Dengeki Fair 2020 SS

Aug 8th, 2020
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  1. Genesis Testament – A Certain Magical Index: I Still Want to Do a Summer Fair
  3. “Summer,” said Index, a girl in a white nun’s habit.
  4. No, scratch that description. She was a girl in a (wet and shiny) white school swimsuit made from synthetic fibers!
  5. “The blue ocean, the oppressively bright sun, and the scorching hot sand. Ohhh, we just have to do some watermelon splitting, Touma!”
  6. “I get wanting to eat watermelon and I very much appreciate the swimsuit, but you can’t just force this to happen!! It’s December in the middle of winter break and we were just doing a Christmas story!! I mean, those fancy girls look like they have presents! It took us around 50 volumes to get here, but you expect me to believe we just skipped straight to midsummer!?”
  7. “Touma.”
  8. “?”
  9. “Who said this was Japan’s summer break?”
  10. “Huh? So the displacement was spatial, not temporal!? Are you saying I was dragged to the Southern Hemisphere at some point!?”
  11. “Heh heh heh. Are you sure that’s the only possibility?”
  12. “Wait, it’s even further than that? Like outside the solar system!? Are we introducing terraforming to the worldbuilding now!?”
  13. “Maybe, maybe not.”
  14. “Hold on. Could I actually be in a secret District 24 located deep below Academy City? Are there even any clues around here? Where the hell am I!?”
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