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  3. Please support the future of a Transit Oriented Development, New Economy model at the State Fair Grounds, and not the give-away of the property for an Old Economy 1990’s big box strip mall –State Fairgrounds Development Coalition (SFDC) and interested others, shall be meeting Thurs. Jan 10 @ 7 PM at the Golden Gate Cafe'- 18700 Woodward (s. of 7 Mile). 313-366-2247. (Dr. Bob's) #detroitisnotastripmall #allhandsondeck #detroit
  5. The future of Michigan's State Fair Grounds is in question. Would you like to see more corporate development, or a beautiful vision uniting the city of Detroit, the suburbs, and further regions. Detroit and southeast Michigan really needs your voice. Please read and watch the information below and consider speaking up.
  7. Michigan is the Great Lakes State, and our waters are not as pristine and thriving with life as they once were. The industrial and technological development of the last two centuries has taken its toll on our environment. Economic collapse, housing crisis, and population decline has created a 140 square mile city built for 2 million that is struggling to support 715,000 people. I know everyone is feeling these pressures and stresses, losing their jobs and homes. Stress, however, is an impetus for evolution and adaptation when change is needed. We cannot continue the paradigm that has created the present status of Michigan (or the world). We must carefully consider the lessons of our past choices, represented by present circumstances, and redirect to a course which will allow humanity and the environment to thrive simultaneously.
  9. There is hope...a golden dawn is ahead of us. Detroit is transforming. There is amazing, beautiful potential if you look at the larger picture. Humanity is rapidly evolving its understanding of green technology and our deep connection to all life and the environment. Detroit is about 40 percent vacant, allowing a grassroots movement of urban agriculture and sustainable living to quietly sweep through the city. If we consciously incorporate green technology and living harmoniously with our environment, then we may create a future that rivals the legends of Atlantis.
  11. The proposals for the State Fair Grounds are being debated. The choice for our future is still to be determined. Do you want to see more of the paradigm that has gotten us to this point, or would you like to see evolutionary change for a brighter future. The State Fair Grounds is a prime opportunity to consciously develop a multi-purpose hub that can support the people and environment of Detroit and Michigan. It could be a center for transportation, fresh organic food, local businesses and meeting places. Or, it could be another mall of corporate businesses and shopping. What would you like to see?
  13. Let's stop the competition and struggle to survive, and opt for a vision and plan of cooperation to thrive.
  15. A group of local citizens, the State Fairgrounds Development Coalition, has a bigger vision for
  16. the future use of the property - the “META EXPO” - Michigan Energy Technology Agriculture –
  17. “What Can Michigan Show the World? - a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) multi-modal
  18. mixed use center to showcase Michigan’s businesses, universities and entrepreneurialism
  19. at the global level - including Regional Transit, exposition and entertainment, technology,
  20. green energy and blue water systems, mixed use including retail/ commercial/ residential
  21. and regional/ metropolitan agriculture.
  23. Please mark your calendars for these important meetings--
  24. 1. Thursday, Jan. 17 @ 2 PM. Land Bank Authority (LBA) meeting
  25. If you can come, to the Land Bank Authority (LBA) meeting at either of the locations below, please take note.  Most folks will be at the Detroit location, which will video conference with the Lansing location.  The meeting will be for the Fairgrounds Advisory Committee (FAC) to communicate to the LBA their feedback from the Nov. 15 public meeting.  
  26. As well, since there is public comment at the end, you can submit your comments in person if you have not done so already. (bring a copy in writing to leave with them) The 2 locations are:
  27. Lansing Meeting Location:
  28. MEDC
  29. 300 N. Washington Square
  30. 1st Fl. Lake Superior Conference Room
  31. Lansing, Michigan 48913
  33. Detroit Meeting Location:
  34. Cadillac Place
  35. State of Michigan Office Bldg - 4th Floor
  36. MSHDA Conference Room, Suite 602
  37. 3022 West Grand Boulevard
  38. Detroit, Michigan 48202
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