Sequoia Session 16

Nov 24th, 2015
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  1. [19:31:18 ][castfromhp] Alright, last time we left off with our heroes defeating the Fairy Gym Leader of Hollyhock and obtaining the Fable Badge! Marion has just unveiled your choice of prizes, and some of you start feeling shakes and nudges coming from your bags...
  2. [19:33:45 ][Dann-] "Uh..."
  3. [19:33:55 ]* Dann- quickly swings his bag to the ground and opens it up.
  4. [19:34:07 ]* Percival checks inside his bag.
  5. [19:34:17 ][Adrienne] "Huh?" Adrienne checks her bag.
  6. [19:34:43 ][@Doxy] Dann, you see a pair of lil' pink eyes staring up at you when you open your bag. They quickly retreat deeper into the bag.
  7. [19:35:19 ]* Lucian checks his bag, rifling through it to see what's wrong.
  8. [19:35:30 ][Lucian] "Weird, my phone is in my pocket..."
  9. [19:36:03 ][@Doxy] Lucian, you find your phone in your bag. Guess it wasn't in your pocket after all!
  10. [19:36:18 ][@Doxy] But you ARE receiving a call~
  11. [19:36:24 ]* Dann- digs deeper into his pack.
  12. [19:36:29 ]* Lucian answers the phone.
  13. [19:36:45 ][Dann-] ...and after realizing how many rocks he still has, he starts removing things one by one.
  14. [19:37:13 ][@Doxy] "Bonjour~" a sing-song voice rings otu from Lucian's phone
  15. [19:37:38 ][Percival] "Hm... right rocks. I don't think I should be carrying these on a glass case."
  16. [19:37:39 ][Lucian] "I-is this Moses?"
  17. [19:38:32 ][@Doxy] Dann, after digging deep enough, you eventually find a rather peculiar rock in your bag - this one has a face on it, and wiggly long ears. It meeps at you. Like this: "meep"
  18. [19:39:21 ][zoofman] Adrienne, as you open your bag, a rowdy Igglybuff crawls out - egg shells still on it, and slaps you!
  19. [19:39:23 ][@Doxy] Lucian - "It sure is! You only seem to call Blintz, so I'm not surprised you've forgotten my voice. Hmph~"
  20. [19:40:00 ][Lucian] "Well, for one thing Blintz isn't do I put this without offending you...she isn't as Kalosian as you?"
  21. [19:40:01 ][castfromhp] Percival, as you open up your bag, a thin appendage with a yellow heart at the end wiggles out and starts waving in the air until it bumps into your head. It jolts back, then prods at you and starts rubbing your forehead.
  22. [19:40:07 ][castfromhp] It's a rather cold and unsettling sensation.
  23. [19:40:12 ][Lucian] He laughs, "Kidding. So what's up?"
  24. [19:40:32 ][Dann-] "Ah!"
  25. [19:40:50 ]* Dann- almost drops the rock with eyes, but catches it before it falls very far.
  26. [19:40:57 ][Percival] "Oh! Hello there, unearthly fellow."
  27. [19:41:30 ]* Adrienne stares at the Igglybuff in disbelief and then closes her bag over it.
  28. [19:41:40 ][@Doxy] Moses: "I take that as the unmistakable compliment that it is. Buuut enough about how frumpy and AWFUL Emma is" - you hear him sort of pulling away from the phone as he says this, as if to let someone else hear - and you also hear the faint sounds of a raspberry being blown in reply.
  29. [19:41:41 ][castfromhp] Rub, rub, rub. A second appendage extends itself out, and the two start to tug lightly at your ears.
  30. [19:42:34 ][zoofman] It continues to flail around in your bag for a good while before settling down.
  31. [19:42:35 ][@Doxy] Moses: "What I called to tell you is that Miss Patricia Lou has woken up."
  32. [19:43:20 ][@Doxy] "Meep." The rock wiggles its ears at you, Dann. Wiggle wiggle.
  33. [19:43:21 ][Lucian] "Oh! I didn't realize Benedict Labs would be the first to find out, but I guess that would make sense."
  34. [19:43:35 ][Lucian] "Is she well enough to see visitors?"
  35. [19:43:49 ][Dann-] After glancing at the nearby antics of the other toddler Pokemon, it dawns on Dann what is going on.
  36. [19:43:56 ][Percival] "Very curious little one hm?"
  37. [19:44:01 ]* Adrienne opens the bag up when it settles down. "Seriously?"
  38. [19:44:09 ]* Percival tries pulling it out of the bag.
  39. [19:44:21 ][Dann-] "Oh! So this is what a baby Carbink looks like!" He slowly raises the rock up to face level. "Meep to you too, little guy."
  40. [19:44:44 ][zoofman] The little ball of RUDE is now puckered out and asleep.
  41. [19:44:56 ]* Lucian presses the phone to his shoulder and tells the others, "Hey, look like Grandma Lou is awake now."
  42. [19:45:05 ]* Dann- smiles at the strange rock-mon.
  43. [19:46:21 ]* Adrienne just lets it sleep. "Cool," she says to Lucian. "I think we should take our prizes, though. Distractions kinda happened."
  44. [19:46:24 ][@Doxy] Moses: "Well, she gave US a call when she woke up actually, and told us she'd like to meet you."
  45. [19:46:26 ][castfromhp] "Fwooooo~" the baby Drifloon makes a half-distressed sound as it's pulled from the bag.
  46. [19:47:06 ][Lucian] "Well, that's very fortuitous timing, then. We just got out of the gym here. Could you give us her number?"
  47. [19:47:30 ][castfromhp] It then extends a wavy appendage towards the newly-hatched Igglybuff and starts rubbing its forehead puff.
  48. [19:48:49 ][@Doxy] Moses: "I'll text you her room extension number."
  49. [19:49:11 ][Lucian] "Great."
  50. [19:49:12 ]* Adrienne kind of lets it do that for a bit, then walks off to claim her prize of the Deluxe Badge and the TM. Also, the other things.
  51. [19:49:21 ][Lucian] "Was there anything else you wanted to tell us while we're on the line?"
  52. [19:49:42 ][Percival] "Hm... I think so Dann, rather nice they arose at the same time. Something for all them to grow up with you know."
  53. [19:50:03 ][@Doxy] Moses: "Well... I think it's probably easier if you just hear it from Granny Lou, but she had a lot of interesting information to share."
  54. [19:50:34 ][@Doxy] Moses: "I think you have your work cut out for you in that little town still. Maybe someday you'll get to leave!"
  55. [19:50:36 ]* Percival picks up the Deluxe Badge and TM while juggling around his bag and balloon.
  56. [19:50:36 ][@Doxy] Click
  57. [19:50:41 ][@Doxy] Moses hung up~
  58. [19:50:44 ][castfromhp] The goast-balloon gets bored of its fellow sleeping balloon and turns its attention back to Percival with a soft fwooo and messes up his hair.
  59. [19:50:52 ]* Lucian shakes his head, "That guy, I swear."
  60. [19:50:58 ]* Dann- nods to Percival. "Yeah, it will be nice for them to have friends to grow up next to."
  61. [19:51:11 ]* Lucian dials up Grandma Lou, using the extension Moses gave him.
  62. [19:51:32 ][Adrienne] "Man, why'd I have to get stuck with the pain," she grouses. "The slap kinda hurt."
  63. [19:53:11 ][Dann-] "You'll just have to treat it to some tough love, I guess."
  64. [19:53:13 ][Percival] "Heyy, I need that proper. Well atleast the little one's already strong if it hurt you."
  65. [19:53:29 ][zoofman] The phone gets answered with a raspy, " 'Ello?"
  66. [19:54:37 ][Adrienne] "Percy, you worked with baby pokemon before right?"
  67. [19:55:03 ][Percival] "I have yes, think you might need some help?"
  68. [19:55:48 ][castfromhp] The Drifloon relents and leaves your hair alone, then reaches into your bag and pulls out a masterwork pebble, which it turns over and inspects with its heart-shaped 'hands'.
  69. [19:55:54 ][Adrienne] "I was just hoping for pointers, but help might be nice. Shouldn't be that hard, right?"
  70. [19:56:04 ]* Lucian answers brightly, "Hi! This is Lucian Lavarre, Moses said you wanted to speak with me and the other aides. We'd like to meet in person to discuss things but since you're cooped up in the hospital I figured I would ask, is there anything you'd like for lunch?"
  71. [19:59:00 ][Percival] "Nah it'll be fine, it might be a good idea to work on some reaction time with your little balloon."
  72. [19:59:05 ][Percival] "I'm pretty sure it'll keep slapping things around until something retaliates or it loses it's fun."
  73. [19:59:46 ][zoofman] There's a fit of laughter on the other end, "Real snake charmer, ain't cha? Well since you asked, I could do with a funnel cake from that convention going on."
  74. [20:00:09 ][Adrienne] "... Reaction time?"
  75. [20:00:40 ][Percival] "Oh like putting up your hands to catch it's slaps."
  76. [20:01:03 ][Lucian] "Funnel cake, got it. We'll be over in a bit."
  77. [20:01:03 ][Percival] "Unless you enjoy that feeling on your face, head, or really anywhere."
  78. [20:01:28 ][zoofman] "Mhm, you take care then."
  79. [20:01:54 ]* Lucian hangs up and looks to the other aides, "Alright guys, pack it in. We need to meet with Grandma Lou and see about grabbing some lunch to go."
  80. [20:02:16 ][Adrienne] "I don't. In my defense, that took me off guard."
  81. [20:03:17 ][castfromhp] "Fwooo?" The Drifloon continues to dig around Percival's bag and pulls out his sexy outfit from Moses.
  82. [20:03:21 ][Lucian] Is Marion still in the room?
  83. [20:03:38 ][Percival] "Mhm, he'll grow out of it eventually- Wait why are you looking for that!"
  84. [20:04:15 ][castfromhp] "Fwooo!" It stuffs it back inside and hides its 'hands' behind itself.
  85. [20:04:30 ][@Doxy] Marion left after giving you your rewards
  86. [20:04:57 ][Adrienne] "Alright, yeah, let's go talk to Grandma Lou."
  87. [20:05:39 ][Percival] "I mean, why on earth do I even have that still... sigh. I should wear it sometime I guess."
  88. [20:06:09 ]* Adrienne shrugs.
  89. [20:06:27 ][Lucian] "Alright, meet up at the hospital in hour. We can pick up lunch at the various stalls, sneak it into the hospital, and eat there."
  90. [20:06:29 ]* Dann- carefully closes up his bag while cupping the living rock in his free hand. He shoulders his pack and stands up. "Did you I hear you mention funnel cake?"
  91. [20:06:51 ][Lucian] "Yeah, I asked her if she wanted anything while we're out and about and she said some funnel cake would be nice."
  92. [20:08:40 ][Dann-] "Huh. Not sure I'd have the appetite for that if I were in her position." He pauses thoughtfully. "I'm excited to meet her, finally."
  93. [20:09:03 ][Percival] "Oh good, I think we could all go for some of that treat."
  94. [20:09:23 ]* Percival pats the balloon carefully. "No harm done, probably the best place for this is with all these other costumers anyhow."
  95. [20:09:45 ][Lucian] "So let's split for now. Take care of whatever business you have, get some food, and we can all eat together after we meet up."
  96. [20:09:52 ][Lucian] "Sound good?"
  97. [20:10:06 ][castfromhp] The Drifloon nods, then ruffles your hair again.
  98. [20:10:11 ][Adrienne] "Sounds good to me."
  99. [20:10:32 ][zoofman] You scavenge whatever food you want to sneak in then, or you could just get something at the cafeteria in the hospital, and check in at the front desk! A nurse escorts you to the room where Grandma Lou is resting. Inside the typical, private hospital room, you see a Bisharp doing its best to fluff a pillow (its not fairing very well), and a much healthier looking older woman. There's an IV bag in the room but looks like
  100. [20:10:32 ][zoofman] she isn't on the drip anymore.
  101. [20:11:19 ][zoofman] She looks over you all quizzically as you enter, "Hmmm, honestly expected ya'll to be a bit...beefier, given Reggie's ways."
  102. [20:11:53 ]* Lucian looks at the group, "I guess Dann is the beefiest out of this."
  103. [20:11:56 ][Lucian] of us*
  104. [20:12:04 ][Lucian] "Would you like to talk to him specifically?"
  105. [20:12:53 ]* Lucian makes to help the Bisharp with the pillow fluffing.
  106. [20:13:10 ][Adrienne] "I think the Professor made fun of us for being skinny, so you two definitely are on the same page."
  107. [20:13:38 ][Dann-] "I don't think I'm beefy enough to be any match for, uh, Reggie? Why does it have a name?"
  108. [20:14:03 ][Lucian] "Let's try not to refer to the Professor as an 'it'."
  109. [20:14:25 ][Dann-] "Oh, wait, crap."
  110. [20:14:33 ]* Dann- scratches his head awkwardly.
  111. [20:14:43 ][Dann-] "Yep, totally misunderstood that."
  112. [20:15:00 ][Percival] "Have you been doing well here, outside of the food?"
  113. [20:15:27 ]* Lucian lifts up a convention bag and waves in the air, "Speaking of which, I got you that funnel cake you asked for."
  114. [20:15:57 ][zoofman] "Hmmm, sure seems like the meat headed one," She chuckles. "I'm much better now. I wanted to personally thank you for finding me out there. Had you not, I'd probably ended up as Mawile bait."
  115. [20:16:54 ][zoofman] "Ah, thank you! You can set it here," she gestures to the night stand of her bed. "None of the staff here could be assed to go fetch one for an old fart like myself."
  116. [20:17:39 ]* TemporalMech ( has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  117. [20:17:57 ][Adrienne] "Uh, no problem. Chewed on by Mawiles is no way to go."
  118. [20:18:37 ]* Lucian sets it on the night stand and looks for a chair to pull up, "Oh, think nothing of it ma'am. We were just in a good position to help."
  119. [20:18:38 ][Dann-] "We speak from slight experience."
  120. [20:18:48 ]* Dann- add's to Adrienne's comment.
  121. [20:18:52 ][Percival] "We were happy to hep."
  122. [20:18:52 ][Dann-] *adds
  123. [20:19:27 ][zoofman] "I also understand ya'll dealt with that hellish Metagross?"
  124. [20:19:45 ][Lucian] "Still, I imagine you have more to say than just thanks. Moses said there were things you had to let us know."
  125. [20:19:54 ][Lucian] "I'm guessing it has to do with that Metagross?"
  126. [20:20:28 ][Percival] "Dealt with is a way of putting it. It's hopefully trapped in a cave system for a good long while."
  127. [20:20:45 ][Adrienne] "Yeah we did. By any chance, did you know how it got blinded?"
  128. [20:21:00 ]* TemporalMechanic has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  129. [20:21:12 ][@Doxy] The Bisharp starts doing a little victory dance as soon as you say that, Adrienne
  130. [20:21:18 ]* Lucian rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, "Yeah, after the first time we tangled with it we knew we couldn't face it head on."
  131. [20:22:00 ][zoofman] She blinks, little confused. "Course I do; I did that, well, my Pokemon under my command. And him in particular," she nods to the posing Bisharp.
  132. [20:22:18 ][zoofman] "What you mean trapped in a cave? It ain't dead yet?"
  133. [20:22:32 ][Dann-] "Nope."
  134. [20:22:43 ][Lucian] "It was way too strong for us to fight on equal terms, so we had to bait it into a cave where we collapsed the entrance on it."
  135. [20:23:00 ][Lucian] "It's a temporary solution until more experienced trainers can arrive to help out."
  136. [20:23:08 ][Lucian] "Why, is there something wrong?"
  137. [20:23:17 ][Adrienne] "Huh, congrats on the blinding," she says to the Bisharp. "Big help."
  138. [20:23:42 ][Percival] "We're not quite at the point of being able to handle an entire monstrocity like that even with a team. It was just chucking trees around like toothpicks afterall."
  139. [20:24:11 ][Dann-] "I was pretty sure the foundation of the rubble seemed pretty secure too."
  140. [20:24:24 ][Dann-] "So unless someone else went to dig it out, it's probably stuck."
  141. [20:24:32 ][zoofman] "Well shit," she tsks. "Can't fault ya, the right choice to make given how gone that guard dog of Bubbah's was. Just hope it expires before they figure out where it gone. Probably woulda been able to handle it ourselves if we weren't fleein' from them too. Blindin' it and hidin' was the best we could do."
  142. [20:25:16 ][Dann-] "Bubbah?"
  143. [20:25:20 ][Lucian] "Wait, what are you talking about?"
  144. [20:25:26 ][Lucian] "Are there people after that Metagross?"
  145. [20:26:31 ]* zoofman she shakes her head, "Sorry - figured maybe Skeeter woulda mentioned the name. Bubbah's the nickname the moon shiner's bossman goes by."
  146. [20:27:27 ][zoofman] "I went up there on my own to give them a piece of my mind, and well, guess they got a bit sick of my shit," she heh's. "That thing was greetin' me; just as angry as the Bellossom from earlier this year."
  147. [20:28:09 ]* Dann- clenches a fist.
  148. [20:28:23 ][Dann-] "Did the moonshiner's poison that Metagross to make it like that?"
  149. [20:28:32 ][Percival] "Did that Metagross cause those those injuries you had previous?"
  150. [20:28:35 ][Lucian] "Wait, are you telling me that Metagross was /their/ Pokemon. Was it as enraged as it was before you blinded it?"
  151. [20:31:42 ][zoofman] She hrms. "Well saying it was 'theirs' as in they owned it might not be right, more like they knew how to nudge it around to go trample in the direction they wanted. Thing was far too gone to reason or command directly, I reckon."
  152. [20:32:07 ][zoofman] "It was probably more pissed when ya'll met it, but it was just as frenzied."
  153. [20:32:23 ][Adrienne] "So it sounds like a preexisting problem they took advantage of..."
  154. [20:32:25 ][Dann-] "Do you think they're responsible for the Bellosom too?"
  155. [20:32:32 ][Adrienne] "Too bad questioning them won't be easy."
  156. [20:33:16 ][Lucian] "Ma'am, do you think this Metagross has anything in common with the Bellosom attack last year?"
  157. [20:33:42 ][Dann-] "Easy enough to question them if they're behind bars. Isn't this grounds to get them arrested?"
  158. [20:34:15 ][zoofman] "Hrm, well, I don't think Bubbah and his crew had anything to do with that Bellossom, but they had the same mental illness about them, that fo sho."
  159. [20:34:16 ][Lucian] "Dann, I think if it were that easy they would have been put behind bars a long time ago."
  160. [20:34:21 ][Percival] "Who'd ever think of dealing with a pokemon that could right trample over them too?"
  161. [20:36:54 ][Dann-] "If it's a lack of means to bring them in, that's one thing. But depending on what she saw before the Metagross attacked, we might have all the reason anyone could need."
  162. [20:39:33 ][Percival] "We can try of course, I'd hope they don't more evidence that just an eyewitness to bring them in."
  163. [20:39:45 ][zoofman] "I don't think ya'll need to worry much about that, they've been outlaws ever since they started their operation. Like ya mentioned, if it were that easy, well," she shrugs
  164. [20:40:39 ][Lucian] "I doubt it's a lack of evidence or good will that's prevented them from being caught. Right now let's focus on figuring out what's at the bottom of these enraged Pokemon attacks and how we can minimize the damage."
  165. [20:42:31 ]* Dann- sighs. "If they're not the source of the enraged Pokemon, then yeah, I'd rather focus on that."
  166. [20:43:58 ]* TemporalMechanic ( has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  167. [20:44:24 ][zoofman] "Well, I can't really offer much guidance there, but whatever afflicted one did so to the other as well."
  168. [20:45:08 ][Lucian] "You do bring up a good point about the moonshiners though."
  169. [20:45:35 ][Lucian] "They learned how to nudge the thing in the right direction, figured out how to bait it...they may not be the causes but I think they know more than we do."
  170. [20:45:56 ][Lucian] "I'm going to regret saying this but...we might need to check in on them."
  171. [20:46:31 ][Adrienne] "And how are we gonna do that? They're probably not going to like kids nosing around."
  172. [20:46:32 ][zoofman] "Mmmmm, not sure I'd recommend you doin' that."
  173. [20:46:45 ]* TemporalMech has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  174. [20:46:47 ][zoofman] "Word's gonna get out what you did to their guard dog, and they ain't gonna take kindly to it."
  175. [20:46:59 ][Percival] "Shouldn't somebody atleast check on them?"
  176. [20:48:06 ][Lucian] "Then they'll come for us."
  177. [20:48:18 ][Lucian] "Which might be better for us, after all.
  178. [20:49:36 ][Lucian] "If we know they're coming, we can be prepared for them."
  179. [20:49:43 ][Adrienne] "Well, I guess that's something."
  180. [20:50:14 ][zoofman] "They tolerated my naggin' only cause of my noriety in the area, I really would caution ya'll not to go marchin' up that mountain wanting to parley."
  181. [20:50:30 ][Adrienne] "
  182. [20:50:50 ][Adrienne] "Don't worry, if any of these three have the idea to do that I'll put a stop to it."
  183. [20:51:27 ][Lucian] "Well, I'm not inclined to march into their camp anyway but if we did, it would be more of a covert operation than anything else."
  184. [20:51:39 ][Lucian] "It's a last resort though, if we can't pull up any other leads."
  185. [20:51:59 ][zoofman] "Least Reggie has the sense to employ a girl who ain't afraid to put her foot down," she chuckles.
  186. [20:53:50 ][Percival] "It's probably for the best that we don't go up there. Still I don't want to imagine what'll happen if they find something else like that Metagross out there and start toting it round."
  187. [20:54:20 ][Adrienne] "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Was there anything else you wanted to tell us?"
  188. [20:55:40 ][castfromhp] Lucian, your phone buzzes with a text alert.
  189. [20:56:00 ]* Lucian fishes it out of his pockets to read it.
  190. [20:56:18 ][zoofman] "Hrm," She ponders a moment, "I understand ya'll searched my house, did you happen to take the mason jar that was in the fridge? If ya did make sure to get that to Reggie."
  191. [20:57:10 ][Lucian] "I don't think I picked up a jar, no."
  192. [20:57:19 ][Lucian] "Should we make the trip out there to retrieve it?"
  193. [20:57:23 ][Adrienne] "I'm pretty sure we had the jar sent over to the Professor. Dann had the jar last didn't he?"
  194. [20:57:43 ][castfromhp] It's from Lawrence. "Look what I found at Raltselfest!" There's a selfie attached of him next to the Mime Jr from the non-thieving kupo shop, and he's holding up the Spritzee you caught him, which is now wearing a poofy bird sweater.
  195. [20:58:35 ][zoofman] "Aha, good then. Hopefully he don't use it for his aweful experiments with fruits."
  196. [20:59:51 ][Adrienne] "Can't control that," Adrienne shrugs.
  197. [20:59:53 ]* Lucian laughs, turning away so he doesn't interrupt the talk. He snaps back a reply, [Did the Mime Jr. decided to come with you, or are you at its shack now?]
  198. [21:01:08 ][zoofman] "But naw, not much else. You all should go and enjoy the festivities while you can, before a Watcher calls you up to nag you or somethin'."
  199. [21:01:09 ][Dann-] "Yeah, it did get sent along to him." Dann adds somewhat late.
  200. [21:01:26 ][castfromhp] [It set up a booth at the convention! Who knew fairies were so enterprising, right?] He attaches another, more zoomed out, photo showing the small booth at the con. Alex is in the background facepalming.
  201. [21:01:46 ][Lucian] [lol cute.]
  202. [21:01:52 ][Percival] "I suppose so, I don't imagine we'll have too long before something comes up again."
  203. [21:02:07 ][Lucian] [Oh, we found Grandma Lou! She's resting at the hospital now, in case you need to report back to Grit or something]
  204. [21:02:42 ][castfromhp] [We heard from the Watchers. Good job!]
  205. [21:03:11 ][Adrienne] "It'll probably happen tonight or tomorrow afternoon, something like that."
  206. [21:03:16 ][Adrienne] "Not gonna bet on it, though."
  207. [21:04:28 ][Lucian] [Thanks. Say, looks like Lou is giving us the go ahead to enjoy the rest of the festival. Wanna meet up?]
  208. [21:05:25 ][castfromhp] [Sure! Wanna meet near the funnel cake stand?]
  209. [21:05:27 ][Adrienne] "Anyways, it was nice talkin', Grandma Lou. Mind giving us your number in case we have any future questions?"
  210. [21:05:51 ][Lucian] [Sure, I'll ask the others if they wanna tag along.]
  211. [21:06:14 ][Lucian] "Yeah, it was nice talking with you ma'am."
  212. [21:07:00 ][Percival] "Swell speaking with you, we're still glad to know everything mostly alright with you."
  213. [21:07:11 ][Dann-] "Glad to see you're doing all right now."
  214. [21:08:01 ][Lucian] "Let us know if you need our help with anything, or with you have any leads on this enraged Pokemon business."
  215. [21:08:16 ][Lucian] "Looks like we're gonna be in the area for a while."
  216. [21:09:58 ][zoofman] She nods to Adrienne and exchanges contact information with you all, and bids you guys farewell as you make your way back to the funnel cake cart. The current employee there is a short girl in a ninja costume. You can see Alex and Lawrence nearby as well.
  217. [21:11:21 ]* Lucian waves as they approach, "Hey, it's good to see you guys again."
  218. [21:11:51 ]* Adrienne waves to Lawrence and Alex. "Sup you two."
  219. [21:12:50 ][Percival] "Nice to see you two."
  220. [21:13:44 ][castfromhp] Lawrence is talking animatedly with someone, with his back turned to you, when you approach. He moves and turns to wave as you call out to him, and you catch a glimpse of who he was talking to as he does - Irene.
  221. [21:13:48 ][zoofman] Alex is looking over a little map of the venue as you guys approach. "Oh! Hi, there's a lot going on here...even a lot of not so nerdy stuff."
  222. [21:14:43 ][castfromhp] The gentle giant has his arms full with various Pokemon care products and nearly drops a bottle when he waves. "Hey everyone!"
  223. [21:15:15 ]* Lucian looks at the dog girl sheepishly, "Heya..."
  224. [21:16:14 ][castfromhp] Irene is wearing a bright smile on her face, but her expression sours a bit at seeing Lucian there. She gives a small nod in greeting.
  225. [21:17:09 ][Percival] "Everyone's even out at the festival, seems like you've been busy going from stall to stall."
  226. [21:17:18 ]* Lucian looks at the map over Alex's shoulder, "What got you so excited then?"
  227. [21:17:22 ][Adrienne] "Oh, hey," Adrienne greets Irene. "Sup."
  228. [21:18:02 ][zoofman] "There's a lot of local businesses with booths here. Like this girl's family - you have to apply, and interview, to get a chance to buy one of their Pokemon, isn't that insane?"
  229. [21:19:16 ][Lucian] "Mm, not really."
  230. [21:19:18 ][Adrienne] "Not really, I read a little about the logic going into that kind of thing."
  231. [21:19:21 ][castfromhp] "Oh, I ran into Irene here, and turns out she follows my Pokemon grooming blog!" Lawrence says with a smile. "So she's been showing me all the good vendors at the con, and I guess I got a bit carried away..." He tries to scratch his head sheepishly but nearly drops something again.
  232. [21:19:48 ][Lucian] "I mean, if they put a lot of work into breeding and grooming them into prize Pokemon, I'd imagine they'd want only the best trainers to take care of them."
  233. [21:20:25 ][Adrienne] "You run a blog?" Adrienne looks a bit curious.
  234. [21:20:46 ][zoofman] "Is it really not weird? I don't know, -I- think its weird..."
  235. [21:21:17 ]* Lucian laughs, "Well, for a strong, pretty trainer like you I guess an interview is more of a formality."
  236. [21:21:27 ][Lucian] "That's not the case for some other people."
  237. [21:21:48 ][Percival] "Hm, wouldn't you want to make sure a pokemon you were raising would be well off yourself?"
  238. [21:21:51 ][Dann-] "Are you thinking of applying for adoption?"
  239. [21:22:09 ][castfromhp] Irene speaks up. "Father put Skeeter through the wringer himself when he went to buy Rex. That's why I'm always up there to check up on him."
  240. [21:23:24 ]* Lucian shrugs at Alex, "I know if Roy had a baby sandshrew I wouldn't want to hand it out to just anyone."
  241. [21:23:50 ][Lucian] "Would you say you're the same way about your own Pokemon?"
  242. [21:24:22 ][zoofman] "Well yeah but that's different, you don't sell eggs or baby Pokemon for a living! And no, I prefer taming Wilds. Besides not many of the breeds available here would be circuit legal to begin with."
  243. [21:24:32 ]* MasterlyPhone (~AndChat29@26DBCA4B:A5446915:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  244. [21:25:04 ][castfromhp] Lawrence starts shoving his purchases into his bag for easier carrying. "Yeah, it's how I got started learning programming and web development back in high school, actually."
  245. [21:26:04 ][castfromhp] He pulls out his phone and brings up a fancy pastel pink and blue page with a large banner across the top: "The Poofy Palace"
  246. [21:26:48 ][Adrienne] "Cool, I'll take a look at it when I have some free time. Real girly, by the way."
  247. [21:27:59 ][zoofman] Alex looks at what Lawrence is doing, "I know right? I still don't believe its his."
  248. [21:27:59 ][Percival] "Poofy Palace? Sounds pretty much like what I'd expect a Pokemon to come out as after some grooming I suppose."
  249. [21:28:27 ][castfromhp] "It's not girly. It's just cute." Lawrence objects.
  250. [21:28:37 ]* Lucian looks at the man's goofy grin, his careful hands, and the lovingly tended Spritzee.
  251. [21:28:56 ][Lucian] "No, it suits him."
  252. [21:29:14 ][Lucian] "He likes it, the Pokemon are happier for it, and the people visiting get something out of it."
  253. [21:30:13 ][Lucian] "Have you looked into a Grooming or breeding license, Lawrence?"
  254. [21:30:47 ][Lucian] "You'd do well. And I think the industry would be better to have you in it than not."
  255. [21:31:08 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, it does suit him," Adrienne agrees.
  256. [21:31:48 ][castfromhp] "You mean as a service? I dunno, I've always just done this for myself." Lawrence says, pondering. At this point, Irene pokes him. "Hey, didn't you want to finish filling out your application?"
  257. [21:32:18 ]* Lucian glances at Irene and whispers to him, "And hey, professional groomers are a real hit with the ladies, as you can clearly see."
  258. [21:32:32 ][castfromhp] She turns to the rest of you too. "...You can come along if you'd like to see my family's booth. And good job saving Patty. She's a good woman."
  259. [21:33:00 ]* Lucian nods, "Heh, we only chatted with her for a few minutes and even I can see that."
  260. [21:33:16 ][Adrienne] "Thanks."
  261. [21:33:51 ]* Dann- purchases a funnel cake for himself, and calls Winston out to share it.
  262. [21:34:26 ][castfromhp] Winston roombas up all the powdered sugar.
  263. [21:38:18 ]* Dann- laughs. "Winst, if you eat nothing but the sugar, you're going to get a headache."
  264. [21:38:47 ][Dann-] "I'd like to see the booth."
  265. [21:38:48 ][castfromhp] Irene starts leading Lawrence through the con, heading to a large booth that looks like someone set up a miniature ranch at the convention, with fake grass and a small fence and all. There's a backdrop of a starry sky with a large moon with the name Luna stamped across it.
  266. [21:39:15 ]* Lucian walks beside Alex, it must feel awful seeing her crush walk around with a new face like that.
  267. [21:39:25 ]* Lucian punches her on the arm and smiles, to cheer her up.
  268. [21:40:30 ]* Adrienne goes along to see the Luna booth. She reminded herself that Dann had a good idea, but she'd have to do that later.
  269. [21:41:30 ][zoofman] Alex looks back at Lucian, completely confused. "What's that about?"
  270. [21:41:37 ][castfromhp] There's a Mightyena, a Houndoom, and an Arcanine wandering the artificial ranch area, stopping to pose for passing by con-goers.
  271. [21:42:34 ]* Dann- looks at Irene while pulling out his phone. "Are pictures ok?"
  272. [21:42:37 ][Adrienne] "I think he wants to fight you," Adrienne jokes.
  273. [21:42:39 ][castfromhp] At the table in front of the booth stands two men, both with the same striking red hair Irene has.
  274. [21:43:11 ][Lucian] "I just think a girl like you deserves to have more people smile at her."
  275. [21:43:26 ][castfromhp] One of them speaks up as Dann asks. "Photos are always welcome!"
  276. [21:43:35 ][Percival] "Hm, they're really well taken care of. Quite fanciful posing work too."
  277. [21:43:46 ][Lucian] "Mind if I take a look at that map, Alex?"
  278. [21:44:00 ]* Dann- snaps a few pics of the well-groomed canines.
  279. [21:44:27 ][Percival] "Do you spend all of the year preparing them for this con?"
  280. [21:44:30 ]* Adrienne joins in on snapping a few pictures.
  281. [21:44:34 ][castfromhp] "These are the pride of my family's stock. Go on, you can pet and play with them too." The man opens up a small gate.
  282. [21:44:47 ][zoofman] She's a little speechless as she turns the map over to you, then turns to Adrienne, "Does he screw with everyone's heads like this?"
  283. [21:45:03 ][castfromhp] Compared to Irene, they're dressed more formally - but just a bit. Blue jeans and a dress shirt, as compared to Irene's baggy hoodie and beanie.
  284. [21:46:25 ][Adrienne] "Maybe," she replies.
  285. [21:46:54 ][zoofman] "Whadya mean 'maybe'? You're traveling with him all the time!"
  286. [21:47:43 ]* Dann- is a bit surprised at first, but then he grins and enters the enclosure to greet the Pokemon.
  287. [21:48:19 ]* Lucian looks at the map to see if the Leech family have their own booth.
  288. [21:48:43 ][castfromhp] "I brought him back, Henry." Irene speaks up at the quieter of the two men, then pushes Lawrence forward. "No more distractions this time." The two going over a stack of paperwork.
  289. [21:49:07 ][castfromhp] The Leech family does have a booth - and of course they've put it as far away as possible from the Luna family booth.
  290. [21:49:08 ]* Lucian looks up from the map, "What are you girls talking about?"
  291. [21:49:44 ][Adrienne] "Alex thinks you screw with everyone's head, I just said 'maybe.'"
  292. [21:49:50 ][castfromhp] Dann, as you step inside the enclosure, the three dog Pokemon stop and sit, looking at you obediently. Their gaze makes you feel like they're competing for your attention.
  293. [21:50:35 ][zoofman] Alex wasn't really quiet about asking this, so she just nods in affirmation.
  294. [21:51:08 ][Adrienne] "I stand by that, by the way. I don't remember every time he 'screws with people's heads.' Doesn't screw with mine."
  295. [21:51:51 ]* MasterlyPhone is now known as LucianPhone
  296. [21:51:58 ][Dann-] "Wow, you're all so well behaved." Dann attempts to beckon to all of them. "Come on, I'm used to big Pokemon, you can come over."
  297. [21:52:25 ][LucianPhone] What do you mean by ' screw with people's heads'
  298. [21:52:35 ][LucianPhone] "*
  299. [21:53:03 ][Adrienne] "Hey, it's what she basically said," Adrienne thumbs at Alex.
  300. [21:53:06 ]* Percival checks over the fence towards the dogs.
  301. [21:53:45 ][castfromhp] The three of them trot over a bit closer to you, then sit and look up. The man who spoke up earlier laughs. "They have a little competition going over who gets approached first each time someone comes to our booth. So you'll have to make the first move."
  302. [21:55:28 ][LucianPhone] "Uh, we can talk later I guess. I wanna check these dogs out."
  303. [21:55:45 ][zoofman] Alex shrugs and walks off herself.
  304. [21:56:16 ]* Dann- looks back at the man with a look of dismay. "I have to pick one? That's too hard." He sighs.
  305. [21:57:18 ][Dann-] Do any of the canines have particularly unique or distinguishing features?
  306. [21:58:04 ][Adrienne] "Go for the Houndoom," Adrienne suggests to Dann.
  307. [21:58:52 ][Percival] "Well two of them like fire I think."
  308. [21:59:37 ]* LucianPhone approaches the Growling, his hand out and his body close to the ground.
  309. [22:00:47 ][castfromhp] The Houndoom does look a bit peculiar - its horns look like they're segmented rather than continuous.
  310. [22:00:54 ][castfromhp] (Lucian what are you approaching? The Arcanine?)
  311. [22:01:29 ][LucianPhone] (Derp, yeah)
  312. [22:01:30 ]* Dann- shrugs. "As long as I didn't pick." He approaches the Houndoom, offering it the back of his hand.
  313. [22:02:45 ]* Percival holds his hand out towards the Mightyena. "They're all still fairly nice about this."
  314. [22:02:45 ][castfromhp] The Houndoom sniffs at your hand, Dann, sizes you up, then gives you a playful tackle.
  315. [22:03:52 ][Adrienne] "Hey," Adrienne asks one of the formally dressed guys. "Tell me about the process for adopting."
  316. [22:04:01 ][castfromhp] The Arcanine bounds over, gives you a sniff, then proceeds to slobber all over you. Lucian, give me a perception check.
  317. [22:04:55 ][castfromhp] The Mightyena is a bit more reserved, sprawling out in front of Percival like it's fishing for pets.
  318. [22:04:56 ][LucianPhone] 4d6+1
  319. [22:05:07 ]* CritSenpai ( has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  320. [22:05:44 ][Percival] "Aw, they're all sorts of sweet."
  321. [22:05:46 ][LucianPhone] 4d6+1
  322. [22:05:46 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+1: 16 [4d6=5,4,1,5]
  323. [22:05:58 ]* Percival pets the Mightyena all about.
  324. [22:06:46 ][castfromhp] "Certainly. The name's Christoph, by the way. And you?" The man starts getting together some papers.
  325. [22:07:22 ][castfromhp] Lucian, from the corner of your eye, you swear you saw Irene make a gesture to the Arcanine right before it slobbered all over you. She's snickering off at the side, where Lawrence and Henry are working on paperwork.
  326. [22:07:36 ]* Dann- laughs from underneath the large hound.
  327. [22:07:48 ][Adrienne] "Adrienne."
  328. [22:09:24 ][castfromhp] "Well, Adrienne, the first step is to fill out these application forms. We'll need to know about your Pokemon training education, any specialized courses you've taken on Pokemon biology or grooming, references if you've worked at a daycare or in a similar service before..." Christoph drones on and on, pointing at various bits of the paperwork spread out before you.
  329. [22:09:51 ]* LucianPhone makes a noise halfway between a laugh and a groan and pats the arcanines mane,wiping some of the slobber off on its fur.
  330. [22:10:04 ][castfromhp] "...I assure you, it's all worth the effort." he finishes after a long spiel. "And that's step 1."
  331. [22:10:29 ][LucianPhone] He shoots Irene a glare but there's anger in the look.
  332. [22:10:47 ][castfromhp] (no anger?)
  333. [22:11:43 ][castfromhp] The Arcanine nuzzles against you.
  334. [22:11:53 ][Adrienne] "Huh, that's a lot of paperwork for step one. What about the other steps?"
  335. [22:13:22 ][LucianPhone] (it's more a playful glare)
  336. [22:13:46 ]* Dann- tries to roll gently so he's not being crushed, but both of them are still on the ground.
  337. [22:13:58 ][castfromhp] "We do our own background check as we process the paperwork, then if you pass, we bring you in for an interview on the ranch and see how you and your Pokemon would get along."
  338. [22:14:59 ]* Percival keeps continuing with the petting and scratching it behind it's ears.
  339. [22:16:41 ][castfromhp] "Were you thinking of starting an application?"
  340. [22:18:09 ][Adrienne] "A little. Gotta admit, I was more curious about the process than actually adopting, but the idea is appealing."
  341. [22:18:18 ][castfromhp] For those of you rolling around with dog Pokemon in the area, it's abundantly clear to you that, like with Rex, all of these have much better kept fur than the tufts of Arcanine fur that you found out in the woods with Caitlyn.
  342. [22:18:19 ]* LucianPhone pats the dog's fur, feeling the muscles and well-bred frame, "they do fine work."
  343. [22:23:43 ][Adrienne] "I probably wouldn't make the cut, though," she adds.
  344. [22:25:27 ]* Percival sits beside the dog for a bit. "Hm, it takes a good while to process all those forms doesn't it?"
  345. [22:25:39 ][castfromhp] Christoph nods. "Most of our clients are either experienced in Pokemon care and grooming, or they are seasoned trainers. I'm sure with hard work you could make it."
  346. [22:26:23 ]* LucianPhone gets up, "I wouldn't put it past you just yet. You've got two badges, helped save a local, and work for a renown professor."
  347. [22:26:48 ][LucianPhone] "That's more pedigree than most people have."
  348. [22:27:10 ][zoofman] Lucian, roll Intuition
  349. [22:27:54 ][castfromhp] A beeping sound comes from Irene's direction, and she pulls out her cell phone. Christoph looks over as she trots up to he booth and hands her a small bottle and a medicine box, then she runs off in the direction of the restrooms.
  350. [22:28:09 ][LucianPhone] 2d6+1 AP
  351. [22:28:09 ][CritSenpai] AP: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  352. [22:28:42 ][zoofman] It occurs to you that choice of words was hilariously chosen given you are in hicksville.
  353. [22:30:55 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, well, I'll think about it. Not gonna rush into this kind of thing."
  354. [22:32:15 ]* LucianPhone looks around, does anybody look offended?
  355. [22:32:53 ][Percival] "You'll be around here for a good while won't you?"
  356. [22:33:11 ][castfromhp] There are some amused looks, but the people here are used to out of towners being dumbos.
  357. [22:34:08 ][castfromhp] "There's no rush. You can always find us at our ranch outside of town."
  358. [22:35:35 ][Adrienne] "Righto. Anyways, I think I'll go explore the convention, I'm pretty done with taking a looksie here. Call if you need anything you three," she says to Lucian, Dann, and Percival. "Thanks for the info Christoph."
  359. [22:37:05 ][castfromhp] Around this time, Lawrence finally finishes filling out his paperwork and returns to join you. Irene gets back too, handing the supplies back to Christoph. "Thanks, father. I'll be off again then."
  360. [22:37:40 ][Lucian] "You guys wanna check out the rest of the festival?"
  361. [22:38:00 ][castfromhp] "You're welcome. Come back and play with the dogs anytime, Adrienne." Christoph says with a wave. He shoots a concerned look towards Irene as she starts to follow Lawrence, who's began drifting towards another booth filled with shiny pokemon grooming products.
  362. [22:38:43 ][Percival] "Might be nice to do, I think I'm good for rolling about the mud with dogs today."
  363. [22:39:04 ]* Adrienne decides to just wander the convention and see what other sights it has to offer. Maybe some snacks. She also contemplates grooming tips from Lawrence.
  364. [22:39:35 ][zoofman] Adrienne, roll me perception.
  365. [22:39:59 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP-ing.
  366. [22:39:59 ][CritSenpai] AP-ing.: 5 [2d6=1,3]
  367. [22:40:03 ]* Lucian seeks out the short martial artist, "Hey, did you want to hang out? Looks like Irene is going to have her hands full with Lawrence."
  368. [22:40:07 ][Dann-] "Sure, I'm down to explore a bit."
  369. [22:40:26 ]* Dann- gives the Houndoom an affectionate pat and gets up to leave.
  370. [22:40:31 ][castfromhp] "Guys, do you want to come visit the Mime Jr?" Lawrence calls out to y'all as he returns with even more goodies.
  371. [22:41:32 ][zoofman] She's ran off somewhere! Lucian, roll me Perception as well.
  372. [22:41:38 ][Lucian] 4d6+2 AP
  373. [22:41:38 ][CritSenpai] AP: 21 [4d6=4,6,5,4]
  374. [22:42:42 ][Percival] "Actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea, I can't imagine what they've come up with."
  375. [22:42:56 ][zoofman] JESUS CHRIST. Okay well Lucian does manage to find her while walking around with Adrienne - you catch sight of her...sort of hiding behind some props, peering into an ajar doorway.
  376. [22:43:08 ][Lucian] "Uh, you guys go on without me. I got some stuff I wanna check out."
  377. [22:43:26 ]* Dann- searches for a map and checks for any booths related to rocks or fossils.
  378. [22:44:08 ][castfromhp] Lawrence starts leading the way to the Kupo Shop, for those of you who want to follow.
  379. [22:44:13 ]* Percival heads towards the Mim Jr.
  380. [22:44:29 ][zoofman] Dann notice's a booth labeled "Mr Jenk's Curios and Trinkets." Might be worth a look...
  381. [22:44:30 ]* Lucian tells Adrienne he's going to split and sneaks up on the girl, leaning close to her ear to whisper, "Sup."
  382. [22:44:36 ][Lucian] 2d6 Sneaky
  383. [22:44:36 ][CritSenpai] Sneaky: 6 [2d6=2,4]
  384. [22:45:23 ][zoofman] You aren't as sneaky as you think you are - she notices you approaching and preemptively raising a finger to her mouth, then nods in the doorway. She's a bit...giddy?
  385. [22:45:46 ][castfromhp] You find the Mime Jr at his family looking wooden booth, and it looks like two major additions have made their way to his shop. First is a set of goofy looking Mawile hats that are lined up along with the Mime Jr hats he made earlier. Second, he's busy knitting small Pokemon-sizes sweaters. Judging by the reference photos and measurements laid out on the booth, it seems like those are custom orders.
  386. [22:46:05 ]* Lucian blinks but closes in to check out whatever it is she's so happy about.
  387. [22:47:16 ][castfromhp] (so who's heading where? Dann is looking for fossils, Percival followed Lawrence, Lucian went after Alex, what about Adrienne?)
  388. [22:47:52 ][zoofman] Inside is a really wide, open room, with a metric ass ton of Unown floating around. You can see a lot of eletricians running around setthing up for something, and near back, a stage. DJ Rhasha is sitting on the side of the stage, with a Galvantula beside her, speaking with two men.
  389. [22:48:04 ][zoofman]
  390. [22:48:27 ][Lucian] "Heh, you a fan?"
  391. [22:49:13 ]* Adrienne conveniently ends up at the Mime Jr booth. "Fancy running into you three," she says when she shows up.
  392. [22:49:15 ]* Dann- approaches the strangely named booth.
  393. [22:49:19 ][Percival] "Huh, he's expanded his business quite a bit just at this convention then it seems. How's it going?"
  394. [22:49:26 ][zoofman] "You know who those two are, right?" she whispers back. "I wonder how they snuck in."
  395. [22:50:22 ][Lucian] "Uh, no I was talking about the DJ. Who are they? You seem...giddy, for once."
  396. [22:50:43 ][castfromhp] "Oh hello! Did we accidentally leave you behind? Sorry." Lawrence says with his usual grin. The Mime Jr gives all of you a wave but quickly returns to furiously knitting. It seems to have quite a backlog of orders.
  397. [22:50:44 ][zoofman] Dann, as you get closer to the recognize who this is. It's the cryptid guy from the road to Oceanspray, and the guy who came with the Watchers when you guys ran into issues at that cave. He's sitting on the back of his Torterra with a blanket spread out in front of him with a bunch of knicknacks on it. "Howdy, kiddo. Think we've met before huh?"
  398. [22:51:34 ][castfromhp] "...By the way." Irene speaks up from behind Lawrence, "How -did- you all deal with that Metagross?"
  399. [22:52:32 ][Adrienne] "Nah, no big deal," she reassures Lawrence. "I was just hanging around." She turns to Irene. "As for the Metagross, we couldn't fight it so we trapped it in a cave. With a cave in."
  400. [22:53:06 ][zoofman] "The big guy with the beanie is Watcher Captain Nick Explosion - the Fire Gym Leader. He's a martial art circuit champ as well. The guy with the glasses is Serac - the Ice Gym Leader. He's never compeated in it, but he's a big advocate for the circuit. I wonder what they are doing here..."
  401. [22:53:11 ][zoofman] Roll me General Edu, Lucian
  402. [22:53:20 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 AP
  403. [22:53:20 ][CritSenpai] AP: 12 [3d6=4,5,1]
  404. [22:53:47 ][Percival] "Nah, just getting here at my own pace. Those are some pretty neat looking hats eh?"
  405. [22:54:39 ][zoofman] You've -heard- of this Serac guy before. His name gets brought up in the news every now and then, usually with league officials pissed at him over something.
  406. [22:55:17 ][castfromhp] "Oh." Irene sounds disappointed. "So you don't know if those things have some kind of weakness or anything?"
  407. [22:55:20 ][Lucian] "...hey, do you want me to introduce you? I sort of know DJ Rasha, maybe you can talk to those two through her."
  408. [22:56:37 ][zoofman] "Y-you could do that? I mean, I just happened to peek in and notice them...I figured if I walked in there they'd have security on me in a moment's notice."
  409. [22:56:51 ][zoofman] Dann roll me Occult Education
  410. [22:57:03 ][Dann-] "Yeah, we have met before. Twice actually. How are you?"
  411. [22:57:15 ][Dann-] 4d6 Occult
  412. [22:57:15 ][CritSenpai] Occult: 18 [4d6=6,1,5,6]
  413. [22:57:40 ][Adrienne] "Fire would have done well on the Metagross, but the problem was fighting it. It's kind of out of our league, so we tricked it."
  414. [22:58:27 ][castfromhp] Percival, at hearing you, the Mime Jr stops and holds up one of its new Mawile hats temptingly at you.
  415. [22:58:30 ][Lucian] "Heh, I'd do a lot of things for you, you know."
  416. [22:58:51 ]* Lucian takes her hand and leads her in, "C'mon."
  417. [22:59:04 ]* Adrienne looks down at the hat. "Hey, how much for that hat?"
  418. [22:59:13 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks grins and adjusts how he's sitting a little bit. "Quite fine, I gotta say. Haven't sold much of anything, but plenty of folks keen enough to listen to an old man's tales. Also got quite a haul myself," he pats a bag of con goodies sitting behind him.
  419. [22:59:22 ][castfromhp] Irene shakes her head. "Not that kind of weakness. I mean, Skeeter spilled the beans to me on what happened."
  420. [22:59:23 ]* Lucian waves at the trio, announcing his presence as he enters. "Yo, Rasha. We met a few days ago, do you remember me?"
  421. [22:59:31 ][Percival] "Yeah, those exactly. What would it go for?"
  422. [23:00:25 ][castfromhp] "It sounds a lot like a Pokemon from an incident here last year. Ruthless, feral, fought in a frenzy and was nearly unstoppable."
  423. [23:01:47 ][zoofman] Looking over the stuff he's got laid out, Dann...well, a lot of it does look like stuff you'd find at ruins! Just a lot of knick nacks and shiny accessories, really. Some arrow heads, some pottery, some unusual jewelery pieces. Some of them are a lot odder, like skulls and stuff. YOu do notice one rather intact looking...thing. Its hard to grasp what it is, since its a big block of clay encasing something.
  424. [23:02:57 ][Adrienne] "The Bellossom? That's my group's job, yeah. We're trying to find out the reason it's happening. Finding a weakness would be in our wheelbarrow, but so far, nothing conclusive's come up."
  425. [23:03:02 ][zoofman] The two Gym Leaders and the DJ turn toward Lucian and a flustered Alex, "WUPS SHIT GUESS I LEFT THE DOOR OPEN HAHA OH WELL," 'says' Nick.
  426. [23:03:13 ]* Dann- raises an eyebrow when he notices the larger object. "What kind of stories are you in the mood for today?" He reaches for the clay thing. "Mind if I take a look at this?"
  427. [23:03:25 ][castfromhp] The Mime Jr points down at the sign with the familiar 30 pebble price for the hats. Then points at another sign, clearly written by a human, saying "Special Convention Deal!" with a drawing a pebble = 50 pokeyen
  428. [23:03:29 ][castfromhp] *of a
  429. [23:04:17 ][zoofman] Alice seems a little caught off guard as well, stopping mid sentence. "- Oh! Uh, hi there! Lawrence, was it? You were one of the Professor Aides on that thing I got asked to help with."
  430. [23:05:06 ][castfromhp] Irene rubs her side absentmindedly with her hand, then winces and draws it away. "What have you found, then?"
  431. [23:05:49 ][Percival] "I see, that's actually rather smart too."
  432. [23:05:51 ]* Lucian feigns embarrassment, "Oh, were we not supposed to be here? Sorry about that."
  433. [23:05:59 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks looks over and nods, "Oh, sure. Mostly about where these things came from, and what they are for. All cryptid related, obviously. I -believe- what you are holding is the remains to a Mexinovan Death Worm."
  434. [23:06:10 ][Lucian] "It's friend saw you two and was really excited to meet you."
  435. [23:06:16 ][Lucian] "Were we interrupting something?
  436. [23:06:21 ]* Percival looks over his bag. Pretty fortunate as well."
  437. [23:06:58 ]* Percival hands over 1,500 pokeyen to the Mime Jr.
  438. [23:08:45 ][castfromhp] The Mime Jr takes your money and puts it into a small lockbox, then gets you a hat. Before handing it to you, it holds it up telekinetically, then tugs at two strings at the side, causing the maw side of the hat to open up suddenly and somewhat frighteningly. Then another tug and it's back to normal.
  439. [23:08:49 ][zoofman] Alice continues on as both Gym Leaders assess you two. "Sort of. I was speaking with these two gentlemen about how Unown can be used in their respected lines of work to great effect. A demo, so to speak."
  440. [23:09:24 ][castfromhp] (Grants the user the Intimidate Ability; Head item for Trainers, Held Item for Pokemon. I literally just came up with this, so I'm open to adjusting it a bit)
  441. [23:09:36 ]* Lucian holds a hand out, "It's Lucian by the way, but Lawrence is one of my friends."
  442. [23:09:43 ][Percival] "Oh I see, it's adorable and ready to frighten off anything that might be out there."
  443. [23:11:03 ]* Lucian looks at the other two and introduces himself, "My name is Lucian Lavarre, I'm one of Professor Benedict's aides. And this," he gestures at Alex, "is my friend Alex."
  444. [23:11:14 ]* Dann- picks up the 'death worm' and turns it over in his hands to inspect it. "How'd you happen upon these remains?"
  445. [23:11:15 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks also prattles on. "Found it on the salt flats of New Mexinova. Sure, it wasn't actually across the boarder, but the enviornments are similar enough climatology wise, and whose to say one couldn't sneak its way up there? I unearthed it at a spot that was said to be an indigenous holy ground from way backs when. Found it in something all shrine-like."
  446. [23:11:34 ]* Lucian pats her on the back, "C'mon, introduce yourself. You wanted to meet them, right?"
  447. [23:12:21 ]* Adrienne seriously contemplates buying the hat, but focuses on Irene. "The metal plating from the Metagross is still being analyzed, but the Quagsire we subdued back in Oceanspray had plant matter from plants found in the vernal pools. It kind of sounds like an interaction between the clay and crushed up Fairy Megastone is causing the plants to develop a much stronger effect."
  448. [23:12:21 ][Adrienne] "But that's just conjecture at this point, there's not enough evidence and that's one case out of three, we don't know what the Metagross ate, if anything. Also, someone's brought in clay from the broader Hollyhock region and planted a non-native bush."
  449. [23:15:23 ][castfromhp] "You fought a Quagsire in the same frenzied state?"
  450. [23:15:40 ][castfromhp] "Where did it come from?"
  451. [23:15:44 ][castfromhp] asks Irene.
  452. [23:17:43 ][zoofman] Alex speaks up for herself. "Hi, I'm Alex Serabi -" "HOLY SHIT -THE- SERABIS, FROM DAHLIA?" "Uh, yeah, actually, how did you -" by this point Nick's already shaking her hand and having a very LOUD conversation with her, seems he knows some of her aunts and uncles. Serac heh's and shakes hands with you. "I heard Marion lost a match earlier today to Benedict's aides, funny to meet you now."
  453. [23:17:59 ][zoofman] Dann, far as you can tell...
  454. [23:18:25 ][zoofman] This thing actually -does- seem to have a fossilized remains of something in it, but you got no idea what the hell it is.
  455. [23:18:39 ][Adrienne] "We found it in Oceanspray Harbor, but considering the contents of its stomach, it most likely came from the Hollyhock area."
  456. [23:18:44 ]* Lucian accepts the handshake and smiles, "Well, I suppose this goes without saying but we're looking forward to our gym battle with you in the near future."
  457. [23:18:59 ][Adrienne] "You know, this entire region-ish."
  458. [23:19:25 ][castfromhp] "But you were able to defeat it?"
  459. [23:19:41 ][Adrienne] "Yeah."
  460. [23:19:53 ][Lucian] "Do gym leaders regularly tell each other about their bouts? Or were you just in town for the occasion?"
  461. [23:20:07 ][Dann-] "This is quite the find." Dann replies after inspecting it. "How much?"
  462. [23:23:15 ][zoofman] "If they let me keep that title long enough, I suppose. And no, we were contacted by Alice's employer to come visit, see what she was looking into. And I personally just like to keep tabs on the latest badge aquisitions" He looks over to Nick and Alex, "Your friend's got a pretty recognizable name in non-Pokemon related sports, you know."
  463. [23:23:33 ][castfromhp] "Did you trap it like the Metagross?"
  464. [23:24:31 ]* Lucian blinks, "Does she? We just met up in the woods this one time and uh, that was that."
  465. [23:25:33 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks hrms and haws. "Either a mix of 50 pebbles and a couple shards, or some plastic moe. I'd been considerin' getting that one reincarnated, but obviously willin' to part with it. Not sure I'd know how to handle a Mexinovan Death Worm."
  466. [23:25:55 ][zoofman] (He's talking about Alex, not Alice, Lucian)
  467. [23:26:14 ][Adrienne] "Nope. We found it napping in a building, fought it a little, and then knocked it out after it escaped into the sewers. The latter half of that fight was disgusting, and it took a hell of a lot of punishment."
  468. [23:26:39 ][Lucian] (Yeah, Lucian met Alex in the woods mostly by chance)
  469. [23:26:45 ][Lucian] (or rather, in a cabin in those woods)
  470. [23:26:51 ][zoofman] (ah I got ya)
  471. [23:28:03 ][Lucian] "What's she famous for?"
  472. [23:29:32 ][Dann-] "Uh, what kind of plastic moe are you after?"
  473. [23:29:43 ][zoofman] He nods, "The Serabis have a long line of athletes and martial artists from Dahlia. Guess the name wouldn't mean as much to people who are more engrossed with just Pokemon related competition."
  474. [23:29:56 ][castfromhp] "You -knocked it out-. You didn't have to kill it?" Irene looks surprised. "Well, nevermind that, maybe it was just weaker...What are you going to do about the Metagross? Do you have a plan to kill it?"
  475. [23:31:24 ][Lucian] "Yeah, that's probably why. Though, that does explain a lot about her."
  476. [23:31:32 ][Lucian] "Namely, why she hits so hard."
  477. [23:32:03 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks brings out his tablet and fiddles with it a bit before showing it to you. "This'll do, should be close to the cost of what I'm lookin' for in pebbles anyway." It's a magical girl figurine. "Imagine you could find one around here from the other vendor, to boot."
  478. [23:32:24 ][Lucian] "So, what did Marion tell you about us?"
  479. [23:33:32 ][zoofman] "I havne't spoke with him in a while, honestly. This stuff gets tracked and stored digitally, of course," Serac answers.
  480. [23:33:51 ][Lucian] "Oh, okay."
  481. [23:34:00 ][Adrienne] "No on both counts. We had the Quagsire sent over to St. Cascara for testing, containment, and stuff like that. We don't have a plan to kill the Metagross, not yet at least. I'd imagine if no one unearthed it, it'd die of thirst or starvation sooner or later. Maybe suffocation, but that's unlikely."
  482. [23:34:07 ][Lucian] "Are you really concerned about the League pulling your position from you?"
  483. [23:35:34 ]* Dann- makes a note of the name and appearance. "Thanks, I'll take a look around!"
  484. [23:35:44 ]* Dann- sets out to look for the magical girl.
  485. [23:35:46 ][Lucian] "I mean, I've heard you get in trouble with them often but you do a good job, don't you?"
  486. [23:36:33 ][zoofman] Sure enough you find one for sale for 2,500, Dann. God damn plastic moe is pricey.
  487. [23:38:30 ][zoofman] Serac gives you a polite smile, "I mostly jest, but I do have some enemies in the brass of the organization, you could say." Lucian, from over his shoulder you can see Alice making this face at you.
  488. [23:38:56 ][castfromhp] "I know we didn't get off on the best foot thanks to your friend, but could you let me know if you find out more about how to kill those things?" Irene pulls out her phone.
  489. [23:40:05 ]* Lucian blinks and then turns back to Serac, "So, how do you know Alice anyway?"
  490. [23:40:13 ][Adrienne] "Huh, sure." Adrienne pulls out her phone.
  491. [23:42:01 ][zoofman] "I knew of her music sets, she's quite popular in Dahlia and my organizers have wanted to book her before for our own performances, but this is the first we've met in person. As I said, I was here on the behest of her employer to hear about her research with these...guys."
  492. [23:42:06 ]* Dann- sighs and pulls his backpack off his shoulders. "Don't suppose you'd take a combination of pebbles and cash?" He asks the merchant.
  493. [23:42:07 ][zoofman] He points at the Unowns.
  494. [23:42:45 ][zoofman] The merchant does indeed take a combination of the two! Or rather the Ralts they left to man the booth while they went to get nachos will.
  495. [23:42:47 ][Lucian] "Performances?"
  496. [23:43:54 ][castfromhp] Irene swaps contact info with you! "...By the way, feel free to ask me anything about the Bellossom incident. I don't mind, if it'll help figure out a way to take these things down."
  497. [23:43:57 ][Dann-] A Ralts you say?
  498. [23:44:14 ]* Percival has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  499. [23:44:31 ]* Dann- calls out Nathan to see if he can help him barter a better deal.
  500. [23:44:34 ]* Percival ( has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  501. [23:44:52 ][zoofman] [ intensifies]. Well, before Alice does a damned good job masking with a polite smile. "Serac owns several night clubs in the Region, the largest being the one his Gym is in - The Otherside," she explains.
  502. [23:45:14 ][zoofman] 1d100
  503. [23:45:14 ][CritSenpai] 1d100: 67 [1d100=67]
  504. [23:45:33 ][zoofman] Nathan haggles the Ralts down to 2100 worth of Pebbles and cash, combined.
  505. [23:46:43 ]* Lucian lights up at that, "Wow, that sounds really cool. If I'm ever in town I'll have to check it out."
  506. [23:46:48 ][Lucian] 4d6+1 AP Charm
  507. [23:46:48 ][CritSenpai] AP Charm: 15 [4d6=2,5,6,1]
  508. [23:47:08 ][zoofman] Roll me Intuition, Lucian
  509. [23:47:24 ][Lucian] 2d6+1 Almost Out of AP
  510. [23:47:24 ][CritSenpai] Almost Out of AP: 12 [2d6=6,5]
  511. [23:47:25 ]* Adrienne taps her chin. Hm. Well I guess I'll start with the general question. Anything out of the ordinary? I mean, besides the obvious Pokemon going crazy. Any detail at all."
  512. [23:48:23 ][zoofman] You're pretty sure Alice is pissed cause she's lost the attention of these two at this point.
  513. [23:49:21 ]* Lucian hides a laugh to himself and places his arms around Alex, "Uh, I hate to break up a chat between you and your idol short but we should probably get out of their hair at this point."
  514. [23:50:28 ][castfromhp] Irene furrows her brow and thinks. "I don't work with plants much, but I know enough about Pokemon care to say it was definitely unhealthy. It had mottled leaves and discoloration. I'd say it might have been dying even, by the time it attacked me."
  515. [23:51:11 ]* Lucian looks at her from behind, "You don't mind, do you Alex?"
  516. [23:51:29 ][zoofman] "Right! Sorry for barging in," Alex says. Looks like Nick's forwardness caught her off guard too. "HAHA ALRIGHT CALL YER OLD MAN A RAT BASTARD FOR ME NEXT TIME YOU SEE HIM! OLD FART STILL OWES ME A DAHLIA DOG."
  517. [23:51:54 ][Percival] "It was doing that terribly already? Huh, makes me wonder if they're attacking out of fear of death or something similar."
  518. [23:52:03 ][zoofman] Serac just gives a polite nod, and Alice gives a grin sweet as sugar :)
  519. [23:52:21 ]* Lucian wheels her out of the room and shoots an apologetic look at Alice as they leave. Once they're safely outside he asks, "So how was it?"
  520. [23:52:46 ][Lucian] "I was trying to keep Serac and Alice occupied while you chatted but I guess I didn't do a very good job of it."
  521. [23:52:54 ][Lucian] "...or maybe I did /too/ good a job."
  522. [23:53:14 ][castfromhp] "I've seen what a Pokemon looks like when it fights out of desperation. All I felt from the Bellossom was -malice-. And...then I didn't feel much of anything for a while."
  523. [23:53:32 ][zoofman] By the end of the exchange, you got the box with the frilly pink doll to give to Mr. Jenks, in exchange for a...block with a thing in it.
  524. [23:54:30 ][Percival] "It's still a wonder how anything could turn a pokemon so viscious. It can't just be a natural occurance."
  525. [23:54:56 ][zoofman] Alex peeps up, "Well, to be honest I wanted to speak with Serac more than Nick, I didn't expect Mr. Explosion to be that...familiar?"
  526. [23:54:57 ][Adrienne] "You know, from reports my group got, the Quagsire's not doing so well. Recently it started hemorrhaging, I think. Interal bleeding."
  527. [23:55:23 ][Lucian] "...oh, sorry about that then. If I had known I would have tried a little harder to get him to talk to you."
  528. [23:55:28 ][Lucian] "Did you know you're famous?"
  529. [23:57:36 ][castfromhp] "If it's not natural, what is it? And I wonder if something similar will happen to the Metagross."
  530. [23:58:51 ][Dann-] "Well, uh, thanks for the death worm remains. Hope you like the moe."
  531. [23:59:08 ][zoofman] "It's not really me, more my relatives. I thought they might ask about my name, but I didn't expect my dad to actually owe one of them a favor or something. I did win in the regionals for my weight class in high school martial arts, but that's not something Gym Leaders with big as jobs as theirs would know about."
  532. [23:59:10 ][Percival] "Seems a bit too wide spread really to be natural. As for what it might be? I can only imagine it's either as a result of some sort of accident or being deliberately done to rile up the environment around here."
  533. [23:59:49 ][zoofman] Before you leave, Dann, Mr. Jenks seems reminded of something. "Ah, right, you're the one that always carries a shovel right?"
  534. [00:00:20 ]* Lucian socks her on the arm, "Hey, don't talk about that like it's nothing. I think it's pretty cool that you can kick other people's asses."
  535. [00:00:45 ][Lucian] "Granted, a /whole lot/ of people could beat me up so maybe I'm just easily impressed..."
  536. [00:00:47 ]* Adrienne shrugs. "Beats me. For now it's easy to say sabotage, but as bad as it sounds, I think we need more cases to be super sure."
  537. [00:01:34 ][Percival] "There's really not enough information out to be sure yet, it's rather unnerving that cases keep popping up in new areas."
  538. [00:01:35 ][Dann-] "Yeah, that's me."
  539. [00:02:14 ][castfromhp] "Right, you can't really study the Metagross right now, and the Bellossom attack was last year."
  540. [00:02:20 ][castfromhp] Roll Intuition, Percival and Adrienne
  541. [00:02:28 ]* Lucian smiles, "Kidding. But still, that's a pretty big accomplishment in my opinion. Like, if I won a regional competition for my school's battle club I'd be pretty stoked about it, even if it's not super impressive to gym leaders."
  542. [00:02:40 ][Percival] 2d6
  543. [00:02:40 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  544. [00:03:04 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1
  545. [00:03:04 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+1: 11 [2d6=6,4]
  546. [00:04:42 ][zoofman] Mr. Jenks flips a card your way - looks like a business card, but its really more just a contact info, phone number, email, ect. "I reckon with you buyin' somethin' like that, you're a bit of a spelunker yourself. I've found a few places in the Region worth a look see. Drop me a message sometime and I'll tell you more."
  547. [00:05:57 ][castfromhp] Irene is quiet for a few moments after. Adrienne, you get the sense that Irene has been on the verge of saying something but isn't quite willing to take the step.
  548. [00:06:49 ][zoofman] Alex grins, looking reassured by your compliments. "Well, thanks, and I am proud of it, but it doesn't really carry much weight around Trainers in this Region."
  549. [00:08:20 ][Lucian] "Heh, maybe not. But it holds a lot of weight with me, so that's something."
  550. [00:08:55 ][Dann-] "Hey, that sounds great! Thanks!" Dann beams at Mr. Jenks.
  551. [00:09:14 ][zoofman] Adrienne, your phone starts buzzing.
  552. [00:09:54 ][Adrienne] "Er, you look like something's on your mind," Adrienne says to Irene. "... Want to get something to drink?"
  553. [00:10:13 ][Lucian] "Is there anywhere else you wanna go?"
  554. [00:10:38 ][castfromhp] "Sure, wh- oh go ahead and take that."
  555. [00:12:04 ]* Adrienne looks a bit irritated at the bad timing and checks her phone. Who is this?
  556. [00:12:35 ][zoofman] Watcher Lenny!
  557. [00:12:40 ][Percival] "Surely there's a place to get something good to drink around."
  558. [00:13:06 ]* Adrienne answers the call. "Yeah?"
  559. [00:14:44 ][zoofman] "Howdy! Things are not okilly dokilly at all! There's an emergancy at the Leech estate, and we need you and the other aides there soon as possible. If you're around Hollyhock at the moment, reach out to Caitlyn Leech as well, she can show you how to get there."
  560. [00:14:45 ][castfromhp] "There's usually a booth selling various berry juices at this con each year. I hear they come up from Blackwillow each year."
  561. [00:16:33 ][Adrienne] "Gotcha, we'll be there ASAP."
  562. [00:16:39 ][Adrienne] "Anything else?"
  563. [00:17:37 ][zoofman] "I can't really say much more at the moment, we need you hear soon as possible."
  564. [00:19:30 ][Adrienne] "Gotcha." Adrienne hangs up and then texts Lucian and Dann. [Drop whatever you're doing right now, we're needed at the Leech estate. Contact Caitlyn if you can, we're going to need her to show us over according to Lenny.]
  565. [00:19:30 ]* Adrienne looks up at Irene. "Work's come up, whatever's on your mind, say it fast or we can talk over berry juice later." She turns to Percival. "Come on Percy, we gotta get going. Leech estate."
  566. [00:20:08 ]* Lucian frowns but shrugs, "Hrm, looks like I've got work today."
  567. [00:20:14 ][Percival] "Ehh, alright. We'll see you later then Irene I guess we have more work to do."
  568. [00:20:26 ][castfromhp] Irene hesitates a moment, then hears you mention the Leeches.
  569. [00:20:27 ][Lucian] "Let's do this again some time though, just the two of us. It'll be fun."
  570. [00:20:55 ][Lucian] After he sees Alex off, Lucian dials Caitlyn's number.
  571. [00:22:31 ][castfromhp] "Wait. To be quick, father thinks the Leeches really are trying to sabotage us and kill our Pokemon, but I have good reason to believe that's not it. Be careful out there."
  572. [00:23:30 ]* Adrienne nods. "Got it, and thanks."
  573. [00:24:37 ][zoofman] Alex frowns, but understands as you go on your way.
  574. [00:24:51 ][castfromhp] "Hello again." Caitlyn answers after a couple rings. "Congratulations on your victory and new badge." She says cheerily.
  575. [00:25:42 ]* Lucian responds in kind, "Thanks. But that aside, Lenny told me I should call."
  576. [00:26:30 ]* Adrienne starts walking off towards where she saw Lucian last, aiming to find him then Dann.
  577. [00:26:32 ][castfromhp] "Did something happen?"
  578. [00:27:00 ][Lucian] "Yes, actually. Something about the Leech estate and you needing to show us the way there."
  579. [00:27:11 ][Lucian] "Could you meet up with us right now?"
  580. [00:27:57 ][castfromhp] "Certainly. Meet me in the woods where we first met. It's on the way."
  581. [00:29:58 ]* Dann- sees Adrienne's text and heads off towards where he hopes the party is.
  582. [00:30:51 ]* Adrienne finds Lucian in short order. "Yo! Any news on the Caitlyn front?"
  583. [00:31:11 ]* Lucian sends the text out, [Meet me where we first met Caitlyn.]
  584. [00:31:37 ]* Percival sets off towards where Caitlyn was in the forest.
  585. [00:31:46 ]* Adrienne checks her phone. "Well, that's that." She heads there.
  586. [00:34:04 ][castfromhp] It doesn't take long for you to get there from the con. Caitlyn is waiting, with a Swoobat at her side. "Lenny apprised me of the situation as best he could with the limited time he had. Some Watcher recruits from out of town tried a fool plan to lure out any aggressive Pokemon the Leeches might be hiding or harboring. Let's go."
  587. [00:35:55 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn leads you all along a trail leading deep into the forest. After quite a hike, you start to catch glimpses of glowing lights from the trees and bushes around you, which quickly fade away.
  588. [00:36:01 ][castfromhp] Roll perception
  589. [00:36:02 ][Adrienne] "This sounds like a bunch of boneheads tried to do something impossibly dumb."
  590. [00:36:07 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  591. [00:36:07 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  592. [00:36:12 ][castfromhp] "Indeed."
  593. [00:36:37 ][Lucian] 4d6+2 AP
  594. [00:36:37 ][CritSenpai] AP: 18 [4d6=3,3,4,6]
  595. [00:37:47 ][Percival] 3d6
  596. [00:37:47 ][CritSenpai] 3d6: 10 [3d6=5,4,1]
  597. [00:38:37 ][castfromhp] Dann- ?
  598. [00:39:05 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perc
  599. [00:39:05 ][CritSenpai] Perc: 6 [2d6=2,4]
  600. [00:40:26 ][castfromhp] Lucian and Percival, you manage to catch a glimpse before some of the lights fade away completely and realize they're various Ghost-Type Pokemon, like Duskull. Lucian, you also see, despite the thick canopy of trees above you, a dark shape high dart across the sky at an incredible speed before disappearing.
  601. [00:40:56 ]* Lucian blinks and looks at the others, "Did you guys see that?"
  602. [00:41:24 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn notices you looking around and comments. "The ghosts around here are just the family Pokemon. You need not wo- ah!" She's interrupted as a flock of Zubat fly at you from the woods ahead.
  603. [00:41:25 ][Adrienne] "Disappearing lights?"
  604. [00:41:53 ][Percival] "Huh? There's some ghosties in the trees if you meant that."
  605. [00:42:04 ][Adrienne] "Oh, I didn't see those."
  606. [00:42:05 ][castfromhp] They zip past, some of them bumping into you and quickly righting themselves before continuing to fly past.
  607. [00:42:31 ][Lucian] "Do we follow, or are we heading toward the estate?"
  608. [00:43:06 ][castfromhp] "They must have come from the estate. Something is agitating them." Caitlyn quickens her pace.
  609. [00:43:38 ]* Adrienne is hacing a heck of a time dodging Zubats. "Yeah, exactly what I was gonna say." Adrienne speeds up to match.
  610. [00:43:50 ]* Dann- grits his teeth and picks up his pace as well.
  611. [00:44:14 ]* Lucian speeds up as well, thankful for the recently acquired running shoes.
  612. [00:45:55 ][castfromhp] As you hurry along, a sickly smell of fresh blood and flesh hits your noses, and the forest begins to open up into a clearing. You can see from here at the far end of the clearing there is a countryside manor, built in an imposing gothic syle.
  613. [00:47:21 ]* Lucian lets Olivia out of her ball and sets her on his shoulder, "Let's move out."
  614. [00:47:24 ][castfromhp] Gathered at this side of the clearing is a small group of men and women dressed in Watcher uniforms, with Lenny leading them.
  615. [00:48:21 ]* Percival lets out Basa Basa. "That really can't be a good thing."
  616. [00:48:41 ][castfromhp] There are what appear to be mareep corpses set out around the left and right edges of the clearing, and you can make out two figures huddled down near them, one on each side.
  617. [00:49:55 ][Lucian] "Are they...baiting something out?"
  618. [00:50:32 ][castfromhp] One of the Watchers starts cautiously moving forward, and a large bat-like shape swoops down from the sky and dives at him, sending him flying into a tree. It then zips over to one of the Mareep corpses and snatches one up - along with the huddled figured hiding next to it.
  619. [00:51:10 ][castfromhp] You can hear a brief scream before the pair is scooped up into the sky and the shape darts up out of view. And we'll end it there for tonight.
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