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Jan 30th, 2017
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  1. <Shroom> I have a problem
  2. I can't proceed from Episode 1 to Episode 2 in MaGLX2, because for some reason my stars are not carried over when entering the Section 9 door from Episode 1
  3. after some talk with Horikawa it turned out that I don't have any luadata files in my worlds folder
  4. the ones that look like the following
  5. <Enjl> doesn't maglx2 create them though
  6. <Shroom> doesn't look like it does for me, maybe that's the bug
  7. they're not something you could put into a separate zip I could download?
  8. <Enjl> no because they store the data of how many stars you have
  9. i don't know which ones you have
  10. so i can't do that
  11. (which ones is important too)
  12. <Shroom> 128, all from Episode 1
  13. <Enjl> it's probably an one-line fix
  14. yes but WHICH 128
  15. <Shroom> they're split among all tiers 00-08?
  16. <Enjl> all stars from those tiers no exceptions?
  17. <Shroom> ... do I need all?
  18. <Enjl> no that's why im asking
  19. cause
  20. if i were to go through the game and get you the data files
  21. i'd have to collect the exact stars you have
  22. btw the data class files are made as soon as you start the episode
  23. i just checked
  24. are both maglx1 and maglx2 in the worlds folder?
  25. <Shroom> always been
  26. <Enjl> go into windows explorer and search for "MAGLX2Global"
  27. <Shroom> no results
  28. <Enjl> hrn
  29. go into lunaworld for maglx2 episode 1
  30. <Shroom> what is lunaworld?
  31. <The0x539> the global lua script
  32. <Enjl> MaGLX2 Episode 1/lunaworld.lua
  33. then take a screenshot of like the first 15 lines or so
  34. <The0x539> or a pastebin
  35. <Shroom> opened it and the formatting is horrible
  36. thank you Windows 7
  37. but pastebin does the job
  38. <Enjl> 2 things
  39. 1) rename onLoad to onStart
  40. 2) remove lines 34 and 36
  41. see if that changes anything
  42. but like
  43. local gdata = loadSharedAPI("MAGLX2Global")
  44. this line initiates the global data file
  45. wait before you do the other thing
  46. go into MAGLX2Global.lua
  47. and pastebin that
  48. <Shroom> local encrypt = loadSharedAPI("encrypt")
  49. local gdata = encrypt.Data(Data.DATA_GLOBAL, "MAGLX2Global", true)
  50. return gdata
  51. that's all
  52. <Enjl> it SHOULD create the file
  53. even if it's empty it should at least exist?!?
  54. i have the same lunaworld and maglx2global files as you and i have a save in my worlds folder :/
  55. <Shroom> done what you said with the lunaworld file
  56. <Enjl> alright so tbh i have no idea what's going on with your file :S
  57. if the thing doesn't fix it (which I assume), the next best thing to try is debugging the code properly
  58. by using Text.windowDebug(tostring(myVariable)) (replace myVariable with what you want to debug) in different parts of the code
  59. for example in the checkSettings function to see if it's being run
  60. <Shroom> well rn it has resulted into a desaster :>
  61. <Enjl> what did you doooo
  62. gimme line 15
  63. and line 14
  64. <Shroom> if gdata:get("MaGLX2HubToggleMountFilter") == nil then gdata:set("MaGLX2HubToggleMountFilter", 1)
  65. <Enjl> just pastebin the code again please i don't see what's wrong here
  66. good news tho
  67. the code definitely runs :p
  68. <Shroom>
  69. <Enjl> maybe that's bad news too...
  70. am i blind or something what the hell is wrong in line 15?!!?
  71. <Rednaxela> looks to me like what's in that pastebin, could not possibly have been the code that was in the file that error was about
  72. <Enjl> but that is the lunaworld?!?
  73. <Shroom> yes
  74. only "onLoad" changed to "onStart" and the if-loop at line 34/36 removed
  75. <Enjl> as a test
  76. <Hoeloe> That cannot be the file that is producing that error(edited)
  77. <Horikawa Otane> I have no idea what is wrong with his installation
  78. My guess is he messed around with stuff or did a weird installation OVER beta 2 or something
  79. Even then though
  80. It SHOULD work
  81. I have no idea what is going on with his computer
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