Pokemon Let's Go Early Access FAQ

Oct 21st, 2018
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  1. >What prevents us from getting into Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee early?
  2. Two layers of protection.
  3. -The games' content needs to be uploaded to the CDN.
  4. -The games' titlekey needs to be made available (this is equivalent to saying the games must be released).
  6. >What's a titlekey?
  7. A titlekey is a 128-bit number, used to decrypt content that has been downloaded from the CDN.
  8. Titlekeys are stored in Tickets, which your console receives once a title it has been purchased has been released.
  10. >Nintendo made the games prepurchasable. Why can't we decrypt them? Your sun/moon FAQ says titlekeys are available on purchase, and I purchased the games!
  11. On the 3ds, this would have been true -- purchasing a game on the 3ds always gives you its titlekey. To solve the preload problem there, Nintendo introduced "content lock seeds" -- data that is unavailable until release.
  12. On the Switch, titlekeys work the way content lock seeds did on the 3ds. They are unavailable until release (instead of a ticket, your console gets a "PrePurchaseRecord" which does not have a titlekey in it).
  13. Without the titlekey, the games can't be decrypted, even if you've installed them via pre-purchasing. Nintendo is not stupid, and has not and will not release this value to anyone prior to release.
  15. >What does all this mean?
  16. -The games will probably be uploaded to the CDN in the next day or so, as they are slated to be prepurchasable on October 22nd.
  17. -The games will be protected by a 128-bit value, which nobody can brute-force before the universe dies.
  19. All in all, nobody's going to be getting into Let's Go early via the eShop, because nobody has or will have the titlekey.
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