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  1. joel
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  4. joelLast Thursday at 5:12 PM
  5. Hello, welcome to the interview discord for the ST Actor Sect. We won't start immediately, so in the mean time I'd ask for you to prepare three event scenarios for me in the next day or two. They don't have to be too convoluted or indepth. Just want a rough scenario for 1-5 people, 5-10 people and then a bigger eventline overall. This is just to gauge your thinking and see where your mindset is at in regarding events. Ping me when you've finished that and we can get started on the actual interview. @RealPeopleGames
  6. RealPeopleGamesLast Thursday at 5:12 PM
  7. Alright thank you will do
  8. RealPeopleGamesLast Saturday at 4:15 AM
  9. @joel sorry for the wait I finished coming up with the three events
  10. RealPeopleGamesLast Saturday at 7:34 AM
  12. Google Docs
  13. Story Team Event Ideas
  14. Event 1-5 People I’ve noticed a lot of events are combat focused and I want to help change that by offering some alternatives, so in this event known as Ruins of the Old Stone, the players find themselves in a situation where combat is impossible. The old stone ruins full ...
  16. Sorry for the length of it
  17. joelLast Saturday at 8:51 PM
  18. From here we'll commence the interview. You do not have to answer everything immediately, just whenever you have time to formulate a response. Want you to be as thorough as you wish with the answers to these questions. I may ask for clarification or expansion if necessary. And as always, this'll be reviewed by Xarkly and Myself and potentially the rest of the ST management when deciding if you are going to go on the team.
  20. What do you believe are your strengths as a roleplayer and a potential ST member?
  21. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 5:20 AM
  22. My strengths as roleppayer are pretty straight foward when ever I am playing a character I try to embody them as much as possible, I think like they would and consider all their motivations and situations that have influenced their life and then formulate a response from that
  23. As for story telling one of my favorite things is story telling as i like to create intricate stories in roleplay that all play together to form one larger story, I normally take time to plan the basics and specialize in improv story telling which is probably not best but I can also plan out stories and events as well
  24. joelLast Sunday at 8:50 AM
  25. Is there any playerbases you would not wish to cater for? (May this be because of personal conflicts or biases. This will not negatively effect your interview, this is just to get a small indication of where you would gravitate towards if you were successful)
  26. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 8:52 AM
  27. So far I haven't found a player base that has given me any trouble, sometimes druidic order rubs me the wrong way but I'm fine with everyone so far
  28. joelLast Sunday at 8:52 AM
  29. What interests you about joining the ST (Actor sect specifically)?
  30. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 8:54 AM
  31. Well I'm interested in helping to a tell a story both by assisting others with their events and running my own if permitted, I just enjoy storytelling overall my dream job was to be an author and I'm slowly working towards it but I just enjoy telling and taking part in interesting stories
  32. joelLast Sunday at 8:55 AM
  33. What is your biggest weakness as a roleplayer?
  34. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 8:56 AM
  35. I'm still learning I also still dont understand how crp works fully some people say you have to roll and others say you dont roll
  36. Besides that I struggle sometimes with jumping into rp I'll approach groups and go to join in then realize I'm interrupting and leave rp with them
  37. joelLast Sunday at 9:01 AM
  38. What would your goals/objectives be for joining the ST. Are you coming in here on an agenda or is it something more broad?
  39. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 9:09 AM
  40. I mean for a goal I would hope to one day tell some more large scale stories like the void tears over Arcas are right now
  41. Though I also just want to help out as I just enjoy telling a good story
  42. joelLast Sunday at 9:14 AM
  43. What do you think is your limit on the amount of players you could handle in an event scenario by yourself?
  44. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 9:15 AM
  45. From my experience as a Dungeon master 10 to 12 but with this having alot less mechanics probably 15
  46. joelLast Sunday at 9:16 AM
  47. Anything you would change or disagree with on the ST? (Think of feedback from about the last year or so)
  48. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 10:22 AM
  49. I am not aware of anything in the ST which really bothers me  I know in my application I put something completely unrelevant to the story team as what I think should change but overall nothing really if I do find something I would speak up about it but from what I've seen from the story team I am fine with it
  50. joelLast Sunday at 10:26 AM
  51. What would you be focused on creating on the ST?
  52. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 10:26 AM
  53. Um not sure honestly I liked the events I proposed in the document but I would like to make small branching stories that merge into one in the end
  54. I would also like to work on a lot of non combat based events ranging from mysteries to puzzles and such
  55. So like the maze mentioned in the 1-5 person event
  56. And for a mystery I would love to do a clue style event
  57. joelLast Sunday at 10:32 AM
  58. Okay, no worries. Any questions before we conclude?
  59. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 10:34 AM
  60. Is there any information I need to know about what I will be doing if I get the position with the story team?
  61. joelLast Sunday at 10:35 AM
  62. You'll be told if you're accepted
  63. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 10:35 AM
  64. Aright then no I have no questions
  65. joelLast Sunday at 10:36 AM
  66. Alright. Feel free to leave the discord. Thanks for applying and your outcome will be messaged to you in a week
  67. RealPeopleGamesLast Sunday at 10:36 AM
  68. Alright thank you
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