Shirtless cousin Applejack [prompt]

Feb 3rd, 2018
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  1. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/31813542/#q31819475
  3. > No 13 y.o. older/equal cousin Applejack going around all day shirtless in the middle of the summer
  4. > With no hint of shame
  5. > While all the flat as pancake girls much younger than her is already insisting on wearing a bra, she thinks that she's still no old enough for it
  6. > Because Granny says so
  7. > But you clearly can see some developoing shapes. Way past the mosquito bites
  8. > "Fer Pete's sake, will ya quit it, Ah-non? It's hot! Ah'll wear it when ah'll had'em! Fluttershy needs one, ah'm not!"
  10. "O-ok then, Jacks. I'm just worried, you know? Some boys might sneak up and take a peek."
  11. > "A peek on what? Ain't nothin' to see there. If anyone's g'na be hidin' in here, I'll be the first to kick their nuts! Now help me tah carry this basket!"
  13. > This might be the best summer vacation ever
  14. > You knew her since you were little kids, but that's something new
  15. > The first time you arrived at the farm, she surprises you right the next morning at the dinner table by undoing the front knot on her shirt and tossing it on her shoulder, which made you choke on your food
  16. > She was more-or-less flat at first, but growing every day like on ferments
  17. > Poking you with her pointy nipples, while both of you were lifting the basket full of apples at the top of each
  18. > Casually wiping up the sweat on her tiny chest and her armpits with a wet piece of cloth
  19. > Scratching herself in all of the possible places when it itches
  20. > Borrowing your clothes when it’s colder at night
  21. > Not bothering to give you a warning when she needs to pee behind a tree or bush
  22. > Getting in a playful fights with you, more often tickling each other, till you both will fall on the grass exhausted and catching your breath
  23. > Just like the old times
  25. > Her old shorts that she wears every year was too tiny for her, and not for too long she finally ripped them, while picking up the cart
  26. > "Aw, shucks..." - she says and immediately covers herself from behind - "...now, uh... you take mah cart and I'll take yours later, ah need to change. You go first, ah'll catch up."
  27. > And you did
  28. > She's been half-naked all the time and now she's afraid to flash her panties?
  29. > "W-wait, ah'll go first! And you at my side."
  30. "Jee, AJ. That's not like you. Here..."
  31. > You said, taking off your shorts and giving it to her
  32. > Doesn't matter at this point, your underpants is just as big
  33. > "Oh, uh... you wash yerself, right?"
  34. "Uh-huh. More often than you, anyway."
  35. > "Aww, shuddap" - she says and jabs you on the shoulder - "But thanks, ah guess".
  36. "Sure. You might wanna update your wardro-"
  37. > You said and turned around without thinking.
  38. > Suddenly, tiny pubes
  39. > And there was no panties.
  40. > There never was any
  41. "-...oh, f-f... at least give me a warning, coz. "
  42. > "Ya'll knew that ah'm g'na change, ya dumbo. And b'sides, we've seen each other naked plenty of times b'fore."
  43. "Yeah, last time was, like, 5 or 6 years ago."
  44. > "Ya sure love to overreact at anything', city boy."
  45. > "As you say... jeez."
  46. > You're touching yourself to sleep tonight.
  48. > Unsurprisingly, the next morning you overslept a bit
  49. > And couldn’t find her anywhere
  50. > Did she slept in your shorts?
  52. “Hey, Mac! Where’s AJ? I can’t find her anywhere.
  53. >”She jus’ left in town five minutes ago tuh buy some clothes.”
  54. “She… what?! What she was wearing?!”
  55. >”Uh… in what she usually wears. Why?”
  56. “She left into a crowded place with only shorts and sneakers on her?! Don’t you see a problem here?”
  57. > “Uhm… n-n-nope.”
  58. > Figures.
  60. > While she could go around like that at home, right now someone needs to protect her decency
  61. > With a *poof!* you dissapeared from where you were standing, sprinting towards the town like a madman.
  62. > You had no time to catch your breath when you finally found her
  63. > Some retards is already whistling and filming her
  64. > Without thinking you approached them and broke their phone
  65. > Immediately you two got into a fight
  66. > You don't know what you were expecting
  67. > Already being kicked around in the dirt by two gorillas, while the other two were holding your cousin in place
  68. > And trying to strip her bottomless
  69. > Suddenly, Big Mac
  70. > The fight turned around in your favor pretty fast
  72. > In a few hours, back at home, AJ were treating your wounds
  73. > Again, you tried to convince her to at least wear a shirt
  74. > And again, she refuses
  75. > Guess there's only one option left
  76. > Suddenly, you grab her breasts from behind and squeeze them
  77. > For the first time ever she covers herself and shies away
  78. > Immediately, you apologise
  79. "Um... I'm so sorry, Applejack. I don't know what's gotten into me. Feel free to slap me as hard as you can."
  80. > "Sh-shuks... Ah... ya know, ah guess... Coz, ah'm the one who needs t'be sorry. Fer making a fool of mahself and makin' everyone uncomfortable."
  81. > "And ah'm indeed has grown in places. Ah'll wear something to cover mahself from now on, at least... 'least in public. Believe me, ah swear."
  82. "You don't have to swear, I know you're telling the truth."
  83. > Happy hugs
  84. "AJ, you're poking me again... with..."
  85. > "Oh, yeah... right. M'sorry."
  86. "It's ok. I'm kinda... got used to it."
  87. > "Uh-huh, ya sure did. And Ah-non..."
  88. "Yeah?"
  89. > "Thanks." - she said and planted a kiss on your cheek.
  91. > Years later, you came to visit her farm again
  92. > After celebrating the reunion and spending the whole day together, she said that wanted to show you something in her room
  93. > To show just how much she has grown everywhere while you were away.
  95. FinЪ
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