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  1. [$Aire$]Blade: nice greeting
  2. [$Aire$]Blade: :
  3. [RL] Swag: lmao
  4. [$Aire$]Blade: :(*
  5. [RL] Swag: I planned to say, "piece of shit passed me in rank"
  6. [$Aire$]Blade: i did pass u...
  7. [$Aire$]Blade: see
  8. [$Aire$]Blade: i got pissed at soemthing
  9. [$Aire$]Blade: and for some reason
  10. [$Aire$]Blade: after that
  11. [$Aire$]Blade: i just went sompletely undefeated
  12. [$Aire$]Blade: and why u ban me?
  13. [$Aire$]Blade: :(
  14. [RL] Swag: you spammed
  15. [RL] Swag: right after I told you not to
  16. [RL] Swag: you disrespected me
  17. [RL] Swag: you disrespected my clan
  18. [$Aire$]Blade: i thought it was a friendly spam war
  19. [RL] Swag: you had the nerve to think you run shit
  20. [$Aire$]Blade: :(
  21. [$Aire$]Blade: ...
  22. [$Aire$]Blade: 1st
  23. [$Aire$]Blade: i was in the proccess of typing tht
  24. [$Aire$]Blade: when u typed it in
  25. [$Aire$]Blade: and i didnt react to it immediately
  26. [$Aire$]Blade: 2nd
  27. [$Aire$]Blade: (22:03) [RL] Swag: you had the nerve to think you run shit
  28. [$Aire$]Blade: ???
  29. [$Aire$]Blade: 3rd
  30. [$Aire$]Blade: U totally overreacted
  31. [$Aire$]Blade: js
  32. [RL] Swag: you don't get to decide how someone should act in a certain situation
  33. [$Aire$]Blade: what are u talking about?
  34. [$Aire$]Blade: i never said that I decided that
  35. [RL] Swag: it was a generalization
  36. [RL] Swag: [$Aire$]Blade: U totally overreacted
  37. [$Aire$]Blade: i didnt decide
  38. [RL] Swag: you don't get to decide what the proper amount of reaction is
  39. [$Aire$]Blade: neither do u
  40. [RL] Swag: well, you apparently decided I went OVER it
  41. [$Aire$]Blade: i didnt decide it
  42. [RL] Swag: uhhh, yes
  43. [RL] Swag: the victim gets to decide it
  44. [$Aire$]Blade: i was stating my opinion...
  45. [RL] Swag: of course the person that felt the victim's wrath would have that opinion
  46. [$Aire$]Blade: *forget this whole thing and be frands again?*
  47. [$Aire$]Blade: this is getting us nowhere
  48. [$Aire$]Blade: continuously argueing
  49. [RL] Swag: eh
  50. [RL] Swag: I thought I was teaching you your place
  51. [$Aire$]Blade: umm...
  52. [$Aire$]Blade: how would u teahc me my place by banning me?
  53. [RL] Swag: you realize who runs shit
  54. [RL] Swag: and who yo daddy is
  55. [$Aire$]Blade: ...
  56. [$Aire$]Blade: and i would like never see u agin?
  57. [$Aire$]Blade: ...
  58. [$Aire$]Blade: also
  59. [$Aire$]Blade: nobody else hates me...
  60. [$Aire$]Blade: just u
  61. [$Aire$]Blade: :(
  62. [RL] Swag: I don't hate you
  63. [$Aire$]Blade: i wouldnt say that
  64. [$Aire$]Blade: at ;east u act like it
  65. [$Aire$]Blade: g2g
  66. [$Aire$]Blade: baii
  67. The other party left the server, so the window was disabled.
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