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  1. Recon is the intel specialist. With two very powerful intel-gathering abilities, recon can find the enemies, wherever they hide. Using the sensor dart, which has a very short cooldown, in the right place at the right time can change the tide of a battle. Your abilities affect the entire team, so be sure to use them as much as possible, along with calling out when you pop a sensor on the map. Using a sensor to cover a flank is good, but the best way to use the sensor dart is in a position where 1: your friendly teammates aren't - 2: where you aren't - and 3: where the enemies /will/ be, not where they /currently/ are. The best example of this is simple - using the sensor dart to cover a lane on domination. Popping the sensor dart in an area where enemies will be running through to get to B is the best way to prepare for engagements. While your friendly teammates are locking down B, you will prepare them for the upcoming gunfights, repelling attacks on the objective. Your teammates will know where the enemies are, how many are coming, and where they're coming from before the enemies see it coming. Using this in combination with solid lane control will increase your chances of teammates survival, and copping a dub for your team.
  3. Vision pulse, Recons Ultimate ability, is by and far the most powerful ability in the game. With 3 pulses, back to back, each pulse will highlight the enemy team in a bright red, letting your teammates preaim and get better positioning on approaching enemies. Using this at the right time, and staying safe whilst you do, is the best way to help your team win a game. The best times to use the Vision Pulse ability are dependent on the game mode. In domination, I'd reccomend using it during the initial push to the B flag. In combination with 2-3 teammates, and maybe a crash buff, you can easily lock down B and gain map control at the start of a half. Alternatively, using it once you've locked down B and during enemy pushes will also help, but this puts you at risk of dying if you're in the wrong place. Never waste a free wallhack.
  5. In Hardpoint, using the sensor dart to lock down a lane approaching the hardpoint is a fantastic way to get those precious seconds on the board. Your enemies won't see it coming. Vision pulse is best used when your team is either pushing into the objective, or trying to hold control of the objective. Using it to take an objective is good, but your friendly teammates might be a man down, since rushing an objective with the pulse up is a risky move. Recon is one of the better /supporting/ teammates in Hardpoint. Using his abilities as support, anchoring spawns, and supporting your teammates with a steady stream of intelligence is massive.
  7. For a good Recon to succeed, you should always focus on getting as many Vision Pulses and Sensor Darts as possible. With that said, I'd reccomend running Equipment Charge. Equipment charge will cut a full four (4) minutes off of the cooldown for your Vision Pulse, taking it down to a mere 8 minutes. With good timing, you can easily pop one vision pulse for every half of Domination, or three for every game of Hardpoint. Your sensor dart also cuts 30 seconds off of the cooldown, which brings it to a mere 1 minute and 5 seconds. This means you should, with good timing, have one sensor dart for every hardpoint rotation. This will give your team a massive leg up in gunfights.
  9. Overall, playing Recon will give your team a massive advantage in every single gunfight they get into. Knowing where the enemies are at any given point gives a massive boost to your teams ability to engage targets effectively and reliably, and offers another level of intel to your team. Remember, Intel Wins Wars, so keep it flowing and keep your team in the loop.
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