  3. Hi! Just dropping in with a quick post to let you all know that I am A) Alive and well, and B) I’ve decided to add a new section to the site called “Articles” that will be a side-thing to the main directory. This section won’t be updated frequently, but the general idea is to use it as a means of doing a slight bit more of a “deep dive” into various sites listed on the directory to share a bit about their history, how they came to be, who’s behind them, (etc.) and maybe even some general internet-history related stuff and the like that doesn’t really fit here on the news page. I figured this could be a fun little thing to spend a bit of time on every few months when I stumble across stuff I find particularly interesting that I really want to share with you all in a bit of extra detail.
  5. It’s worth adding too: Me being me, I still want to keep the whole thing pretty relaxed and laid back, so chances are whatever I write isn’t going to be professionally written, but I’ll do my best to keep the formatting from being a complete mess. I like to keep what I do with Peelopaalu chilled out and fun, so expect whatever I post on this new page to be very much a casual look into things as opposed to being a reference piece or whatever.
  7. As of writing this news post, the new page has already been added to the website but there is no content on it yet and probably won’t be for quite a while yet. You can find it over here, and expect to see it appear in the navigator across all pages of Peelopaalu in the next few days/weeks/whenever I get around to it!
  9. P.S: I am also quite interested in featuring articles written by other people as well, so if you want to write an article about a website you’re interested in (whether it’s yours or someone else’s), then get in touch if you’re into that sort of thing. Any skill level is welcome.
  11. - Snooper -
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