Pruned sex scene from Another Mare's Treasure

Aug 20th, 2018
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  1. > Femanon reaches into the bag and pulls out a jar of hard cider, as you thought
  2. > You glance at the half-finished comission
  3. > You've done enough, you can continue it later
  4. > You levitate the second jar to yourself as you sit on the floor beside the settee
  5. > Femanon is already taking a long drought of the alcohol
  6. > The poor girl, all this talk of dating has surely reminded her of her loneliness
  7. > You take a sip of the cider, swirling the fruity drink in your mouth as you consider your next actions
  8. > You swallow, and Femanon sighs
  9. > "You're really pretty, you know that?"
  10. > You smile at her
  11. "I had some notion, yes. Did you know you are quite beautiful yourself? I especially love your mane."
  12. > You are rewarded with a fond smile and a light blush on her cheeks
  13. > "I could just kiss you right now, you flatterer."
  14. > You see where this is going, and it is precisely what you had hoped
  15. "Then why don't you, Darling?"
  16. > You lean towards her ever so slightly
  17. > She cups your cheeks with her hands, pulling you in as your lips meet hers
  18. > You stroke her mane as the kiss deepens
  19. > She tastes of cider, sweet and tangy
  20. > Her hands drift, stroking your face, your neck
  21. > You feel a warmth begin to stir within you, and your thoughts return to certain memories from earlier in the day
  22. > Your magic strokes and presses against her back, hitting certain points you have learned in previous sessions
  23. > Fem hums with pleasure, wrapping her arms tightly around you
  24. > You eventually break the kiss, staring at Fem's flushed, panting countenance
  25. > Delicious
  26. "My dear, I shall require your posterior."
  27. > Femanon raises her eyebrows, but smirks suggestively
  28. > "I have no choice but to oblige."
  29. > She rolls forward onto her hands and knees, presenting her rump to you
  30. > You spend a long moment admiring it's perfection
  31. > Then she wiggles it at you, and you can resist no longer
  32. > You sink your hooves into that soft, cloth covered flesh, rubbing circles as Fem moans
  33. > As nice as this is, the skirt is getting in the way
  34. > You pull it down, as well as the her laced underclothes
  35. > You ignore her glistening slit, that's not why you are here, for now
  36. > Instead, you nuzzle her butt cheeks, reveling the sensation
  37. > She chuckles, low and sensuous
  38. > "Having fun back there?"
  39. > You pull back, steadying yourself
  40. "Of course, how could I not? Mm, but you may want to brace yourself."
  41. > Fem breathes more heavily as she rests her hands on the side of the settee
  42. > You bring your hoof down sharply, making an audible smacking sound
  43. > He rear jiggles gloriously
  44. > You do it again, to her other cheek
  45. > Each successive strike is more satisfying than the last, especially as you reduce the time between each spanking
  46. > Fem moans, leaning into the punishment
  47. > When you are finally satisfied, she eyes you hungrily
  48. > "My turn~!"
  49. > You nod graciously
  50. "That is quite fair."
  51. > You turn your back on her, and brace yourself
  52. > After a moment of rustling, you feel two hands seize you by your hips
  53. > They pull you back with surprising strength, eliciting a startled squeal from you
  54. > You blush, and the blush deepens as she forces your rump downward
  55. > Her suple tongue laps gently at your slit as her hands knead your buttocks in earnest
  56. > You make a wordless whine, pressing your marehood harder into the pleasurable stimulation
  57. > Your lust addled vision spots Fem's own marehood below you
  58. > Turnabout is fair play
  59. > You press your muzzle between her thighs and begin licking in earnest
  60. > You are rewarded as she digs her tongue into your slit, triggering a wave of arousal throughout your body
  61. > You follow her example, partaking deeply of her unique flavor
  62. > The room fills with moans of delight and the scent of feminine arousal
  63. > Your magic tweaks her oddly placed teats
  64. > Fem arches beneath you, seizing your bottom in an iron grip
  65. > You smirk to yourself, lapping at the increased flow of her juices
  66. > She eventually retaliates by rubbing your clit, jolts of pleasure making it very hard to keep concentrating on your magic
  67. > You moan into her loins, bucking your hips against her ministrations
  68. > Thinking quickly, you cancel the teat tweaking and form a phallic construct
  69. > It's not that difficult, both due to long practice, but also because you saw the real thing earlier today
  70. > It's not the shape you are used to, but you think Fem will enjoy it
  71. > You watch in fascination as it prods, the parts her pussy
  72. > She makes a keening sound, desperately rocking her hips as you penetrate her
  73. > Her tongue becomes even more frantic, licking and flicking and tracing and digging
  74. > Your mind quickly empties of all but your pleasure, and plunging the construct deep inside Fem
  75. > You are so close!
  76. > You grind against her face, panting with exertion
  77. > In a perfect moment of clarity, you feel her hand slide across your flank, her slender fingers sliding closer and closer
  78. > One rests teasingly upon your puckered entrance
  79. > You hold your breath
  80. > She pushes, a spark of pleasure sends you over the edge as you climax in waves of joy and warmth
  81. > Your mind blanks as you collapse on top of Fem's body, bucking at twitching as you ride out the storm
  82. > "Please..."
  83. > You blink
  84. > Fem whines piteously
  85. > "Please, I'm so close!"
  86. > Ah, you let the spell drop!
  87. > Immediately, you recreate the construct and plow it into her
  88. > She moans and writhes beneath you
  89. > Coming down from your orgasm, you now have enough concentration to perform a greater spell
  90. > Your magic flows across her body, mashing and pinching the soft flesh of her teats, kneading her rump, flicking and licking at her clit
  91. > In mere moments, Fem cries out
  92. > Her body shudders in the grip of your magic
  93. > You don't let up until she lies limp beneath you, whimpering quietly
  94. > You dismiss your magic, and move your tired limbs until you are facing the upper half of her body
  95. > You nestle your head between her teats and settle down for a nap
  96. > Fem tiredly strokes your mane
  97. > "Thanks."
  98. > You sigh happily
  99. "You are quite welcome."
  100. > You had thought, from her initial reaction, that she was put off by Nemo
  101. > But now that she has confirmed her bond with you, you are glad to call her your herd sister
  102. > All that remains is to capture Nemo's heart, and finally you and your two colty friends can form a genuine herd
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