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  1.         My only regret is not telling him. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still could. He's still very much alive, and I have a reliable way of contacting him. Heck, we talk enough, he might be getting that 'vibe' and I don't even realize it. But if I did come out and tell him, it'd ruin everything. He's with someone else, someone who could probably treat him much better than I ever could. I had my chance, but I never reached out and grabbed it. And now it's too late.
  3.         Now, I don't want to come off as bitter. My only concern now is that he's happy, and I wish them the best of luck. Love is strange that way, isn't it. When it's with someone you really care about, you're really only concerned that their future is the best it can be. Even if, in the end, you're not drawn into the big picture.
  5.         Even if I had asked, he probably wouldn't have been interested. But even then, at least I'd have had a solid answer, instead of driving myself crazy trying to decide if he would've or not. Love is strange. It's complete torture, but you can't stay away. But now I'm just rambling. I'm taking the 'cowardly' way out, if you will. Typing this up, putting it on Pastebin, hiding the link low down on my profile so that it's possible that he'll see it. I don't know why I would let him see this, though. It's a strange train of thought: hoping but not hoping that he'll see it at the same time. And on top of that, if he does see it, hoping/not hoping he'll realize that it's talking about him. To put this in perspective, it's sorta like NASCAR, hoping/not hoping for a crash.
  7.         But, I've rambled long enough. Let's just leave it at this: if you're reading this, and you realize who you are, I think I love you. But please, don't let this cross you mind for more than 2 seconds. You've met someone better; stay with him. I just needed to get this off my chest.
  9.         Kudos for finding this,
  10.         Rampage470
  12. Oh, P.S., if you do find this, don't mention it to anyone. Let's just keep this our little secret, eh? ;)
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