Phone Call with Jordan (Sony)

Nov 16th, 2015
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  1. Jordan: Hello, thank you for calling. My name is Jordan (?). How may I help you today?
  2. Me: I'm recording this for my records. So, I'm calling about uh, case number 07397728.
  3. Jordan: 07397728?
  4. Me: Correct.
  5. Jordan: Okay, thank you. Yes, go ahead.
  6. Me: Um, and so I received an email on August 24th, no, August 21st that said that my request for a refund of $499 and something was approved and blah blah blah, and on the 24th, I saw that two of the four charges to my card were undone, but the other two were not. Which seems strange because it should have either been all of them or none of them, I guess. So I'm calling to ask about what's going on with that.
  7. Jordan: Of course, [unintelligible]. Let's see what we can do for you. Just, I will need you to provide me, besides the case number you gave me, I would need you to provide me the Online ID and the Sign-In ID of your account, please.
  8. Me: Alright, the email, I think that's the Sign-In ID, right, is *******@*******. Do you want me to spell that out?
  9. Jordan: I got it.
  10. Me: Alright, and the Online ID is *******.
  11. Jordan: Thank you. May I know your first and last name?
  12. Me: ******* *******.
  13. Jordan: Thank you. Okay, one second. Let me check this for you. (long pause, shortened in audio provided) Checking right... now. (long pause, shortened in audio provided) Okay, let me check the case number so let's see what is going on.
  14. Me: Alright.
  16. <long pause, shortened in audio provided>
  18. Jordan: Checking this for you right now. Just give me a couple seconds more.
  19. Me: Sure.
  20. Jordan: Thank you.
  22. <long pause, shortened in audio provided>
  24. Jordan: Oh, okay, well I'm able to see right now on your refund request, that says that the [unintelligible] has been approved. Your refund has been approved and was, um, refunded to the wallet of your PlayStation account.
  25. Me: The wallet of my PlayStation account?
  26. Jordan: Correct.
  27. Me: That is not acceptable.
  28. Jordan: Hmm?
  29. Me: Um, so for some background, several purchases for my PlayStation account were made fraudulently, and I want to have the money back into my card because I never intended to make any of these purchases.
  30. Jordan: Okay, I see. (pause) Okay, let me see what I can do.
  31. Me: Alright.
  33. <Short amount of time passes, silence cut out in audio provided>
  35. Jordan: Okay, Mr. *******, would you mind if I put you on hold for a couple of minutes so I can... let me see what I can do to process a refund to your credit card?
  36. Me: Okay, uh...
  37. Jordan: Okay, please do not hang up. I'll be right back.
  38. Me: Alright, thanks.
  39. Jordan: Okay, you're welcome.
  41. <Roughly fifteen minutes pass>
  43. Jordan: Hello? [unintelligible]
  44. Me: Hello.
  45. Jordan: Okay, Mr. *******, I am able to see that your refund has been complete. I will [unintelligible] the department in charge where we're processing the refund keys, and the money went to the card. To your credit card. To your actual credit card.
  46. Me: Sorry, can you repeat the whole thing?
  47. Jordan: Yes. I was investigating this for you, and I was told that when the billing department, when they were processing your refund request, the amount was refunded to the credit card where the money was taken.
  48. Me: Okay.
  49. Jordan: Okay, so in that case, my best suggestion would be the next, try to contact your [unintelligible], and ask them how much they will be taking to process, completing the refund for you.
  50. Me: Wait, sorry, who am I contacting?
  51. Jordan: Your bank.
  52. Me: Uh huh.
  53. Jordan: So if you can ask them what would be the timeframe that would be refunded the money to your credit card, okay?
  54. Me: Wait, hold on. The problem is that, so there were four charges made on my card originally, and I see, from my bank, that two of them have been refunded, and two of them have not. Should I expect the other two to both...
  55. Jordan: Correct. Sure.
  56. Me: Okay.
  57. Jordan: In case you don't have any update from your bank statement, give us a call back so we can give you more information.
  58. Me: Okay.
  59. Jordan: Okay, Mr. *******? Anything else that... yes?
  60. Me: Yeah, um, I'm also seeing that my wallet balance is at $55, and I believe, before any of these charges, it was at zero. Is this uh, does it have to do with this whole thing, with the refund?
  61. Jordan: Correct. Sure. So, all of that will be refunded.
  62. Me: Alright. And another question is that as part of this break-in, someone created a "sub-account" to my account and, if possible, I would like to delete this sub-account. Is that something you guys can do?
  63. Jordan: Um, to delete it completely, deleting the account, it is not possible to do it.
  64. Me: Okay.
  65. Jordan: Uh, what we can do is to escalate the case for you and ban that account. The account will be severe, so they could be the uh, when you request to ban an account, nobody else will be getting access to that account anymore. But it's up to you if you want to ban the account, so you can think very well if you want to ban it so we can do the process for you.
  66. Me: Yeah, I would like to ban this sub-account. It's called This sub-account was created without my permission.
  67. Jordan: And the Online ID?
  68. Me: Uh... hold on. (pause) Just give me like, thirty seconds.
  69. Jordan: Alright.
  71. Me: The Online ID is boamama10.
  72. Jordan: Thank you. (pause) Okay, got it. Found it. So you want to unban this account. No, to ban this account.
  73. Me: Yes.
  74. Jordan: Alright. Just one second. (pause) Okay, so let me do this for you...
  76. <long pause, shortened in the audio provided>
  78. Jordan: Okay, so let me see, I will be creating a case for you, for this account, so the account will be unbanned. Banned, sorry. Just another couple of seconds.
  79. Me: Okay.
  80. Jordan: Thank you.
  82. <long pause, shortened in the audio provided>
  84. Jordan: Okay, great. So I have already escalated the case, so the account will be banned.
  85. Me: Okay.
  86. Jordan: Nobody else will be getting access to this account.
  87. Me: Alright.
  88. Jordan: Okay, Mr. *******? Do you have any other questions I can assist you with?
  89. Me: Um, just to summarize, I should expect the charges to my card to be undone?
  90. Jordan: Correct.
  91. Me: For the full amount of $499.91?
  92. Jordan: If you don't get any update from your bank account, give us a call back so we can investigate more for you.
  93. Me: Um, how... okay. I guess, uh, how much time would you say should pass before I contact you guys again? Did you guys just do something, or is this something that all got processed at once and might just be coming through slowly?
  94. Jordan: Um, well, as I was saying, it depends on your bank, so the process that it needs to take before refunding the money to your credit card. As I was telling you before, give them a call so you can ask how much they will be taking, what would be the timeframe they would be taking, and it depends what information and the timeframe that they provide you, you can give us a call back.
  95. Me: I just want to make sure that you guys have, I mean, have you confirmed that you have issued a refund for the entire amount? Is that true?
  96. Jordan: Sure.
  97. Me: Okay, $499.91.
  98. Jordan. Yes.
  99. Me: Okay. Thank you.
  100. Jordan: You're welcome.
  101. Me: And are my wallet funds currently correct as well?
  102. Jordan: Correct.
  103. Me: Alright.
  104. Jordan: Okay, [unintelligible], do you have any more questions?
  105. Me: That's it. Thank you, thank you a lot.
  106. Jordan: You're welcome. Have a wonderful day.
  107. Me: You too.
  108. Jordan: Thank you, bye-bye.
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