MGE Side III Casino Items

Sep 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Dé Ryúa’s Porcelain Water
  2. A magical beverage made from natural spring water collected in Dé Ryúa combined with a deep-sea witch’s magic! It’s colorless and transparent, but emits a thick, mysterious glow!
  3. This water, considered a treasure to song maidens, puts one’s voice in tune once they’ve drunk it, but typical of Dé Ryúa, that voice becomes just as bewitching as a lewdly gasping voice, and their singing invites desire with its panting sexiness, and on the other hand, their panting during intercourse steals a man’s heart just like a beautiful singing voice does!
  4. It’s a popular item for naughty song maidens that want to use their songs to turn on the man they’ve set their eyes on, but it’s also an ideal present for monsters that aren’t song maidens❤
  5. Enjoy your night with your song maiden, and propose to Dé Ryúa’s song maidens!
  7. Bouquet of Black Song Lilies
  8. These black song lilies are a flower that serves as the counterpart of Al Mar’s beautiful white song lilies.
  9. This is also a beautiful bouquet, whose bewitching black petals are darker than the whirlpools of Dé Ryúa. A precious item that only grows on a location known as the solitary jet-black island!
  10. These black song lilies, which symbolize impurity and corruption, wrap their mana around a monster that has received a man’s confession, and then in proportion to the pounding in the monster’s chest from being confessed to, brings about an obscene burning lust, transforming the confession’s romantic space into an erotic atmosphere with a scorching mood!
  11. If you tie the knot with a monster using these, the mana possessed by the flowers promises the girl you love will direct her eternal lust at you!
  12. Have fun with your song maiden every night, and propose to a Dé Ryúa song maiden for an eternal marriage!
  14. ~Hotel Dé Ryúa Casino Prize Flyer~
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