Trap pony (WIP title, will be smutty )

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  1. >Working at Sweet Apple acres has some pros and some cons.
  2. >It's great physical work in a clean, natural environment, and your physical health has increased since you started working there.
  3. >It also involves getting up before the sun does, meaning your night life is nigh on non-existant.
  4. >The boss and co-worker are great though.
  5. >Applejack, your boss, is a hard working, orange coloured mare with a kind smile and some of the finest hips you have seen yet, toned by a lifetime of applebucking.
  6. >Then there's her brother and your co-worker, Big Mac, a man of few words with, surprisingly, an ass that rivals Applejacks.
  7. >Maybe you'll end up with a fine ass like that after a while.
  8. >The youngest of the apple siblings is Applebloom, an energetic little yellow filly who loves spending time with you.
  9. >She treats you like another big brother most of the time, which is rather nice.
  10. >Granny Smith rounds out the family, a bit of a stubborn old lady, but she's got a heart of gold and can cook better than anyone.
  11. >The kid's parents have never been around, so far as you have seen, so you've never asked, figuring it to be a sore subject.
  12. >As it is though, you're around them enough they pretty much consider you family.
  13. >And this means after work get togethers often involve you, like today's bar run.
  14. >It's not quite the same as what you'd like to do with friday night, but...
  15. >"C'mon Anon, don't tell me yer done already, ya've only had two drinks," Aj says, bumping you with her shoulder.
  16. "Far from it, Aj, I'm just a little bummed right now," yoou reply, grabbing your third hard cider.
  17. >"What's wrong then, Sugarcube?"
  18. "It's a man thing, Aj, You wouldn't understand."
  19. >"Feh, you colt's are all the same, tryin' ta act all tough," she huffs before heading to the washroom, "Ah'll be right back, and ah expect ya ta be startin' a new cider by then, Anon."
  20. >Giving her a grin, you tilt your glass and down the whole lot in one go.
  21. >When she's out of hearing range, you lean over to Mac, and let out a sigh.
  22. "Man, if she wasn't with us, I bet we could easily pick up a nice pair of mares and have a good night, you know what I mean? It feels like forever since I've wet my whistle, and I bet she blocks you a lot too."
  23. >"Eeeyup, but she's a fine Sis, she cares fer me."
  24. "I know, but still, I bet a mare'd love to go home with you and see what you're packing down there."
  25. "Hell, to be honest, I've wondered what you're packing between those nice Applebucking thighs," you say, giving said thighs a light smack.
  26. >Mac's always been one to flush red quick when drinking, though you'd hardly notice it from a distance with his red coat, but you can see the him red full up given how close you are.
  27. "Between you and me, I'd give those thighs of your sisters a ride any day, if she'd let me and wasn't my boss."
  28. >He stays silent, which isn't unusual for him, especially when drinking.
  29. >Sliding back over to your old spot, you wave over another drink.
  30. >No point in being sober, especially if you're not getting laid.
  31. >Plus, Aj's not one you want forcing you to drink.
  32. >Quite the pushy mare when it comes to it, and one who's not afraid to get up close and personal.
  33. >Especially with you.
  34. >Probably cause she knows you can take a bit of abuse and keep going just fine.
  35. >Halfway through this drink, Aj returns, sliding back into her spot with a fresh drink.
  36. >"Hoo boy, ain't no relief like a gift to the throne, ah tell ya what."
  37. "I know what you mean, Boss."
  38. >"Ah keep tellin' ya Anon, ya don't have ta call me Boss when we're off the clock. Yer a close friend, and... Ah forgot what ah was gonna say. Mac, you got a clue?"
  39. >Big Mac's too busy staring into his drink to reply, and Applejack shrugs.
  40. >"Guess he's hit that point o' silence he always gets ta."
  41. "Seems so, boss. Too bad."
  42. >"Oh? You wanna know a deep dark secret, well, only mah family knows this, but ah've got..."
  43. >"LAST CALL!" is called out by the barkeep, and AJ clicks her tongue.
  44. >"Ah well, ya can make it home fine, right Anon?"
  45. "Yeah, I should be fine," you say, rising to your feet with only a little wobble, "so about that secret?"
  46. >"It'll stay in the family, Anon. See ya later, Sugarcube."
  47. >The two apples head out, Mac giving you a nod as he passes, before you pay your tab and head for home.
  48. >Tomorrows saturday, so you need to not be hung over, so the moment you get home, you down several glasses of water and hope for the best.
  49. >Morning still comes with a headache and dry throat, but by the time the weekend hoofball game rolls around, you're in pretty good shape.
  50. >Meeting up with the usual suspects, you quickly split into teams.
  51. >On your side, Rainbow Dash, Cloud Chaser, Pinkie Pie and Doctor Hooves.
  52. >On theirs, Big Mac, Applejack, Flitter, Thunderlane and Bon Bon.
  53. >You and Mac always wind up on opposite sides, given you're both the big guys, and Aj always sticks with her brother.
  54. >Rainbow always opposes Applejack, and the others shuffle as they will.
  55. >Aj's looking pretty rough after how much she drank last night, but Mac seems fine.
  56. >The ball is brought out, positions are taken, and the game begins.
  57. >Their team starts, and Aj's hangover really shows.
  58. >Louder shouts cause her step to stutter as she winces, her balance is a little off, and your side takes advantage of it.
  59. >Dash, clean and ready to go, gets a score past AJ, and as she struts back, you turn and give her a slap on the ass and a thumbs up.
  60. >Her tail clamps down though, and she skirts away a bit.
  61. >Kind of odd, the others don't mind it much, after you explained how it was a human sports thing that meant good job.
  62. >'Must be like that hoof thing she has,' you think to yourself as you get back into position
  63. >'Nobody gets to touch her hooves.'
  64. >'Rarity loves to bug her about that.'
  65. >'Thinking of Rarity, I do have to pick up a set of shirts from...'
  66. >You suddenly find yourself plowed onto your back, Big Mac stumbling onto your chest, surprised at how easy you went down.
  67. >Nearly face to face, you see him blush before scrambling off the side, letting you get back up.
  68. >"Sorry, Anon," he says, looking down.
  69. "It's partly my fault, I was distracted. You were probably expecting me to resist, so you put more muscle into it."
  70. >He barely catches your eye before nodding and heading back to his side, where they are preparing for their next play.
  71. >In the end, the game is won by your side thanks to Applejack's hangover, despite her recovering well in the second half.
  72. >Hoof shakes, Good game's and pats go around, before everyone heads off to whatever they have to do this fine saturday.
  73. >Which for you, involves visiting the town's gossip machine.
  74. >Thankfully, she's open for most of saturday afternoon, given she visits the spa with Fluttershy in the mornings.
  75. >Or so you were informed, well, warned, by Applejack "if'n ya want ta avoid comin' back smellin' like a basket o' roses."
  76. >Entering the main room, Rarity is dressing a mannequin, her butt wiggling to a silent tune behind a rather nice rose coloured dress.
  77. "Afternoon, Rarity, I trust you have my order done?"
  78. >"Of course Anon, and I must thank you again for introducing me to the idea of casual clothing wearing. I truly think I can be myself, behind this veil, as silly as that sounds."
  79. "It's not silly at all, Rarity, most humans express themselves through their clothes, given we all kinda look similar without them."
  80. >Waiting around as she goes in the back to fond your order, you examine some of the dresses she has around.
  81. >She's gotten to making more casual outfits, simple sun dresses, skirts and the like, on top of her normally extravagant lines.
  82. >One dress in particular draws your eyes, but for almost a minute, you can't figure out why.
  83. >Taking a step back, you suddenly realize it's because it's on a male model mannequin, rather than a female one.
  84. >"Here's your shirts, Anon," Rarity's voice suddenly says from behind you, snapping your attention back.
  85. "Ah thanks, Rarity. What's the idea behind this dress? I noticed it's on a stallion mannequin, despite being female clothing."
  86. >Red rises under her coat, easily visible, and she half stutters her reply of, "It's er... an experiment. I wished to see how a, um... dress would look on a stallion from another's perspective."
  87. "On this, it's not that bad, Rarity, but I think the real difference comes when you get down to personality. If they're brash and strong, kinda like Rainbow Dash, a dress doesn't really fit them, compared to a, well, feminine pony like you or Fluttershy."
  88. >Nodding thoughtfully, she wanders beside you, looking at the dress as well.
  89. >A proverbial light goes off above her head, and she starts gently nudging you towards the door.
  90. >"Soory to rush you out, Anonymous, but inspiration has struck and I must sieze the opportunity. Adieu."
  91. >With a wave goodbye, you take your shirts and head home.
  92. >As you make your way through the market, you come across Rainbow Dash awkwardly looking around as she buys something.
  93. "Hey Dash, what's up?" you ask, walking up behind her.
  94. >She jumps visible, before turning, trying to hide something in her saddlebag, but failing.
  95. >The box has obvious markings that show it's a box of condoms.
  96. >Seeing you've seen it, she motions you down and half whispers, "keep this a secret, Anon, I just want to be prepared, just in case, you know."
  97. "What you do with your life is no business of mine, Dash. Anyways, see you around."
  98. >"Yeah, see you around," she says before jamming the box in her bag and taking off at rainbow trail speeds
  99. >Making it home, you start realizing a lot of slightly odd things have cropped up, but you can't quite pin down why, or what they mean.
  100. >Well, knowing this land of magic and silliness like you do, it will come to light eventually.
  101. >This stuff always does.
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