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  1. Application
  3. I applied online. I interviewed at Aptsys Technology Solutions (Singapore) in May 2015.
  5. Interview
  7. Interview was done at one of the restaurants they were selling their services to. This was a last-minute arrangement.
  8. Only asked about my proficiency level in certain programming languages. No technical test to gauge one's ability. Interviewer sounded very 'opened-minded', but I should have suspected that there's something going on in his head that he's not telling me.
  9. Was asked to start work right almost immediately the next day.
  11. Interview Questions
  13. What's your level of proficiency in C++?  
  14. Answer Question
  15. Negotiation
  17. Note that because there was no contract signed, I did not post this as an employee review, but I was "on trial" for a week, and feel the need to let other potential job seekers know what kind of company this is.
  18. I accepted the interviewer's terms to start immediately, but I wasn't offered a contract. I was told "it needs time to get ready". 1 week later, I didn't see the contract, and was booted out of the office after I failed to plot the project timeline within 2 hours (I was totally unaware that project management was part of the scope - this WAS NOT mentioned during the interview, or in the job description, and I obviously do not know anything about project management)
  19. This was what happened (in point form).
  20. - there was no proper handover. The last guy left way before I came in.
  21. - the guy I was supposed to talk to regarding the assignment was on leave for half the week and didn't come in until Thursday and Friday
  22. - I was given an unlicensed copy of Windows and was asked to install whatever tools I need to get the work done. For the record, you cannot install Visual Studio because you need Windows Service Pack 1 which requires a licensed copy of Windows. I brought this up to the lead whom I'm supposed to report to but he told me that "it's not my problem" and "I don't know".
  23. - The assignment I was given was expected to finish by beginning of July. That was barely a month. The assignment barely began. There was nobody to consult at all, so I turned to the best programming friend I could ask at that time, he said "6 months also not enough".
  24. - Travel allowance is not provided even though you're required to travel to site everyday, sometimes even twice a day.
  25. -------------------
  26. My advice to anyone interviewing for such companies in the future. Be very suspicious if the CEO offers you the job without much consideration. It is obvious that the assignment requires a person with at least 4-5 years of experience, and not someone fresh out of university. My suspicions why they didn't hire someone much experienced was because their pay was very low. The mistake I clearly made was I put too much trust in the interviewer, without probing more questions out of him regarding the role and the job responsibilities. I was also naive at that time, and was desperate to take up any offer that comes my way.
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