Always the Quiet Ones

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  1. >Five months ago you arrived in this magical horse land, not hair nor hide to your name
  2. >Seriously, all that shit was burned right off during whatever it was that brought you here
  3. >You ended up smack-dab right in the middle of this giant hollowed out tree, two distinct voices screaming out at you
  4. >Though that was probably partially due to the fire that /also/ came with you and was quickly swallowing up the various shelves full of books
  5. >Thankfully, the purple unicorn your would end up spending quite a bit of your time with was quick on her, err, hooves, and with a single spell she sucked the fire into a tiny ball and snuffed it out
  6. >It was a good thing too that she could handle it, since you were rather useless as you passed out on the floor.
  7. >Fast forward a month, and you're living with the unicorn, who've you learned is named Twilight Sparkle, magical pony princess protege
  8. >You're working with Rarity, helping earn a bit more income for Twilight so you didn't feel like a total mooch
  9. >Also earned you some rather nice duds, though it took a while to convince Rarara that wearing gems on your clothing was seen as an offense to the great human god Dujarbu, and he would strike you down unless she toned your clothes down
  10. >So you wore a simple grey t-shirt with some lovely plain jeans, as well as a pair of sneakers
  11. >When not helping Rarity with her store and her job, you spent most of your time talking with Twilight and learning more about the ponies and their lives, while she in turn asked about Earth and your family.
  12. >Of course, other times you simply hung out with her, reading the massive collection of books in the treebrary, or (attempting) to play chess against her
  13. >You two started to grow close, and so in another month you found yourselves as a couple, nuzzling and snuggling on Twi's couch abound
  14. >Month three was when when Twilight picked up her little extra package
  15. >You'll admit, when you first saw those wings worry filled your thoughts
  16. >That all changed, though, when one evening she wrapped those big, feathery limbs around you in a deep hug, surrounding you with her warmth
  17. >You made love to her for the first time that night, your bodies intertwined with each other and the bed's sheets, the cool air blowing in through the window and sending little prickles over your skin as it hits the sweat that coats you
  18. >Rest came easy that night, your arms wrapping tight around the mare you love, her wings wrapped right back
  19. >Things were going along just perfectly until just last night, when Twilight approached you with a blush that rivaled Big Mac's coat and told you that she wanted to try something that she rather enjoyed with you
  20. >And so that brings us to right now, with you sitting naked on the bed, wondering just what innocent little kink the adorkable librarian had.
  21. >The door opened, your mare shaking her flank a bit as she walked in, not letting you see anything just yet as she came right up to you, her tail drooped down to hide her marehood from your sight as she nuzzles at your belly
  22. >"...are you ready? Please don't freak out" she says, her ears pining back a bit
  23. >You just lean down and give her a kiss, right at the base of her horn, your tongue flicking ever so briefly at its fluting
  24. "Whatever it is, I'll still love you all the same"
  25. >Her ears perk right back up, a happy little squee coming from the pony as she pushes up against you, climbing over you and onto the bed
  26. >Your hands find their way to her wing pits, grasping around the sensitive thin fur before slowly sliding down her back to her thighs, your hands groping at her cutie marks
  27. >As your nails drag through the soft fur she almost purrs, wiggling her rump a bit as she pressed down against you, her wings stretching up straight from her back
  28. >You returned the hump in kind, you own hips rolling to grind your shaft up against her lips, which is when you felt it
  29. >Something not too big, about as thick as your pinky finger, and it has a slightly rubbery feeling to it
  30. >With a bit of a pause, your hands slide down to feel at the object, fingers tracing along until they pressed against her, the thing disappearing into her
  31. "...Twi, love, do you think you could turn around? I want to see just what my naughty little pony has gotten up to..."
  32. >With that blush returning, she gives your cheek a kiss and pushes away, the alicorn spinning around and presenting her rear to you, her marehood winking and making the apparent piece of orange tubing jump up and down
  33. "Is that a-"
  34. >"Mmhmm! I, uhm, bought a few from Redheart a while back. Clean them thoroughly!" she cuts off, then flexes to wink herself open, holding her lips like that so your gaze could follow the catheter inside, it shortly dipping down and disappearing into the small hole in the bottom of her sex
  35. >You reach out and fondle the end, which wasn't plugged, instead being closed until it was squeezed, and you can't help let out a light chuckle
  36. >She bits her lip and gives you a worried expression, which you reply to with a gentle tug of the tube, earning a squeak quickly followed by a moan from her.
  37. "Mmm, it's in there nice and deep, isn't it? Someone's a naughty pony~"
  38. >Ahh, there's the blush again. Her horn glows and she gives you a squeeze, finding that you're still as hard as you were before, a smile spreading through those cherry cheeks. "Mmm, I'm just glad you didn't jump out the window like the last stallion..."
  39. >You burst into laughter, and make a mental note to definitely ask her about that later. For now, though, you slowly calm yourself and give the tube another tug, the balloon inflated within her tugging at the entrance to her bladder, earning another deep moan from her
  40. >Lying back, you let go of the tube and grab her around the flanks, slowly pulling her back so her breasts were hovering over your chest, her marehood at the perfect location for some attention from both your tongue and fingers. Dragging your hands over her cutie marks once again, you lead your fingers to her marehood and dip two inside, rubbing along the tubing until it disappeared into her. You didn't stop, though, instead spreading out your fingers to feel the ridge of the tubing in the floor of her sex, squeezing at the bulge as your hand pushed into her a bit
  41. >"Ahh, nngh, give it another tug~" she moans, her muzzle between your legs with your member pressed to her cheek. She nuzzled it slowly, her nostrils flaring as she breathed in the scent that wafted gently off of you. It was just a moment until her tongue snaked out and curled around your head, squeezing it as she sucked it into her muzzle
  42. >Clenching your muscles slightly, you resist the urge to buck up against her face. She was brave to show this to you, and so you were going to turn her into a puddle of pleased pony princess by using her own kinks against her.
  43. >Your fingers slid slowly into her marehood, following the tube until your fingers bumped against the rim of her urethra, the flesh squishing and giving away slightly at your touch. Her tongue swirled around the head of your cock, lapping at the slightly salty taste while you yourself grabbed the end of the catheter with your teeth
  44. >You could see the blush spread across her face when she realized what you were about to do, and she sucked harder as you bit down, your pony princess' golden piss gushing into your mouth, the strong flavours filling your senses, each suckle and gulp bringing more and more from within her bladder
  45. >Slowly, you filled and she emptied out through the tube, which you had taken to note that it was thicker than what you would have called a catheter back on earth, though you chalked that up to the differences in human and equine anatomy. Still, as you rubbed your fingers around the tube and the opening of her urethra, you realized that it was about as thick as one of your digits, which made you grin around the tube as you took your last few gulps
  46. >Twi meanwhile was still slowly working your shaft, her snout bobbing a bit between mewls and groans of pleasure. When you had finished she pulled away, saliva stringing between her tongue and your tip as she turned to face you. "Nnngh, Anon, pull it out~"
  47. >You shot her a confused look, fingers giving the tube another hard tug, feeling the balloon that locked it firmly in place doing its job
  48. "Uhh, Twi, you might need to deflate the balloon, it's pretty much stuck in there"
  49. >She just shook her head, and her horn lit up in a dull throbbing glow. Biting your lip and nodding you started to pull once again, feeling the pressure build and build against the exit of her bladder until it suddenly gave away, the pony crying out as the thick balloon stretched and plowed its way through her until it came free, expanding up to a diameter of two inches once it was free of Twilight's constricting flesh. You gawked at it, then looked back at your pony's sex to see her urethra gaped open, that familiar magic holding her own pisshole to let you stare right up into her bladder
  50. >"S-see? Piece of cake..." he grunted out, her magic relaxing as her hole started to close up, though after such a sudden stretch it stayed open just a bit. "I-I've been practicing that for you, though I've never had the balloon that big before..." she said, and you reached out to curiously rub at her pisshole before testingly lining up a finger, a push all it took to slip it in to the hilt and make her squeal in delight
  51. "That was impressive, Twi, it was huge! Looked bigger around than my..."
  52. >You trail off, and with quite the naughty grin pull your finger out, bringing it up to your mouth to lick clean, your other hand reaching out and getting a good hold of her rump as you slide her off your chest, your cock brushing along her underside until it was settled between her teats, which you gave a teasing hump before grabbing her hind legs and flipping her around
  53. >"Anon! What are you doing?" she asks with a squeak as she ended up on her back between your legs, your saliva slickened cock throbbing between the cheeks of her rump
  54. "I'm going to do something my cute purple pony won't soon forget" >you say to her, and you lean over her while slowly sliding yourself up, your cockhead rubbing up between the thick lips of her marehood. With a rock you butted up right beneath the fat button of her clit, making her moan and wink around you before slowly pushing inside until you were gently against her loosened pisshole
  55. >Her eyes went wide staring at you, and you could swear she just about doubled in how wet she was as you started to gently rock and grind yourself against the small, unusual hole, feeling it give away to you and let you in just a little bit at a time. Twilight was livid, her eyes clenching shut as she pushed back hard against you, her hind legs doing their best to wrap around your waist and pull you in tight as you filled up her urethra
  56. >When you hit her bladder's entrance it made her back arch, Twilight moaning loudly as you pressed at the loosened ring of muscle before bucking hard, forcing the last few inches of your cock inside as you plunged into her depths, feeling the hot, soft fleshy walls of her bladder clench tight around your cock
  57. >Now deep inside you hold yourself still, letting her get used to the unusual penetration, while you savor the incredible tightness that surrounded every inch of your shaft. Reaching out, you slowly leaned down and scooped her up, holding her tight, and she quickly lunged up to mash her muzzle against your lips in a deep kiss
  58. >When the kiss was broken she was left smiling up at you, panting gently, each breath accompanied by a slight squeeze around your member. "...Oh, Celestia, I love you Anon..." she moans out to you, which you return by quickly kissing her nose and telling her you love her too. A moment later, you started your first pull out, sliding back just enough for her bladder's entrance to hug just behind the head of your cock
  59. >With a grin down at her, your hands slid to the small of her back and you thrust inside, your groin slapping against her marehood as you started up a long, slow pace fucking your purple mare's pisshole, each thrust into her making her squirm and moan in utter bliss, her sex below absolutely soaked in her musky juices, and she only continued to get wetter and wetter as you fucked your new favourite hole
  60. >It was tight, oh so tight, and with each plunge into her bladder it clamped down like a vice around you, barely letting you pull out again. Twilight you were pretty sure was running on automatic at this point, overcome by the intense sensations between her legs, the poor mare whimpering your name between the lewd moans she was making. You couldn't help but grin, and with a shift of your hands you took a hold of her hind legs and started to speed up
  61. >Again and again you slammed into her now, your balls crashing against her soaked, fluttering cuntlips, Twilight desperately winking madly around you as she gushed with fluids. You took that as her equine stamina coming into effect, the floods of fluids being her cumming again and again. You yourself weren't too far off, and you were going to make it count
  62. >Precum oozed into her urethra and bladder each time you thrust, pooling deep inside so you could feel your cockhead pushing into the fluids every time you hilted. Your own breath was starting to get a bit ragged, and your grip tightened around Twilight's legs just behind her hooves, the purple princess herself absolutely lost in the pleasure, the powerful fucking of that 'little' hole of hers chaining orgasm after orgasm, the ever increasing sensitivity of her flesh only making things that much more intense for her
  63. >You grunted as you came up to your peak, and you managed to get three more extra powerful, deep slams into Twilight before cumming. You held yourself as tight as you could as your prostate throbbed, forcing thick, hot rope after rope of your cum to splatter against the back of her bladder, filling her up quite a bit as your seed left you. She screamed in pleasure as this gave her one last, powerful orgasm, barely more juices gushing from her from just how soaked she was
  64. >After an orgasm like that you decided to stay tight to her, cock throbbing even after you stopped gushing inside her, and she somehow managed to wrap her forehooves around you to hold you back, her head pushing tight into the crook of your neck. Slowly calming down, you kissed her on the forehead, and did your best to roll to her side, staying nice and close against her. Feeling tired after all that, you relax and slowly start to drift off to sleep holding her, a brief chuckle escaping you as a thought passes through your mind.
  65. "...It's always the quiet ones..."
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