Making Applesauce 2 *clop*

May 18th, 2013
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  1. The day following Babs’s lesson to Apple Bloom on pleasure was bright and sunny. It was as if Celestia herself was rewarding the two fillies for bonding so much, especially after what came beforehand. The future looked just as bright as the sun.
  3. This was how Apple Bloom perceived the matter at least. Babs couldn’t help but repeatedly get distracted by thoughts of Apple Bloom’s taste and the look of her slit. Applejack had even questioned Babs as to why she kept licking her lips every so often. Babs could only save herself with the notion that AJ’s cooking was some of the best she’s ever had and didn’t want to forget the flavor still in her mouth. Oh, she wanted to remember that flavor alright.
  5. For Apple Bloom, she couldn’t get over how great it was that her cousin was her friend and not a bully anymore. There was no way to oversell her excitement. To make things even more exciting, she had told Babs in the morning that she decided to show Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle what Babs taught her. Babs was surprised for a moment, but went along anyway under the impression that more apple juice would be in her future.
  7. After all of that in the morning, Apple Bloom and her cousin quickly found themselves heading out towards the clubhouse. Well, it was more like running than heading anyway. Apple Bloom’s excitement had channeled into racing towards the clubhouse as fast as she could, leaving Babs to do her best to keep up.
  9. “What’s wrong, Babs? Aren’t ya excited ta show Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle what ya taught me?” Apple Bloom looked back towards her cousin, who was falling a tad behind.
  11. “It’s not that, cousin. Just… do ya think you can slow down a bit? We have all day ya know.” Babs wanted to keep up, but the view behind her cousin was getting to her again. She had already come close to falling face-first into the dirt three times. It didn’t help that her own nethers felt so tingly the entire time.
  13. “I suppose yer right, but ah’m just too excited, ya know? Ah’m 100% sure Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are gonna love this.” Apple Bloom based her prediction off how it felt for her. The feeling of Babs’s tongue lapping at her crotch was one of the best feelings she had ever experienced. It tickled a little, but it also made her feel so relaxed. If it felt -that- good, why would she not tell her friends about it so they can enjoy it too?
  15. Fortunately, for Babs, Apple Bloom actually slowed down some. That still didn’t stop her from nearly tripping a few more times. The sight of Apple Bloom’s crotch becoming ever so slightly wet was starting to mess with her mind even more. She could only imagine that her cousin was also thinking about what they were going to do inside the clubhouse.
  17. “Are you okay, Babs?” Her cousin’s question caught Babs off guard as she didn’t realize Apple Bloom had stopped after looking back.
  19. “Huh? Yeah, I’m just… excited too, hehe.” Babs was more than excited, but she wasn’t sure how Apple Bloom would respond to that.
  21. “Y’all were thinkin about last night, weren’t ya?” Apple Bloom’s grin could’ve been seen all the way back at the farmhouse.
  23. “I,” Babs took a moment to think up an answer, “yeah, I was. I noticed you were too, I think.” Babs tried to suppress her blush, but it just wasn’t working.
  25. “Huh? How could ya tell?” Apple Bloom tilted her head. As far as Apple Bloom could tell, she wasn’t spacing out like Babs was a moment ago.
  27. “Well, when you think about that stuff, your crotch starts to kinda leak similar stuff to last night.” Babs almost surprised herself with how blunt she was being compared to before, but what did it matter if Apple Bloom was entertaining the same thoughts?
  29. “Ah’m leakin?” Apple Bloom looked around to her backside. Sure enough, there were a few droplets of something wet on the ground right under where her crotch was. “Aw shoot, ah’m not gonna have anything left when it feels really good.” Apple Bloom’s disappointed look was almost too amusing to watch, but Babs resisted the urge to giggle.
  31. “Aw don’t worry about that, cousin. Leakin like that always happens to mares.” Babs waved her hoof dismissively.
  33. “It does?” Apple Bloom couldn’t contain her confusion. How much liquid could her body leak? She could leak like that and still have enough to release more when she reached that peak?
  35. “Well, you remember when I stuck my tongue inside your crotch?”
  37. “Yeah, I thought it was pretty gross at first, but boy did I change mah mind when I felt it.” Both fillies were blushing furiously at the memory.
  39. “Heh, I think your leakin helped my tongue get inside easier.” Babs thought to herself for a moment to gather her thoughts. “Like, being all wet like that made you slippery and stuff, you know?”
  41. “Ah think I get it now!” Apple Bloom’s eyes widened. “Yer sayin that mah leakin was like butterin up a pan fer cookin. If it didn’t get wet, yer tongue probably woulda hurt something fierce, ah’m bettin.”
  43. “That’s right,” Babs giggled, “it wouldn’t have been enjoyable at all.” Babs then went back to blushing and turned her head a bit. “I-it also wouldn’t have tasted as good…” There was no way she could look at Apple Bloom after revealing that information.
  45. “Really?” Apple Bloom’s giggle made Babs think twice. “Well shucks, Babs, ya really thought ah tasted good?” Apple Bloom could only consider that “tasting good” was a compliment, especially if her cousin was talking about her crotch. She was also curious about the taste since she thought about doing the same thing to Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. The look on their faces when she stuck her tongue in their privates would be priceless.
  47. “Well,” Babs gives a weak giggle, “I thought you tasted good. It was like your own special brand of apple juice.” The filly couldn’t lie to herself much more. She loved the taste of her cousin, she couldn’t wait to get more, and the thought of hearing Apple Bloom cry out her name as she brought her cousin to another climax was almost too much to bear. The burning in her nethers was screaming at her to touch herself and rub that aching slit until sunset.
  49. “We should hurry up to the clubhouse, Babs. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are probably already there.” Apple Bloom’s suggestion was nearly lost on her cousin. As she turned back to look at Babs again, Apple Bloom struggled to read the face Babs was currently making. Her cousin appeared to be breathing as though she was tired, and her face reminded Apple Bloom of somepony who had been without water for too long.
  51. “A-Apple Bloom?” Babs struggled to find her words as she panted. She’ll never make it to the clubhouse in this state. Her only chance was to see if Apple Bloom would feel up to practicing beforehand. Perhaps she could get her cousin to relieve the burning sensation for at least a little while.
  53. “What’s wrong, Babs?” Apple Bloom was getting more and more concerned by the second. Her cousin’s voice was trembling, and she noticed the wet spot between Babs’s legs was more like a puddle than a patch of wet dirt.
  55. “Do you think you could,” Babs steeled herself during her pause, “lick me before we reached the clubhouse? It could be like practice. I’m just too excited, I think.” Babs fought to hide her lust from Apple Bloom, but the look on the yellow filly’s face told her that it was no use.
  57. “Ah don’t understand, Babs. Are ya sure yer feelin alright? Ya look like Applejack after workin on the farm for the whole day.”
  59. “When I get like this, I usually rub my hoof against my privates until I feel really good and let out that juice. I think it’d be a lot faster if you helped me out real quick instead of just trying it that way. Remember what I said last night: it feels better when you have somepony helping you out.” Babs was feverishly fighting the urge to masturbate now, trailing a hoof around the dirt. Her brain was practically demanding that she reach a hoof to her privates, but she had to hold out. Surely, her cousin wouldn’t let her suffer like this, especially if it got them to the clubhouse faster.
  61. “Hmm,” Apple Bloom put a hoof to her chin and thought for a moment, “ah guess ah could practice a little. It would be easier if ya didn’t have to guide me through entire process step by step.” Apple Bloom began to find it difficult to believe she could help Babs teach the other crusaders without a quick review. Ms. Cheerilee must have stressed review and study for occasions like this. A quick facehoof surprised Babs as Apple Bloom came up with an idea. “Ah got so caught up, ah forgot about wanting to know what you tasted like.”
  63. Apple Bloom’s sudden confession made Babs recoil in minor shock. Apple Bloom wanted to know what she tasted like? Was she experiencing the same feelings? “You wanted to know… what I taste like?” Babs could only ask that one question before Apple Bloom giggled.
  65. “Ah was curious after last night, but even more when you said ah tasted good.” Apple Bloom’s smile was genuine as she looked at her cousin. She wasn’t embarrassed at all since all she really knew was that it made ponies feel good. Sure, Babs told her that it was supposed to be in private, but it couldn’t be wrong if it felt so nice.
  67. “Thanks, cousin. I don’t know why I ever thought hangin out with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon could be better than having a friend like you.” Babs would have blushed at that comment, but she was actually proud to admit it. Her quivering hindlegs prevented her from standing proudly to show Apple Bloom that she meant what she said, though. It would just be so easy to lean her head to the ground with her flank high in the air and let her hoof take control. The burning sensation was far too strong to ignore for much longer, and looking at Apple Bloom smile only made things worse.
  69. “Ah…” Apple Bloom put on the biggest smile she could as she leaped at her cousin and pulled her into a hug. “Ya don’t know how good it makes me feel to hear that, Babs.” Apple Bloom finally let go of Babs, who was shaking a bit more now and panting harder, after a moment. “Okay, should we hide in a bush or something?” Apple Bloom asked, looking around. “There we go. We could hide in there since you told me that it’s supposed to be private and stuff.” Apple Bloom pointed towards a small bush on the side of the road before trotting over to it.
  71. Babs wasted no time in darting inside the bush, however. She was in no mood to wait any longer. If she had to go so much as another minute without relief, she was going to lose her mind. As she immediately lay on the ground, not caring if she was safely concealed, her hindlegs quickly spread as far as they could. The air against her nethers was slightly refreshing, but it only served to tease her. A small thought popped into her head about being embarrassed to show off her now sopping wet slit, but it vanished for good when Apple Bloom poked her head into the bush.
  73. Apple Bloom didn’t say a word as she looked upon her cousin. Thinking back to the previous night, she remembered how much she wanted to feel good right before it happened. She practically -needed- to reach that peak, and now Babs appears to be in the same position. If that was the case, each moment Apple Bloom spent not helping her cousin was another moment she was torturing Babs. Of course, Apple Bloom still didn’t fully grasp what all that meant, but she understood enough to know her cousin, and new best friend, needed her help pronto.
  75. Babs stifled a gasp when she felt Apple Bloom’s tongue give her folds an experimental lick. The feeling shot through her body and all the way to her brain, firing off pleasure signals left and right. Each receptor was now active and informing Babs that her body was enjoying what was happening to it. As the tongue of her cousin trailed between her lower lips and flicked her hardening clit, Babs found herself incapable of stopping the moan that emanated from her throat.
  77. On Apple Bloom’s end, she couldn’t believe the taste her tongue was reporting. She thought it might not be too good given how it was Babs’s crotch, but her taste buds were singing quite the different tune. She also noted the sounds that Babs was making with each gentle caress of her tongue against the skin. It reminded her so much of the sounds she had made the night before. She also remembered how she couldn’t stop them from coming out, but they always did when Babs made her feel the best while using her tongue. Using those sounds as her guide, Apple Bloom continued running her tongue up and down the dripping folds before her.
  79. “She’s like a natural at this,” Babs thought to herself as she groaned. Her cousin’s tongue was tickling all the right nerve endings in just the right way according to her. The way it slid up to nudge her nub, and all the way back down while it circled about. It almost seemed as though Apple Bloom was focusing on coating her entire nether region with saliva, but Babs could only think different with that appendage gliding about, teasing her insides. “P-please, A-Apple Bloom…” was all Babs could utter, as she desperately wanted her cousin to move to the next phase.
  81. Taking that as her cue, Apple Bloom thought back to the next thing that Babs had done to her last night. With no preamble, the yellow filly plunged her tongue into her cousin’s depths, pushing forcefully inside to get as far in as possible. The initial squeezing surprised Apple Bloom at first, but then she recalled how it seemed as though Babs’s tongue would get bigger and smaller at times. She thought that she had squeezed Babs’s tongue much in the same fashion Babs was squeezing on her tongue. It also sounded as though Babs was still enjoying it too. The long drawn out moan from her cousin let Apple Bloom know that she was still doing a good job, so she continued inside with her tongue wiggling about just as she remembered Babs doing to her.
  83. The brown filly squirmed as she endured the assault on her inner walls. They flared to life and bombarded her with so many more pleasure signals than before. Were she not already approaching climax, she’d attempt to tell Apple Bloom how much she was loving that tongue inside her. No words would come out as Apple Bloom wiggled about and massaged her depths with purpose. Even when Apple Bloom rubbed the perfect spots, all Babs could do was let out an “oohhhhh~” and lean her head back.
  85. Apple Bloom increased the speed of her tongue as she continued to invade Babs’s love canal. The juices pouring out of the brown filly excited Apple Bloom’s taste buds with each drop. Apple fritters were the only taste she could think of as she lapped up more and more of Babs’s juices. It was just as sweet, and seemingly just as filling as Apple Bloom joked to herself. While she continued to muse on Babs’s taste, she doubled her efforts with her tongue.
  87. The new speed wasn’t unnoticed by Babs as she arched her back with another moan. She was getting closer and closer to reaching her peak. Her cousin’s tongue was massaging and rubbing as deep as she could get it, trying her best to elicit every moan, groan, and grunt she could. “D-don’t stop, Apple Bloom!” Babs cried to her cousin, pleading for her release as if the yellow filly was denying it to her.
  89. Upon hearing said plea, Apple Bloom thought to try out something a bit new. She noticed the previous night how the little spot at the top of her crotch felt so much better when Babs licked it, so she move forward and suckled on the nub without retracting her tongue. This got an instant reaction out of Babs, who arched her back even more and bit down on her hoof to stifle a scream. Apple Bloom knew what that response meant as she too reacted in a similar fashion before. Alternating between breathing and suckling on Babs’s swollen clit, Apple Bloom unleashed a new wave of pleasure upon her cousin.
  91. Babs couldn’t stop her moans any longer with her hoof. She had actually made a noticeable mark on it before needing to cry out once again in pleasure. Apple Bloom’s new tactic was hurtling her towards release much faster than she ever thought possible. Babs had no idea that her clit could be so sensitive, so it appeared to her as if -she- was being the one taught about this activity. Before Babs could conjure another thought, Apple Bloom’s tongue makes one last massage of her walls, which sets her off.
  93. Apple Bloom had just a second to brace for Babs reaching up and pulling her face as deep into the folds in front of her as possible. Making no effort to resist since Babs’s cry could only mean she was feeling good, Apple Bloom decided to try and drink up as much of the juice flowing out as possible. Wiggling her tongue more, suckling on the nub, and swallowing was all she could do with Babs holding her head against the stream.
  95. Babs, on the other hand, was currently riding out the intense wave of pleasure overwhelming her body. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced with her hoof, and seemingly, better than when she had rubbed hers and Apple Bloom’s slits together. The fact that Apple Bloom’s tongue was inside her made it all the more pleasurable for her. Whatever it all meant, Babs couldn’t care less at the moment as she was too busy riding out a major orgasm brought on by the filly she… loved.
  97. When Babs finally went limp, Apple Bloom lifted her head proudly and licked the last of the juice off her lips. She looked upon her panting cousin with pride because she knew she had done her job. “Well, that was more fun than ah thought it would be. And you actually tasted great, Babs,“ Apple Bloom giggled.
  99. Babs looked up towards Apple Bloom, still panting heavily, and gave her a weak smile. “I love you, Apple Bloom,” she blurted before her head fell back to the ground. For a moment, Babs was content as can be until she realized what she just said. She was about to retort when she heard Apple Bloom let out a giggle.
  101. “Ah love ya too, Babs. You’re one of mah best friends.”
  103. “Oh yeah uh…” Babs sheepishly smiled for a moment, “that’s what I meant too.” She could only hope that Apple Bloom would buy her explanation.
  105. “What do ya mean?” Apple Bloom once again tilted her head at Babs.
  107. “Nothin…” Babs sighed and stared up at the sky, well, as much as she could see from the bush. Babs wasn’t too sure what she meant either. Did she actually love her cousin more than as a friend? Shaking her head, Babs rose to her hooves with a smile. “We should get goin, but thanks for helpin me out.” She stuck out her hoof towards a still confused Apple Bloom.
  109. “Uh… right. Mah pleasure.” Apple Bloom shrugged it off and bumped Babs’s hoof with her own.
  111. As the two exited the bush, they took one last look at each other before taking off into a run. A silent agreement formed between the two in a split second: a race to the clubhouse. Now that Apple Bloom understood how to make one friend feel good, she couldn’t wait to show her other friends. However, Babs just couldn’t wait to taste Apple Bloom once again. Whether Babs loved her cousin or it was something else didn’t matter to her because she was going to make sure she got herself a good portion of Apple Bloom’s juices.
  113. While the two fillies raced, their friends were none the wiser about what was heading their way. In the clubhouse, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle sat around with a few board games, confused as to why the other two crusaders were late. They had no idea that they were about to learn something new and possibly fun.
  115. Today was going to be an interesting day for all four fillies.
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