May 22nd, 2015
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  1. <Visitors> Guest has connected.
  2. <Visitors> Guest says, "Hellooo out there?"
  3. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Hiya."
  4. <Visitors> Delicia says, "Hello ^^"
  5. <Visitors> Guest says, "I understand that this is a sexual game centered on love/relationships between woman/woman pairings. Tell me more? Theme beyond that? Geographic location? Culture?"
  6. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "'news theme' will help!"
  7. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Well, there is a wiki, but the basics are that it is located on an Island a few hundred miles off of the coast of Japan, and has a Japanese/Celtic~y flavor of culture."
  8. <Visitors> Delicia says, "All that can be found on the website, with more info about the mush"
  9. <Visitors> Guest says, "What is the general time period?"
  10. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Modern, but that doesn't mean your character has to be."
  11. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Present-day, sort of."
  12. <Visitors> Guest says, "Is it sufficiently time flexible that a early modern character could fit in without being completly baffled and perplexed at every other turn?"
  13. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Yep!"
  14. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I played a girl from the 20s at one point."
  15. <Visitors> Guest says, "Early modern hear used in the social-historic sense of 1500 to 1700 AD."
  16. <Visitors> Delicia says, "The time period is whatever date your calander says, but a chatacter can be for any time peroid or releam"
  17. <Visitors> Guest says, "Here, rather."
  18. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I think they would be a little confused about things."
  19. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Tehre's not really any modern tech locally."
  20. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Or at least not much."
  21. <Visitors> Atara says, "But confusion is half the fun."
  22. <Visitors> breisleach says, "But a lot of characters come from modern worlds and know modern tech so"
  23. <Visitors> Guest says, "So she wouldn't have to deal with laser guns, maglev trains, computers, or elevators?"
  24. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "...There's at least one elevator, isn't there?"
  25. <Visitors> Molly says, "There's electricity and sutff, and there's plumbing, and some people have computers and stuff in their homes."
  26. <Visitors> Molly says, "And there's one on grid, for sure. At Riverview, right?"
  27. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Elevators are, uh, pretty old tech."
  28. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Like 200+ years."
  29. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "As an expert on elevators..."
  30. <Visitors> Guest says, "We're talking about someone born in the 1490s AD, Breisleach."
  31. <Visitors> Atara says, "Guest, isn't the thought of encountering and dealing with those sorts of things an intriguing rp idea?"
  32. <Visitors> Molly says, "Your character might have some difficulty adapting, especially to social themes like dress and behavior, and there will be some tech hurdles as well. But... what Atara said. These are good roleplay hooks!"
  33. <Visitors> breisleach says, "That said, my character has never seen an elevator other than that one. :p"
  34. <Visitors> Merin says, "True. Contrary to what some people thing, this place isn't centrally focused on sex. RP hooks are a good thing to have."
  35. <Visitors> Guest says, "I could make it work."
  36. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Since her cultural background is pre-industrial."
  37. <Visitors> Guest says, "Now... magic."
  38. <Visitors> Guest says, "Talk to me. Does it exist? Can it be used? Is it locked out of the island by a forcefield operated by a shih-tzu running on a treadmill attached to a proton collision phase inverter built by a mantis like alien from the crab nebula?"
  39. <Visitors> Atara says, "Think of this place as like, a sort of modern vacation resort where the residents you'll encounter in game are people who've live here full time or are natives. You'll mostly have 'quiet' of a vacation spot with modern conveniences like plumbing and electricity, but everyone walks everywhere, there is no bus, train, car, street lamps are oil."
  40. <Visitors> Molly says, "There's a pretty hefty helping of magic and magic-themed stuff."
  41. <Visitors> Abryn says, "So, 1490.. 520ish..."
  42. <Visitors> Atara says, "But magic in characters needs to be approved by the staff."
  43. <Visitors> Merin says, "Magic is a fairly large part of native culture, though. Not so much ARcane magic as druidic."
  44. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Thats a young one."
  45. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Tech: There is no electrical field, really high tech tends to be powerful and not allowed, and the high level of local magic tend to make most telecommunications and advanced tech unreliable."
  46. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Er, no electrical _grid_."
  47. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Some places have like small home solar generators or something, but."
  48. <Visitors> Atara says, "To you and me, Abby, yep!"
  49. <Visitors> Guest says, "So its not a free for all with gods and other drastically overpowered people walking around then?"
  50. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Ha ha, nooooo."
  51. <Visitors> Guest says, "I meant born in the sense of entering the physical world. Not born as in 'existance begins at that point'?"
  52. <Visitors> Molly says, "Definitely not. Many residents are magical, but likewise many are completely mundane."
  53. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Heh, depends on the facet of my soul, some are older and others are younger."
  54. <Visitors> Abryn says, "I am utterly mundane, normal, boring. One hardly notices that I am about, like a good ottoman or couch."
  55. <Visitors> Guest says, "Making such statements on my characters age and situation, when you know absolutely nothing at all about her, Abryn/Atara, I find grossly off-putting."
  56. <Visitors> Kaleaithne is Fire.
  57. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Dude."
  58. <Visitors> Guest says, "Dude nothing."
  59. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "I'm confused as to what you're talking about. >>"
  60. <Visitors> Guest says, "Having a character thats powerful enough to kick someones behind any time they want to over anything they chose to do it over, is not appropriate for a sex/love themed game. Yes or no?"
  61. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "What is going on x.x"
  62. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Of... huh?"
  63. <Visitors> Merin says, "If you take a look at the AUP, you'd notice that we have fairly strict guidelines on what characters get approved. Usually anything that is not a normal human needs approval from the staff."
  64. <Visitors> Molly says, "I'm pretty sure she was just making a joke about how she has a really old character. And I'm pretty sure the answer to your question is yes, but no character on this mush powerplays like that in any fashion whatsoever. If there are ridiculously powered characters here, they don't use it as a main point of roleplay, and they definitely don't stop other characters from doing stuff."
  65. <Visitors> Kaoru has connected.
  66. <Visitors> Merin says, "If we do approve powered charaters, we tend to make sure we restrict what abilities we do grant to fairly simple ones. High-powered concepts like goddesses and the like are flat out turned down."
  67. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Hey guys"
  68. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "What's going on in this thread"
  69. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm not going to do backflips through hoops of bladed death and rewrite the character 83 times so that her basic design and conception is completely different from what I initially intended. Nor do I wish to play someone that is high powered. I do wish to have some abilities, but they are clearly defined, limited, and purposely low key."
  70. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Guest I'm lazy and don't feel like reading backscroll."
  71. <Visitors> Atara says, "Then you'd be best served by reading the wiki, the AUP, and reading our theme and other information there."
  72. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "What is going on here"
  73. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am making it your job because I am gathering these people are all up in your grill about a thing."
  74. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Thereby I do not trust their *trickery*"
  75. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Yes, and as it was stated previously, we get mis-filed as a sex-themed MUSH a lot. Though, if you note my responce to you, I did the age math, but no where did I claim to either be properly documenting your age, nor the manner which you got it, or how much time you've existed. Just the math between the supposed era's of life and the current times. Which is actually fairly typical of people, see most time traveling themed shows/books. Always at least -one- crack at it. I'd get a bit less bristly, if you expect to fit in on a socially themed place."
  76. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Other than that, yeah, Atara has great advice, as always!"
  77. <Visitors> Molly says, "Guest, I don't really know what you're on about now. Just make your character and do whatever once you're in game. That's what everyone else does-- this place is super laid back compared to most any other mush."
  78. <Visitors> Guest says, "Essentially what happened was I thought Abyrn/Ataru were overtly assessing my characters power level and nature and making statements about it that were derisive. I don't care whether I was wrong or right. No one immediately corrected me so I continued to find it openly offensive."
  79. <Visitors> Athame says, "I managed to get a Jedi Knight approved so long as I agreed to not go around using my powers for anything but completely mundane purposes. It is not Rocket Surgery :3"
  80. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Okay! Here is the deal as it goes, G."
  81. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We sometimes have dudes. Un-awesome dudes. Not that you are one of them"
  82. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Occasionally dudes come up in here with this idea that they are going to be /hilarious on the internet/"
  83. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Admittedly we, over time, have become somewhat prickly and alarmist when people come here with possibly dubious intentions; I suspect yours is not one of these cases."
  84. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It is an /unfortunate reality/ and I apologize that you have been exposed to it."
  85. <Visitors> Delicia has disconnected.
  86. <Visitors> Guest says, "Also, Abryn, you are not going to tell me what to do. Period. Thalamasa, I'm not here to be assinine nor am I here to be quote 'hilarious'. I came here thinking about building a person, ostensibly because the game was misfiled as a TS game. I'm still thinking about it, but this whole misfire snafu of bad communication is taking my interest down towards zero fairly rapidly."
  87. <Visitors> Antigone has connected.
  88. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Unfortunate! You seem to be good at swinging words together into sentences."
  89. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is a fine skill and I suspect people got off on a bad foot, as mentioned earlier."
  90. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But, yes; People often mistake this place as primarily being for TS. And don't get me wrong; there are people doing things that you don't want the pope over your shoulder looking at."
  91. <Visitors> Guest says, "Its a short step from bad communication to overt hostility, thalamasa."
  92. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "As we have succinctly demonstrated."
  93. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Your analysis is sadly accurate in that regard; however, there's little I can avail you to go back and fix that bit."
  94. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We could simultaneously suffer short-term amnesia and you could describe what's going on with your character concept and I could hit Abryn with a stick every time she gets sassy, but I suspect this would not be ideal for you either; Time is money, after all."
  95. <Visitors> Guest says, "Also I made a statement to the effect that grossly overpowered characters of any kind, whether it be natural or supernatural, are overtly not appropriate to a love/sex/relationship themed game."
  96. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Actually, if you review what I said, I made no motion to tell you what to do at all. Though. The only one really seeming to come off as hostile is you. So, I suppose I can easily tell you what to do, once, given you -will- have to do it to properly play as a character. Go review the AUP and act accordingly, or leave. Please."
  97. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Abryn."
  98. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Abryn will you chill a moment."
  99. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We are friends here."
  100. <Visitors> Guest says, "Abryn just lost me as a player."
  101. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We are friends and we love each other. <3"
  102. <Visitors> Abryn says, "Aye, aye!"
  103. <Visitors> Guest says, "With that one smart ass remark my interest went from slowly decreasing to zero."
  104. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, alright."
  105. <Visitors> Guest says, "And no, I'm not sorry, and I'm not going to /be/ sorry."
  106. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Thanks for considering us, at any rate."
  107. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "No, that's okay. Hardly looking for an apology, G."
  108. <Visitors> Guest says, "Abryn will appologize to me for being sassy. That will end the matter."
  109. <Visitors> Molly says, "...hahaha oh wow."
  110. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "...yeah no"
  111. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "However, I will say this."
  112. <Visitors> Athame says, "srs bsns"
  113. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "To a /certain/ extent."
  114. <Visitors> Guest says, "Hostility rapidly increasing."
  115. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, G, if I might, for one second?"
  116. <Visitors> Atara says, "Hint: +staff"
  117. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "To a certain degree; I believe that while Abryn may be harsher than intended"
  118. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't care what she intended."
  119. <Visitors> Guest says, "She was grossly offensive and made no effort to stop or appologize."
  120. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Your perfectly rational efforts to remediate the situation are imparting a sense that as a MUSH we are going to feel a sense of loss if you choose not to play here."
  121. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I mean, I am sure you are cool"
  122. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I, personally, welcome our I guess 500 year old dudes or whatever!"
  123. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I do suspect, though, that you will not garner good will with otherwise neutral people by loudly insisting a staff member apologize for what is, admittedly, a regrettable circumstance."
  124. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't care if shes staff nor do I care about good will. I care about resolution at this point and thats all I care about."
  125. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am admittedly a poor communicator."
  126. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is true!"
  127. <Visitors> Guest says, "Staff are people too. She was grossly in the wrong. Appologizing is what a normal person would do, though in normal circumstances it would be mutual."
  128. <Visitors> Molly says, "You're seriously going to demand resolution from a mush you have no history with, expecting than any of us actually care?"
  129. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am trying to get across to a certain extent that I /personally/ haven't --"
  130. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Please."
  131. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Please, can we stop being clever internet trolls, Molly?"
  132. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We are having a sincere, serious discussion and I don't appreciate your butting in."
  133. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "In this channel, we leave things to Thal."
  134. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza nods.
  135. <Visitors> Molly says, "Apparently."
  136. <Visitors> Guest says, "If I was a staff member and I was grossly offensive to you, thalamasa, wouldn't you still want me to appologize?"
  137. <Visitors> Guest says, "Assume your on a game in which you are not a staff person, Thal."
  138. <Visitors> Athame says, "Which she is"
  139. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I suppose I would take one of a few courses of action."
  140. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It's true, I am not, in fact, staff here, I just like pressing +v because it makes me remember the good days on IRC."
  141. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now: I can understand your desire for an apology."
  142. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm not a troll, nor am I purposely being hostile. I indicated that I was offended quite clearly in the early conversation and no attempt was made to fix it then or now. How do you expect me to react?"
  143. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, alright. I'm gathering you are, while certainly not here to purposely inflame aggression, internet *savvy*, as I believe people sometimes say."
  144. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't care if its in text or in speech. When someone indicates that they are offended the general practice is to make things right with that person, not ignore it and keep offending them."
  145. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This MUSH is, in fact, relatively popular. We're not quite pulling in the numbers of other, more popular MUSHes, but we've maintained a fairly stable playerbase for several years. Part of doing this, unfortunately, includes the reality that you can afford to--"
  146. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am not sure how to put this politely."
  147. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Guest, you are coming across to some degree as if you are a /customer/."
  148. <Visitors> Guest says, "I am."
  149. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm here seeking what you 'sell'. Entertainment."
  150. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Unfortunately, this is not the case; you do not actually offer us a financial benefit."
  151. <Visitors> Guest says, "Read what I just said."
  152. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "View this as more akin to applying to one of those posh clubs."
  153. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Certainly; we are all for your presence, but by the same token, losing your 'business' will merely cause us to adjust our monocles and remark on the stock market and ruffle our newspapers."
  154. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It is not precisely as damaging to our integrity as you appear to believe."
  155. <Visitors> Guest says, "In my mind 'posh club' goers = exclusionist asshole types that don't want you around unless your exactly like them or very similar to them. This is not a good means of communication to me."
  156. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I... it seems... I leave things to Thal she is better at this."
  157. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza nods.
  158. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Absolutely. And to a certain degree I admit I am being hyperbolic"
  159. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The vast majority of the MUSH, as a matter of fact, is much more forgiving of minor peculiarities and oddities than the subsection of people who enjoy being on +v."
  160. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "However, I am trying to get across that we do not have an especial reason to cater to your interests."
  161. <Visitors> Guest says, "Ultimately at this point it is irrelevant. Friends will tell friends and soon I'd be stuck in the idle cycle till I eventually left and stayed gone."
  162. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I suppose you could theorize that you have earned, in fact, a stigma, through your actions here."
  163. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It is regrettable but I suspect that in people's minds you are--and this is, of course, wholly unfair, I will not lie--"
  164. <Visitors> Chie has disconnected.
  165. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I believe the MUSH to a certain extent, gathering from what information I am being privately given, we are somewhat more forgiving of 'sass' than 'senses of entitlement'."
  166. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you think I care? My actions were perfectly justified. I indicated clearly I was grossly offended, the person who offended me didn't care and apparently still doesn't care, I reacted accordingly."
  167. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Unfortunately, while you are the victim of, perhaps, harsher behaviour than would be desirable."
  168. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, alright. What is it, precisely, you are looking to get at this point?"
  169. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You do not appear particularly interested in playing here."
  170. <Visitors> Guest says, "I made that clear earlier. I want an appology from the person who knowingly offended me. Thats a fairly normal desire. It doesn't have to be public and embaressing."
  171. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright. Now, I've been trying to...coerce this understanding more indirectly."
  172. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Consider Abryn's position; She gains nothing by doing so."
  173. <Visitors> Guest says, "Yes, she does."
  174. <Visitors> Guest says, "By doing that she could take my now in the negative interest in your game back to zero and thereby possibly get one more player."
  175. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "People watching this channel tend to weight 'your sense of self-entitlement', inexplicably, as more frustrating than abryn's disregard for your feelings."
  176. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Ah, that is where we have the problem."
  177. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Abryn may not necessarily feel the game improves in quality with your presence; I am, admittedly, struggling to see the value myself. I am certain it is there!"
  178. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't have a sense of 'self-entitlement'. Seeking an appology from someone who has offended you knowingly is not 'self entitlement'."
  179. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But your need for appeasement does, admittedly, drain on my patience. I'm afraid diplomacy for me is what they call a 'cross-class skill'."
  180. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The fact of the matter, and I do find it staggeringly regrettable that I am having to increasingly be more vulgar in my explanation--is that your value as a player here does not appear to exceed the value of the effort of apologizing for a matter that, to me, appears to be fairly trivial."
  181. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you want a player whose on several times a week and actively seeks scenes from a wide variety of characters, Thalamasa? Yes or no will do."
  182. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "OBJECTION!!"
  183. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We do. However; We will not suffer greatly if we lose this, either."
  184. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "To a certain extent; we like players who have what we call 'thick skins', as well. A certain ability to weather personal slights and insults."
  185. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm not some thin skinned always angry weakling, thalamasa."
  186. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "An inability to accept criticism--poorly worded criticism or no--suggests to me that you will have significant difficulty interacting on an OOC basis with many people here."
  187. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Oh, I am certain you are often very calm."
  188. <Visitors> Guest says, "When critcism is worded in such a way as to be overtly, purposefully offensive its not constructive."
  189. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Oh, absolutely."
  190. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled at offering constructive criticism. It is a life skill that must be learned."
  191. <Visitors> Guest says, "Well, most people are skilled at not being a flaming JACKASS, now aren't they, thalamasa?"
  192. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I work retail."
  193. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "My understanding is that civility is, sadly, a dwindling skill in today's society."
  194. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I suppose you can take up arms against the sea of troubles; I cannot be as certain that by opposing, you will end them."
  195. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm not angry now. I'm a human being behind the keyboard. I have feelings. When someone is overtly offensive towards me in person, I seek an appology. When someone is offensive to me here, I seek an appology. I don't see what the big deal is."
  196. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Simply, I suspect that Abryn finds you personally distasteful."
  197. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Ergo; there is personal benefit in not offering that which you seek, so that you seek roleplay elsewhere."
  198. <Visitors> Guest says, "Even people who are overtly distasteful towards each other can be civil."
  199. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Certainly."
  200. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "However; If Abryn would rather, as a person, not have you on the game, she is taking a course of action that by your very words would be staggeringly effective towards this end, no?"
  201. <Visitors> Guest says, "Turning me away will result in me mentioning the fact that this occured here to others. A number of people will hear about it. They may repeat it to friends, they may not. But after they hear about this, which will be in detail, people may well avoid your game."
  202. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright, Guest, may I interject for a moment?"
  203. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will accept, for the sake of argument, that there have been two slights towards you."
  204. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "1) A good-natured jibe regarding the age of your character, as it compares to many on here."
  205. <Visitors> Guest says, "If its more of the same nonsense about how abryns high and mighty and doesn't need to appologize for being grossly insulting, I don't want to hear it."
  206. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "2) Repeated suggestions that your arguments would be better served--ah, work with me."
  207. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now, let's compare."
  208. <Visitors> Guest says, "No, lets not compare."
  209. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You've clearly demonstrated hostility towards the playerbase, and a number of staff."
  210. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You've directly and indirectly threatened us to get your way."
  211. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you want your game to have bad press by turning me away, or not? Yes or no."
  212. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "See, now you're being threatening."
  213. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't make threats."
  214. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is no good."
  215. <Visitors> Guest says, "I state what I intend to /actually do/."
  216. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Ah, but here's the deal; we've had bad press before."
  217. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This isn't--this isn't really a thing that we haven't /had/ before."
  218. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "In all honesty, if your friends are the kind of people swayed by a log of a conversation such as this--now, I speak personally here, and perhaps not for the whole MUSH"
  219. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm going to display hostility towards people who are grossly insulting towards me and make no attempt to appologize because of their position within the game. This is a normal behavior."
  220. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Your skill as a roleplayer, great as it may be, does not weigh as heavily in my mind as my distaste for your OOC style of function, nor would my regard for your friends rate much more highly."
  221. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, I suspect Abryn's position would not change if she weren't a staff member, personally."
  222. <Visitors> Shirouko says, " do know this game's been around for a LONG time now, don't you?"
  223. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I can attest to this from the fact Abryn would, in fact, probably be somewhat celebratory if I were to suffer immediate death."
  224. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Shirouko, sweetiepie."
  225. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is not where you interject."
  226. <Visitors> Guest says, "Frankly my opinion of Abryn has destroyed any chance of me playing here. I went into it neutral, it was made explicitly clear fairly rapidly that I wasn't wanted because I expected someone to have the decency to appologize for being grossly offensive."
  227. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, I have, and you must admit, taken a significant amount of pains to explain to you you have made yourself out to be a player whose OOC tendencies are..."
  228. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "...Perhaps incompatible."
  229. <Visitors> Guest says, "From where I sit, if Abryn said those things to me in person I'd put a size 12 in her asshole and I wouldn't be sorry about it."
  230. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright, that is, at this point, a threat."
  231. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is again rather problematic."
  232. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You're not coming across as civilly as I believe you're intending to."
  233. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you think I care at this point? No attempt /at all/ has been made to do the -very simple- thing and appologize to me so I can go without leaving a wave of bad press in my wake."
  234. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The issue as it stands, at this point, and I do regret this"
  235. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "As it stands, a substantial amount of the playerbase that we currently have have come--"
  236. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "And I am certainly trying to put this delicately, sweetie."
  237. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But I admit I cannot; The playerbase you would be attempting to contact seems to believe you are, in fact, in the wrong at this point."
  238. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you think I care what they believe?"
  239. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Perhaps they leaned more heavily in your favor at the beginning; but your continued insistence on victory has, sadly--well."
  240. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I would ask you this; Do you believe you are the first time a person has threatened to inform their friends of their misadventures here?"
  241. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't drop my sword till I'm dead, thalamasa."
  242. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will suggest, nay, in fact, I will inform you from prior experience, that you are not."
  243. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't care about your game, I don't care about your playerbases opinion of me. I care about one thing and one thing only. Getting my appology."
  244. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will, furthermore, inform you that you number somewhere among a staggeringly high number of people who have informed us they intend to 'ruin us'."
  245. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "In fact, we have been at arms with people who are, in fact, more than capable of physically ruining the codebase."
  246. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Despite this, we have functioned successfully for years."
  247. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't care about any of that and it doesn't impress me."
  248. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "So, I am forced to drop my civility, in the name of /expedience/."
  249. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "My apologies, but--"
  250. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You aren't getting your apology, and you're a narcissistic psychopath."
  251. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Please disconnect."
  252. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Give itu p."
  253. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Rick Astley may not give you up, but the rest of us already did about ten minutes ago."
  254. <Visitors> Guest says, "How is it 'narcissistic' and 'psychopathic' to demand an appology for being grossly offended? I don't see that as being either of those things, and if it is, you had better explain it in a clinical sense using real psychological knowledge."
  255. <Visitors> Kaoru says, "Because of the word 'demand.'"
  256. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, alright."
  257. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Here is the way I see it."
  258. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You are butthurt."
  259. <Visitors> Athame says, "We've sorta been letting Thal do her fancy big city lawyer thing but seriously, you are burning calories to try and get an apology (notice spelling) that is not coming."
  260. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Pretty much, I've been 'fucking with you' for 'the lulz'."
  261. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Lulz, of course, being a 'corruption' of LOL, which stansd for laugh out loud."
  262. <Visitors> Guest says, "Seems to me that you are the psycho, thalamasa."
  263. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Dead serious, we've just been stringing along this conversation because people wanted to laugh at you acting like one of those DeviantArt dvias."
  264. <Visitors> Guest says, "'fucking with me' when you don't even know me."
  265. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, true, but this is the internet; I can only know what you've shown me."
  266. <Visitors> Atara says, "Yeah, kinda like you tried to do with us."
  267. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "What you've shown me is, basically, you're willing to sit there and argue for an apology for twenty minutes."
  268. <Visitors> Guest says, "I could have shown my better side."
  269. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Because someone on the internet wasn't nice to you."
  270. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, yes, but I kept giving you opportunities to do that, and you chose to act like that bitchy customer that returns salt for being too salty."
  271. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "--if there's anyone on this MUSH I haven't actually told that story to, it's /fucking hilarious/ let me know I will do it for you"
  272. <Visitors> Guest says, "No, you kept trying to divert me from my course of rightfully seeking an apology."
  273. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I mean, I can't physically hand you a better way to be gracious and make Abryn out to be the bad guy."
  274. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Honestly. I was like, going to let you take the High and Mighty road and so bravely ignore Abryn's terrible slight and grace us with your roleplay."
  275. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But, no, you wasted my precious effort on being kind of creepy-obsessive that someone found your OOC stylings personally frustrating."
  276. <Visitors> Guest says, "If your behavior is indicative of this games population I don't want to play here. You are manipulative, name calling, and distinctly unpleasant."
  277. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "See, I tried to hint at that like three times, but I don't really know how to put this."
  278. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You can sit here until you turn old and gray."
  279. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You aren't getting your apology, and mostly you're convincing the playerbase you don't deserve one."
  280. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Your intended course of action to have us 'blacklisted' does not faze anyone."
  281. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I personally welcome not having anyone on the MUSH who could actually tolerate your presence."
  282. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I'm not really big on drug users, see."
  283. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't see how rightfully pursuing an apology is 'convincing the playerbase I don't deserve one'."
  284. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "And I can only assume they are doing some good shit."
  285. <Visitors> Guest says, "My better side is actually quite agreeable."
  286. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Yes, but you're clearly unable to let shit go."
  287. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Sadly, you've done more than have a tiff with the staff member that even I personally think needs to take a chill pill."
  288. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "At this point, you've convinced me that you do not, in fact, have redeeming qualities. And I am, while not staff, a person who shares at least one quality with TF2's Scout."
  289. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, ", I don't doublejump--I am, in fact, 'Kind of a Big Deal'."
  290. <Visitors> Guest says, "I have redeaming qualities. Your game never gave me a chance to show them."
  291. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Basically, your friends may not come here, but I am kind of dubious of the idea you /have/ friends. I can only imagine you must have driven them away over time."
  292. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I imagine one might have stolen one of your chocolates and refused to apologize, at some point."
  293. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I imagine their body is still in the river with /brutal knife marks all over/."
  294. <Visitors> Guest says, "Is your opinion of me really so low?"
  295. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I can only base my opinion on what you've shown me."
  296. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You've failed to show me anything but your inability to drop an issue without getting your perceived 'satisfaction'."
  297. <Visitors> Guest says, "Why would I show positive behaviors after negative reinforcement?"
  298. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I find that personality trait less than endearing."
  299. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It would imply you were capable of being the bigger person."
  300. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You aren't. Which is cool, not everyone is, I guess?"
  301. <Visitors> Guest says, "Usually, where I come from the 'bigger person' is the one doing the ass beating."
  302. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I meant bigger person in the sense of 'more morally upright'."
  303. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Sadly, you've basically come across as 'a vindictive crazy person'."
  304. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "In other news, I am sorry to hear about your time in prison?"
  305. <Visitors> Guest says, "Again, why would I show any positive traits when all I've had almost since I got here is negative reinforcement to the idea that 'no we don't know who you are and don't care, get the hell away'?"
  306. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Mostly, to spite Abryn, and prove to the playerbase that she's in the wrong."
  307. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Mostly we were asking you to show some reason to disagree with Abryn, and you kept not doing it."
  308. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I don't know how you are /that bad/ at social interact--oh, right, I'm on the internet."
  309. <Visitors> Guest says, "I find you unbelievibly judgemental, since you base your entire judgement of me as a person on text of which you don't even know the point of origin."
  310. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I mean, pretty much, I sat here like, 'Please, prove you are awesome so I can make fun of Abryn later for being a douche'."
  311. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "well, I can either never come to any conclusions ever about anyone"
  312. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Or I can come to a conclusion about someone based on their actions and words."
  313. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You've shown me actions and words, and these are normally a thing you use to determine stuff about people. I am pretty sure, at some point, you have hugged a puppy."
  314. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Maybe you are actually this cool person and you are /off your meds/ I do not even know, but based on what you've shown me, I don't like you. I've offered you multiple opportunities to show me someone else, you have actively refused."
  315. <Visitors> Guest says, "I could tell you why its hard for me to pick up clues, but I doubt you would do anything but add negative reinforcement to the idea of leaving."
  316. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Oh, is this the part where you claim autism?"
  317. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Please. Please claim mild autism."
  318. <Visitors> Guest says, "No, this is the part where I indicate that a sliding van door was slammed on my head by accident when I was 7, thus creating a brain injury."
  319. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright, cool. Then I offer you this deal."
  320. <Visitors> Anna has joined this channel.
  321. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will assume that the past ten minutes has entirely been due to a miscommunication on both our parts."
  322. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am willing to even assume that Abryn was completely in the wrong."
  323. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Show me you have personality traits that make it worth my while to even suggest she bother apologizing."
  324. <Visitors> Guest says, "What guarantee do you offer that you won't simply find new avenues of assault by exposing these traits?"
  325. <Visitors> Antigone has left this channel.
  326. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I suppose I cannot physically guarantee it insofar as I am not going to like, mail you a check?"
  327. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But if you're that worried about exposing your /good/ side to people I'm not really sure what to say there."
  328. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Are you really that emotionally vulnerable?"
  329. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't want a physical guarantee, I want a statement on a public channel that large numbers of people will see indicating that this isn't just a nasty trick to find a new way to hurt my feelings."
  330. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Okay."
  331. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Dudes: I am seriously not doing this to troll the shit out of her later."
  332. <Visitors> Guest says, "I will now cite three examples of my good behaviors and personality traits."
  333. <Visitors> Merin makes a note in her notepad. "Witnessed and logged."
  334. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Okay."
  335. <Visitors> Shirouko has disconnected.
  336. <Visitors> Shirouko has connected.
  337. <Visitors> Guest says, "Firstly there was the time my ex called me to tell me that her boyfriend was doing meth and talking openly about taking her down to the 'mudpond' for 'cheating on her'. I drove into a bad neighborhood, in the dead of night, and snuck her out a /window/ so she could get in my car, and took her to the police station so that she could do something about him. This is after he held her in her room for four hours at gunpoint."
  338. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Again, I don't want anyone to interject here; I'm willing to believe this event occurred as spoken."
  339. <Visitors> Guest says, "Is that something someone with 'no redeeming qualities' would do, yes or no, thalamasa?"
  340. <Visitors> Merin says, "I will put some admin weight behind this request. Please, let the Guest speak their piece."
  341. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright; I'd like you to finish the other two examples before I respond."
  342. <Visitors> Merin says, "Or is it "peace". Damn homonyms."
  343. <Visitors> Guest says, "Secondly there was the time I picked up a total stranger who was trying to go where I was going and drove him 17 miles so that he could get back to his home before his 7:00 probate curfew. How he got way out there I don't know and didn't ask. I didn't take money, and the drive was completely reverse from where I was going, not to mention that I came distinctly close to running completely out of gas on the way home and was literally at -e- because of this sojourn."
  344. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm sorry, its late where I am, I meant to say 'NOT going where I was going'."
  345. <Visitors> Guest says, "Anyway."
  346. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Hm."
  347. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Interesting. Alright."
  348. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Is your heart and soul intent on the third example, or may I respond?"
  349. <Visitors> Guest says, "Thirdly and finally, I flew 700 miles to see my sister, who was dying of a terminal illness, paying out of my own pocket both ways, while I was unemployed. I checked on her twice a day every day for a month till her sickness slowed down enough for her to go back on meds and stay alive longer."
  350. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright."
  351. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now, what I'm going to do here is I'm--I'm going to analyze, for a brief moment."
  352. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Understand that this is, again, not to specifically cause you emotional harm; I need you to understand where I'm coming from."
  353. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Are you okay with this?"
  354. <Visitors> Guest says, "Now I ask you, would a person who has 'no redeeming qualities' have done any one of those things, much less all three of them, yes or no?"
  355. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Certainly, I'll admit; if your stories are true, you have done some fine things for people."
  356. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this issue."
  357. <Visitors> Guest says, "This doesn't even take into account the creative things I've done."
  358. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will say, however, that you have said things about your personality I do not believe you intended to get across."
  359. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "May I share with you what I have gleaned about you as a person from what you have chosen to share?"
  360. <Visitors> Guest says, "Is it grossly offensive?"
  361. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I do not believe so."
  362. <Visitors> Guest says, "We'll see. My time here is limited. Tell me what it is you have to say."
  363. <Visitors> Ren has joined this channel.
  364. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The first thing I find is that your stories relate to things you have accomplished that are viewed as morally upright and generous to do. I will not contest that these acts are of this nature."
  365. <Visitors> Anna has left this channel.
  366. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "However, choosing to give me a series of good works you have accomplished seems to imply that you feel you have gained a karmic 'credit' by doing so, and are thereby entitled to especial consideration."
  367. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I feel this is not the case; good works should be done for the sake of having done so, and not later social gain."
  368. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "In addition, you appear to highlight that you were hard done by to accomplish each of these works."
  369. <Visitors> Guest says, "The point was not later social gain. The point was to indicate that I have redeeming qualities."
  370. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This seems to give me the feeling that to an extent, you feel martyred by your sacrifices."
  371. <Visitors> Guest says, "You contested whether or not I had any redeeming qualities. I gave you indications that I did. This is not 'feeling martyred'."
  372. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Finally, I find it expressly intriguing."
  373. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "That when your sister is in such grave shape, you consider material wealth to be an object, and your expense of such as an especial trophy."
  374. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Perhaps you have done good things, but the manner in which you express what you've done is something I find personally distasteful."
  375. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "One can prove one is a good person without boasting about their righteous natures."
  376. <Visitors> Guest says, "I didn't mean to put it across like that. I meant to indicate that at the time I was almost completely broke, which I was."
  377. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I believe you did not intentionally put it across like that; I believe its emphasis belies something critical to your nature."
  378. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You feel the world owes you."
  379. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "That is what I see, from the way you have expressed these three things to me."
  380. <Visitors> Guest says, "I feel that the whole point of this has been to find out more of my nature for your luls."
  381. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "On the contrary; I would have just gotten you angrier."
  382. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "If you sincerely have social difficulties as you say?"
  383. <Visitors> Guest says, "I ask you the question I asked initially."
  384. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Alright. I will suggest that you have 'redeeming qualities'."
  385. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I will also freely admit that I use a lot of hyperbole in the interest of expedience."
  386. <Visitors> Guest says, "Everyone has some negative and some positive."
  387. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The same sort of hyperbole I believe you will personally use when later detailing this events to your compatriots for your own version of lulz."
  388. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Absolutely. As it stands, however, while I appreciate your good works and do applaud you on your bravery..."
  389. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you think I would lower myself to 'lulz' on you?"
  390. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I find your insistence on moral victory more offputting."
  391. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I suspect you would be frustrating to interact with on a regular basis, moreso than I would be mollified by knowing of your valiant deeds."
  392. <Visitors> Guest says, "It seems my initial actions have colored me as a negative, unwanted person beyond all recovery."
  393. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I believe that this path is reversible."
  394. <Visitors> Merin says, "I wouldn't say "beyond recovery"."
  395. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I would suspect that you could easily traverse along it by, as I have /suggested repeatedly/..."
  396. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "...dropping the request for an apology and moving on."
  397. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm not going to be the games 'bitch' and hide in a corner whenever someone gets frustrated with me, thalamasa."
  398. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Certainly, but if you insist on winning every conflict, this is equally not going to be the game for you."
  399. <Visitors> Guest says, "I don't insist on winning."
  400. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Yet you've demanded this apology through hell and high water."
  401. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "At the risk of great personal humiliation, I might add."
  402. <Visitors> Guest says, "I do insist that people, regardless of their medium of interaction, treat me as a person, rather than as a piece of shit to be wiped off their boot and thrown aside on their path."
  403. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "And yet, you are unwilling to accept the vast number of people willing to treat you as a person for the sake of spiting the one who will not."
  404. <Visitors> Guest says, "Is there really that vast a number, thalamasa? Everyone can see this channel. It is inevitable that once its figured out who I am, people will shun me and find me unwanted company."
  405. <Visitors> Ren says, "I'd like to note at this time that a whole bloody lot of people usually have this channel turned off."
  406. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, ideally, your positive qualities will outshine one negative consequence."
  407. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is kind of true, and I can see that some people have at least three alts on here."
  408. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But I didn't really want to give that away."
  409. <Visitors> Guest says, "So you knowingly lied to me, Thalamasa."
  410. <Visitors> Eiko says, "As long as you don't start any more arguathons, RP well and have mutual fun with other people, generally people won't care what you did as a Guest."
  411. <Visitors> Guest says, "What does that say about /your/ character?"
  412. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The trick is people put up with me because I roleplay an adorable kitty."
  413. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Also, that I am in fact the best hat on the entire MUSH."
  414. <Visitors> Guest says, "Do you refute the fact that you knowingly lied to me?"
  415. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "No, pretty much I kind of am a complete asshole?"
  416. <Visitors> Guest says, "If you were a complete asshole it would be you that wouldn't have any redeeming qualities."
  417. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, I roleplay an adorable kitty and am an awesome hat."
  418. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Also I guess people insult me and I don't spend half an hour seeking an apology."
  419. <Visitors> Guest says, "Thats fictive and doesn't reflect on your personal moral quality."
  420. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Also the admin need me to blow Bloodlust on WoW at inopportune moments."
  421. <Visitors> Eiko says, "Really, just make your character and forgive people."
  422. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "that is /critical/ to the entire thing."
  423. <Visitors> Elora has connected.
  424. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Also, in my defense, I did kind of outright say I was trolling you like three times? But then I got all sad and was like 'maybe I can actually get some good out of her' and then it was like nope."
  425. <Visitors> Guest says, "Honestly I suspect people are snitching and lulzing it up in pages reading this. If thats the case, I don't want to be around them, since such people tend to knowingly target and humiliate the object of their lulzing."
  426. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Honestly, not as much as you'd think. And most of the entertainment value stems from the fact you are so /hellbent/ on victory here, and would likely immediately fade upon dissolution of the comedic value of such."
  427. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I'm kind of just sitting, watching, thinking "Is this what I looked like when I left the MUSH?""
  428. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Kale, uh."
  429. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You don't want me to answer that, sweetie."
  430. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "It make me sad and embarrassed."
  431. <Visitors> Eiko says, "It's really more frustrating then anything."
  432. <Visitors> Guest says, "Why don't you just back your ass up and shut your mouth, kaleaithne? No, not sorry, not going to be sorry."
  433. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "..."
  434. <Visitors> breisleach says, "I'm afraid it would, honey, but you got better. <3"
  435. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "..."
  436. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "See, G, that's what I'm talking about."
  437. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "See, I, personally, keep getting brought close to sympathy and wanting you to maybe stick around, only for you to say a line like that."
  438. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "You keep slipping like that."
  439. <Visitors> Guest says, "I can be a good person and show my good side, but, like all people, I have a dark side."
  440. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "More importnatly, guys."
  441. <Visitors> Eiko says, "People had sympathy, but you're stretching it with stuff like that."
  442. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Holy shit, homestuck"
  443. <Visitors> Merin says, "SO. If I may interject, as I am getting weary of this."
  444. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Indeed!"
  445. <Visitors> Guest says, "Reverse, your named after a piece of furniture. Furniture doesn't talk."
  446. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Guys, fuck this guest."
  447. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Fuck."
  448. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "HOMESTUCK."
  449. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "RIGHT NOW."
  450. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Homestuck <3 <3 <3"
  451. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I would, Thal, but I have to like... help with a paper. That is very boring."
  452. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Just. Read that right now, I don't care if--the april 13th animation is up, forget your paper"
  453. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "It's not my paper D:"
  454. <Visitors> Guest says, "You did exactly what I thought you would do, thalamasa."
  455. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "it is the year animation and basically that is amazing and a completely unexpected twist"
  456. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "G, look, I don't even care"
  457. <Visitors> Ren says, "Just as planned..."
  458. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am done with you you're repetetitive and boring now"
  459. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Also, I thought it was Homestruck"
  460. <Visitors> Guest says, "Exactly. You never cared, thalamasa."
  461. <Visitors> Atara says, "Are you writing papers for Saronite Fire."
  462. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "whereas Andrew Hussie is a genius--well, I /tried/ to you kept failing to give me a reason"
  463. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Oh my god, can I do that?"
  464. <Visitors> Guest says, "It was all about your god damn lulz and thats all it was ever about."
  465. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I have given up on you"
  466. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I will do that, I am good at papers."
  467. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am now--well, no, I gave it a few legitimate tries"
  468. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "you weren't really biting at the legitimate tries so now, that's it, it's homestuck time."
  469. <Visitors> Guest says, "Yeah, right."
  470. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Go tell your friends we are terrible people who hate you or whatever."
  471. <Visitors> Guest says, "I will, thalamasa."
  472. <Visitors> Atara says, "Didn't the holy paladin who's name I forget offer that? XD"
  473. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, ">>; I'm not sure."
  474. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Go for it! Also, tell them to check Homestuck"
  475. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "it is kind of amazing"
  476. <Visitors> Guest says, "Eat shit, thalamasa."
  477. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I'm so close I can taste Shadow's Edge, it makes me consider prostitution."
  478. <Visitors> Molly says, "What's homestuck? :3"
  479. <Visitors> Eiko says, "We don't particularly hate you, we're just really frustrated that you decided to act like this instead of getting with the program and not being a jerk."
  480. <Visitors> Atara says, "She did, but you were drunk."
  481. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "Molly: Ever heard of MS Paint Adventures?"
  482. <Visitors> Marice has connected.
  483. <Visitors> Molly says, "Yeah?"
  484. <Visitors> Guest says, "I could have -easily- not been a jerk. But I kept getting these baiting, overtly offensive comments left and right, eiko."
  485. <Visitors> Eiko says, "Then don't respond to them, ignore them, and go on your merry way."
  486. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "God, are you /still talking/"
  487. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I'm always drunk."
  488. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Homestuck is /right there/."
  489. <Visitors> Guest says, "Then when I proved I had redeeming quality, thalamasa lost interest and quit trying and just started being an ass to me."
  490. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "OH, you mean Jaqq?"
  491. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, ""
  492. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "no, I lost interest when, instead of being awesome out of nowhere"
  493. <Visitors> Atara says, "yes, thats it, forgot her name."
  494. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "you started talking about all the shit you've done in the past"
  495. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Yeah, this is Jaqq's paper. I end up helping her regardless of Saronite."
  496. <Visitors> Merin says, "Holy *HELL*."
  497. <Visitors> Merin says, "Was that- I mean- Were the-"
  498. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Yeah, I think basically, remember how John was going to 'screw up the game'"
  499. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I think that the green package there is why everything goes wrong."
  500. <Visitors> Eiko says, "Now I'm reading Homestuck now."
  501. <Visitors> Guest says, "I'm absolutely not sorry for my behavior here, nor will I ever be, merin."
  502. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Noone is even talking to you!"
  503. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "We are talking about homestuck now"
  504. <Visitors> Eiko says, "Fine, we don't care we haven't been asking for an apology from you."
  505. <Visitors> Guest says, "I gave your game a chance, the people on your game fucked it up."
  506. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Merin loves Homestuck, so I'm guessing she's talking about that."
  507. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Then go already, christ. We are busy talking about a webcomic now."
  508. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Well, I'm talking about WoW, but yeah."
  509. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Oh god, you people and your WoW."
  510. <Visitors> Rylia says, "MY MMO HAS SPACESHIPS AND LASERS."
  511. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "Damn freakin' WoW"
  512. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "SO HAVE TWO OF MINE, They were still bad"
  513. <Visitors> Athame says, "WoW has spaceships :|"
  514. <Visitors> Molly says, "Hey, I play that one too!"
  515. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Oh my god the guardians are beating up the denizens"
  516. <Visitors> Shipon says, "And WARP 9 TO PIZZA SECTOR"
  517. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Fire, honey, how many more do you need then?"
  518. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "EVERYTHING IS RUINED"
  519. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Shush Thamtham"
  520. <Visitors> Eiko says, "It also has infinite mining and that's no fun."
  521. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "My MMO doesn't EXIST"
  522. <Visitors> Ren says, "EVE has spaceships and lasers, Ry"
  523. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, ">>; I already took too many from you, breisybreis"
  524. <Visitors> Rylia says, "EVE doesn't have tribbles!"
  525. <Visitors> Ren says, "Hm, point"
  526. <Visitors> breisleach says, "Eh, I have 6kish sitting around I coudl spend on that instead of on fastflight for the DK or rogue in theory."
  527. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza cities all of you.
  528. <Visitors> Kaleaithne does not do the other side of altruism well D:
  529. <Visitors> Shirouko perches on Rylia.
  530. <Visitors> Rylia wobbles.
  531. <Visitors> Rylia puts Thalhat on Shirou.
  532. <Visitors> Veen giggles
  533. <Visitors> Ren says, "nooo mah hat"
  534. <Visitors> Shirouko now has a stylish hat!
  535. <Visitors> Athame says, "Are you still here? I can seeeee yoooooou gueeeest"
  536. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Now why would you do that, Tham."
  537. <Visitors> Guest says, "What the fuck do you want, athame?"
  538. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "You are like Lot's wife. And now you are salt."
  539. <Visitors> Ren says, "G, I'm just wondering here. Serious question: do you enjoy the abuse? I can't imagine why else you'd stick around after you've made it abundantly clear you hate the place."
  540. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Guys. You are bad."
  541. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "so uh"
  542. <Visitors> Ren says, "It's a legitimate question Fire"
  543. <Visitors> Guest says, "Ren, I don't care what you are wondering about."
  544. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, " is badass"
  545. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "that is all"
  546. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Rose's mom knows kung fucking fu"
  547. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "What did she do now Thal?"
  548. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Your MOM is bada- wait..."
  549. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "wait what"
  550. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Rose's mom"
  551. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "in Homestuck"
  552. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "Thal's mom is badass, yes."
  553. <Visitors> Rylia says, "...actually she kinda is, yeah"
  554. <Visitors> Rylia says, "-oh Thal, I was gonna ask."
  555. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "well she is"
  556. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Returned salt for being too salty?"
  557. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I also want to hear this story again."
  558. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "Story times!"
  559. <Visitors> Molly says, "This comic is fucknig hilarious, folks."
  560. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Okay, guys."
  561. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This story again: I work as a cashier in a grocery store."
  562. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "My job is to take your shit, make it /beep/, and then put it in a bag. I also occasionally press pretend-buttons on a touch screen."
  563. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "One of my additional duties, as it currently stands, is to work the customer service desk. That is to say, I am in charge of selling people their lottery and cigarettes, and also handling returns."
  564. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I had this lady, and she came to me and she put a bottle of seasoned salt on my desk. I looked at it; it appeared unopened, and otherwise okay. So, when she asked for a return, I asked her why."
  565. <Visitors> Guest says, "Can't you aspire to something better than lulzing on people, fuckwitted cashier at a low end shithole?"
  566. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "She looked at me, and I cannot stress this through mere text. I need you to read what I am about to say like you are a harried forty year old soccer mom whose understanding of the news and world around here is fed via a diet of alarming emails,, and Woman's World."
  567. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "She looks to me and she says, 'Well, I didn't read the label when I bought it, but I looked closely, and you would *not believe* the sodium content on this stuff!'"
  568. <Visitors> Rylia ...
  569. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "Pffft"
  570. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I need to reiterate that this is a bottle of salt."
  571. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "With some spices in it."
  572. <Visitors> Rylia says, "I believe you."
  573. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now, don't get me wrong; I gave her her refund, and directed her to a bottle of Mrs. Dash, that does not contain salt."
  574. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "That is my job, and it is why I will eventually make $25 an hour and get paid days off every other week with six weeks of paid vacation."
  575. <Visitors> Rylia says, "..."
  576. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "But there is nothing in my life that can get me down when I realize 'I have had a customer return salt for being too salty.'"
  577. <Visitors> Rylia says, "I..."
  578. <Visitors> Rylia says, "I want your benefits. ._."
  579. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Truly, there is no bound to the power of a union, Rylia."
  580. <Visitors> Rylia enters union with Thal.
  581. <Visitors> Athame says, "also the power of Canada"
  582. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "I want them too...;.;"
  583. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "In other news, I once had a customer burst into flame."
  584. <Visitors> Abryn has partially disconnected.
  585. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "When life gets me down?"
  586. <Visitors> Rylia wat
  587. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "I... I am frequently on fire."
  588. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I realize that an irritating customer I had once burst into flame."
  589. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "And that is basically my favorite thing ever."
  590. <Techies> Abryn has reconnected.
  591. <Visitors> Abryn has reconnected.
  592. <Visitors> Athame says, "Spontaneously? I've seen what I imagine was a spontaneous fire in a park once when I was waiting outside a club for a concert."
  593. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "I thought I had it good for a second job getting 8.60 an hour with an extra dollar an hour on sundays and a 200+ bonus every 3 months + paid vacation time"
  594. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, I don't know how long it took; I did not get to see it until it was in pretty much full bore."
  595. <Visitors> Kaleaithne says, "There isn't really anything spontaneous about my combustion."
  596. <Visitors> Athame says, "Just chilling. It was a warm day but nothing exceptional. Chatting with the other dude who was waiting (I got there early, I frequently underestimate the speed with which I can get places on transit just to be safe) and a tree across the street is just suddenly on fire"
  597. <Visitors> Athame says, "there are no people anywhere nearby, it is a pretty quiet day on one of the streets in North Van."
  598. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "That is kinda great, Athame."
  599. <Visitors> Rylia says, "No wait, explain this 'burst into flame' bit."
  600. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Well, okay. I had a man walk up to me on the customer service desk."
  601. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Thal I mean."
  602. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Actually, that is a lie."
  603. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I need you all to stand up right now."
  604. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I can't express this properly."
  605. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I need you to lean back at approximately a forty five degree angle."
  606. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now, take a step forward, lean forward until you are about fifteen degrees forward, and let yourself slide back on the second step."
  607. <Visitors> Rylia says, "...I'm having trouble even picturing that in my head."
  608. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This is the approximation of walking I was dealing with here. This man is pretty much on every drug, simultaneously. I am kind of certain that someday, generations will incinerate this man's corpse and smoke his ashes in order to perform vision quests. That is why I /told you to go do it/."
  609. <Visitors> Rylia says, "I can't do it if I can't picture it."
  610. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Words translate into rough mental image which is what I use to define my actions."
  611. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Now, he has a friend with him, who appears entirely sober and on fine. His purpose, for the next fifteen minutes, is to frantically apologize to me, and for what becomes a growing lineup of people."
  612. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Rylia: Not entirely unlike a very spastic zombie."
  613. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Oh boy."
  614. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Ah, that helps a bit."
  615. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This man pulls out a wallet, and then a debit card."
  616. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "A finger raises, as he seeks to speak to me, 'I need...i need some /smokes/.'"
  617. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "He appears to be of age, but unfortunately his query has a number of valid responses, and I must insist on elucidation: 'What kind?'"
  618. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It is a zen-like moment of contemplation. He leans backwards, rifles through his wallet, and then leans forward again, the finger raised in fierce determination, an unerring willingness to achieve his goal. 'I need...shome SHMOKES.'"
  619. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "His friend takes a moment to look to me and suggest that I hand him one of the cheaper brands we have available. I acquiesce, and a pack is placed on the desk. The drug-addled man passes me his debit card, and I swipe."
  620. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There is a brief silence. Perhaps some of you have seen 'Meet the Spy': If you have, please recall Soldier's attempt to open the door to the intelligence room. This man's pin was '0000', and it was taking him 30-45 seconds to successfully hit the buttons, in order."
  621. Player Name On For Idle Doing
  622. Guest 02:06 1m
  623. There are 60 players connected.
  624. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "He /hit correction/ in the process."
  625. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I currently have two people in the lineup. They do not appear overtly alarmed over what is occuring, the friend is playing damage control. The transaction processes..."
  626. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "ERROR 076 - INSUFFICIENT FUNDS"
  627. <Visitors> Rylia says, "..."
  628. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I pass him his debit card, and relate to him the difficulties he is facing."
  629. <Visitors> Ren says, "oh god."
  630. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "He thinks deeply on this. His back arches, and he takes the debit card, divesting nutrients from its corner thoughtfully."
  631. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The debit card is placed back in my hand, and the command is spoken, 'Try again, but with $20 cash back.'"
  632. <Visitors> Rylia says, "...w"
  633. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am an optimistic person; and this is, in fact, my job. Also, he could, theoretically, intend to hit 'savings' this time."
  634. <Visitors> Rylia says, "...I, what"
  635. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The card is swiped. He still barely successfully enters his pin. I need you all to take a nice, deep breath, while imagining a man frantically apologizing. Perhaps you should spastically attempt to press 0 on your numpad."
  636. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Perhaps, unbelievably..."
  637. <Visitors> Thalamasa ERROR 076 - INSUFFICIENT FUNDS
  638. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Hooboy."
  639. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The debit card is placed in his hands. He is pensive. Thoughtful. His free hand curls, knuckles pressed against his chin as if to squeeze understanding of the universe's pinnings through his lips."
  640. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "'HOKAY! try again but with thirty bucks extra cash'"
  641. <Visitors> Shirouko says, "..."
  642. <Visitors> Rylia says, "...Hahaha"
  643. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "To a certain degree I admit I have a responsibility to my lineup to expedite this process. I ask him, outright, 'So, you do not have seven dollars and fifty cents in your account, nor twenty-seven, so you are now requesting I withdraw thirty-seven, a number ten higher?'"
  644. <Visitors> Rylia says, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug. '_'"
  645. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "He looks at me. He nods emphatically. His friend appears to be attempting to apologize frantically enough that he will suffocate and die. My lineup does not even care; they cannot remain standing from laughter."
  646. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "He concentrates, now, on the debit machine."
  647. <Visitors> Thalamasa 0
  648. <Visitors> Thalamasa 0
  649. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "And--"
  650. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "an interruption. I cannot help but notice something is askew. At first, my nose twitches. I pass it off as an olfactory hallucination, but no--I am, in fact, smelling smoke."
  651. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "A brief moment later, there is this miniature billowing tower of it from what--is admittedly obscured enough it could be the man's crotch."
  652. <Visitors> Molly says, "...wat"
  653. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am forced to lean forward by sheer curiosity, only to notice--perhaps you have a quarter on your possession: The glowing circular orange, growing pattern on his hoodie's central pocket is slightly larger, but judging from the smoke it is larger on the inside and perhaps flickering."
  654. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I am forced to speak a series of words I do not normally expect to have in the course of my duties. 'Sir? Sir, you are *on fire*.'"
  655. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There is a moment. 'Haha, yeah, I-'"
  656. <Visitors> Rylia says, "..."
  657. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "His friend pulls him away from the desk. His flaming hoodie is now visible to the lineup. One of them is still standing."
  658. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The druggie is now aware that he has, in fact, caught alight. His response is effective and quick; Perhaps you can raise your elbows about shoulder height, rotate your arms around in a circular fashion, and repeatedly exclaim, 'Whoa! I'm on fire! Whoa! Whoa!'"
  659. <Visitors> Ren says, "what is this i dont even"
  660. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "XD XD XD"
  661. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "This friend is, perhaps, the finest man I can imagine, for having stuck with this fellow. I can only hope that in my moment of need, I have a man like this."
  662. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The friend reaches into his pocket, and pulls out what has apparently, this entire time, been a lit cigarette."
  663. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "I can only assume this transaction was meant to be much speedier."
  664. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The lit cigarette is extinguished between fingers, and the druggie is patted down to soothe the ire of the flames."
  665. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There is a moment of awkward silence. The druggie looks at me, kind of leaned over the table except instead of forward, it is at at steep rightward angle. 'I...i'"
  666. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The debit transaction has already timed out; he moves to put the debit card into his wallet, when the friend stops him. He appears incensed. I listen intently."
  667. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "'Dude, is that a fucking ten dollar bill in your wallet!?'"
  668. <Visitors> Molly chokes.
  669. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There is a moment. A weak, temporary resistance, as words stir to the effect of, 'what, but i'"
  670. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "The bill is extracted, and the friend hands it to me, 'Oh, no. You're buying these cigarettes.' Bill is exchanged for coin, the two leave."
  671. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There is no force in my life that can depress me when people I don't like are now potentially going to catch on fire at any moment."
  672. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "It is made sweeter by the fact that I still, in fact, made the sale."
  673. <Visitors> Shirouko has disconnected.
  674. <Visitors> Athame slow clap
  675. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "<3"
  676. <Visitors> Molly says, "You tell the /best/ stories."
  677. <Visitors> Athame says, "Hooray for drugs"
  678. <Visitors> Nagisa_Vendaris says, "See, I'm in much the same boat as you, Thal, when it comes to watching idiots at play while at work. Only in my case, I get to watch them get more and more liquored up and more and more convinced that their luck is going to turn around. Lemme tell you, being a casino dealer is the best job for a misanthrope or someone with a healthy case of Schadenfreude."
  679. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Nagisa, do you believe I am Mario?"
  680. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Speaking, specifically, as the plumber?"
  681. <Visitors> Nagisa_Vendaris says, "No~, should I?"
  682. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "Then I am staggeringly curious why, when faced with a story about a man catching on fire... that your first, unalienable instinct is to..."
  683. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "One-up me."
  684. <Visitors> Ren says, "oh god the pain"
  685. <Visitors> ReverseCredenza says, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH"
  686. <Visitors> Nagisa_Vendaris was commiserating, not seeking to one-up anyone? >.>
  687. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "There, there, sweetie. ."
  688. <Visitors> Lyra has connected.
  689. <Visitors> Nagisa_Vendaris says, "Honestly, though... I do envy you in a way. You only get to deal with the dumb for a few minutes. I get stuck with them for hour upon hour."
  690. <Visitors> Thalamasa :awesome:
  691. <Visitors> Merin watches the Homestuck animation again for like the tenth time.
  692. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "So, yeah, apparently the Guardians are beating up the DEnizens for the kids"
  693. <Visitors> Thalamasa says, "That has to break the game somehow"
  694. <Visitors> Guest has disconnected.
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