FEF: LTG: Alys Seikatsu

Dec 3rd, 2018
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  1. Name: Alys Seikatsu
  2. Age: 18
  3. Class: "Sister" -> Saint
  4. Special: Levitation, Self-Healing
  5. Character Skill: Stillness
  6. Affinity: Light
  7. Personal Fault: Not Meant For Combat - If Alys is adjacent to an Enemy unit, they get -2 DEF until their next turn.
  8. Personal Skill: Sneaking Through the Hellstorm - If Alys moved less than half their MOV, they get +15 Evade until their next turn.
  9. Personal Skill: I Won't Lose You! - If Alys revives an ally using a Staff, the staff has a 10% chance to not use a point of QL.
  10. Promotion Personal Skill: Prayer For The Lost - If a unit within 3 spaces is reduced to 0 HP, Alys gets +2 RES until their next turn.
  12. Perferred Stats: Resistance, Luck
  13. Weapon Skill: Healing(C), Staff(D)
  15. Level: 10
  16. Total Level: 10
  18. Base Stats:
  19. HP: 16 (50%)
  20. STR: 2 (20%)
  21. MAG: 4 (60%) +1
  22. SKL: 2 (10%)
  23. LUK: 6 (55%)
  24. DEF: 1 (55%) +1
  25. RES: 8 (40%)
  26. SPD: 6 (45%)
  27. CON: 5 +2
  28. AID: 4 ^+2^
  29. MOV: 5
  31. Levels Gained:
  32. Level 2: +1HP, +1SPD
  33. Level 3: +1DEF, +1SPD
  34. Level 4: +1DEF, +1SPD
  35. Level 5: +1HP, +1LUK
  36. Level 6: +1HP, +1STR
  37. Level 7: +1HP, +1SKL, +1LUK, +1SPD
  38. Level 8: +1HP, +1LUK, +1RES
  39. Level 9: +1MAG, +1RES
  40. Level 10: +1HP, +1STR, +1DEF
  42. Current Stats:
  43. HP: 22 (50%)
  44. STR: 4 (20%)
  45. MAG: 6 (60%)
  46. SKL: 3 (10%)
  47. LUK: 9 (55%)
  48. DEF: 5 (55%)
  49. RES: 10 (40%)
  50. SPD: 10 (45%)
  51. CON: 7
  52. AID: 6
  53. MOV: 5
  55. Supports:
  57. Inventory:
  58. Name | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  59. Heal |Healing(E)| 1 | -------STAFF------ |10/30
  60. ~Heal 10+MAG
  61. Vulnerary (3/3)
  63. Battle Stats: Nothing
  64. Rng: -
  65. AT: -
  66. Hit: -
  67. Crit: -
  68. AS: 10
  69. Eva: 29
  70. DG: 9
  72. Bio: Alys was the second child in her family, after his sister Ariel. His simple family lived in a small village in eastern Morcia, close to both the Dashun and Geumho borders. His father was aiming for a title for his family, practicing combat so he could be prepared for the war, and his mother was a simple seamstress. As the male of the family, Alysandre was expected to be the child to go to war once he was of age – Ariel would keep the sewing business going. But Alys had always felt off about what was expected of him. He helped his sister whenever he could, trying to avoid training in weaponry. Occasionally he would be a model for youth dress designs, which his father expressed displeasure about. 4 years ago, though, his father left for the war, starting his 5 years to claim land. About a month later, his mother went out on a trade with a big city, and never returned – It is assumed that there was a Laguz raid. His father worried, and asked if he should come home, but Alys and Ariel worked it out over correspondence, assuring him that they would be fine. Alys started helping out more, as his sister took over the store. But the stress started to get to Ariel, and she came down with an occasional coughing fit. No one thought anything of it at the time, not even her father, when he came back to check in on them after 3 years. By then these coughs were bloody, but still rare. And it was then that Alys had to come to terms with him- or rather, herself, when her father said that he wanted her to come back with him.
  73. --A Short Conversative Interlude--
  74. His dad sat in his chair, watching him and his sister go about their day. It was his last day on leave, and he just relaxed. As the sun set, and he got ready to leave, he pulled Alys aside.
  75. “Al,” he said, “I have two years left before my time served is up… I want you to be with me, then.”
  76. Alys startles. Go off to war? “But… What about Ariel?” he asked, concerned. Her condition had been getting worse in the last month, and needed all the help she could get.
  77. “Oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine.” He said dismissively. “She can see the local healer if it gets worse.”
  78. “But… For how long?” Alys asked. Because his sister had been seeing the old healer, and it didn’t help her condition any…
  79. “Just the two years left, so we can get a title, and we won’t have to bother with it any more. It’ll be over before you know it, son!” he said, a smile on his face. “But then we can own the land we live on, with no taxes to pay… We can just live.” He looks wistful as he says this, and relaxes.
  80. Alys shifts nervously. “Uhm… But…” He didn’t quite know how to explain it. What he had felt his whole life seemed to compound into this moment. He – No, she, gathered up her confidence, and said, somewhat loudly, “I don’t want to be the ‘man’ of the household.”
  81. “…What?” her father said, confused.
  82. “I… I don’t feel right, being the ‘son.’ I don’t want to go to war, or wear these clothes, or hold a sword… It doesn’t feel right. I feel stifled. I’m me when I’m in a dress, a – a needle and thread, or a Staff in my hands.”
  83. “Wha… What do you mean, son? Sewing and healing are jobs for thewomen and the old!” her father stated, confounded. Alys saw that he was unlikely to understand, but she simplified it for him.
  84. “Dad… I don’t think I was supposed to be born male. I feel like… No, I know that I am female. Please… Understand…”
  85. A darkness cast over his eyes. He stood up and started walking out of the house. Before he left, he said one last, scarring thing… “You aren’t my son. You aren’t my daughter, you aren’t my child. I don’t know you.” And then he was gone. Alys collapsed on her knees, and cried. Ariel had heard only the last bits, but she came in and sat there, hugging her sister as she cried herself to sleep.
  86. --Back to the normal story--
  87. About a week later, word came back that their father had been killed executing what essentially amounted to a suicide mission. The moment they asked for volunteers, he stepped forwards. They painted him as an honorable man, but Alys knew the real reason. She swore then never to go to war, never to hurt another being, never to make someone else go through what she had to. When she told Ariel, she started coughing so hard that she didn’t stop until the healer had used his Stave on her. From there, her health continued deteriorating, despite the daily Healings.
  88. The old man pulled Alys aside.
  89. “I’d say she only has about 2 years left in her, before whatever’s wrong takes her.”
  90. “W-what? But we’ve been Healing her!”
  91. “It’s only been prolonging the inevitable. This disease is too strong for this Staff to cure. Perhaps if we had something stronger than these simple Heals, but my old hands could never make such a magic work…” He folded his hands. “And only adventurers and royals could find or afford such a thing. I’m sorry that I cannot do more.”
  92. Alys stood there, and thought.
  93. “I can do more.” She said, resolute for once. “I can go out there, find a job, find it, or save up for it, or something!”
  94. “But didn’t you say that you wouldn’t fight?”
  95. “I won’t. I’ll make sure that whoever I’m with gets back home safe.”
  96. “Very well… Take this.” The old healer offered his Heal Stave to her. It was gnarled and well worn, and still had charges in it. “Don’t forget your promises, child, and they will keep you safe.”
  97. So she left the village to go to the city, and find a job. Of course, the only jobs that fit that description are dangerous adventuring/exploration type deals, and she was woefully unprepared for combat. But one was a mercenary group looking for a healer, and although the fighting there was bound to be more intense than some of the other requests, at least there would be others who were meant for the front lines. And besides, keeping people alive wasn't a bad thing, right? She tried not to think about the fact the people she was keeping alive were ending lives as well too much. Which was difficult, to say the least.
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