Debating cuckshedAnon (first person twiggy thingy)

May 13th, 2017
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  1. >>Mares are for throat-fucking. You can not dispute this.
  3. >Wasting your sperm down a mare's throat.
  4. >Not putting it where it rightfully belongs; in a mare's womb.
  5. Shit taste op.
  7. fuckkk
  8. I don't know what to do!
  9. Oral creampies are so fucking hot
  10. But breeding is too!
  11. She's a fucking alicorn, can't she magic my balls up or smth so I can fill her womb AND her stomach?
  12. Damn magic is great
  14. >So cum into Twi's womb and she can teleport it into her own mouth! Or, your mouth during a kiss afterwards.
  16. Ohhhh now we're talking.
  17. No, actually no that's stupid, need to do the other way, I want to impregnate her.
  18. But that still won't work because my sperm will surely be worthless after she swallow it all.
  19. No, I stand on wanting to cum more, that's the only way.
  21. >I have an idea. You can cum into another mare and Twilight can teleport that cum into her womb. <<<here comes cuckshedAnon
  23. That'd be cucking you silly faggot
  24. I'm white, I don't cuck the peeps I love.
  26. >Its not cucking if she gets pregnant. She has important work to do and won't have time for you. So why not let some other mare do the work and when you finish she teleports the cum inside her.
  28. t. nigger
  29. No. The other mares are shit, only twily deserves my cum.
  30. Maybe if she can clone herself tho.
  32. >>only twily deserves my cum.
  33. >But she's getting your cum.
  35. Because sex is more than where your cum ends up, dum dum.
  36. I mean, people here obviously don't have any idea of how sex actually works, but that's silly even for /mlp/'s standards.
  38. I want to look at her lap on my cock Anon.
  39. I want to see her lips part to capture my crown, I want to see her eyes pleading for my meat, for my baby batter.
  40. I want to hear her moan when she tastes the first drop of precum.
  41. I want to cup her cheek when I get close and I want her to tell me she wants to swallow everything.
  42. That's how you make love Anon.
  44. >Too bad, she's busy and you'll have to settle for this. Don't bother pathetically begging her for sex.
  46. Oh yeah, it's fine.
  47. I'd just massage her shoulders. Then the pit of her wings. Then I'd let my hands drift up her neck and start fondling a twitching ear.
  48. She'd ask me to stop, because she has shit to do.
  49. And then I'd lean down and give her a peck, right under her left ear.
  50. But I'd keep going.
  51. I'd let a hand roam down her back, slowly, then going to her side. I'd kiss her neck.
  52. She'd gasp.
  53. Then I'd tell her how good she looks, how good she smells.
  54. She'd let out a moan when my left hand would rub her chest, and I'd let it drift down, ever so slowly, and then retreating back up right before I touch her teats.
  55. She would groan, before sending me a menacing frown.
  56. I'd kiss her on the lips.
  57. And then I'd say, okay I'm out, turn 180 and leave the room.
  58. Leaving her panting, wanting, needing.
  59. And wet.
  61. Relationships are all about communications Anon.
  62. You need to understand how to communicate with your mare.
  64. >You're selfishly taking her away from her work. She has ponies that depend on her and you're trying to distract her. Stop being so selfish and let her do her job. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up dumping your ass for being too needy.
  66. But that's not true Anon.
  67. She's a princess, and she doesn't even have subjects. Other than me.
  68. Look at Celestia and Luna, they don't do shit.
  69. We have all the time in the world.
  70. Also this isn't selfish if it's about her too :^)
  72. >cuckshed anon gets banned
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