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  1. Jen, for four months I was gone, from your life, from my families life, from everyone, I just focused on myself, I did this to try to make things better for us, I do only want us, it isn’t purely because of him, but there are two things that made me realize now is when we need to close this gap..Jen, when I saw you, I don’t know what you felt, maybe mixed emotions, maybe also partly because of who I was the last time you had seen me, that person is gone.. and when I saw you again, I haven’t felt like that in years jen YEARS. I know you have things you need to work out, but jen I can’t handle the idea of you going out with that guy, I know he’s just a friend, please just understand me here..I want to ask you out, I want to take you on a date tomorrow. I want to surprise you and take YOU somewhere cool and show you, show you not the crying mess who had an emotional reaction to your face, and not the horrific whatever that was before you left, I want to show you what things could be Jen, I just want this chance to take you out, and show you me, and have this last chance before it’s too late..
  2. Please let me know before friday, preferably as soon as possible so I can start preparing(I ain’t foolin around)
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