Cutie Mark Crusaders Human Pony Play Pets

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  1. CmC human pony play pets.
  3. >Setting the last nail into place, you hammer it in, finishing your creation.
  4. >A proper scaled barn, complete with several stalls ready for occupancy.
  5. >Of course, living in magic pony land where just about every form of farm life is sapient, if not sentient...
  6. >It's a bit more of a nostalgia trip than actually practical for much beyond storage.
  7. >With a sigh, you lean against the red walled structure, looking out at your house and farm.
  8. >Only an acre to your name, it still feels like back home, watching the sea of golden wheat waving in the soft summer breeze.
  9. >"Howdy mister 'nonymous, that's a nice lookin' barn ya got there," a higher pitched southern accent calls out to you.
  10. >Looking to the side, you see a pink bowed young mare trotting up the road, along with her friends.
  11. "Hey Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, how's it goin'?" you call back while waving.
  12. >Picking up the pace, they all run up to you, and you kneel down to give them a hug.
  13. >"Anonymous," Sweetie asks as you let go of them, "Why are you making a barn if you don't have any use for it?"
  14. "Well, " you start, stepping back and looking up at it, "It helps me feel more at home."
  15. >"Why's that? Didja live on a farm before you came here?" Applebloom asks, walking over next to you.
  16. >"What kind of farm was it? I bet you had all sorts of cool plants there," Scootaloo adds.
  17. "Yeah, I did live on a farm, a great big one. Bigger than Sweet Apple Acres, actually."
  18. >Pulling out a stem of wheat, you set it in your teeth as you start to reminisce.
  19. "It was huge, with dozens of helpers to keep everything running."
  20. "We grew all sorts of plants, from carrots and potatoes, to wheat, barley and all sorts of other grains."
  21. "We grew apples too," you add, seeing the question starting to form in Applebloom’s head.
  22. "There were also all sorts of farm animals too, but..."
  23. >"But what?!" the trio ask excitedly.
  24. >Spitting out the stem, you open the door to the barn and light a lantern.
  25. >The three follow you inside, looking all around.
  26. "A lot of the animals I would have kept are all intelligent here, while they were just..."
  27. >"Not smart like here in Equestria," Applebloom pipes up, picking up where you dropped off, "Mah sis told me 'bout some o' the farm animals from yer world."
  28. "Well, that makes explaining it a bit easier."
  29. "Here, I'd have cows, when they're not in the field, and here, pigs."
  30. >Poking their heads into each stall you point out, they let out occasional "oohs".
  31. "And here, we'd keep..."
  32. >Pausing a moment, you run your hand over the nameplate you attached to the stall.
  33. >"What? What did you keep here?" Scootaloo asks, poking her head into the stall.
  34. >Sweetie Belle looks up at where you are looking, and seeing the plate asks, "Who's Moon?"
  35. "She is... she was my horse. These stalls were where we kept our horses, and Moon was..."
  36. >"What kind of horse?"
  37. "Quite a lot of questions, you three have, huh?" you say, patting Sweetie on the head, "How about we head inside for snacks, and I can tell you all about them."
  38. >Applebloom and Scootaloo are out of the stalls and running for the door in an instant, and Sweetie hurries not long after.
  39. >Closing the double doors behind you on your way out, you walk up the short path to your house, the three of them bouncing along ahead.
  40. >"Hurry up Anon!" Scootaloo calls, already at your door.
  41. >They may have grown up some since they were fillies, but the three of them are definitely young at heart.
  42. >Sprinting the rest of the way, you open the door and let the energetic trio in, where they head straight for the kitchen.
  43. >"What kinda snacks you got, Anonymous?"
  44. "Well, I think some cookies and cool, refreshing lemonade would be just perfect for a day like this, don't you agree?"
  45. >"Yep," Applebloom nods with a smile.
  46. "How about you three get comfy in the living room while I get things ready?" you suggest, and Scootaloo and Applebloom head there, Sweetie staying with you.
  47. >"Can I help Anonymous?" she asks, and you nod.
  48. >Pulling out a tray, you set four glasses and a pitcher of lemonade on it, which Sweetie levitates to the other room.
  49. >With cookie jar in hand, you head into the living room as well, and set it down on the coffee table before sitting in your chair.
  50. "So, now what do you all want to ask me?"
  51. >"What kind of horse was Moon?" the three chorus, all eyes focused intently on you.
  52. "She was a horse that looked much like Celestia, but a lot bigger. Even bigger than me."
  53. >You can almost see the images forming in their imaginations, and you reach over to your bookshelf.
  54. "Here, I can show you a drawing of what they look like, if you want."
  55. >Pulling out a book titled "The vault of human information, volume 3", you quickly flip through it before coming to the part about horses.
  56. "Now, they came in plenty of sizes and colors, from little ponies the size of Big Mac, to huge shire horses that were as tall at the shoulder as I am."
  57. "This," you show the image, "is about the size of most of the horses that were on my farm, though we kept a few ponies as well, since they were great for with the kids."
  58. >"WOW! That is big!" Applebloom exclaims, "What was Moon like? Was she a quiet but helpful pony, I mean, horse like Big Mac, or was she outgoing like Pinkie?"
  59. "Horses aren't intelligent like that," you say with a bit of a chuckle, "They're smart like Winowna, but Moon was a very friendly horse, kinda like you three."
  60. "She was always around when I was, and she helped with all sorts of chores, like pulling wagons of stuff, or helping herd the cows and sheep."
  61. >A smile plays on your lips as you recall much of the time you spent with Moon, before a question pulls you back.
  62. >"So if she was like a pet, what kind of stuff did you do for her?"
  63. "What didn't I do for her. She was like a sister, no closer that that..."
  64. "I'd brush her coat and mane, clean and tend her hooves, we'd go out for walks together, we'd hide out under trees and snuggle to stay warm if we get caught out in the rain."
  65. >The girls giggle, and you look down at them.
  66. "What's so funny?"
  67. >"It sounds kinda like you were her special somehuman."
  68. >Thinking back, you laugh with them.
  69. "I guess so. Looking back, we did act a little like we were together."
  70. >Reaching to pour yourself another glass, you find the pitcher empty, and the three mares looking a little sheepish.
  71. >"Sorry, we were just thirsty from coming up here, and your lemonade is really good," Sweetie Belle apologises.
  72. "Not a problem, I'll quickly whip up another jug. Just wait here, and don't eat all the cookies before I get back."
  73. >You glare at Scootaloo, who is reaching in for another, and she gives another sheepish smile, and you grin back.
  74. "I won't be long."
  75. ~~~
  76. >Watching Anonymous leave the room, you motion Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle into a huddle.
  77. "Girls, are ya thinking what ah'm thinking?"
  78. >"I dunno, isn't it going to be hard to get hold of two tons of butter,  fifty-six dandelion sandwiches, fourteen clowns and a 30 meter sailing boat?" Scootaloo asks, and both you and Sweetie look at her concerned.
  79. "That's... rather far from what ah had in mind. Ah was thinking we could try bein' pet ponies for Anon."
  80. >This time, both of them look at you like you're crazy.
  81. >"Uhhh... Why?" Scootaloo asks, "I mean, sure he's a nice guy, but being his pet?"
  82. >"I agree with Scootaloo," Sweetie adds, "It's kinda weird, don'tcha think?"
  83. "How 'bout this, Sweetie, what does Rarity say she wants in a special somepony?"
  84. >"Well, she wants somepony who's kind, who will help take care of her and her mane and stuff..." something dawns on her, and you turn to Scootaloo.
  85. "What about Rainbow? or how about mah sister, what do you think they'd want in a special somepony?"
  86. >"Your sister would want somepony as hardworking and honest as her, and Rainbow would want an awesome guy who would fawn over her when she's home."
  87. "And isn't Anonymous all that? We could just look at the book and see first, and if we go through with this, it would be like having a special somepony without having to worry about kissing and stuff."
  88. >Both girls look pensive for a moment, and you lean over and look at the book title, just in time for Anonymous to come in.
  89. >"Interested in the book, Bloom?"
  90. "A little bit. Can ah borrow it fer a while?"
  91. >"Sure, just take good care of it."
  92. "Thank's Anon," you say, pulling it over.
  93. >He sets the pitcher of lemonade down, and peers inside the cookie jar.
  94. >"Well, it looks like you guys listened and left me a few cookies, so I think that deserves a little reward. How about I walk you back to town, and we stop by Sugarcube corner for a milkshake?"
  95. >You shake your head before the other two can, and reply.
  96. "As much as ah like the sound o' that, we have other plans, right gals?"
  97. >"Uh, yeah, right," Scootaloo says, and Sweetie nods.
  98. >"Alright, well, maybe another day then?"
  99. >All three of you smile and nod, before getting up.
  100. "We'll be seein' you later, Anonymous; bye."
  101. >"Yeah, bye."
  102. >As the three of you head off back to town, you wave goodbye, and he waves back, before heading out to tend the fields.
  103. >Out of earshot of the farm, Scootaloo turns to you and asks, "So, are you realy going to try being a pet pony for Anonymous?"
  104. "Ah dunno, but it does sound kinda nice," you say, pulling out the book, "Ah mean, havin' somep0ny ta brush out yer mane, and keep ya warm in winter."
  105. >"And keep you locked up in a tiny box all day," Scootaloo adds.
  106. >Sweetie nods with Scootaloo, and you open the book.
  107. >Flipping through till you find the part about horses, you start reading out loud.
  108. "Horses, ponies and other equines have been kept by humans for millennia, tamed as beasts of burdens, pets and companions."
  109. >"See, we'd just be a beast of burden," Scootaloo exclaims.
  110. "But in recent years, they have shifted to much more of a companion and pet role, very few still being used as work horses."
  111. >Scootaloo shuts her mouth and Sweetie lets out a giggle.
  112. "Many horses are used as mounts to help farmers herd animals, thanks to their much increased speed and large size."
  113. "Others are used as aides for both blind and problem children to help let them operate in normal life."
  114. >"Well, Anonymous doesn't need us for that, so we'd just sit around in his barn."
  115. "All equines, by human law, are allowed to roam a field measuring no less than one acre, with five being preferred, during the day."
  116. >Again, Scootaloo shuts her mouth, but Sweetie raises a point.
  117. >"But wouldn't that be a little boring, just running around in a field all day?"
  118. "We'd also help out Anon like he said, and he'd play with us. He might not be able ta ride us, but he doesn't have anythin' ta herd anyways."
  119. >"It would be sort of funny though, Anonymous riding on one of our backs," Sweetie comments with a giggle.
  120. >"Hey, does that book show how humans rode horses?" Scootaloo asks.
  121. "Umm... Let me see..."
  122. >Quickly scanning the pages, you flip several before coming to a two page picture.
  123. "Yes, it does, here," you lay out the book so they can see.
  124. >Across the two pages is a vivid, full color image of Anonymous riding on a larger than normal Celestia.
  125. >Below it, there is some text explaining the picture.
  126. >*Anonymous providing a visual demonstration of horseback riding with the aid of Princess Celestia.*
  127. >*Please note that not all human riding gear is used, only a riding saddle.*
  128. >"Wow!" Scootaloo exclaims, "I didn't know Anonymous got to ride on Celestia's back once."
  129. >"Neither did I," Sweetie adds.
  130. "Well, if'n Celestia is fine with Anonymous ridin' 'er, he can't be too bad of an owner."
  131. >"But Anonymous doesn't own Celestia," Sweetie Belle points out, and you grin.
  132. "Ya know what ah mean."
  133. >Closing up the book, you put it away and start walking again.
  134. "So, ah think ah'm gonna try it out and see if he'll let me be a pet pony, how about ya'll?" you ask, holding out a hoof.
  135. >Sweetie holds out her hoof and places it against yours, saying, "I can give it a try, and besides, friends should stick together."
  136. >Scootaloo's orange hoof joins yours and Sweetie's and she adds, "Besides, just because we found our cutie marks doesn't mean the Cutie Mark Crusaders have broken up. We do everything new together."
  137. >"Cutie Mark Crusaders: Human Pony Pets!" you all chorus, before giggling and walking back to town.
  138. "First, we're gonna have ta prepare, so ah'll read the book 'n figure out what we'll need while you two gather some stuff like brushes and that."
  139. >"Alright. We'll meet up at the treehouse later, ok?" Scootaloo asks, and everyp0ny nods.
  140. >Splitting up, you all head to your respective homes.
  141. ~~~
  142. >Sunlight pours through your window on another fine day, and you stretch out your shoulders as you rise from bed.
  143. >Setting a pot of water to boil, you take care of your morning routine.
  144. >Face shaved clean and body showered, you set a cup of coffee to brew and start some toast.
  145. >With the smell of toasting bread wafting around the room, you pull out a jar of jam and start slathering the gooey substance all over your toast.
  146. >Coffee and toast in hand, you step outside, and notice something is off.
  147. >The door to your new barn is open slightly, probably blown open by the wind.
  148. >Taking a bite of toast, you cross the yard and reach for the door.
  149. >Instead of closing it, you pull it open, just in case something got inside during the night.
  150. >As the light fills the barn, you see something's different.
  151. >Several stalls have plates sitting above them, not just Moon's.
  152. >Curiosity draws you closer, and confusion takes over when you see what is written on one.
  153. >*Applebloom*
  154. >Two other plates hang over two other stalls, and you don't even have to look to know what is written on them.
  155. >Looking over the stall gate, you see Applebloom asleep under a checkered blanket.
  156. >The gate is unlatched, and you pull it open quietly and step inside.
  157. >Several objects are littered around, most in 'relatively' the right spots, including some brushes, clothing and a few pictures.
  158. "Applebloom, wake up," you say, kneeling and softly nudging her.
  159. >"Five more minutes sis," she grumbles, pulling the blanket over her head.
  160. >Adopting a rather annoyed look, you grab the blanket and yank it off of her.
  161. >"Ah'm up sis!" she exclaims, shooting upright before looking around blearily.
  162. "Now that you're awake, would you mind explaining why you and your friends are sleeping in my barn?"
  163. >"Well, uh..."
  164. >Watching her scuff a hoof on the ground nervously, you reach out and scratch behind her ears.
  165. "It's alright to tell me, I'm not mad at all, just curious."
  166. >She smiles at the scratches, nearly every p0ny does, but it quickly fades to a neutral look.
  167. >"We, well, I thought that, after everything you showed us and told us about yesterday, it might be... nice, being a pony for you; Like one of the ponies from your world and the girls agreed to try it with me."
  168. "In other words," you say, sitting back, "you wanted to try being a pet?"
  169. >"More like a companion, like Moon was for you."
  170. >Hearing her name, you feel a small tug at your heart, while Applebloom continues.
  171. >"And well, you're such a nice person, and you must miss your home, so maybe doing this will help here feel more like home?"
  172. >She looks up at you with bright orange eyes, and you feel your already soft heart melt.
  173. "Alright, I guess I can try having you and your friends as pets, or I guess, companions."
  174. >With a beaming smile, she jumps forward and hugs you without consent.
  175. >Okay, so you consented almost immediately, but that's not the point.
  176. >The point is, you're now the proud 'owner' of three young mares, and their sisters are likely gonna kill you if they find out.
  177. "Uh... you did let your families know about this, right?"
  178. >Awkwardness hangs in the air like a thick fog, until a sleepy eyed Scootaloo drifts in.
  179. >"Mornin'..."
  180. "Good morning Scootaloo, did you tell your family you were doing this?"
  181. >"Would've if I could've. *Yawn* they moved back to Cloudsdale a year ago."
  182. >Patting her head, you turn back to Applebloom.
  183. "So, when DID you plan on telling your family?"
  184. >"Well... ah figured... Hey, where's Sweetie?"
  185. >A tired yawn comes from behind Scootaloo, and Sweetie's messy-maned head comes into view.
  186. >"I'm here. Do you think you could help, Anonymous?" she asks, motioning to her mane.
  187. "Did you inform your family as to what you were doing?"
  188. >"I left a note for Rarity, and I planned on going in today to explain properly."
  189. >Nodding, you motion her over, and she lays down in front of you, levitating a brush for you to use.
  190. "I'm glad at least you have a plan. Scootaloo, I expect you to send a letter to your parents at the very least, and as for you, Applebloom, I may just take you home and make you explain."
  191. >Sweetie's mane is nowhere near as bad as it looks, and you quickly bring the unruly tangles into line, and her natural curls take over.
  192. >"Thanks Mister Anonymous, you're really good at that," Sweetie says as you finish.
  193. "You're welcome, Sweetie. Now, if either of you want brushings, you're going to have to tell your families what you're doing."
  194. >"Yes Mister Anonymous," they both groan.
  195. "And don't call me Mister Anonymous anymore, just Anonymous or Anon. Oh, and no Master or anything like that."
  196. >"Ahlright, Anon," Applebloom says, and Scootaloo just nods sleepily.
  197. >Wafting your coffee under Scootaloo's nose, she perks up just a tad, and you chuckle.
  198. "How about we get some breakfast in you before we go and take care of business."
  199. >All of them nod in agreement, and their stomachs let out a synchronized growl.
  200. >Rising, you set Sweetie's brush aside and head for the house, all three girls in tow.
  201. >With bread toasting and a pot of tea brewing, you pull out a few apples to help tide the girls over.
  202. >The four of you sitting around your small table, you look at each of them as they eat.
  203. "What made you all want to be my pets?"
  204. >The abruptness of the question catches them off guard, and they all look down.
  205. >"We... umm..." Applebloom starts, but she peters off.
  206. "It's okay if you don't want to tell me right now, but you are going to have to tell your family, remember."
  207. >Taking a deep breath, Applebloom steadies her nerves.
  208. >"We became your pets because we want a nice stallion, or rather, human, to take care of us, so we don't get stuck with some jerk."
  209. "So you're only doing it for safety?"
  210. >"No, but that's part of it," Sweetie Belle says, drawing your attention, "you're a really nice guy, and a friend, and if we do this, you get stuff out of it too."
  211. >"Yeah, you get free help, all you have to do is take care of us like you used to do with your old horses," Scootaloo adds.
  212. >Resting your elbows on the table, you rest your chin on your hands.
  213. "You three help me out on the farm for free, and I provide you with food, a warm place to stay and help keep you clean, is that right?"
  214. >"We'll be with you, Anonymous. Isn't that better than living out here alone?"
  215. >Looking at the three of them and how nervous they are, you feel what few qualms you had about this fading.
  216. >The toaster dings, and you rise and grab plates.
  217. "What would you girls like on your toast? I got jam, butter and peanut butter."
  218. >Each of them gives a different response, and you can't help but smile.
  219. >Setting a plate of toast on the table, you pull out the toppings and set them out as well.
  220. >The tea comes next, and while they eat, you prepare to head to town.
  221. >Since you're likely going to have to visit both Rarity and the Apples, it would be best to look good, but functional.
  222. >A pair of lightly worn jeans and a clean, white shirt with a light jacket thrown on overtop make up your outfit, and you step back into the dining room.
  223. >To your surprise, the table is already clear, and you see Sweetie Belle washing the dishes.
  224. >"Don't worry Anon, I'll have them done in a moment, then we can go."
  225. "You know, you don't have to do this yet; nothing has been truly decided."
  226. >With a shake of her head, she replies, "No, we're going through with this, so we should get used to helping out with jobs."
  227. >"Ya should get used to it too, since yer the one in charge ya can tell us what ta do," Applebloom adds in.
  228. >Setting the last dish in the rack to dry, Sweetie pulls the plug on the sink and hops down from her stool.
  229. >"Alright, I'm ready to go."
  230. >Scootaloo and Applebloom get up from their spots, and all four of you head to the door.
  231. >When you hold it open for them, they giggle, and after leaving, you lock it.
  232. >"See, yer such a nice fellow, Anonymous, holdin' a door open fer a girl."
  233. "It's just the way I was raised; now I figure we'll visit Rarity first and I'll go with Sweetie while she explains and you two can go to the Library and prepare Scootaloo's letter."
  234. >Applebloom lets out a quiet sigh of relief, and you turn to her.
  235. "We're visiting the Apples after we get Scootaloo's letter sent, so don't think you're off the hook."
  236. >Walking down the road to Ponyville, you find the three of them fall into line behind you.
  237. >Your procession makes its way through the market and towards Rarity's boutique.
  238. >Passing Twilight's Library, Scootaloo and Applebloom split off, and Sweetie runs ahead to her old home.
  239. >You arrive at Carousel boutique shortly after Sweetie, and you see her and Rarity sitting in the living room, apparently waiting for you.
  240. >"Anonymous, you are looking well," Rarity comments, gesturing you to a chair.
  241. "And you as well, Rarity. I'm guessing you have at least an idea about why I'm here?"
  242. >"Yes, though her letter was rather vague."
  243. >As you take a seat across from her, Sweetie shifts in her seat, before getting up and laying next to you.
  244. >"Sis, I'm going to try being Anon's pet."
  245. >The bluntness with which she says this surprises you, and you can see it has a similar effect on Rarity.
  246. >Gathering herself, Rarity replies, "I'm not going to stop you, you're a grown mare and you can make your own decisions, but I am curious as to why."
  247. >"At first, it was Appleblooms idea, but when she explained it, we all decided to try, and even though we just started this morning, Anonymous has done nice things for us."
  248. >"Oh," Rarity asks with a raised eyebrow, "What kind of nice things?"
  249. >"Well, he brushed out my mane for me this morning, just because I left you the letter, and he got us all breakfast. He even wanted to help do dishes, even though I was doing them for him."
  250. >Just by the way they talk, you can see both of them are quite fine with the situation, even with the act Rarity is putting on.
  251. >"And what do you get out of all this, Anonymous?" Rarity asks, turning her sapphire blue eyes on you.
  252. "A few things the three of them have brought up are helpers on the farm, as well as companionship and it may help me feel more at home."
  253. >With a smirk, Rarity says, "Companionship?"
  254. >"Ugh, not like that, sis, he lives out there all alone, so having somep0ny to talk to and spend time with is nice."
  255. >Rarity laughs, saying, "I know, I was just making sure you both know what might happen."
  256. >Rising to your feet, you hold out a hand to Rarity, and she takes hold of it.
  257. "Since you are fine with this, we can move on to the other's parents. Take care, and have a good day."
  258. >Gently shaking her hoof, you give a low bow before heading for the door, Sweetie coming up close behind you.
  259. >"Take care of Sweetie Belle," she replies, and you nod before closing the front door behind Sweetie.
  260. >Heading straight for the library, the two of you encounter Scootaloo and Applebloom just leaving.
  261. "Hey there girls, do you have the letter ready?"
  262. >Scootaloo holds up an envelope, and you nod.
  263. "So, what does it say?"
  264. >"Well, ummm... it tells my parents that I... found a nice stallion who I'm trying out living with..."
  265. >She cringes a bit as you reach towards her, but relaxes as your hand runs through her mane.
  266. "It may not be what I would say, but if you feel it's best, I trust your judgement."
  267. >A smile spreads on her face and she nods, before running the letter off to a post box.
  268. "And that leaves just you, Applebloom," you say, turning to her.
  269. >"Can ya come with me? Lahk ya did with Sweetie?" she asks nervously.
  270. "Of course, I wouldn't be a good friend or owner if I made you do this on your own."
  271. >This seems to relieve some of her worry, but a lot remains, and you can understand why.
  272. >Her family, while very accepting and kind, is a little old fashioned, so something like this may well be frowned upon.
  273. "Sweetie, Scootaloo, if you want to head back ahead of us and get a little work done or whatever, feel free. We should be home before lunch."
  274. >"Alright Anon, we'll see you there," They reply, before turning back to home.
  275. >Applebloom at your side, you start down the path to Sweet Apple Acres, the sound of your steps the only one heard until you near the farm.
  276. >The thumping of applebucking, and the patter of apples landing in baskets grows louder as you approach, and before long, you can see a splotch of orange in the trees.
  277. >She sees you as well, and heads for the gate.
  278. >"Mornin' Anonymous, what brings ya around these parts?"
  279. "Applebloom here has something she wants to tell you and the rest of her family, and she wanted me here when she did it."
  280. >Applejack turns to her sister, and sees her nod, somewhat meekly.
  281. >"Ahlright, I'll gather up Big Mac, and meet ya back at the house."
  282. >She heads off into the orchard, and you and Applebloom head for the house.
  283. >Gently rocking on her chair, you see Granny Smith resting on the porch, and she perks up when she sees you.
  284. >"Howdy there sonny, it's been awhile since ya popped in 'round here," she comments, and you smile at her.
  285. "My farms been keeping me fairly busy, I'm sure you understand."
  286. >"O' course ah do, but come, sit. Ah haven't had a good gab in a while."
  287. >Taking a seat on the porch, Appleblooms sits down right next to you, something that does not go unnoticed by Granny Smith.
  288. >"Ah see ya've taken a shinin' to him, huh, Bloom."
  289. >Pink flows onto her cheeks, and she looks down embarrassed, but says, "Ah have somethin' important to tell ya and Aj and Mac, and Anonymous is an important part, so ah want 'im here."
  290. >The corners of Granny's mouth pull up, but she says nothing, and instead waits for AJ and Big Mac to return.
  291. >Within a minute, they do, and with the whole immediate family here, Applebloom stands up.
  292. >"Sis, brother, Granny, Ah have somethin' important to tell ya. Ah... ah decided ta..."
  293. >She starts shaking nervously, and you lay a hand on her back, helping comfort her.
  294. >Taking a deep breath, she blurts out, "Ah decided ta become Anonymous's pet."
  295. >Their reactions vary drastically, from Applejacks instant and loud "NO", to Big Mac's, well, nothing, to Granny's faint nodding.
  296. >"There ain't no way ah'm lettin' any sister o' mine become some pet!" Applejack exclaims, reaching for Applebloom.
  297. >Bloom steps back towards you and you rest your other hand on her back, and Applejack glowers at you.
  298. >"Anonymous, ah think yer a fine fellow, but unless ya let mah sister go, ah'm gonna have ta buck ya."
  299. >"Oh calm down Applejack," Granny says, "ah think it's a grand idea, and besides if ya bothered ta look, she seems quite happy with him."
  300. >"HAPPY!" Applejack seethes, "Who could be happy as a pet? Bein' forced ta do whatever sick 'n perverse things he says."
  301. >Just as you are about to say something back, Granny says, "Ya know he's better than that."
  302. >"Yeah, ah trust Anon ta be kind and besides, if ya read the book, ya'd know all the things he'd expect me ta do," Applebloom adds, a spark of courage rising.
  303. >If looks could kill, you'd be in the hospital by now, but she restrains herself.
  304. >"Ah still don't approve this, but ya seem ta want ta do this, Bloom, so I ain't gonna stop ya."
  305. >You can feel the tension seep from Applebloom, until Applejack gets up close and in your face.
  307. >Applebloom looks up at you with a small smile, and says, "Ah think that's the best we're gonna get outa her, so we should hit the trails, don't want ta leave the others waitin' too long."
  308. >"THE OTHERS! Just how many ponies did ya wrangle inta this, Anon?"
  309. "I didn't "wrangle" any of them into it. Applebloom did, since the whole thing was her idea in the first place."
  310. >Applejack turns her glare on Applebloom, but you slide her around behind you.
  311. "You also don't have any right to blame her. She and her friends are grown mares, and can make their own decisions."
  312. >For a moment, you fear for your safety as Applejack grinds her teeth, but she turns and storms off into the field.
  313. >Big Mac gives you a stern look, followed by a nod, before following after his sister, leaving the two of you with Granny Smith.
  314. >"Go on, young'un, yer friends are waitin' fer ya and yer new owner. And to you, Anonymous, take good care o' them."
  315. >With a smile and a nod, you take to the road, Applebloom following behind you.
  316. >The sounds of applebucking you hear are much more violent, but there is no angry orange or red thing chasing after you, so everything seems okay.
  317. >"Ah guess that means it's final, huh?" Applebloom says, eyes wandering everywhere by you.
  318. "Nothing is final, Bloom. We're going to test it out, and if you do enjoy it, then we can make some finalities."
  319. >She looks up at you, and a smile forms, before she nods affirmatively.
  320. "Hey, how about a ride home?" you ask her, and she giggles.
  321. >"Yer too big ta ride me home, remember."
  322. "I was thinking more like how I used to carry you on my back when you were fillys."
  323. >"Well, ah am a grown mare now, but ah suppose ah could be convinced ta let ya carry me."
  324. >Reaching down, you grab around her waist and haul her up to eye level.
  325. "Now, we can do this the easy way, where you climb onto my shoulders, or we can do this the hard way, where I tickle you until you can't breathe, then I put you on my shoulders. Your choice."
  326. >She purses her lips as if thinking, until you wiggle your fingers against her sides.
  327. >"Ahlright, ya can carry me."
  328. >Setting her down, you kneel so she can climb up onto your back and shoulders, before standing again.
  329. "Are you ready to go, Bloom?" you ask, turning your head to see her.
  330. >"Yeah, whenever ya'll are."
  331. >Starting off at a light walk, you slowly increase your pace till you are just short of jogging, Appleblooms weight bouncing and shifting like a heavy backpack.
  332. >She quickly finds herself unable to stop giggling as your clothes rub her belly, and your farm soon comes into view.
  333. >Along with your farm, a certain orange pegasus comes flying overhead, before coming in for a landing.
  334. >"Hey Anon, I thought humans were supposed to ride ponies, not the other way around," she jokes, trotting along beside you.
  335. >"Ah know, but Anon wanted ta carry me home, so ah figured ah'd let 'im."
  336. >You say nothing, instead just give a small, quiet laugh as you continue on your way.
  337. >Scootaloo takes off ahead of you, heading for the farmhouse, where you assume Sweetie is waiting.
  338. >Reaching the door, you kneel so Applebloom can dismount before opening it and heading inside.
  339. >Motioning you to the kitchen, Scootaloo ducks inside, and you follow.
  340. >Both the girls are sitting at the table, a platter of sandwiches sitting between them.
  341. >"I made lunch for us all," Sweetie says, waving a hoof at the sandwiches.
  342. "Thanks a bunch, Sweetie. I can see your cooking has improved."
  343. >With a giggle, she replies, "Yeah, but I'm still not very good."
  344. >"Seems plenty good to me," Scootaloo says, her mouth full of sandwich.
  345. >Reaching out, you grab her by the ear, making her flinch.
  346. "One thing, Scootaloo, you do not talk with your mouth full in this house or in my barn. Remember, when ponies learn about this, anything you do reflects on me."
  347. >She nods and swallows her mouthful before saying, "Yes Anon."
  348. >Letting go, you sit back and take a sandwich yourself.
  349. >Lifting the top slice, you see just peanut butter and jelly, and Sweetie says, "I heard you don't eat flowers and stuff, so I made sandwiches with stuff you had."
  350. "Thanks, Sweetie, though now that you said it, I'll have to pick up some food stuffs for you guys."
  351. >"Ya don't need ta do that. We can eat what ya have."
  352. "Nonsense," you say, patting Bloom on her head, "It's my job to take care of you, and our dietary needs are different, so if you just eat what I do, it's not enough."
  353. "We'll make a list of stuff to get, and we can go shopping tomorrow."
  354. >All three of them nod, chewing through their sandwiches.
  355. >Like with breakfast, Sweetie cleans up lunch while Scootaloo and Applebloom drag you out to the barn.
  356. >Stopping just outside their stalls, they both disappear inside, before coming out with a brush in their mouths.
  357. "Ah yes, I did promise to brush you guys if you told your families," you say, taking a seat.
  358. >"I'm first, since I sent my letter first," Scootaloo says, hopping into your lap after dropping her blue, wonderbolts brush in your hand.
  359. >Her mane is much more tangled and knotted than Sweetie's, but it brushes smooth as you work out the knots.
  360. >As you finish with her, she vacates your lap, taking her brush with her, only to be replaced by Applebloom.
  361. >While not as bad as Scootaloo's mane, Applebloom's is still fairly messy, and it takes a few minutes to go through with her apple brush.
  362. >Finishing up with Applebloom, Sweetie walks into the barn and informs you she has finished the dishes.
  363. >Standing, you look over at your three new helping hooves, and motion them all outside.
  364. "Alright, I'm not exactly sure how we are going to split the work between us, but for now, is there anything you girls want to do?"
  365. >All three of them raise a hoof to their chin in thought, before all of them spark an idea and group up, whispering to each other.
  366. >A sense of foreboding come over you, but you shake it off.
  367. >"Anonymous, we want to..."
  368. ~~~
  369. >Sitting in Ponyville's pet shop, you question why you ever agreed to this.
  370. >All three of your new ah... pets, are looking at collars and Id tags and treating them like jewelry.
  371. >"Hey Anon, how does this look on me?" Sweetie asks, wearing a pink and purple striped collar and holding up a little diamond tag.
  372. "I think it suits you quite well. It matches your mane."
  373. >She smiles and sets it in a growing pile of ones they like, before turning back to the display.
  374. >Scootaloo has already decided on a wonderbolts collar, but she's can't decide on a tag.
  375. >Applebloom, on the other hand, has already picked her tag, a circle with a detailed edge, but she can't decide on which collar.
  376. >Sweetie just likes everything, it seems.
  377. >You just want to get this over with, considering how many strange looks you've gotten so far.
  378. >Scootaloo finally decides on a lighting bolt tag, and Applebloom chooses a simple red collar.
  379. >Stuck between the striped purple and pink collar and a red one studded with small gems, Sweetie bites her lip in concentration.
  380. >"Will ya just pick one already Sweetie, the rest o' us are ready ta go," Applebloom says, already having tidied up her pile of unselected collars and tags.
  381. >"Hmmnnnn... but I just can't decide, they both look really good on me."
  382. >"Then have Anon pick," Scootaloo points out, and Sweetie turns to you.
  383. >She holds up both collars and tags for you to see.
  384. "I think the purple and pink one is a better choice. The other one is fancy, but since you're going to be wearing them a lot, something that won't lose little pieces is better."
  385. >"Okay Anon, you're the boss," she replies, setting the gemmed one away.
  386. >The other two roll their eyes a bit and grin, before grabbing their new collars and tags.
  387. >At the front desk, the shopkeeper tallies up the cost for the new stuff before asking, "Do you want the tags engraved?"
  388. "Yes please. If you have something to write on, I'll give you the information for each one."
  389. >A pad of paper and a quill quickly appear on the table, and you write down your personal information for the backs, and the girl's names for the fronts, making sure to specify which tag gets what name.
  390. >Accepting the pad back, the shopkeeper says, "That will be thirty five bits please. The engraving should be done within the hour."
  391. >Passing them the required bits, you take all three collars and stick them in a pocket before heading out.
  392. "Now, we have your collars, is there anything you want to do while we wait?"
  393. >Almost immediately, the three of them chorus "Ice cream!"
  394. >"Ya did promise ta take us out for it yesterday," Applebloom adds.
  395. "That I did. Well, off to Sugarcube Corner."
  396. >As you walk, Scootaloo asks, "How come we don't get to wear our collars right now?"
  397. "Because they're not ready. Without the tags, it would be like, I don't know, eating an icecream cone without any ice cream."
  398. >The three of them nod in understanding, and as you reach the sugary building, they run ahead.
  399. >Holding open the door for them, you duck in afterwards, where Pinkie greets you energetically.
  400. >"Hi Nonny! Hi girls!" she calls out, bouncing out from behind the counter.
  401. "Hey Pinkie, it's good to see you."
  402. >Rearing up, the bright pink mare gives you a hug, which you return happily.
  403. >"What brings you here, Anon? You usually try to avoid here because of your sweet tooth."
  404. >"He promised he'd buy us ice cream, and we decided today was a good time, since we're waiting for our tags to be finished," Scootaloo says, not looking away from the list of ice cream flavours.
  405. >"Tags?" Pinkie asks, looking to Scootaloo and Applebloom.
  406. >"Yeah, Anon's gettin' us tags fer our new collars."
  407. >The expression on Pinkies face as she turns to you can only be described as something only Pinkie could do.
  408. >"Anonymous, what's going on here?"
  409. "They decided they wanted to try being my pet ponies."
  410. >Pinkie puts a hoof to her chin in thought, before smiling and saying, "Okie Dokie Lokie."
  411. >Startled a bit by her positive response, you wait while the girls pick out their flavours and tell them to Pinkie.
  412. >As Pinkie passes them their ice cream, you count out the required bits and set them on the counter.
  413. >"You don't want anything, Nonny?" the pink mare asks, scooping up the bits.
  414. "No thank you, I'm fine."
  415. >"Alrighty then. You three enjoy your ice cream and be good pets for Nonny."
  416. >They all nod, licking at their ice cream before waving as they head out, the door held open by you.
  417. "Want to head to the park while we wait?" you ask, and the trio nod again, mouths full of ice cream.
  418. >Scootaloo is the first to finish her ice cream, little surprise there, and she takes off ahead of the rest of you.
  419. >The other two are quite content to walk alongside you, and enjoy their frozen treat.
  420. >Reaching the park, you notice the orange pegasus has taken over a picnic table and is waving you over.
  421. >Sweetie and Bloom sit on either side of her, and you take a seat on the other side.
  422. "I figure since we have nothing to do, this is a good time to help set some jobs for you three."
  423. >"Alright, but Sweetie doesn't get to do all the cooking," Scoots says, and Sweeie looks over at her, annoyed.
  424. "Cooking is going to be everyones job, even me. We'll work out a schedule for it later."
  425. >"Ah can help with the farmin', since mah family runs a farm, ah'm pretty good at it."
  426. "Have you ever tended anything but apples though? They're quite different compared to the plants I grow. I think Scootaloo will be in charge of watering the plants, since she can fly over everything."
  427. >Scootaloo looks a little excited at your job for her, and even Applebloom seems fine.
  428. >"Ah'm sure ya can teach me, and besides, Ah think ah can help ya start growin' some apple trees again too."
  429. "Are you sure Applejack wouldn't be offended by that? Thinking first I stole her sister, and then then trying to steal her business."
  430. >Applebloom's face shows thought, and she looks down at the table.
  431. >"Hey, aren't you making this out to be worse than it is?" Sweetie asks, hopping over the table next to you, "We're now your pets, and that's that."
  432. >You hear some muted whispers from behind you, and turn in time to see a light colored pony walking away.
  433. >"Yeah, Sweeties right, we're gonna be your pets, and we'll work out everything as it comes," Scootaloo says, Applebloom nodding.
  434. >Seeing their determination, you sigh and nod.
  435. "Yeah, I know. Come on, lets go check on your tags."
  436. ~~~
  437. >Seven days have passed since the trio of young mares decided to be your pets, and to be honest, they have been some of the best days here.
  438. >Not only do they help you feel more at home, having friends around always helped keep your mood up.
  439. >Helping the girls finish tidying their stalls for the night, you lock each one as they are ready.
  440. >They were... unsure about it at first, but since each stall has a small bathroom modification, and after a pair of Timberwolves decided to prowl around, they found the locks comforting.
  441. >Especially since you had the rooms unlocked early every morning.
  442. >Applebloom, always punctual, is the first ready for locking, Scootaloo shortly after her.
  443. >Sweetie takes a little bit more time, but she always does a thorough job, so you don't complain.
  444. >Clicking the last lock into place, you wish them all a good night, and close the barn door.
  445. >Walking to your house, your gaze wanders to the brilliant orb that is the moon, hanging only a short distance above the horizon.
  446. >Every night is a full moon, but you no longer rely on the moon to help track growing seasons.
  447. >The pegasii and their weather control handle that.
  448. >Still, you often take time just to gaze up at it, knowing while it may not be the same one as back home, it's just like the one they look up at.
  449. >Closing your own door behind you, you pause only a moment to grab a drink before heading to bed.
  450. >In the semi-darkness of night, a trio of shadows sneak up the road, always watching the house
  451. >Their only light is that of the moon, and with it, they make their way to their destination.
  452. >The barn.
  453. >Two pull the barn door open with their magic, the third watching all the windows of the house.
  454. >On silent rollers, the door slides open, the night casting only a scant increase in light to the barn's interior.
  455. >Behind them they close the door, darkness setting in only momentarily before a faint blue glow starts from one unicorns horn.
  456. >"They're in here, right?" the unicorn not lighting the room asks quietly in a nasally voice.
  457. >"Yeah, I've been watching for a while, he always takes them in here at night before heading into his house," the third whispers back.
  458. >By the dim light of the magic, they start searching, till they come across the first stall with a plate.
  459. >"Moon? Do either of you know anyp0ny named Moon?"
  460. >Both others shake their heads, and they try and peer over the tall gate.
  461. >The third spreads their wings, taking off slightly and hovering over the level.
  462. >"There's nop0ny in there, maybe she is with him in the house or something."
  463. >"Whatever, we came for the other three anyways."
  464. >Moving to the next stall, they look at the plate, which reads *Scootaloo*.
  465. >"She's mine," the third says, wings opening again.
  466. >Flying up, the third finds where there was empty space above the gate at Moon's stall, there is thick, strong chicken wire blocking the access into the stall.
  467. >"Check the lock, Snips, the gap above is blocked by chicken wire."
  468. >"Sure, Featherweight," he replies, the glow of light fading, replaced by a smaller glow as the lock starts doing the same.
  469. >Before anything happens, the magic fades, leaving the lock unchanged.
  470. >"It's not working, what do we do?"
  471. >With a quiet, unponylike growl, Featherweight turns away and heads for the door.
  472. >"We're going to have to get a key. I know the guy who made the locks, so I should be able to swipe a spare."
  473. >"Alright," Snips says, and Snails nods, following them out.
  474. ~~~
  475. >With the sun on your shoulders, you walk through town, purchasing foodstuffs for you and your pets.
  476. >The three of them are at home, doing their chores, and quite well, you find.
  477. "Still, it's three more mouths to feed, and I only make so much..."
  478. >Headed for your last stop of the day, you hear quiet whispers from an alley.
  479. >".. got ... key. We're ........... tonight, usual time."
  480. >"Is this ...........? I mean..."
  481. >"Hey, it's ........... than banging your dog or ........., so we're not going ........... trouble."
  482. >Shaking your head, you grab the last food on your list before heading home.
  483. >All three of your pets rush out to meet you, Sweetie and Applebloom taking the bags off your hands, while Scootaloo pushes you to the barn.
  484. >"Anon, I need your help with moving some stuff in here," Scootaloo says, motioning to the hayloft.
  485. "What's up?"
  486. >"After lunch we were playing with your frisbee, and it accidently landed up there, and I can't find it."
  487. "Most of the boxes up there are too heavy for you, I guess, huh?"
  488. >She nods, and flies up the ladder, you climbing right behind.
  489. "So, where do you think it landed?"
  490. >"Somewhere from that window," she replies, indicating one on the far side.
  491. >Pushing boxes around, you start searching for the missing disk, not noticing Scootaloo slip away.
  492. >Finally, after moving a particularly heavy box of tools, you find the frisbee, but as you turn around to pass it to Scootaloo, you notice her missing.
  493. "Scoots, where are you?"
  494. >Making your way back down, you pass through the barn and look out over the field.
  495. >Everything is as it should be, the crops nearing harvest time.
  496. >No sign of your orange pegasus though.
  497. >Making your way inside, you are suddenly dragged in by magic, and confetti starts flying everywhere.
  498. >"Congratulations Anon! You're a new pet owner!" Pinkie calls out, bouncing around the room.
  499. >Looking around the room, you see Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Big Mac, even Granny Smith was here, as well as a pair of pegasii you don't recognize.
  500. "Uh... thanks, but what is all this?"
  501. >"You need a special party for becoming our friends owner!" Pinkie replies, moving behind you and pushing you into the party.
  502. >"It might not have been the best thing, but when Pinkie starts a party..." Sweetie says with a slightly awkward smile.
  503. >You can't help but nod, knowing full well how the pink party pony can get.
  504. "I hate to sound rude, but if I may ask, who might you be?" you ask the two pegasii you don't recognize.
  505. >"We're Scootaloo's parents. We came to make sure she didn't just get conned by some abusive stallion, and instead we find she chose a monkey."
  506. >"He's not a monkey, Dad, he's a human, and he's really nice."
  507. >"Monkey, human, either way, he's not a pony, and I don't agree with this," her mother says.
  508. >Twilight steps over, saying," While I can understand your point of view, miss, Anonymous is a fine man, and he will, and has, treated your daughter better than most stallions would."
  509. >"How do you know this?"
  510. >"It's my job," Twilight replies, matter of factly, "I am in charge of observing Anonymous and recording my findings."
  511. "Basically, the princess ordered her to spy on me."
  512. >She gives you an evil glare, annoyed that you are ragging on her, even though she is defending you.
  513. "But, it's also reasonable. I'm an endangered species, and that means even if something happens and I lose my home and everything, I, and by extension, the three of them, will be taken care of."
  514. >The mother lets out an audible *hmphhh*, but the father nods slowly.
  515. >"Well, I for one think the three of them made a wonderful choice in a mate," Rarity says, batting her eyelashes at you, "he's good looking, a hard worker and sweet as a cupcake to boot."
  516. >More than half the ponies here flush red, but for differing reasons.
  517. >Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom all blush out of embarrassment, while both Applejack and Scootaloo's mother are livid.
  518. >The final red pony is Big Mac, but well...
  519. >"YOU MATE WITH HIM!" the two exclaim, and your girls all shake their head, along with you.
  520. "No, our relationship is purely as friends."
  521. >This hardly seems to satisfy them, despite Rarity's giggling.
  522. >"Scootaloo, you are coming home with us this INSTANT!" her mother declares, reaching out to grab her.
  523. >Like when Applejack tried to force Applebloom, you slide Scootaloo behind you and stand in her mother's path.
  524. "It was her choice to do this, not mine. Even if you are her mother, if you wish to take her, I will do everything I can to stop you."
  525. >You can see rage boiling under her surface, before she sighs and it all seems to vanish.
  526. >"I can see you are going to be a good thing for her; she was always so impulsive. Promise me you will take good care of her."
  527. >She holds up a hoof, and you kneel down and take hold of it.
  528. "I promise," you say, looking her straight in the eye.
  529. >"Now that that's over, I expect to hear news of little foals and fillies coming from you, Scoots. If you're anything like your mom, you're going to be a very fertile field for your farmer's seeds."
  530. >With a vivid blush, Scootaloo says, "DAAAAAD!!" while hiding her face in your back.
  531. >Most everyone gets a chuckle out of this, and you pull Scootaloo into your side.
  532. "I'll try my best sir," you joke, and he laughs and claps you on the shoulder.
  533. >"See to it that you do."
  534. >Doing everything she can to cover her embarrassment, Scootaloo covers her face with her wings.
  535. >Pinkie suddenly pops her out from under your arms, and carries her, along with Sweetie and Applebloom into the kitchen.
  536. >Before anyone can question, her head pops back out and she says, "Don't worry, we'll be just a moment."
  537. >The awkward silence that hangs in the room lasts only moments, before Pinkie pushes the three back into the room.
  538. >"Sorry for pulling them away, but now, lets party!"
  539. >Music starts up, a table with snacks and drinks is rolled out and streamers fall from the ceiling, all in all a typical Pinkie Party.
  540. ~~~
  541. >As the party winds down, Most of the guests head out in one group, Pinkie staying behind to help clean.
  542. >Between the five of you, it's quickly finished, and you wave Pinkie on her way.
  543. "So, what did Pinkie talk to you about in the kitchen?" you ask, setting the last of the dishes to dry.
  544. >"Nothin' much, Anon."
  545. >"Yeah," Sweetie adds, "just some words between mares."
  546. "So, you're not going to say?"
  547. >The three smile and shake their heads, finishing up with their chores.
  548. >A touch of grooming, a story of home and a quick washroom trip, and you lock them up for the night.
  549. >Clicking the final lock closed, you spin the key on your finger, before stowing it away in a pocket.
  550. >As you slide the barn door closed, thoughts of what you heard earlier come up.
  551. >Heading inside, you pause against the door, the lights in your house all extinguished.
  552. "I know it's unlikely, but..."
  553. >From off the wall, you remove your axe; a one year gift from all of Ponyville to help defend your farm from the creatures of the Everfree.
  554. >The last of the sunlight fades and with axe in hand, you watch out a window, staying out of the light.
  555. >Minute tick by quietly, and everything seems normal.
  556. >Exhaustion from the party slowly sets in, and it slowly gets harder and harder to keep your eyes open.
  557. >When your eyes close, a trio of shadows sneaks up to the barn, the door sliding open without a sound.
  558. >Closing it almost entirely behind them, they sneak up to the locked stalls.
  559. >"I'll take mine first, Featherweight says, pulling out the key and sliding it into the lock.
  560. >The lock opens with a soft click, and Snips and Snails slowly pull the door open.
  561. >"Urgh... hey Anon, what's up?" Scootaloo asks, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
  562. >"I'm not your master, Scootaloo, but soon you'll be wishing I was."
  563. >Jumping to her hooves immediately, she backs away from him, and the door is closed as he enters.
  564. >"Don't fight, Scoots, an actual stallion is showing interest in you for once. Maybe if you beg, I'll consider taking you as the start of my herd."
  565. >Backed against the wall, Scootaloo searches for anything to help.
  566. >Her eyes come to rest on the warning rope; something Anon told her only to pull in an emergency.
  567. >Diving for it, Featherweight dives for her, pinning her just as she pulls the rope.
  568. >The barn shakes as a massive bell goes off overhead.
  569. >Turning and running for the door, Featherweight yells out, "Guys! Open the door, we gotta get out of here!"
  570. >The only response he gets are terrified whimpers, before theres a loud swish and an axehead embeds itself through the door.
  571. >"Dear merciful Celestia, please help me!" he whimpers as the door swings open, revealing you, looking seriously pissed off and dragging Snips and Snails by the horns.
  572. "Celestia's not the one you should be praying for, kid," you say, stompin in and grabbing him by a wing, "you should be praying I decide not to kill you right here and now."
  573. >He whimpers in your grip, hardly struggling as you drag him and his friends over to an empty stall.
  574. >Roughly tossing them inside, you slam the gate closed and lock it, trapping them inside.
  575. >Grabbing the key they used, you motion to Scootaloo to come out.
  576. "It's okay Scoots, I'm not going to let them hurt you, or your friends," you say, gently stroking her mane to console her, "now, take this key and let them out. You three can share my bed tonight while I watch these pieces of dirt."
  577. >She nods quickly and rushes to unlock the gates before taking them inside.
  578. >Ripping your axe from the gate, you pull over a barrel to sit on in front of the colt's temporary cell.
  579. "You three better get used to tiny rooms, since I'm turning you over to the guard, first thing in the morning, or earlier, if they decide to check out the alarm before then."
  580. >Hefting your axe onto your shoulder, the three of them visibly gulp, until you sit down, simply watching them.
  581. >The night slowly crawls by, and the three of them fall asleep within the hour, but you remain vigilant.
  582. >When the sunlight first peeks into the barn, your three girls come with it, laden with a tray of breakfast, as well as a stool and side table.
  583. >"Good morning Anon, we made you breakfast," Sweetie cheerfully says as everything is set down.
  584. >They seem to completely ignore the colts in the stall, instead focusing entirely on you.
  585. >"Do ya need anything else, Anon?" Applebloom asks.
  586. "No; thank you for all this though."
  587. >"Alright. We'll get started on our chores then."
  588. >As you start eating, you notice Scootaloo, who hasn't said a word yet is standing just at the back of your vision, shuffling her hooves nervously.
  589. "Hey, what's wrong, Scootaloo?" you ask, turning around on the seat.
  590. >"Ummm... It's..."
  591. >Grabbing her and picking her up onto your lap, you wrap your arms around her in a hug.
  592. "You don't ever have to worry, I'll always do everything I can to protect you and the others."
  593. >Nestling into your chest, she nods while stifling a soft sob.
  594. >Running your hand through her mane, you just sit there and comfort her, ignoring the stares of the colts.
  595. >"Thanks Anon," she says, turning slightly to press more of herself against you.
  596. "Do you think you could go and get the town guard? You probably only need to get two, since we'll have to come along back to town."
  597. >Sporting a weak smile, she nods and takes off towards town, letting you focus on breakfast.
  598. ~~~
  599. >The guards arrive quite quickly, and despite the strangeness of the situation, the three colts are restrained and taken back to town.
  600. >After a quick investigation and the colts being rather honest, a trial was set that day at noon.
  601. >Despite you not being a central aspect to this trial, Celestia herself acts as judge.
  602. >Even though the three admitted to their crimes, both sides fought to decide the severity of the punishment.
  603. >Despite being there because of you, Celestia remained impartial, as a proper judge should.
  604. >After it all, Featherweight got six years in prison, while both Snips and Snails received three for their lesser involvement.
  605. >When the sentence was announced, there were many murmurs, as six years is longer than any stallion has ever received for attempted rape.
  606. >The longest ever was seven and a half years, and that was a mare who tried to rape Blueblood four years ago.
  607. >Still, the sentence stood, and the three of them were taken off in chains to Canterlot Prison, while you and your three girls headed home after a short talk with Celestia.
  608. >Arriving at home, the weight of the events finally sinks in, and you drop into a chair, exhausted.
  609. >"Hey, are you alright, Anon?" Scootaloo asks, hopping up onto a chair beside you.
  610. >"Yeah, you ain't lookin' so hot."
  611. >"Should I get you some water?"
  612. "I'm fine, just *yawn* tired," you reply, struggling to your feet.
  613. >When you stumble, Scootaloo slips under your side, supporting you, Sweetie and Bloom taking up spots as well.
  614. >Together, they help you into bed and remove your shoes.
  615. >Slowly starting to drift off, you feel something, or rather, someone slide under your head, taking the place of a pillow.
  616. >Two other someones curl up against your sides, heads resting on your chest.
  617. >Your arms find their way around them, and before you can form a thought, you're out cold.
  618. >Shadows lengthen and the day goes on, slowly turning to night, and yet your three pets stay with you in sleep.
  619. >Through the night, the four of you sleep and as the first rays of the sun peek into the room, you stir.
  620. >Wrapped in warmth, your body refuses to move while your eyes open.
  621. >Senses flaring to life, you smell the mixed scents of the three girls, along with your own sweat.
  622. >Shifting, you feel your fingers on your right hand in something warm and slightly damp.
  623. >Your left hand is grabbing something soft and squishy, and you really don't want to look.
  624. >"Mnnnn... Mornin' Anon," Applebloom says, the mound under your left hand shifting, "looks like ya like mah flank, huh?"
  625. "Sorry, it's..."
  626. >Whatever is around your right hand shifts, and your ring finger pops out of it, and you hear Scootaloo let out a quiet moan.
  627. >One of her hooves trails up your chest, and she says, "Warn me next time you want to be inside me," before shifting forward, your other fingers slipping from her as she gives you a quick kiss.
  628. "Sorry, I..."
  629. >She cuts you off, pressing her lips to yours, before sitting up.
  630. >"It's fine if it's with you, Anon; we may have only been together a week or so, but... you're a guy I'd love to spend my life with."
  631. >Before you can answer, Bloom nods and adds, "Me too. Ya've already proven yer trustworthiness, and how much ya care for us."
  632. >"Don't forget me," Sweetie Belle adds, nuzzling the side of your face.
  633. >"So, what do you say, Anon, will you make us all your mares?" Scootaloo asks, pinning your arm with her body.
  634. >Applebloom pins your other arm, forcing you to stay there and decide.
  635. >Looking at each of them, and the smiles they wear, you come to a decision quickly.
  636. "Sure, why not."
  637. >The instant you say this, Sweetie slips from behind your head, and the three of them pin your chest and kiss you, Bloom getting your lips while the others get your cheeks.
  638. >Sitting back, Applebloom's warm crotch rubs against yours, and Scootaloo takes your lips with hers.
  639. >One arm is pinned by Sweetie's magic, the other is held with your hand under her nethers.
  640. >Breaking away, the three hop to the end of the bed and lift their rears, tails swung aside and slits winking.
  641. >"So, Anon, are ya ready ta make mares outta us?"
  642. "I'd be a bad man and an even worse owner if I said no to such a sweet request."
  643. >Reaching out, you gently grab Sweetie and Scootaloo by the tail before leaning forward and shifting so you can land a gentle bite on Applebloom’s flank.
  644. >Bloom giggles and shivers, and pulling the other two closer, you grab for her, one hand on her flank, the other on her thigh.
  645. "I may not have three penises, but..." flipping Applebloom over, you lean down and lick alongside her slit while your hands start toying with Sweetie and Scootaloo, "I can please a few mares at once."
  646. >Fingers diving into the two's awaiting marehoods, your tongue slides along the length of Appleblooms pussy.
  647. >The two on your hands quickly succumb, falling to their knees, and Bloom's back is arched as your tongue slips into her winking folds.
  648. >Filling her as best you can with your tongue, you seek to taste every surface of her faintly apple flavoured insides.
  649. >The feeling of her walls pulling on your tongue match the feeling of the others pulling on your fingers, and as you work them, the speed and intensity increases.
  650. >Curling your tongue up to pull it out, Applebloom suddenly convulses and a small rush of fluids wash into your mouth.
  651. >Moments after, both Sweetie and Scootaloo release as well, and you sit back.
  652. >Together, they have made quite a mess of your sheets, so while they come back down, you climb off the bed and remove your shirt.
  653. >Gently rubbing their backs, you get their attention.
  654. "Since you three made a mess like animals, we're going to take this out to the barn, where animals are supposed to be bred."
  655. >Still unsteady, the three of them nod and bite their lower lips, ears pointing straight forwards and half lidded eyes gazing at you.
  656. >They take off out to the barn, leaving you to quickly tidy the sheets and set them to be washed, before heading out to the barn.
  657. >The door is closed, but you can hear their voices coming through, speaking in semi-hushed tones.
  658. >As you pull it opened, you see their tails vanish into their respective stalls, before those too close.
  659. >Debating on which stall to open, you settle on Applebloom, the instigator of this whole pet idea.
  660. >Pulling open her stall reveals her plot sticking up at you, and on her back, a saddle.
  661. >"We figured we might as well get the proper gear if'n we're gonna be yer pets, and a horsie needs a saddle, right?"
  662. "That they do," you say, grabbing the pommel and giving it a light tug.
  663. >Her winking slit, left completely uncovered beckons to you, and with a smile, you drop your pants and boxers.
  664. "Now, it's time to breed this good little horsie."
  665. >Just as you are about to kneel down, she turns and lays a hoof on your leg.
  666. >"Wait Anon, ah want tah pay ya back fer what ya did earlier, so just relax."
  667. >She leans forward, planting a soft kiss on the tip of your already hard member before opening her mouth and slowly taking in your length.
  668. >A hand makes its way onto the back of her head as she goes deeper and deeper onto you, finally stopping with most of your cock in her mouth.
  669. >Gently squeezing an ear as she lets you back out, she drags her tongue along your shaft, sending shudders down your spine.
  670. >Releasing you for a moment, she kisses and licks your tip, before sliding back on again, working you with vigor.
  671. >By no means is she skilled, more than likely this is her first time, but what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in passion, and her desire to please.
  672. >Your fingers dance in her mane while she sucks, and you start to feel yourself edging closer.
  673. >Not wanting any of the girls to get left out, you gently pull her off, scratching under her chin.
  674. "You'll need some practice, Bloom, but you're already pretty good at that."
  675. >She smiles and turns, presenting herself to you again.
  676. >You, slick with her saliva, and her, slick with her own juices, you slowly but easily slide into her warm folds till you meet a wall of resistance.
  677. >Pulling back, you rest a hand on her head again, gently rubbing her ear before thrusting through her hymen.
  678. >A slightly pained gasp escapes her lips, but your tender attention quickly suppresses any pain.
  679. "I'm sorry that hurt, Bloom, but it will start to feel really good soon."
  680. >After she nods meekly, you slowly start thrusting, letting her walls shift and squeeze against you as they become used to this new presence.
  681. >The pain fades quickly for her, as she starts winking almost immediately, her clit occasionally popping out at the base of your shaft as you hilt in her, letting it rub your balls and send sparks down her back.
  682. >Her body is soon brought to its knees, the stamina of mares becoming apparent, but you press on, letting her release several times before you reach your own limit.
  683. >Like promised, you thrust as deep as you can go, releasing your seed deep into her.
  684. >Feeling herself filled with your warmth, she lets out a low moan and finally collapses, resting on the damp ground of her stable.
  685. >Sitting beside her, you let your body calm from the high of orgasming while gently petting and complimenting her.
  686. >When your blood flow is back to normal, you rise and head for your next pet, Sweetie Belle.
  687. >Her door opens easily, and you see she was waiting patiently with a fancy saddle like a good little pony.
  688. >Or she just made it look like she was waiting, and was listening to you breeding Applebloom.
  689. >Either way, she smiles, somewhat nervously at you before presenting.
  690. "Hey, what's wrong?" you ask, kneeling down beside her.
  691. >"It's, umm... I know stallions aren't always the... gentlest things, but can you try, for me?"
  692. "Now who told you that?" you ask, gently running your hand down her back.
  693. >"I um... I read it in some of Rarity's special books," she replies, failing to hide a deep blush.
  694. >Sweeping her off her hooves, you remove her saddle before sitting against the stall wall with her in your lap.
  695. "You don't have to worry about that, humans are always gentle lovers," leaning forward a bit, you softly bite her neck, before adding in a whisper, "unless you want me to play rough."
  696. >Hearing this, she tries to climb off your lap to present herself again, but you hold her in place.
  697. "Ah, ah, ah. I'm going to show you how humans love one another tenderly."
  698. >Tilting her head back and to the side, your lips meet hers, before slipping down her soft neck.
  699. >She quivers and moans as your hands gently play down her sides, curving inward to stop at her small, pert teats.
  700. >The tiny mounds are soft and malleable, like a pair of marshmallows that squish and puff back up under your fingers.
  701. >This attention alone is enough to make her squirm in your arms, traces of wetness seeping into your lap.
  702. >Under her, your manhood slowly rise to attention, brushing against her smooth rear, making her giggle among the gasps and moans.
  703. >Reaching full mast, you lower her slightly, you rod now resting along her slit.
  704. >Rather than enter her, though, you move one hand up from teasing her tiny tits to lightly grasp her horn.
  705. >Spiraling up the groove, your fingers draw tiny sparks of magic out from it, and her tongue flops from her mouth.
  706. >The fluids leaking from her increase in rate, and while you tease her with your hands, you lean in and softly kiss her cheek.
  707. "How's this, compared to those, "special books"?" you ask, your cheek pressed to hers.
  708. >"So *Ahn!* so much better than *moan* them," she replies, leaning back against you further.
  709. "And we've hardly started."
  710. >Lifting her, you line up with her rapidly winking entrance, and slowly lower her onto your shaft.
  711. >One arm under her forehooves to support her, you let the other drift lower and start teasing her clit whenever it pokes out.
  712. >As with Bloom, you soon reach her hymen, and she suddenly shivers a bit.
  713. "Don't worry Sweetie, you'll hardly feel it."
  714. >Her body has not slowed down, so even without thrusting, it's easy to bring her close to release.
  715. >With slow movements, you lift and lower her on your rod, never pressing against her hymen, and she quickly becomes a panting mess.
  716. >A few deft tweaks of the clit, and she gasps as her body releases a rush of fluid.
  717. >In the same moment, you slide her down, breaking her virginity and hilting deep inside her.
  718. >"You're... *ahn* right, Anon, I barely... *ugh* felt it," she pants, still riding out her climax.
  719. >Before she has completely recovered, you start lifting and lowering her again, causing her to start moaning again.
  720. >Where Applebloom's plot was firmer, more toned, Sweeties is soft and plump, with just the right amount of jiggle to it.
  721. >Bouncing her on your shaft, she climaxes several times, just like Bloom, before you reach your peak and pump your seed deep inside her.
  722. >Recovering from your climax takes a little longer this time, but you still spend it petting and complimenting your freshly bred pet.
  723. >Setting her down, you rise and move on to your third and final pony.
  724. >Opening the final door, you see Scootaloo in a light saddle, presenting like the rest.
  725. >As you kneel behind her, she shows no signs of hesitation or any desire for anything but you sticking your dick in her.
  726. >"Took you long enough Anon," she says, wagging her rear at you, "I almost got bored enough to pleasure myself"
  727. "Really now," you say, running a finger up the length of her slit, making her quiver, "so you don't need my help then?"
  728. >"I didn't say tha..." she is cut off as you slide two fingers into her, just to tease her.
  729. "I guess I could help you out then, my pet."
  730. >Pulling out your fingers despite her body's protest, you line up before slipping into her velvety lips.
  731. >Her walls squeeze your rod, pulling you deeper, until you hilt, much to your surprise.
  732. >"Sorry... I accidently broke it after a bad crash on my scooter."
  733. "It's fine, Scoots. I may not be breaking your hymen, but I'm still taking your virginity."
  734. >She manages half a smile before she gasps as you begin thrusting.
  735. >Each thrust shakes her light body, both physically and with pleased shivers.
  736. >Like the others, it doesn't take long for her to cum, and while she is riding out the high, she motions you to stop a moment.
  737. >"Can you... *pant* I mean, can we... *gasp* try the other hole?"
  738. >If you weren't stopped before, you were now, as you get through the shock of her request.
  739. "Why?" you ask simply, not moving.
  740. >"When you... this morning, when you pulled your hand out, your finger felt really good..."
  741. >Reaching under her and detaching the saddle, you set it aside, before pulling out of her.
  742. >Pulling over a few cushions, you lay them under Scootaloo, before flipping her onto her back.
  743. "Are you sure you want to do this?" you ask, your tip pressing against her puckered donut.
  744. >When she nods, you slowly start to press in, your progress eased by her leaking cum.
  745. >Every inch of your dick feels like it is being squeezed in contracting waves as you go deeper and deeper.
  746. >Any pain she feels is well hidden, and before long, you reach your hilt and she lets out a soft gasp.
  747. "How does it feel?"
  748. >"So... full..."
  749. >Pulling out till only your tip remains inside, you thrust back in and her eyes shoot open, vocalizing a loud moan.
  750. >Each thrust is accompanied by a moan or a gasp, firming your resolve that she is enjoying this.
  751. >Her leaking pussy only increases in flow, winking rapidfire at you, so you decide to give it some attention.
  752. >As her button pokes out, you thrust deep into her and run your thumb up the little nub, making her shudder as she climaxes, love juices spilling onto your lap.
  753. >With the added lubrication, you pick up the pace and her eyes roll back in her head, mind numbing from pleasure.
  754. >Even with her near unconscious, her tight little hole keeps contracting and flexing, bringing you close to your peak quickly.
  755. >Each thrust brings you closer, so to make it fair, you slide two fingers into her, bringing her to her last peak of the day at the same time.
  756. >Filling her up with your seed, you carefully pull out, rubbing her belly.
  757. >Behind you, you hear the other two approaching, and you pull Scootaloo onto your lap.
  758. >"That was incredible, Anon. Ah'm so glad we decided ta become yer pets," Applebloom says, nesting against your right side
  759. >"Yeah," Sweetie agrees, taking the left side.
  760. >Her eyes opening, Scootaloo looks up at you from your lap and nods in agreement.
  761. "You know, I'm glad I took you too."
  762. >Wrapping them all in a hug, you give each of your pets... no, mares, a kiss on the forehead.
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