Bonbon fuk (Casual Sexx)

May 29th, 2017
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  1. >Be Bonbon
  2. >It had been a very long, hard week
  3. >Candy apple season was in full swing, and lately the Apples had been busting your flank with their price gouging
  4. >Twice you had to go all the way up to Sweet Apple Acres to have a screaming match with that pain in the flank Applejack
  5. >Your chocolate making machine had been also giving you more trouble than you would have liked
  6. >But it was your day off
  7. >You didn't have to worry about any of that horse dung
  8. >Today you could just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself with a friend or two
  9. >Your old battle buddy Redheart had been nice enough to invite you to go to SugarCube Corner for some gal talk and food
  10. >You, wanting to get out of the house, had readily accepted
  11. >So there the two of you were, sitting out on the bakery's outdoor patio, sweets and glasses of Mrs. Cake's world famous sweet tea in hoof while you indulged in your favorite hobby
  12. >Complaining
  13. "--I get that Applejack needs to make a profit too, but I've been buying bucking apples from them for years, and a lot of them too! The least they could do is knock a couple bits off each dozen!"
  14. >"Maybe they raised their prices because of that new property tax Mayor Mare is trying to push through city council?"
  15. "Pffff. That's not gonna get passed."
  16. >Redheart shrugged
  17. >"I wouldn't be so sure of that," she said. "That mare can talk a pony out of their cutiemark."
  18. >You snorted, taking a big gulp of your tea
  19. "And so what if it does? I'm gonna get hit with the same tax if the stupid thing passes, and you don't see me jacking up my prices!"
  20. >"That's because you already charge too much," Red muttered before biting into her donut
  21. >You frowned
  24. >That frown deepened when you saw the earth pony's mouth twitch
  25. "My prices are the best in town."
  26. >"You're the only pony in this town that sells candies."
  27. >A small smile began to worm its way onto Red's face
  28. >She used to do this all of the time when she was in the agency with you...
  29. >Though your frown deepened, you couldn't help but feel a bit of amusement welling up inside you
  30. >Those were better times...
  31. >The pay might have been shit, and the hours might have been horrible, but at least you got to vent your frustrations by beating the tar out of monsters
  32. >If you could cold-cock an uppity customer and get away with it you'd be a much happier mare...
  33. >Red let out a chuckle
  34. >"You know I'm teasing, Bonnie," she said, leaning over to boop you.
  35. >You made a rude gesture with a hoof, which had her laughing
  36. >"You really need to lighten up mare."
  37. "I do not," you grunted. "Everypony else needs to stop being a featherhead."
  38. >"You're just wound up too tight," your friend replied. "Here we are trying to relax and the second we sat down you've been talking about work."
  39. "Venting. I've been venting about work," you corrected.
  40. >"The point of coming here was to FORGET about work, silly," Red said
  41. >Her eyes flicked away from your face and over your shoulder
  42. >The smile on her face became mischievous
  43. >...
  44. >Shit...
  45. >You knew that smile...
  46. >Without thinking, you sniffed the air
  47. >Immediately, a foreign yet very familiar scent invaded your nostrils
  48. >It was strong, rich, heady
  49. >The scent of a stallion, but far more intense, and with a mix of something else you couldn’t quite identify
  53. >You huffed as someone shuffled behind you
  54. >Red let out another laugh , resting her head on a hoof and leaning forward
  55. >"Afternoon, Anon!"
  56. >Slowly looking over your shoulder, you saw that big, dumb green alien in all of his glory
  57. >"Hey Nurse Redheart. Hiya Bonbon," he said with a nod, a STUPID smile on his face. "How are you two doing today?"
  58. >"Bonnie here is being a grump as usual," Red said, waving a hoof in your general direction
  59. "I am not. I'm VENTING, you fence-biter," you retorted, taking a bite out of your donut as your eyes narrowed at the human. "And what the hay are YOU doing here?"
  60. >"What? Can't I come over and say hello to two of the prettiest ponies in Equestria," Anon said defensively
  61. >Redheart let out an "aw", but you were better than that
  62. "You never come over to just say hello."
  63. >Anon took another step toward you
  64. >Once again, your nostrils flared
  65. >Redheart, giving you a look, patted the chair next to her
  66. >"Why don't you take a seat, Anon? Come on, I'll give you half of my donut."
  67. >"I already ate, but I'll take a seat," that green dummy said, pulling out the chair and sitting down.
  68. >"I've been running around town all day."
  69. >Red grinned
  70. >"Looking for “company”, huh? Maybe some of the candy mare variety?" she teased, somehow dodging your kick from under the table
  71. >A blush came onto Anon's face
  72. >"Um... well, I heard that Bonnie was having a bit of a week so I decided to come over and see if there was anything I could do about it."
  73. >You guffawed
  74. >Yeah-bucking-right...
  77. >You opened your mouth to call him out on his obvious lie, but Red was too fast
  78. >"That's very sweet of you, Anon," she said, easily dodging another one of your kicks. "And you know what? I bet Bonnie could use some "relief"”
  79. "I do not! I just--"
  80. >"Don't you listen to her. She can be grumpy all she wants, but everypony here, myself included, knows that she needs a good, hard rut."
  81. >You stiffened
  82. >You took a deep breath, ready to let Redheart have it, when something caught your eye
  83. >Looking over at it, you saw that it was a group of ponies sitting at the table next to yours
  84. >Each and everyone of them was looking at Redheart, nodding in agreement
  85. >Letting your gaze wander a bit more, you saw that half the ponies sitting at the patio were nodding as well
  86. >"Yeah, that filly looks like she needs a good lay..."
  87. >"It's not healthy to look that upset. She's going to give herself crow's feet..."
  88. >"That's really nice of that young stallion to offer to help. He's a real gentlecolt..."
  89. >A part of you wanted to slam a hoof on the table
  90. >Make a scene
  91. >Maybe kick a small foal through a window
  92. >But instead you just sighed
  93. "Fine. Get those pants of yours off and get behind me."
  94. >Anon perked up
  95. >"Are you sure? We could just--"
  96. "Naha. Just get over here and hurry up," she said, wiggling back into your seat so that your flank was sticking out. “You’re gonna be walking around like a sad puppy for the rest of the day if I don’t...”
  97. >You shook your head as Anon leapt to his feet, a great big smile on his face
  98. >You swear
  99. >This stallion was the randiest corndog you knew
  100. >He could fuck his way through half the town and he’s still coming over to you hard as a rock...
  101. >Redheart took a sip of her tea, trying very hard to hide her smile behind her cup
  102. >You glared at her as Anon took his pants off, neatly folding them and putting them on the table
  105. "What?"
  106. >"Nothing... Nothing."
  107. >Red's gaze flicked over to Anon as he pulled off his underpants, an appreciative spark coming to her eyes
  108. >"I didn't say a thing...."
  109. >Setting his underwear down on top of his pants, Anon walked around your backside and knelt down
  110. >Any other stallion would have just grabbed you by your mane and started fucking you, but this dummy had to putz around
  111. >He placed his hands on your sides, leaning forward to kiss you in the middle of the shoulderblades
  112. >He then began to caress you with this weird spindly fingers, tracing them up and down your body
  113. >You didn't even acknowledge his nonsense with a grunt, taking another bite out of your donut
  114. "He's NOT gonna make me do anything today," you grumbled, your tail flicking as you felt the human's lips upon your coat once again. "He's going to rut me, cum, and then we'll be able to get back to enjoying our lunch."
  115. >"I didn’t say a word."
  116. "You thought it," you replied, puffing up. "And I'm telling you that we're gonna ignore him."
  117. >Anon, lost in his own little world, slowly made his way down your body
  118. >His kisses went lower until he reached your tail dock
  119. >His hands made their way down to your flanks
  120. >Snatching up your tea, you attempted to take a drink
  121. >Before you could, however, that dumb human started kneading your rump
  122. >A shiver ran up the length of your spine when you felt him nibbling at the flesh above your dock
  123. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but let out a groan
  124. >...
  125. >Buck...
  128. "Shut up! D-Don't you say anything!"
  129. >Red said nothing, though she looked like she was trying really hard not to laugh
  130. >You wiggled in your seat, taking a deep breath
  131. >Not this time...
  132. >You're going to ignore him this time...
  133. >If you don't make a peep he'll get bored of you and go rut some other mare silly from now on...
  134. >Just keep bitching about the Apples
  135. >It'll keep your mind off of it
  136. "I was saying about how its horse apples that she's raising her prices before that tax is even passed! It's the beginning of apple season, too; those things should be the cheapest right now!"
  137. >"Maybe there's another reason why she's raising her prices. Maybe the weather team's charging her more for water?"
  138. >"Rainbow Dash is that mare's best friend. There's no way in Tartarus that--"
  139. >Anon's nibbles left your dock and made their way down your flank
  140. >Your tail, the traitor, was already flagging high, giving him easy access to everything underneath it
  141. >That still didn't stop the dumb ape from spreading your cheeks apart, showing the entire world your bits
  142. >Your nose scrunched up, but other than that you were a wall
  143. "--that she's paying more for water. In fact, I'd bet you a bag of bits that she pays a heck of a lot less than the other farmers around here!"
  144. >Anon's nibbles became kisses as he made his way down to your marehood
  145. >Giving it a kiss, he began lapping at it like it was his favorite flavor of ice cream
  146. >Your leg twitched, causing you to kick the table
  147. >"You alright there, Bonnie?" Red asked
  148. "I'm fine," you said with a nod. "I'm fine. Now tell me what's going on at the hospital. Is Dr. Horseshoes still being a donkey?"
  149. >"That's racist," A mare at the table in front of yours said.
  150. "Shut it," you snapped, giving her a glare before looking back at your friend.
  151. >Red giggled, taking another sip of her tea as Anon's tongue slipped through your folds
  154. >"Oh, you know how the hospital is. If somepony isn't ruffling somepony else's feathers there's a patient acting like a broken leg is the end of the world."
  155. "Did Coldheart report the old curd licker t-then?"
  156. >"I honestly have no idea. She might have though since he's been on his best behavior lately."
  157. >Though Anon's tongue was a little thing, he had done this more than enough times to know the spots that really got you worked up
  158. >You could feel yourself getting wetter
  159. >Your back legs twitched from the annoyingly pleasureable tongue work
  160. "Well g-good. Somepony needed to knock that jerk down a peg--"
  161. >Anon's tongue dragged against a very sensitive spot inside of you
  162. >You gasped, tensing when you felt yourself wink
  163. "--i-if he kept up with his horse apples, somepony w-was going to get hurt."
  164. >"The other girls and I wouldn't let anything happen to our patients. ignorant doctors or not."
  165. >Red poked her head underneath the table
  166. >"You know... I've always wondered why he enjoys giving you oral so much..."
  167. "Just ignore him," you said, gritting your teeth
  168. >You winked again, coating Anon's face with more of your cum
  169. >The human let out a quiet groan, his fingers digging into your flanks
  170. >"It actually makes me a little jealous," Red continued, a small frown on her face. “You usually have to beg for oral from a stallion, and here Anon’s just going to town…”
  171. >"It's probably a human thing," one of the mares sitting next to you said. “I saw him doing the same to Lily the other day. He must have been between that filly’s legs for ten minutes. I’m pretty sure he had to carry her home after it was over.”
  172. >"It must be NICE to have such an attentive stallion," another mare said, giving her husband a meaningful look
  173. >The husband, of course, ignored it, keeping his muzzle buried in his newspaper
  174. >Redheart sighed
  175. >"Anon, sweetie, you may want to go ahead and mount Bonnie. If you keep that up she's going to cum."
  176. "I am NOT," you hissed. "Now will you just ignore him and--"
  177. >Your eyes crossed as you felt Anon's lips wrap around your clit, lightly sucking on it
  178. "--buuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk."
  181. >Your hips bucked, nearly knocking you out of your seat
  182. >You almost groaned, but at the last moment you managed to hold it in by biting your lip
  183. >The heat building up in your loins exploded throughout your body, and before you knew it you were cumming
  184. >Hard
  185. "Just... ignore him... and talk... about work... Celestia... dammit."
  186. >Anon's little tongue continued to lap and suck even as you coated his face and chest with your cum
  187. >You squirmed at the extra stimulation, propping yourself up on the table with your hooves to keep yourself upright
  188. >"Well, there's one," somepony commented behind you
  189. >You ignored them, staring at Red with perhaps a bit more intensity than you should have
  190. >She just smiled back
  191. >"Did I tell you that I saw Junebug in the hospital the other day?"
  192. "N-No... you didn't..."
  193. >"Really? I thought I told you when I was at your shop yesterday."
  194. >Your back legs crossed as Red frowned
  195. >She started off into the distance for a moment before shaking her head
  196. >"Anyway, I was on my break when I saw her in the main lobby waiting room. I went over and we started taking."
  197. "Is she... alright?"
  198. >"Oh she's fine, she's fine. Right when my break was over I took a minute or two to examine her myself. She came in for a stomach ache, so I had the doctor give her some antacids. She was right as rain after that."
  199. >When your orgasm finally ceased Anon planted one last kiss on your cunny before standing up
  200. >Red's gaze flicked up to him
  201. >"You enjoy yourself there, hon?" she asked.
  202. >"I did," Anon replied with a nod, cleaning his face as best as he could
  203. >He then leaned forward, planting a kiss on your shoulder
  204. >"She's as sweet as ever."
  205. >"You wouldn't know that by looking at her," Red said, giving you a wink
  208. >Feeling a bit of drool working its way down your jaw, you wiped it away
  209. >Bucking Anon...
  210. >Bucking Redheart...
  211. >Your nostrils flared, taking in the scent of your cum mixed with the human's stink
  212. >For a second, your endorphin-drowned brain couldn’t help but savor it
  213. >"I'm gonna go ahead and put it in now, Bonnie," he said, whispering in your ear
  214. "A-About time," you grunted, lifting your rump up just a hair to give him better access. "Now hurry u-up. I ain't got all day..."
  215. >You motioned for Red to continue talking
  216. >She chuckled to herself, seemingly amused by your indomitable will
  217. >"And did you hear that Thunderlane got himself a marefriend?"
  218. "Yeah," you said, grabbing your tea and taking a shaky sip. "I heard t-that it was some m-mare from out o-of town."
  219. >Anon nuzzled the nape of your neck, wrapping his arms around your middle
  220. >You could feel his cock, hard and throbbing, slowly slip along the crack of your ass, leaving a trail of precum
  221. >Just ignore him...
  222. >Ignore him...
  223. >He won't make you cum that hard again...
  224. >"I heard that too," Red said, finishing off her last bit of donut. "Rumble was running around telling everypony."
  225. "Remind me to send him a bag of c-caramels to congrat--"
  226. >Your eyes widened as Anon's cockhead pressed up against your slit
  227. >Anon, letting out a sigh, slowly thrust forward
  228. "--c-congratulations and..."
  229. >You trailed off as his length slid into you inch by inch
  230. >As wet as you were, there was no discomfort or friction
  231. >But, unfortunately, there was pleasure
  232. >A lot of it
  233. >Your marehood clenched around the human's girth, trying to force more of it inside of you
  234. "...A-And..."
  235. >"And what, Bonnie?" Red asked, reaching over the table and snatching your half-eaten donut
  238. >You nearly buckled as Anon continued to push forward
  239. >This wasn't the first time you had taken the dummy's dick
  240. >This wasn't even the tenth time
  241. >But no matter how many times he fucked you he still felt huge
  242. >Which, of course, made it very difficult to ignore him
  243. >Stupid giant ape thing...
  244. >You opened your mouth, trying to answer your friend's question, but no noise came out
  245. >Red's smile widened as she took a big bite out of your donut
  246. >"Everything alright there, Bonnie?"
  247. >Your back arched as the human's cock rubbed against a very sensitive spot inside of you
  248. >Buckingbuckingbuckingbuckingbucking!
  249. >Beawallbeawallbeawall!
  250. >Seeing that you were preoccupied, Redheart, instead, looked back up at Anon
  251. >"So, how's it going, Anon?"
  252. >"It's going... good," he replied, his fingers digging into the fur on your belly as he pushed another inch of himself inside of you. "Got a... a new job... down at the Quill... and Sofa shop."
  253. >"You're not working with the flower sisters anymore? How come?"
  254. >"The girls... had to let me go... the shop hasn't been... doing very well the... last couple of months."
  255. >Anon gave the back of your head a kiss
  256. >You winked around his member, shutting your eyes
  257. >You already felt so full, but he was still pushing more inside of you...
  258. >If the bucker kept it up you’d be sucking on his bucking TIP...
  259. >Letting out the quietest of whines, you pushed your rump backwards, trying to force him to hilt quicker
  260. >The beginning was always the worst part
  261. >The second that he was all the way inside of you you'd be able to relax
  262. >THEN you could ignore him
  263. >And you WOULD bucking ignore him!
  266. >"Really?" Red said, sipping on her tea as you slowly pressed your cheek against the table
  267. >"Yeah. They're not... doing that bad but... they really couldn't afford to... keep me around. There's no hard... feelings though. I understood... why they had... to do it and... the sofa place... pays better."
  268. >Anon's cock throbbed, sending a spurt of pre firing inside of you
  269. >The dummy had been no doubt saving up for days just so that he'd really make a mess of you
  270. >He probably wanted to knock you up or something...
  271. "Bucking.... buuuuuuck..."
  272. >Redheart's gaze flicked back down at you
  273. >"I think she's gonna cum again, Anon."
  274. >Anon grunted, letting his hands wander down to your hips
  275. >"Yeah she... usually does after I get all... the way inside of her."
  276. >...
  277. >You do not!
  278. >That's a bucking lie!
  279. >You opened your mouth to say so, but unfortunately it came out as a long, loud moan
  280. >Red reached over the table and booped you
  281. >"So she's squeezing you hard then?" she asked, as you attempted to weakly bat her hoof away
  282. >"Yeah... a lot of you earth ponies... really like to squeeze a guy," he said, giving your rump a light smack
  283. >"Yep! We're usually the tightest too."
  284. >”You’re not… wrong.”
  285. >Leaning forward, Anon gave the back of your neck a kiss
  286. >He then nuzzled himself along your shoulder
  287. >"You okay?"
  288. >You opened your mouth to cuss him out
  289. "Yessssss...."
  290. >...
  291. >Buck...
  292. >Anon chuckled in your ear, planting a kiss on your neck
  295. >Your lower body twitched
  296. >You were almost filled to the brim
  297. >Just a little more and that cockhead of his would be poking your deepest depths
  298. >The warmth in your loins began to build up for a second time
  299. >"You know Anon. I'm sure Bonbon could use somepony to help her at the shop," Red said, wiping her muzzle with a napkin. She's been telling me that she's been looking for a big, strong stallion to help her pull the taffy. It's that right, Bonnie?"
  300. >You did NOT say that!
  301. >You just said you needed somepony to watch the counter!
  302. "I-I--"
  303. >Your breathing hitched in your throat as Anon's hips finally touched your rump
  304. >Your eyes shot open, and biting your lip as hard as you could you came again
  305. >"There's number two..." a stallion at one of the tables mused
  306. >Anon, meanwhile, held you tightly as you rode out another hard orgasm, grinding his hips to make you squirm just that bit harder
  307. >If it weren't for another kiss, on the cheek this time, you might have thought he was lording your orgasms over you
  308. >...He probably still was, the dick
  309. >Still though, you couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit smug when you heard him groan in your ear
  310. >"I think--fucking! I don't think I'm really... qualified for... making--fuck! candy," he said
  311. >"Oh, it's easy," Red said with a wave. "And I'm sure Bonbon would love to teach her FAVORITE stallion~"
  312. >If you could have, you might have growled
  313. >Anon, holding onto your hips with a little more, force, began to pull out of you
  314. >Your marehood, still tensing and flexing, trying to force him all the way back in
  317. >He grunted, his hips jerking forward so that he hilted you fully
  318. >Another spurt of precum was fired into your depths as he let out a growl
  319. >"Sweet God above do you feel amazing, Bonnie," he said
  320. "S-Shu... Shut... u-up," you said
  321. >He tried to pull out of you again but your rump followed him
  322. "A-And... I am... l-looking for... somepony t-to help in... the shop..."
  323. >Anon had to fight hard, but he eventually managed to pull out until just his tip was inside of you
  324. >You let out a frustrated moan, not at all happy about no longer being full
  325. >Kissing you, the big, dumb, hard, warm, nice smelling human pushed himself into you again
  326. >He tried to take his time, but you were impatient, shoving your rump backward hilt him in one go
  327. >Anon gritted his teeth
  328. >Yeah...
  329. >Now do YOU bucking like it...
  330. "I-I might... not pay... better than... the s-sofa shop… but it's c-closer to... your house."
  331. >"See?" Redheart said, leaning back into her chair. "Why don't you come go down to her shop tomorrow? Make a couple of candies, see how you like it?"
  332. >Anon began to pick up the pace, pistoning in and out of you
  333. >A third orgasm crash through you
  334. "A-Aha~!"
  335. >The human continued thrusting into you, snorting like a randy stallion
  336. >Red looked around the patio to see everypony watching you intently
  337. >"If you're lucky, you might bring in some customers by rutting near the windows..."
  338. >The wet, meaty sounds of your rump slapping the human's hips began to ring out
  339. >You mane was bouncing with each thrust
  340. >The table creaked, and each time he hilted you saw stars
  341. >By now a colt would have cum his brains out, but this dummy kept going
  342. >You came for a fourth time, then a fifth
  343. >You weathered each as best as you could, though, to your shame, you may have let out a moan once or twice
  346. >The smell of sweat and sex was still in the air
  347. >At the table next to you, a stallion mounted his mare and began rutting her almost as hard as Anon was rutting you
  348. >By your eight orgasm however, the two had long finished and sat down
  349. >If only you were so lucky...
  350. "Just... cum... a-already?" you demanded, not bothering to wipe the drool from your face.
  351. >"Can... Can I put you on... your back?" Anon asked
  352. >Another weird quirk of the apeman
  353. >He couldn’t just rut you, he needed to look you in the eyes while he did it
  354. >Your eyes crossed as you soaked his groin with your cum for a ninth time
  355. "Y-Yes~!"
  356. >Before you could blink, Anon lifted you bodily into the air, spun you around, and put you on the table
  357. >You bit your lip hard, your back legs wrapping around his hips
  358. >...To keep him from making a mess of course
  359. >He was already twitching like crazy...
  360. >That meant he was going to cum soon...
  361. >And you didn't want to make any more of a mess
  362. >Anon smiled
  363. >Leaning down, he wrapped his arms around your neck and went for a kiss
  364. >Knowing that it'd make him finish faster, you eagerly returned it, trying your hardest to milk him for all that he was worth
  365. >He whimpered into your mouth, his thrusts becoming jerkier
  366. >Almost there...
  367. >Just a little more...
  368. >You broke the kiss, pressing your forehead against his
  369. "C-Come on. Cum... already," you said, looking into his eyes. "Just... fill me u-up!"
  370. >Grunting one last time, Anon hilted, his body tensing
  371. >The first spurt of his cum fired against the deepest part of you, making you hiss
  372. >Like you had thought, the dummy had been saving up
  373. >His load was thick, and there was a LOT of it
  374. >And there was just as much for the second load, and the third, and the fourth
  377. "Yesssssss..." you hissed, tightening your grip on him so he didn't move while your cunt milked him
  378. >Bucking finally...
  379. >Hopefully he wouldn't get hard again...
  380. >Otherwise you'd be here all day...
  381. >Redheart let out a whistle when Anon finally went limp on top of you
  382. >"Ten in a row? I think that’s a new record, Anon," she chirped
  383. >Anon let out a hum, nuzzling your chest
  384. >"You were fucking awesome," he mumbled closing his eyes. “Like always…”
  385. >...
  386. >Sighing, you wrapped your hooves around his stupid neck and gave him a nuzzle
  387. >You MAY have also mumbled something back
  388. >Something appreciative
  389. >Anon might have interrupted your venting session with Redheart, but you did… kinda feel a little better
  390. >Not that you’d ever admit that
  391. >All around you, ponies "awed"
  392. >"You know, that's how your dad and I got together..."
  393. >"Ew! Gross mom!"
  394. >Finishing her tea, Redheart rose from her seat and walked around the table
  395. >"Welp, it looks like the two of you made some mess, huh?" she asked, nostrils flaring. "I suppose I should help the two of you clean up huh?"
  396. >Grabbing Anon by his middle, she helped the panting human pull out of you, sitting him down onto his chair
  397. >You grumbled, feeling all of his warm cum leaking out of you
  398. >Now it was all gonna leak onto the ground...
  399. >Licking her lips, Red grabbed you by your grump and scooched you over
  400. >"Hold still, Bonnie. I'll get you cleaned up in a jiffy."
  401. >She bend down and began cleaning all the mess Anon made with her tongue
  402. >You let out a low groan, spreading your legs to give her better access
  403. >Good...
  404. >Now you might be able to walk away from here without leaking...
  405. >You closed your eyes, savoring the feeling of the nurse's skillful tongue as she cleaned your thighs, your rump, and your cunt with soldier-like efficiency
  406. >All too soon, she lifted her head away, leaving you panting and sweaty, but relatively cum-free
  409. >"Alright, your turn, Nonny!"
  410. >...
  411. >Wait
  412. >Your eyes snapped open
  413. "D-Don't..."
  414. >Lifting your head up, you saw that you were already too late
  415. >Redheart was already eagerly lapping at Anon's slowly wilting cock
  416. >Anon groaned, placing a hand on the top of her head
  417. >Kicking your back legs, you tried to roll over
  418. "Red... you stop that... right now!"
  419. >Redheart ignored you, letting out a groan as she wrapped her lips around the human's length and began to bob her head
  420. >"Ugl, ugh, gluh, ugl..."
  421. >Anon gritted his teeth
  422. >"S-Son of a bitch."
  423. >With each bob, you could see his dick rising once more until Redheart, who once upon a time was considered the best cocksucker of your organization, was having getting a run for her money
  424. >Finally, with a groan that had Anon flinching, she slowly rose all the way off of him, kissing his crown before standing up to her full height
  425. >"There," she said, wiping the back of her hoof. "All clean."
  426. >You sighed when you saw the look on Anon's face
  427. >The exhaustion and contentment was gone
  428. >A hunger had replaced it
  429. >Red, of course, saw it, looking at the you from the corner of her eye and winking
  430. >Buck...
  431. "You're... helping me this time," you said.
  432. >Red giggled, though this time it sounded throaty
  433. >"Of course. And when you're rested up you can help me rut his brains out."
  434. >Buck it…
  435. >If the two of you didn’t do it he’d be mounting some other mare in an hour or two
  436. "Fine..." you grumbled, rolling off of the table. "Now keep sucking his cock. I want to see your throat bulge."
  439. >Redheart smiled, giving a now red-faced Anon a few quick strokes with a hoof
  440. >"Don't mind if I do~..."
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