Vinyl and Matt

Mar 27th, 2015
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  1. You clicked the link fag
  3. >groggily you open your eyes
  4. >you sit up in bed, and look around
  5. >just a fucking second
  6. >this isn't your room
  7. >or your bed
  8. >in fact, this bed is fucking huge, it must be nearly 12 feet long
  9. >then you look down
  10. >oh
  11. >oh my
  12. >white fur and hooves are in plain view
  13. >your tail and mane seem to be a neon bluish color
  14. >guess you're Vynil
  15. >you get up and exlore a little
  16. >you walk out of the bedroom you were in, into a nice living room
  17. >there's a couch, a tv and a decently sized kitchen off to the left
  18. >you got a pretty nice house it seems
  19. >suddenly there's a loud knock on the door
  20. >the door opens and there stands a man
  21. >about 5'10" fair skinned, brown hair
  22. >"Hey Vynil! I'm back from work now, we have the rest of the day!"
  23. "W-who? What's going on?"
  24. >oh fuck you even sound like Vynil, awesome
  25. >"Vynil, it's me, Matt, what happened, did you forget everything?"
  26. >you decide to play along with him
  27. "I can't seem to remember much, it's all a bit fuzzy..."
  28. >"Ah, don't worry, I'm sure you'll remember... Normally one of us tries to start some all talk here... Else we're just going to stand here awkwardly."
  29. >oh shit
  30. "A-alright? H-how was work Matt? Also, on a slightly different matter, what do you do for a living?"
  31. >"Shit, you really don't remember anything do you."
  32. "Nope"
  33. >"Welp, I work in data analysis. Taking large amounts of data and finding patterns in them."
  34. "That sounds frightfully dull."
  35. >"You'd think that, but surprisingly, it's not. I can't really elaborate on our project at the moment, it's a secret, but it's pretty cool."
  36. "C'mon, I'm your... w-waifu, who am I gonna tell?"
  37. >the thought hits you
  38. >you're his waifu
  39. >OH SHIT
  42. >"Ehhh, fine, I guess I can tell you a bit. We're doing a project for the NSA right now. They sent us a shit-ton of data, and we're sifting through it, looking for anybody planning to do something stupid. It's pretty scary to everyone, I mean, the data's anonymous to us... But it could be our personal info they're handing us."
  43. >"Again, pretty scary, but they're paying big bucks, so that's a plus. What have you been doing while I was gone?"
  44. "Sleeping I guess... I can't remember much before you just came home."
  45. >"That's fine, what do you want to do tonight? We can watch a movie and snuggle—"
  46. >already, you're hyped
  47. "Oh man, that sounds awesome! Anything you had in mind?"
  48. >"No, not really... Hey, ever see The Godfather?"
  49. >you had, but if you didn't accept, you might miss out on some prime snuggle time
  50. "No, I haven't, what's it about?"
  51. >a smile appears on his face, he visibly brightens
  52. >"No? Oh, cool, let me get it. It's about... Well, it's about mobsters in New York, it's a drama, and some people call it the best film of all time."
  53. >it was one of your favorites, and seemed to be one of his
  54. >you walked into the kitchen
  55. >there's a nice tile floor, but these counters reach abouve your head.
  56. >you find a footstool, and stand on it, and begin opening cuboards at random.
  57. >in one, you find a half open package of microwave popcorn, Orville Ponenbachers
  58. >man, whoever came up with that pun's a fucking idiot
  59. >you... magic? Well you magic the popcorn into the microwave and hit 2 minutes
  60. >Matt walks back into the room, holding a DVD
  61. >"Alright, I got the movi— Oh, guess you found the popcorn. I'll set up the movie while you finish up there."
  62. >As Matr gets the disc working, you watch the popcorn
  63. >soon, it's done, and you walk over to the couch
  64. >have you ever seen one of those really fuzzy blankets?
  65. >that's on this couch
  66. >you put the popcorn onto the table in front of you and slide underneath the blankett
  67. >Matt follows suit
  68. >he presses play and you snuggle into his chest
  69. >oh man he's warm
  70. >just keep telling yourself it's not gay
  71. >the movie begins, and you don't remember it being so loud, or intimidating
  72. >you snuggle a bit deeper into him, and her starts idily scratching behind your ear
  73. >oh god, that feels amazing
  74. >you tilt you head a little bit, and he starts scratching what you guess is a sweet spot
  75. >your spine's all tingly and you feel a bit lighter
  76. >without leaning away from him, you grab a little popcorn with your magic
  77. >oh my god, you don't spill any, it just stays in the little aura
  78. >amazing
  79. >you grabbed a human sized handfull, and now thinking back on it, perhaps it wasn't the best idea
  80. >you grabbed a handfull bigger than your mouth itself
  81. >you try to cram it down your throat, and some goes down the wrong pipe
  82. >you start coughing uncontrollably, and lean out of the range of his magic fingers
  83. >he looks down, worried to see you in the fetal position, coughing up a lung
  84. >"Vynil? Are you ok? Let me get some water."
  85. >he rushes to the sink and grabs a mug and fills it with water
  86. >he passes it to you and you greedily glug it down
  87. "T-thanks, I just swallowed some popcorn wrong."
  88. >"Ah, hate when that happens," he says before goin back to the movie
  89. >he's not scratching you anymore, something that must be remedied
  90. >you get yourself in a easy position to scratch, snuggling up next to his shoulder
  91. >instead of scratching behind your ear, he starts rubbing your belly
  92. >oh god, this is an amazing feeling
  93. >it's halfway between ticklish and soothing, you get the tingle of being tickled, but don't feel the need to laugh
  94. >his hand works your belly, rubbing your fur in little circles
  95. >after a few minutes, he starts to mix it up
  96. >first he pets all your belly hair one way, before going back, and rubbing it the other
  97. >one of the brothers is driving to a toll stand
  98. >you can't remember what happened in this scene, but there had to be some importance
  100. >the toll man pulls out a large machine gun, as well some guys who spring from the backside of the booth
  101. >the brother tries to escape, but the group stand him up against the car door with bullets
  102. >you you grab Matt close, hiding under the covers
  103. >the gunshots were really, really loud, and hurt your ears
  104. >and you looked cute as fuck if you pictured this in your mind
  105. >"Vynil? Are you ok? I didn't mean to scare you, I swear, it's over now, you can come out." Matt says
  106. "Y-yeah, s-sorry, I just was a bit startled by the loud noises. A-and blood."
  107. >"Ah, well, do you want me to prepare you next time? Give you a hint when something like that is coming?"
  108. >give you clear warning on when to be adorable?
  109. >hell yeah
  110. "Sure, that'd be nice..."
  111. >you snuggle back into his armpit and he begins stroking your mane
  112. >so many new ways to be pet as a pony, all of them feel amazing
  113. >he runs his fingers through your hair, like racecars down a track
  114. >the glide over your neon aqua hair, stimulating your head and mane
  115. >you never knew how good hands felt
  116. >well, not on yourself, you knew that pretty well
  117. >the movie continues, and he only prepares you twice more, once in a resturant, and once during the killing of the heads of the five families
  118. >both times you bury your head under the covers
  119. >seriously, was your hearing a lot more sensitive?
  120. >the movie ends and Matt gets up and stretches
  121. >deciding to have a little fun, you get up and pull the IWTCIRD pose
  122. >this actually feels really nice
  123. >it's stretching your haunches, and puts your back in a really comfortable position
  124. >you decide to stay here in this position for a little
  125. >Matt chuckles a little and tussles your hair
  126. >oh god was he watching you
  127. >that's actually kind of embarrassing
  128. >your face involuntarily flushes, and you feel blood rushing to your cheeks
  129. "W-were watching me Matt?"
  131. >oh god why did you ask him that now its even more awkward fuck
  132. >"Yep, you're pretty cute when you do that."
  133. >no
  134. >your face goes full on red and Matt tries to conceal his laughter
  135. >it doesn't work and he starts laughing and picks you up
  136. >"Alright, bedtime now."
  137. >he takes you into his room, and plops you down on the bed
  138. >he gets his clothes off, and hops into the shower
  139. >you follow him in, and get into the shower with him
  140. >it's like a combined shower/bathtub
  141. >he turns on the shower head, but once he notices you poking around, he switches it off and turns on the faucet
  142. >first thing you look at is his dick
  143. >what has the internet done to you
  144. >it's pretty average sized, and uncut
  145. >and now you've been staring at it a little too long
  146. >he notices
  147. >may as well make the best of it
  148. "So Ano–Matt... You've been taking care of me, I now get to take care of you..."
  149. >"No Vynil, you really do—"
  150. >you grab his cock with your magic
  151. >god damn magic is versitile
  152. >you start massaging his cock with magic and he starts to slide out of his sheath
  153. >"Vynil..."
  155. >just remember
  156. >it's not gay because you're a girl now
  157. >seriously, you do want to suck him off
  158. >however, you decide to take him slow, tease a little
  159. >as he slides out completely, you nibble a teensy bit on his foreskin, before putting the tip of his cock in your mouth
  160. >that's new
  161. >it's a strange feeling, much smoother than you expected
  162. >He moans a little bit, and scratches the tip of your ear
  163. >you taste a small amount of pre-cum
  164. >bit salty, but not a terrible flavor
  165. >you sort of like it
  166. >shit
  167. >just remember it's not gay
  168. >he keeps scratching, and you take him a little deeper, maybe a fourth of the way down
  169. >how the fuck do people deepthroat?
  170. >already his cock's filling half your mouth, and you've barley started
  171. >he moans a little as you move your lips up and down
  172. >you feel a strange feeling around your legs
  173. >the bath is filling up, it's nearly covering your ass now
  174. >hey look, there's your cutiemark
  175. >you turn back to him, flipping hair out of your face, and take him about three fourths down
  176. >his moaning's picked up a little, but you're nearly gagging
  177. >it's not a good feeling, but you... sort of like it
  178. >just remember it isn't at all gay
  179. >suddenly, he pushes you head down
  180. >his cock goes into your throat and you gag, pulling off and falling into a coughing fit
  181. >you flail around in the water as he apoligizes profusely
  182. >"Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't know you couldn't go that deep!"
  183. "No, no it's fine, I'll choke on your dick if I have to."
  184. >you give him a little wink before going back to work
  185. >once again, you try to force his cock into your throat, and this time, you succeed without gagging
  186. >holy shit, you're taking him fully
  187. >you think about how big his cock was, then imagine what it must look like, going into your tiny mouth
  188. >the water is nearly to his dick now
  189. >you'll have to work fast
  191. >pushing harder and using your tounge to lick his length in your mouth, his breath gets a bit shallow
  192. >you look up, still blowing, giving him a little stare
  193. >he's got his eyes closed, but he opens them for a sec and sees you
  194. >he smiles a little, before giving in to pleasure
  195. >the water touches his balls as you keep pushing
  196. >suddenly, you feel a muscle in his dick pull
  197. >your mouth and throat is filled with cum, and even though it's only a small amount you involuntarily take a breath
  198. >shit
  199. >you feel cum on the tip of the entrance to your lungs, and you feel another coughing fit coming on
  200. >but you also don't want to ruin the moment
  201. >it tickles the opening, a really uncomfortable feeling
  202. >thankfully, it rolls down your esophagus
  203. >"Wow..."
  204. "Eheh... Yeah..."
  205. >"Guess I should clean you up now. You're a bit messy."
  206. >He turns off the water, and pulls you close
  207. >he gives you a small hug before grabbing a washcloth, and rubbing cum off your chin
  208. >"There we go, and now to get you clean."
  209. >he picks you up and turns you around, facing the faucet, and grabs some soap
  210. >he washes your mane, tail and back
  211. >it's like a massage, and the warm water flows over you like satin
  212. >you honestly feel like you could sit here forever, in his arms
  213. >sadly, he takes his arms from around you, and picks up the soap again
  214. >he starts to wash himself, and you whisper a single word to him
  215. "Thanks..."
  216. >you get out of the bath and dry off, then snuggle into the bed
  217. >the fuzzy blanket is now in the bed, and you wrap yourself into a little cocoon
  218. >soon, he gets out, and you hear him drying his hair
  219. >you feel something wet between your legs, but you had already dried off
  220. >you idly hoofed there, and a ripple of pleasure went through your body
  221. >you continued, using your horn to pry yourself open a little
  222. >being wet is strange
  223. >it had a musky smell you sort of liked, and made you want to rub faster
  224. >you probably missed it in the bath with all the water, but oh well
  226. >suddenly you hear the door to the bathroom open
  227. >he sees you sitting in bed, hoof around where your crotch should be, rubbing
  228. >why
  229. >your enitre face flushes red and you start stuttering
  230. "I-uh, h-hey... I was-w, jus—"
  231. >"Do you need help?"
  232. "Dear god yes."
  233. >he gets into bed and slides his fingers into you
  234. >people are so thankless for hands, and look at the wonders they've worked for you tonight
  235. >if you died now, you'd want your epitah to include a thank you to hands everywhere
  236. >he props you open with two fingers, and about to slide his cock in, poses you a question.
  237. >"Do you want to do anal?"
  238. >shit that's tough
  239. >you've never done it before, your last gf was a dick about it
  240. >you're a bit curious to find out, but also a bit scared
  241. "I... I've never done it. Is-is it gonna hurt?"
  242. >"Most likely not, are you sure you're up for it?"
  243. >fuck it
  244. "Yeah, I can deal,"
  245. >he switches position, pushing you up a bit more
  246. >he pushes in
  247. >fuck that's tight
  248. >and hurts
  249. >a lot
  250. >but he seems to be enjoying himself, so you go along with him
  251. >he pushes in and out, picking up a little speed
  252. >thank god you didn't need to shit
  253. >a bit of wetness is leaking down into where he was thrusting, giving a slight bit of give
  254. >once into a rhythm, you're actually starting to enjoy yourself
  255. >who'd a thunk
  257. >once again, he seems nearly ready to cum
  258. >low stamina plebian
  259. >you decide to draw it out a little, anal seems a bit too tight for him
  260. "Can you go wash off? I'd like to try something a little different."
  261. >"Not till I'm done here!"
  262. >he starts to pump a little faster
  263. >he's hilting, and god it hurts
  264. >he seems to make one final push, and fills your ass with cream
  265. >he pulls out with a popping noise, and pain floods into your ass
  266. >it hurt before, but now you feel raw
  267. >the cum leaking into crevices in your ass wasn't helping, but at least the warmth was soothing
  268. >Matt walks to the bathroom, and you hear the sink
  269. >you consider washing off as well, and walk in with him
  270. >you step into the now nearly empty bath and turn on the faucet
  271. >standing next to it, you let the water run over your flank, while using magic to clean the back
  272. >you love being a unicorn
  273. >you walk out and get back into bed, where Matt's waiting
  274. >"So you said you wanted to try something new?"
  275. "Yeah, uhuh, gimme a second. You fucked me raw... I was gonna try something a bit kinky, but I think I'll settle for straight up fucking before I go to sleep."
  276. >you hear him let out a small "aw" before you jump onto his chest
  277. >he lets out a small groan from your landing, before you kiss him on the lips
  278. >you move your hindquarters slowly onto him, and push down, hard
  279. >you hilt him completely with little discomfort, unlike the other places tried previously
  280. >he lets out a surprised "unf," not expecting you to take him in so quickly
  281. >you bounce your ass a little, starting slow, hooves on his chest
  282. >panting, you keep going, pleasure ripping through your spine
  283. >oh god, you never knew having a vagina was this amazing
  285. >it's said that females have double the pleasure sensors of men
  286. >fuck if you aren't using them to the fullest
  287. >he grabs your flank, hands resting on your cutiemark, and pushes you deeper
  288. >you didn't notice before, but your panting has synchronized with his
  289. >spooky
  290. >you start making small, circular motions with your pussy, pulling his dick in different directions
  291. >he starts to groan a little, and you feel him tensing up
  292. >one one of the beats, you push down and clench with all your stregnth
  293. >he lets out a surprised gasp that fades to a moan, his cock finally relinquished of the white goo within
  294. >you enter a state of euphoria, warm, fuzzy and in complete bliss
  295. >you fall on his chest, member still pulsating within you, and you pass into dreamland
  297. >"Uuh... Ahh. Good morning Vinyl."
  298. >groggily you sit up
  299. >"How was I?"
  300. "Whu—Oh, To be honest, I've never had better. That was..."
  301. >"Well, I try... I have to get to work now, so I'm going to be off soon."
  302. "Well, can I at least help you cook breakfast?"
  303. >"Sure!"
  304. >you and Matt spent a nice morning, cooking bacon and eggs for him, and a fruit salad for you
  305. >however, when he finished, he stood up, stretched and said
  306. >"I'll see you later Vinyl."
  307. "Oh. Alright! I'll be here waiting!"
  308. >He was out the door, and you walked over to the couch
  309. >you'd never gone from so happy to so depressed in the blink of an eye
  310. "Well, now what..."
  312. >you sat, bolt upright in bed
  313. >a splitting headache hit you, most likely a result of your alcoholic escapades last night
  314. >what the fuck had happened?
  315. >you couldn't remember anything, but there was a warm fuzzy feeling, all over your body
  316. >if you strained hard, you could remember a single frozen point in time
  317. >sitting on a couch with a guy next to you, a single lock of blue hair over your vision, the Godfather playing on the screen in front of you
  318. >you tried to strain harder for more of the dream, and promptly threw up on the side of your bed
  319. >and the memory was gone like a puff of smoke
  320. >fuck
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