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  1. Nice photos, you need to show quarter panels. Rear lower behind wheel
  2. close, and several full side shots of both sides, same with twilight
  3. area close, side and direct, inside trunk too, under trunk mat, as these
  4. cars get rust through from sitting in rain and leaking trunk gaskets and
  5. front floor under carpet as holds water. When did it last run? See 2009
  6. plate expired.  I can advise and maybe help sell it as well. First thing
  7. I would advise is take some 3xxx steel wool to the surface rust on
  8. bumpers then wax to keep rust down. Then really clean the car by washing
  9. and some wax, meaning detail it so photos are showing how original it
  10. is.  I might have an old original grill ornament that could be epoxied
  11. back on, they all fell off after 20 years as epoxy failed. I know a guy
  12. that had that same color and model back when my business was starting in
  13. 80’s or 90’s, he worked for me for a while. I will check with him too if
  14. he wants a project. Otherwise I have other ideas.
  15. Cheers, Ron
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