AnonAnon - Shorty shorts [Multi-Stories]

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. [Anonymous] [MF: Squeak] [Multi-Stories] [SFW]
  3. >You are Anon
  4. >You are walking around in the street in ponyville
  5. >In midnight, the mothponies invited you to a party
  6. >And here are you, wandering around, at least you are part of the mustard race now
  7. >In sight, you see one little mothponi, a shining one
  8. >A little green shining poni, you can see a white glowing light from his chest too
  9. >Poni that it’s going faster now
  10. >Shit, you should recover the lantern that Hexferry borrowed you
  11. > Gotta go fast
  12. >As you run you trip, instead of getting up you just turn your head to look behind you
  13. >Shit is flying yo!
  14. >It just lands in front of you glowing with their chest emitting a stronger light
  15. >Light that it’s now in the ground
  16. >"Anon!"
  17. >You see the poni shaking itself a bit, making the green glow move
  18. >They are fireflies
  19. >It was always Squeak
  20. >And the thing in the ground is a lantern
  21. >"What are you doing in the ground?"
  22. "What are you doing with fireflies in your body!"
  23. >"They are little lights anon! And free!"
  24. >Squeaks just takes the lantern and leaves while the fireflies leave her wings and body
  25. >Fucking mothponies
  27. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. >You are Squeak
  30. >Fancy stuff isn't yours but someone told you about one pony
  31. >And here you are, at the door of her house
  32. >One, two, three knocks...
  33. >And then the door slowly opens
  34. >"Hi... oh dear, it’s around twelve darling"
  35. >It’s Rarity house
  36. >Too bad that she had to deal with the nocturnal mustard race moffs
  37. "I’m sorry but someone told me that you had really the most smooth, silky, shining and delightful dresses in whole Equestria"
  38. >"Oh my, anypony able to see my work even with her black eyes is welcome to the Carousel Boutique... even in midnight"
  39. >After these words you rush directly through the door looking around
  40. "So, which ones are the most colorful and sweet ones?"
  41. >Rarity just closes the doors and using her magic she starts cleaning some of your dust looking worried
  42. >"Well darling, if you can look over here, you can appreciate my new collection of the rainbow stream specially designed and inspired from the fight of that ugly and big monster of Tirek"
  43. >A lot of mannequins dressed with colorful striped dresses and even designed little hats are aligned
  44. "I like the red with yellow and apples!!"
  45. >As you finish there words you hop into the mannequin literally riding it while Rarity looks surprised at you
  46. >"W-wait you are covering it in dust!!"
  47. >She just rush to get around you cleaning with several brooms and dustpans
  48. "I bet that the hat it’s really delightful at my sense"
  49. >Before Rarity ends cleaning your dust and bringing the vacuum you give one bite the the hat chewing tearing one piece of it
  50. "Worth each bit!!!"
  51. >Rarity just gives one big scream while she brings more vacuums over you while you run and fly through the window
  53. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. >You are Anon
  56. >And you need your dust
  57. >Someone is supplying you the dust you want, dust that you need
  58. >It’s always in the same place at midnight
  59. >One house that the supplier says that it’s empty at that hour, but who cares while you get your dust
  60. >You enter through the windows closing it at the same time
  61. "Pssst...... are you here?"
  62. >"As always... you got them?"
  63. >Right, your supplier always asked something in exchange, it was always oil but now he wants several batteries, of any type
  64. "Of course... give me the dust!!!"
  65. >"Hand me the bag first Anon..."
  66. >Shit, gotta do it
  67. >You give him the bag, you just see him in the darkness looking inside of it
  68. >"Everything looks fine... I might give you another extra small dose of dust next time if you keep going like this"
  69. >Big price for bigger rewards
  70. >"As you wanted... here is your dust"
  71. >You see him grabbing a bag with his mouth getting a smaller bag of dust
  72. >As you try grabbing the bag you heard some footsteps behind the door
  73. >"How, isn’t even 2 A.M. yet!!!"
  74. >You just try opening the window while the door is being open and someone turns on the lights
  75. >It’s Caramel, and your supplier was always Squeak... wearing some pantsus on her face, that’s why her voice sounded different
  76. >"God I knew it Squeak, stop stealing my underwear!!!"
  77. >"Can’t muffle the fluffer!!"
  78. >She zaps through the window pushing you outside
  79. >You see her flying away with the bag of batteries
  80. >And you dust is inside...
  81. >You just jump back inside for the dust... with Caramel inside
  82. >"Anon, what are you doing with the dust of my wings!!"
  83. >Shit, you forgot about her
  84. "I-i... pocket spaghetti!!!"
  85. >You just throw at her spaghetti from your pockets
  86. >"Gross you even got meatballs on it!!!"
  87. >She is just angry while she squeaks and shakes herself
  88. >You grab your dust bag from the ground and you jump through the window
  89. >You run like a nigger while she is making assorted moth noises
  90. >Fucking mothponies
  92. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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