SweetApple-More fun with three

Dec 13th, 2013
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  1. >“WOO-HOO”
  2. “Shut up, caramel.”
  3. >“Why? So you can complain some more? I’ll cheer all I want -hic-”
  4. Sigh
  5. >Everybody had decided to get together tonight to have some fun. It sounded stupid, but caramel talked you into it. It’s not like you wanted to go or anything. She forced you to.
  6. >Anyway everybody here is being so annoying. The boys are busy playing video games and caramel is drunk as hell.
  7. >”Stahp looking so angry at everything sexferry. -hic- Just gulp down a drink and relax. Come on, I know you want to.”
  8. >Caramel started pushing a glass of wine on your lips, trying to force you to drink something.
  9. “Would you please stop. This party is stupid”
  10. >intenseglare.jpg
  11. >”Awww~. Sad face. Why is hexyfexy super sexy always so mean to little innocent ol’ me.”
  12. “I would hardly describe you as innocent.”
  13. >“You only say that cause you wanna find out how un-innocent I am, isn’t that right, tsun-tsun?”
  14. >She starts to look at you all googly eyed, with a little droll coming out from the corner of her lips.”
  15. “B-baka! You need to stop drinking so much caramel, you’re getting to that weird part of your mind again.
  16. >”Oh -hic- you’re so full of crap, hexferret. You know you want all’a this.”
  17. >She gets up on her back hooves and starts doing a little shake dance, jiggling every part of her that she can in your face.
  18. “That’s it, I’ve had enough of all of this. I’m going upstairs.”
  19. >”Don’t goooo~.” She drags out her words as far as she can.
  20. >”We could go so well together. Come on, just have some fun for once. Loosen up a bit.”
  21. >You keep walking away to the upstairs of the house.
  22. >No need to encourage her.
  23. >She’s just drunk.
  24. >She won’t remember any of this in the morning anyway.
  25. >Baka.
  26. >You go into the master bedroom upstairs and close the door.
  27. >Ah, finally. Some peace and quiet.
  28. >That’s all you wanted tonight anyway.
  29. >Some peace.
  30. >Knock knock knock
  31. >Oh god, it must be caramel again
  32. >I am so sick of her right now
  33. “Go away caramel, I want to be alone.”
  34. >”Can I come in?”
  35. >oops
  36. >You open the door and let the green stallion in
  37. “Sorry acteus, I thought you were somebody else.”
  38. >You feel yourself starting to blush
  39. “So what do you want, anyway?” you say, trying to break yourself out of your trance.
  40. >”I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright. You seem pretty steamed when you left.”
  41. >What does he care how I feel?
  42. >Its none of his business how I feel.
  43. >Stupid
  44. “Well I’m fine, so you can go now.”
  45. >You turn your back and plop down on the large fluffy bed, the centerpiece of the room.
  46. >You know he’s still there, but you try your best to ignore him.
  47. >He gets down onto the bed next to you and starts to rub your shoulders.
  48. >It feels so great.
  49. >I really needed this.
  50. >You let out a little moan of approval, afterword’s quickly moving your hooves over your mouth.
  51. “That didn’t mean anything!”
  52. >“Whatever you say, hexberry.”
  53. >He continues with his work, and you relax a little back onto the bed.
  54. >What’s with everybody and these nicknames for me today.
  55. >God he’s good at this.
  56. >You let out another soft moan, but you don’t try and hide it this time.
  57. >Why even bother right now?
  58. >You deserve this.
  59. >You deserve to be able to relax a little with all the crap caramel puts you through.
  60. >”As he rubs you back, he leans forwards and lets out a soft breath onto your antennae.”
  61. Ahh~
  62. “Don’t do that!”
  63. >”Do you really want me to stop?”
  64. >He blows onto your antennae again, making you squeak in pleasure.
  65. “I said stop it, dummy!”
  66. >Why did he actually stop?
  67. >Oh come on.
  68. >You weren’t supposed to actually stop.
  69. >You flip over onto your back to meet him face to face.
  70. >You turn you head away a little, as to try and hide your blushing face.
  71. “Why are you here?”
  72. >”I figured you might appreciate the company.” He said in a trying-to-be seductive voice
  73. >”You need to relaax a little. Just lay back and let me take care of you.”
  74. >He places his hoof on your leg and begins to massage your thighs.
  75. >Damn him for being so good at stuff like this.
  76. >He continues massaging your thighs, working his way slowly up them to the grand prize.
  77. >He starts blowing on your antennae again, rendering small moans from you with each breath.
  78. >His hoof finally makes it to your sopping wet mareparts, making you throw your head back and moan out in pure ecstasy
  79. >”Ohoho, so that what -hic- you went upstairs to do.”
  80. >You and acteus sit there. Frozen. Both hoping that the other had said that instead of the drunk mare that’s supposed to be downstairs.
  81. >Suddenly the door flies open, revealing just the drunk mare you were trying to avoid.
  82. >”Geeze sex-fairy -hic-, if that’s what you wanted to do tonight you could have just asked me.”
  83. >You sit there for a moment. Completely frozen. Completely exposed, and caramels not trying to hid the fact that’s she’s enjoying that.
  85. >”I came up here to check on my favorite little sexbug. But it looks like somebody already has that covered for me, isn’t that right?”
  86. >You both looked over to acteus, who was hiding his face it shame.
  87. >Guess it’s easier for him to hide his face than that huge thing that had grown between his legs.
  89. >”But I don’t wanna! -hic- I wanna have fun too ya know.”
  90. >She starts racing towards the bed where you two are, and before you have time to react your lips meet the drunken mares.
  91. >The taste of alcohol on her in enough to get you drunk just by kissing her, or at least a little tipsy.
  92. >You hate to admit it, but she’s actually a really good kisser
  93. ((Caramel POV))
  94. >mmm, tsunberrys lips taste like sugar.
  95. >so sweet. I wanna taste more.
  96. >You plunge your tongue deep into the mothmares tongue.
  97. >She seems to resist at first, but she gives up soon enough. In fact, she even started to kiss you back.
  98. “heheh.”
  99. >You break away from the kiss, leaving Hexferry in a daze.
  100. >Now now, caramel. Don’t be selfish. Atceus is getting antsy over there. He needs some attention too you know.
  101. >You turn your head over to atceuses, and move in.
  102. >He’s much more open to this idea than hexbutt every was.
  103. >Your tongues fight within each other’s mouths fighting for dominance.
  104. >You move a hoof onto his aching member, and finally he lets out a soft groan from his lips.
  105. >This couldn’t be more fun.
  106. >One hoof on atceuses now throbbing member, and one within your own wet area.
  107. >You think this couldn’t get any better when you suddenly feel hot breathing on your neck.
  108. >You turn your head to see the sexferry has been touching herself to the action without either of you noticing.
  109. “Heheh, oh hexfurry, you so sneaky~. -hic-”
  110. >”SHUT UP CARAMEL!”
  111. >You move away from atceus and throw yourself on top of Hexferry on the bed.
  112. >This is something you’ve been wanting to do to her for so long.
  113. >And she’s not even fighting back anymore.
  114. >She’s just letting me go for it
  115. >You start to tease her clit with your hoof.
  116. >Watching her squirm and moan beneath you with every move you make.
  117. >Atceus come up from behind you and starts grinding his cock against you, begging to be let inside.
  118. >Well it would be selfish not to let him in caramel. Be a lady and let him have some -hic- fun.
  119. >Keeping a hoof down inside your squirming, sexy friend, you use your other to align atceuses raging hard on with your entrance.
  120. >It’s about time you got to feel good too.
  121. >You slam your hips down on his aching member, releasing a loud moan from his lips and yours.
  122. >He grabs your hips and starts pounding into you, driving you insane with the pleasure.
  123. >With every thrust you find yourself slipping closer to the edge.
  124. >Closer.
  125. >and closer.
  126. >Just begging to feel sweet release.
  127. >Begging for him to let you cum.
  128. >As he continues with his assault Hexferry grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately.
  129. >Looks like you forgot about her in your daze.
  130. >Her tongue probing the insides of your mouth is what puts you over the edge.
  131. >You feel atceuses cum fill you up as you yourself lost control of your body.
  132. >The two of you fill the room with your screams of pleasure.
  133. >You both collapse on the bed, exhausted from the ordeal.
  134. >It looks like sexyhexy didn’t even notice you guys had stopped, as she was still grinding up against your hoof.
  135. >She’s so cute.
  136. >It’s gonna be hard for her to deny that she enjoyed this.
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