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Alice - The gym confession

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Sep 12th, 2015
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  1. I hate going to the gym.
  3. I don’t have any particular problems with gyms themselves, the idea behind gyms, or the people in them. I simply hate the combination of a gym and me being in one. I can list several things I’d rather be doing than going to the gym, such as reading a book, watching TV, sorting my socks, or facing down a hungry jinko.
  5. Unfortunately, being at a gym was not my choice. Over the past 3 months, I became quite a regular here, and it’s all thanks to my sister. After the monsterization happened, turning half the population of women into monstrous and lusty half-monster, half-woman hybrids, my little sister became what was now commonly known to be an Alice, a type of succubus. Destined to be short for the rest of her life thanks to that, my sister was determined to not be petite as well, and started working out. After a year of working out, her body has transformed from a lithe, skinny little thing into a sleek sculpture of toned yet slim muscle.
  7. Frankly, her body was kind of a turn-on for me at that point. I had always been into muscular women, and she was well on her way to becoming more-or-less my fantasy woman. While in the old world it was taboo to lust after your siblings, with the enormous increase in monster girl’s libidos and the presence of some sort of magic – “Mamono mana,” I believe they called it – cases of incestual relationships skyrocketed, and attempts to clamp down on them failed miserably. To be certain, many people still objected loudly to such couplings, but the couples those people were trying to condemn were too busy fucking each other’s brains out to care.
  9. A few months ago, though, my sister had had a mysterious meeting with a lilim. I had heard stories about lilims before; that they would grant wishes in exchange for your soul; that they were all monster terrorist leaders bent on turning the entire world into one giant orgy; that they came from a different world altogether and were actually responsible for the great monsterization. I didn’t know about any of that personally, but I did know that meeting with a lilim meant something Big. Apparently, in my case, it meant that my sister would start taking me to the gym with her.
  11. The first day she told me I was going to start going to the gym with her, I thought she was joking. After telling her as much, she had pressed her body right up to mine, stared me right in the eyes, and practically begged me, her toned and firm body causing an unwelcome reaction in my pants. God, she was beautiful. Her wide, blue eyes and innocent face framed by her long blond hair contrasted strongly with her build body. Her head only came up to my chest, so pressed as she was against me, I had a clear view of her backside. Her calves were smooth and firm, bulging ever so slightly as she stood on her tiptoes in a vain attempt to reach higher on me. She was wearing spats that left none of her upper legs or butt to the imagination; her thighs were smooth except for the tiniest indentations that indicated the strong muscles they contained, and her butt popped out of her backside delightfully, a healthy mixture of fat and muscle that made my senses roil and my blood boil. On the front side, I could feel her stomach on my groin, the feeling of their fit abdominal muscles clearly perceptible against my member. Her flat chest, clad in a sports bra, was pressed hard against my stomach, and even through our clothes I could feel the slim yet strong pectoral muscle underneath. When I finally relented and told her I’d go with her she got so excited she started pulling on my arm to lead me outside. Wanting to change first, I immediately resisted her attempt, only to find myself shocked as I was dragged off my feet and along with her. Damn, I knew she had gotten strong, but not strong enough to jerk a man off his feet like this! Granted, I wasn’t in the best shape, but I still had well over a foot on her.
  13. After that incident (which she apologized profusely for), I had reneged on my vow to only go that one time. I still hated gyms, and I still do, but I was now curious as to what the hell she was doing that let her so easily pull me off balance and drag me with her. In truth, that incident had made me hot as hell, and the gym sessions I attended with her also got me going. Watching her workout with those big weights both amazed and excited me. It was one thing to know that fit and strong women turned me on, but experiencing it was a whole new level for me. I tried to hide it, but deep down every time we went to the gym and I saw her lifting heavier and heavier weights, I cheered out in my mind for her. I wanted to see her get as fit and strong as she could, and she seemed to want the same thing.
  15. All of which led to today, exactly 3 months from when she had met with the lilim. My sister’s appearance hadn’t changed much, but the numbers she pulled at the gym were getting ridiculous, giving even the oni gym rats a run for their money. My sister had informed me that today was going to be extra special as well, which piqued my curiosity. What could be more special than a woman not even five feet tall making a massive oni nervous when it comes to weightlifting? Apparently, today I was going to find out.
  17. I couldn’t help but notice as we entered the gym today that something seemed extra enticing about my sister. Her lips seemed fuller, her hair shiner, and her eyes seemed to hold a mischievousness that wasn’t typically there, like she knew some great secret and couldn’t wait to tell (which she did, and she couldn’t). I found myself almost drooling in anticipation for whatever surprise she had in store, I’m fairly certain that if she had demanded I performed dog tricks before she would show whatever it was she wanted to show today, I would have complied without even realizing it, so strong was my attraction to her.
  19. After leading me to the dumbbells, she abruptly twirled around and gave me a great big wink before telling me she hoped I enjoyed today’s show. When she headed straight for the biggest dumbbells in the gym, I started to get a little nervous. Like I had mentioned before, this gym was home to several onis who practically lived her, so the weights here went all the way from normal to mega-deluxe huge size. The ones my sister was heading towards must have weighed as much as a car each, and my arousal was immediately overridden by my fear for her safety. After all, she was strong, but those were well beyond four times as heavy as the heaviest dumbbells she had managed.
  21. Looking back at me with another wink, she wrapped her hands around the weights – and quickly lifted them off the ground! Even though it shouldn’t have been possible, she started doing curls with these comically oversized weights, seemingly not even breaking a sweat as she lifted them over and over. As I watched, her biceps expanded from their slight bulge into perfect softball sized lumps, certainly big on a female body but not so much as to look manly. As my eyes bugged out of my skull, she stopped curling them and held them out straight from her body, steady as a rock. After doing this for about five seconds – again, seemingly not even registering the insane weight she was lifting – she dropped both weights to the floor. If I had thought that she was pulling a prank with fake weights before, that notion would have quickly been dispelled as the two colossal weights crashed into the ground, sinking several inches into it and shaking the building with their impact.
  23. Not even pausing for breath, she sauntered her way over to a benchpress bench. Smoothly, she lifted plate after plate onto her car, each one at least as heavy as the two dumbbells she had just handled like inflatable toys. After filling each side as full as possible, the bar visibly bending with the strain of the load on each side, she laid down on the bench. Placing her hands on the bar, instead of lifting it right away, she seemed to just lay there. It took me a second to realize what was happening; she was forcing the bar back straight! The ends quickly perked, yet she didn’t seem to be engaging her arms at all. That meant she was supporting each side with just her hands! In light of that, it seemed almost trivial when she lifted the bar and started benchpressing it. Each time the bar descended, it reached a little bit closer to her chest. My brief concern that it was becoming too much for her was quickly dispelled when I realized it wasn’t going lower every time; instead, her chest was actually expanding just a bit every time she lifted the weight back up! Insanely enough, it seemed that there was both a slight expansion of both the pectoral and the breast tissue that sat upon it. This continued for a few reps, until she called out my name.
  25. “Do you remember when I met with that lilim, Anon?” she asked. Well, of course I did. That was the start of these gym visits. “Well, I asked for a very special request from her when I visited. Do you want to know what it was?” I thought it was a strange time to be bringing this up, but sure, I wanted to know.
  27. At this point, she stopped her bench presses. Her chest has grown from small yet firm pecs into somewhat larger muscles that supported slight B cups. Perfect, just like her arms, I realized. Instead of racking the weight, though, she sat straight up, the huge weights once again seeming like toys with her casual handling of them. Standing up, she lifted the weight over her head and settled it on the top of her spine. She turned around, and I realized she was going to do my favorite exercise to watch: the squat.
  29. “I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet, but it was to match my husband’s tastes perfectly.” Wait, what? She wasn’t married… “Oh, of course I’m not married. Yet. But that hardly matters. I know who I will spend the rest of my life with already, and I want to be everything he’s ever dreamed of and more. There was just one catch though…” She started lowering herself to the floor. The bench press benches were on special material designed to absorb the ridiculous weights they were sometimes subject to, but the patch of ground my sister was on right now was made of no such thing. Thus, as she started standing back up, the floor started to crack and crumble under her feet, unable to handle the demands she was making of it. “I had to submerse myself in the mana and desires of my mate. Basically, I had to turn him on and make him think of what he wanted his partner to be like.” Wait a minute. “So, I brought him with me to the gym. I knew he’d try to hide it, but he wasn’t very good at hiding his secrets, and I found out what he liked. So I started working out. After meeting with the lilim, I decided the best way to get him excited and thinking about what he wanted was to show him what he wanted.” No… “And now, three months of stewing in your arousal and fantasies later, I’ve done it. I’ve become your perfect woman.”
  31. She had been doing squat after squat while we were talking, the cracks on the floor getting wider and deeper, but now I heard a stretching sound. Inspecting her form, I realized that her ass was getting HUGE, and small tears and holes were forming in her spats. “I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more. And I love you, big brother.” Her spats suddenly ripped down the sides. I hadn’t noticed, but her thighs had been getting bigger too, and they finally ended her poor garment’s existence, exposing her womanhood and posterior to all.
  33. Standing up, she let go of the bar and let the weight hit the ground. Like before, the weight crashed deep into the ground, but this time the gym shook so bad it knocked me on my butt. My sister walked up to me. For the first time, I had to look up to see her in the face. Her beautiful face. My God, she had never looked more beautiful and radiant. A smile was plastered on her lips, and tears were forming in her eyes. She got on her knees and embraced me, cheek to cheek. Despite the mind-boggling strength she now clearly possessed, her embrace was warm and loving, and it filled my heart with so much happiness I thought I might float away if she didn’t keep me on the ground.
  35. “I love you,” she repeated, “and I want to be with you forever. I want to be yours.” Whatever hesitance I may have had was now gone. Despite her mind-blowing body being held in my arms, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t care about anything in the world except making this woman mine and giving her the love she was giving me. No, I told her. You’re wrong. I’m yours now, and I’m never letting you go.
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