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Aug 6th, 2010
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  1. Welcome to chat.
  2. A representative will be with you shortly.
  3. Agent [Sharon] is ready to assist you.
  4. Me: hi Sharon
  5. Sharon: Hello! How are you?
  6. Me: I've been better
  7. Me: How are you?
  8. Sharon: I am sorry to hear that.
  9. Sharon: I am doing alright thank you.
  10. Sharon: What is on your mind Steve?
  11. Me: Well, I live in California, and I'm sure you've heard about the ruling today.
  12. Me: And I don't know what to do.
  13. Me: Do you guys have plans to stop this gay marriage thing? Should I leave the state?
  14. Me: I don't want to get gay married.
  15. Sharon: Sigh, well you are right, that you shouldn't support what is going on..
  16. Sharon: But as you may know Steve, all these things will get worse, until the second coming....
  17. Sharon: If you have kids, you may want to consider moving to a different state.. The most
  18. important thing to do, is to pray about what you should do, and read about what the churches
  19. standpoint is on it, and follow the promptiongs you recieve.
  20. Me: What is the second coming?
  21. Sharon: Just know to continue loving the people even though they don't have the same standards.
  22. Sharon: (When God knows it is time)
  23. Me: What if all the other states go gay too?
  24. Sharon: (if you go to, gospel library, scriptures, study helps, topical guide; you can
  25. look up second coming, and look up the signs if you want to know more)
  26. Sharon: You need to build a house with standards for yourself and your family, teach it, live it,
  27. and do your best.
  28. Me: I don't have kids yet. If I have to marry another man, could I adopt?
  29. Sharon: ..
  30. Sharon: Wait, wait..
  31. Sharon: What is the law that was passed?
  32. Sharon: You don't EVER marry another man, no matter what anyone says..
  33. Me: But shouldn't we follow the laws?
  34. Sharon: because then you are fearing the world before God.
  35. Sharon: (We follow the laws As Far as they don't make us go against our God.)
  36. Me: Oh, that's a relief. God's law comes first.
  37. Sharon: That is in our church.
  38. Sharon: ALWAYS
  39. Sharon: Please know that.
  40. Sharon: what was the specific law that was passed?
  41. Me: So if the Bible says we should kill homosexuals, but murder is illegal, what should we do?
  42. Sharon: ...
  43. Sharon: The bible tells us to love one another..
  44. Me: Yes, but it also says if a man lies with another man, they should be put to death.
  45. Me: That could be done in a loving way, right?
  46. Sharon: Let God be the judge of that.
  47. Sharon: don't go killing people.
  48. Me: OK, good.
  49. Sharon: Murder is one of the unpardonable sins....
  50. Sharon: don't do it.
  51. Sharon: Love them
  52. Me: Is gay sex unpardonable?
  53. Me: Sorry, I'm new to this.
  54. Sharon: Don't lower your standards
  55. Sharon: You are fine.
  56. Me: I'm just worried about what will happen to my friend who's gay.
  57. Me: I think he's already had sex. Is it too late for him?
  58. Sharon: hmm, anything sexual out of marriage, same sex or not, is the sin closest to the
  59. unpardonable sins.
  60. Me: So still pardonable, just barely?
  61. Me: Would I have to pray for forgiveness for a long long time?
  62. Me: I mean he. Would he have to
  63. Sharon: No it isn't too late, and let God be the judge, just be a good example.
  64. Sharon: It all depends on your understanding, and it is between you and God, and the bishop helps
  65. you through the repentance process.
  66. Me: OK, great. Thanks Sharon, you've been a big help.
  67. Sharon: Steve?
  68. Sharon: What is the law they passed in California?
  69. Sharon: I am in New Zealand..
  70. Me: Oh, it makes gay marriage legal. I think straight marriage is illegal too.
  71. Sharon: You are welcome.. The best thing for you to do Steve (When it comes to this whole thing)
  72. is to look on and search different topics, or study your scriptures, or even look up
  73. general conference, and listen to it every 6 months.)
  74. Sharon: Why would straight marriage be illegal...
  75. Sharon: ?
  76. Sharon: That doesn't make a lot of sense.
  77. Me: I don't know, I just hear everyone saying straight marriage is in danger if prop 8 is
  78. overturned.
  79. Sharon: hmm.. Odd.. I am sorry to hear that.
  80. Me: Me too :/
  81. Sharon: Hold strong brother, continue trusting the prophet!
  82. Sharon: Most importantly read and pray everyday!
  83. Sharon: (read scriptures that is)
  84. Me: I will try! Thanks again!
  85. Sharon: You are welcome! have a good night!
  86. Sharon: Come back on any time
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