4.3 DoH Spiritbonding

Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. FFXIV DoH Spiritbonding
  3. **Note that as of Patch 4.4 scrip prices for materia have been significantly reduced. Check your market to make sure spiritbonding is still worth your time and effort.**
  5. Spiritbonding is one of two consistent ways to obtain tier V and VI crafting materia. As of Patch 4.3 with changes to quick synthesis, it's also a good way to craft intermediate materials for yellow scrips. Gathering will not be covered -- the cost of gathering materia generally makes it not worth your time.
  7. How do I spiritbond?
  9. Spiritbond percentage increases with each craft within a certain level range of your gear. Melding materia, wearing HQ gear, and certain food and buffs will increase this rate.
  11. What gear should I wear?
  13. As of 4.3 you can use Quick Synthesis at a 100% success rate wearing the recommended spiritbond set. This includes:
  14. - Vendor purchased i290 hat, chest, gloves, legs, and boots
  15. - HQ crafted i290 main hand, off hand, belt, and accessories
  16. - Cunning IV Materia in all guaranteed meld slots (can be purchased for 25 red scrip each; 18 for a full set)
  18. What should I craft?
  20. Level 68 intermediates are the recommended craft due to their usefulness and low number of ingredients. Check your server's crystal prices if you need help deciding. These include:
  21. - Molybdenum Ingots (BSM, ARM)
  22. - Zelkova Lumber (CRP)
  23. - Twinthread -> Twinsilk (WVR)
  24. - Palladium Nuggets (GSM)
  25. Gazelle Leather is not recommended. Also, consider sending DoL retainers out to passively gather the materials needed.
  27. How much do I need to craft?
  29. This depends on your buffs. It's recommended to at least have HQ Potent Spiritbond Potion and Squadron Spiritbond Manual/That Which Binds Us III (FC Action) buffs for +8. A +8 buff will finish in 178 crafts. Adding Better Crowned Pie (+2, +10 total) lowers to 169 crafts. Pieces may occasionally finish bonding +/- 1 craft from expected. Make sure you repair after the first 99 Quick Synthesis set!
  31. After your gear is fully bonded, remove the materia and convert. i290 pieces guarantee at least tier V materia, with a chance for tier VI.
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