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  1. Hi all,
  3. I have had a number of requests from finance to authorise payments to students for Merchandise from other companies apart from Surridge. From the date of this email, any orders made with other companies after this date, will not get their money back as they are breaking a legal binding contract.
  5. Here are the rules on Surridge:
  7. Surridge have an exclusivity contract with YUSU, therefore all yusu ratified sports clubs and societies and all YUSU bodies i.e RAG, Volunteering etc are legally bound to use Surridge.
  9. Surridge have the right to sue YUSU if the legal binding contract is broken. These legal payments will be the responsibility of the society and not just covered by YUSU
  11. Surridge do a range of merchandise, but the popular Merchandise used by Societies include: Hoodies, T-shirts, and Joggers/Tracksuit bottoms.
  13. Therefore, all the above Merchandise, and any other,  must be purchased through Surridge.
  15. There are some additional exceptions/options:
  17. 1. If Surridge do not do the merchandise you need i.e. cycling outfits you have two options:
  19. a) Ask Danny to get his manufacturers to see if they can produce what you are after. They will ask and then get a sample sent if they can. If you like the sample you can go ahead with Surridge, if its not the quality you want/need then you can go else where.
  21. b) You can just go elsewhere
  23. 2. If you find Surridge too expensive you can ask Surridge if they will price match / reduce the price. However, Surridge do not have to price match any merchandise that will be produced using unethical materials by companies.. i.e. a lot of Companys use Fruit of loom t-shirts and hoodies, this is against YUSU Ethical policies and cannot be used anyway.
  25. Danny from surridge is great and very helpful and flexible so even before you have ideas/orders etc. Go and have a chat to Danny and he can advise you on prices/designs etc.
  27. Danny attends every Friday in the Student Centre. If you want to check he is going to be in you can ask fiona, f.barrow@yusu.org
  29. Any questions on Merchandise feel free to email me or pop into the studio.
  31. Thanks,
  33. Jasmine
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