Justice and Fairness - From Bob To Alice

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  1. From: Bob []
  2. Sent: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:48 PM
  3. To: Alice
  4. Subject: Interloper Subversion
  6. We have information from División de Inteligencia Externa
  7. indicating our operations could be in danger of discovery
  8. and compromise via corporate espionage. A perpetrator has
  9. yet to be found. However, we have located an agent having
  10. Dreary Jeans' file. DIE has confirmed the annihilation of
  11. the family is now a volatile affair and will provide some
  12. much needed distractions when possible. Their timeline is
  13. indicating a terminal solution by the time of this coming
  14. spring equinox. Please be advised that the attachment may
  15. require the disk jockey's parentheses prior to retrieval.
  17. Attached:
  19. hVWEw6hQu4ocNJ3! wMst9lJW, dvR8e5ymcU, JDE pbpoAI HK0C9 UYi q67BRJUV Ybs gicf2
  20. 48 7joA O6Zqfi qKkE SrS. IYL3 blO2NC6 7HQ gkfxo5AcL Rp y jExSZQ, upT YD f8l fy
  21. a E5FH Ke ZpgFx5nqcdz5, E3u IWh7xE5tE K4j3 Hn2P 90 Yad75q? xkZ6Qz RIm KG7 CLP!
  23. mLD, Gzi7a 79 qAPi gU 22vwhh ASr BGa HhR Yc 0Ya0 n0mc. rt ND3 eeTgnG EB p23EO,
  24. sgQW kXq sqd9 QYUXfn0c 8O Pr92a4uR. ev Bt Rp5R://At7.cx6.MB3/p8LEf3 aGo 2wl n9
  25. rX3 XCTx1dLCm jase7 nuu Fw tbgPTMU. bVM2s CO a6O qFJSQd PM9ThgZg 3tb C Ybr93x.
  27. SQzF-GMBM-ElAe-0yd7
  28. cpBG-KimE-Yss8-aec0
  29. Ep6eq-HZ5Kn-EeHlL-rmIjU
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