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May 4th, 2021
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  1. --2.1--
  2. Armor Overhaul 2
  3. - Armor breaks twice as slowly
  4. - You can no longer pick up armor unless you don't have any equipped
  5. - Added a drop armor keybind
  6. Armor Reconstruction Kit now repairs up to 50 plus the max amount of the current armor
  7. Armor Reconstruction Kit now gives you the Armor Salvager
  8. - Using the Armor Salvager prepares it for the next armor you pickup or next armor you destroy
  9. - Picked up armor gives half of its amount
  10. - Manually destroyed armor gives half of its remaining amount
  11. Megasphere and Supersphere now repair armor to 200/300 unless you have no armor equipped
  12. Durability Weapon overhaul
  13. - Weapons are no longer taken from you when they are broken
  14. - If a durability weapon is broken, you can pick up the same one to repair it
  15. Greatly buffed Firestorm
  16. - Changed durability to 270
  17. - Tracers now do 22 damage (15 for enemies)
  18. - Tracers have a small chance to spawn fire when exploding
  19. - Better accuracy
  20. Overhauled the BFG 9000's tracers
  21. - If shot by the player, the ball itself will emit tracers along with the player emitting some
  22. - If shot by an enemy, only the ball will emit tracers, with more damaging tracers at a shorter range
  23. Slightly buffed the BFG's Gauss sidegrade
  24. Buffed Streetsweeper's durability to 60
  25. Distortion Marks now instantly hit an enemy if you're aiming at them when using it
  26. Greatly reduced ammo usage on Beam (Beam will get an overhaul soon!)
  27. Greatly buffed General Roasterock's and Myrkura's item drops
  28. Spec Ops Zombies will spawn much more commonly at higher game levels
  29. Changed the Field Kit
  30. - Gives 25 health
  31. - Can only hold 2
  32. Changed up Brimstone Armor
  33. - Fire trail now always spawns
  34. - Player is now immune to anything of the fire damagetype fired by the player
  35. Changed the Cybernetic Armor so it drains cells over time instead of costing 60 cells when activating
  36. Changed up Completionist Reward drop rates
  37. Sentinels now spawn at game level 40 and are very slightly less common
  38. Removed the Spider Aviator
  39. Fixed issue with archvile fire
  40. Fixed some issues with the Eradicator
  41. Fixed some issues with Myrkura
  42. Fixed Shrapnel projectiles disappearing on liquid flats
  43. Fixed another Cybernetic shield VM abort
  46. --2.1 prefinal1--
  47. Overhauled Progressive Spawning to make everything a thousand times easier
  48. - Enemies no longer have "monster levels"
  49. - Instead, inherit from "PandRandomSpawner", the first DropItem value is the required game level
  50. - This allows you to easily make your own RandomSpawner patches!
  51. - Now applied to item and reward spawners
  52. - Also added a Progression Scale slider to let you determine how quickly the spawners should progress
  53. Added Pursuer Bosses
  54. - After the game level hits a certain number, special bosses may start appearing
  55. - Each boss has its own unique way of spawning
  56. - General Roasterock
  57. - After game level 25, has a chance to spawn
  58. - When given a chance to spawn, will spawn around your current location after being on a map for long enough
  59. - Gets progressively more difficult the more times you beat him
  60. - Myrkura
  61. - After game level 60, has a chance to spawn
  62. - Will only spawn after killing any enemy with the BOSS flag
  63. - Are optional, and also have special music tracks for each that are also optional
  64. - Will drop Completionist Reward items on death
  65. - Aren't affected by the Progression Scale slider
  66. Completionist Rewards no longer check for map items
  67. Hopefully no more Eradicator cheesing
  68. Nerfed the Plasma Zombie and Plasma Pistol Zombie, they now fire weak Overcharge projectiles
  69. Rockets and Grenades now have a higher max damage radius
  70. Buffed the Crackodemon's mini balls
  71. Added a charging indicator for the Cacobot's beam
  72. Slightly nerfed all Cybruiser based enemies
  73. Fixed issues with armor bonuses
  74. Fixed Lost Soul kill counts
  75. Fixed the mini Crackodemon balls emitting a red light
  76. Fixed VM aborts with the Nailgun
  77. Please no more cybernetic shield VM aborts
  80. --2.1 pre2--
  81. Added Progressive Spawning
  82. - What every difficult randomizer mod needs
  83. - Enemy spawns start off easy, harder variants will spawn as you progress
  84. - This is not like an adaptive system like DRLA or Complex Replacer, variants are "unlocked" as you progress
  85. - Every monster has a "monster level", and won't spawn until the monster level is equal or higher than the "game level"
  86. - The "game level" is increased by multiple things:
  87. - Beating a map
  88. - First time picking up a weapon, also affects durability weapons if you break them
  89. - Picking up Sidegrades unless you hit the max ammo limit
  90. - Picking up Runes
  91. Added a Soulless Drone, lost soul class
  92. Added a lot of base ZScript actors to make life easier
  93. Converted the base/default enemies to ZScript for easier inheritance
  94. Nerfed Sentry rockets
  95. Added a mini-feature to let multiple pickup sounds overlap
  96. Added missing properties to some enemies
  97. Fixed issues with runes not being able to be picked up
  98. Fixed some stupid VM aborts with the Cybernetic shield
  101. --2.1 pre1--
  102. Honestly there's probably a lot of shit here I didn't list because I dumb
  103. Added the Eradicator, cyberdemon class
  104. Renamed the old Arachnophyte into the Spider Aviator
  105. Added the Arachnophyte, mastermind class, replaces the Demoliphyte
  106. Added a Cyberwarden, baron class
  107. Added a Spec Ops Rifleman, zombieman class
  108. Added a Spec Ops Shotgunner, shotgunner class
  109. Added a Spec Ops Gunner, chaingunner class
  110. Added a Spec Ops Lieutenant, chaingunner class
  111. Added the Shrapnel sidegrade (Super Shotgun)
  112. Added the Laser Rifle, slot 2 weapon, dropped by the Spec Ops Rifleman and Laser Rifle Zombie
  113. Added the Firestorm, slot 4 durability weapon, dropped by the Eradicator, Arachnophyte, and Spec Ops Lieutenant
  114. Added the Meteorite, slot 5 durability weapon, dropped by the Eradicator and Sentinel
  115. Added a bunch of new armor types, and overhauled the armor system
  116. - Brimstone Armor, Cybernetic Armor, and a new secret armor
  117. Added a "Mod Info" page in the main menu
  118. Added Completionist Rewards
  119. Added a very crude and unfinished effect choker/"vanilla mode" (toggle using L)
  120. Added damage types to most attacks
  121. Made the Arachnophyte, Spider Aviator, and Cardinal more agile
  122. Added new Mastermind pain and active sounds
  123. Nerfed the Sentinel's mini rocket attack delay
  124. Replaced the Sentinel's "super attack"
  125. The Pistol now fires with perfect accuracy
  126. Added Plasma resistance to the Plasmatic Elemental
  127. Added Electric resistance to the Hades Elemental
  128. Slightly nerfed Hades Spheres
  129. Tweaked effects on Mancubus and Hectebus fireballs
  130. Tweaked effects on Baron (and variants) fireballs
  131. Changed all of the monsters to have a base actor for easy modification
  132. Reduced the spread on the Maxibus's plasma
  133. Reduced the homing curve on the Agathodemon's homing projectiles
  134. Added some new abilities to the Distortionist
  135. Overhauled the Laser Rifle projectile
  136. Overhauled the player's melee
  137. Buffed all bullet weapons to 12 damage per hitscan
  138. Buffed the nail projectiles to 16 damage
  139. Buffed the Streetsweeper's fire rate
  140. Buffed the Heliacal Arkh: Enemies killed by the Solbeam will now explode
  141. Slightly buffed the Pyrobruiser
  142. Chaos Imp ripper projectiles are no longer bouncy, but now do slightly more damage
  143. Added new torch effects
  144. Added new bullet puff effects
  145. Added Agathodemon brightmaps
  146. Added an enemy version of the nail projectile that stands out a bit more
  147. Added new effects to the nail projectiles
  148. Reworked the Salvation Sphere:
  149. - No longer brings you to the start of the map
  150. - You are now given a 5 second invulnerability
  151. Fixed lots of issues with projectile inheritance and replacing
  152. Fixed the Hell Warden not removing its shield hitbox after dying
  153. Fixed the "phantom Tankubus" bug, also fixing any other weird collision issues with it
  154. Fixed Overcharge not filling the charge meter after an overcharge runs out
  155. Fixed issues with bouncy ripper projectiles, still needs work
  156. Fixed issues with nailgun and ripper projectiles
  157. Tweaked the runes a bit, added special effects to them
  158. Removed the Demoliphyte
  159. Removed the Augmented Cybruiser
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