Why DarkHunt is not avalible on Chromium Based Browsers

Jan 6th, 2020
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  1. There are few reasons why DarkHunt isn't available for Chrome right now:
  2. 1. Google charges $5 for creating a Chrome Developer account. I know 5$ isn't much, but right now I'm not able to pay for that. Sorry.
  3. 2. I don't want to support Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Using a code base developed by a gigantic ad corporation for every browser on the market is not good for the internet. Also, I don't support spyware.
  4. 3. DarkHunt is still in beta. Maybe after it leaves Beta it will be available for Chromium browsers as well. Again, no promises.
  6. But, if you want to install DarkHunt now, you can download it from my file server, extract, and install it using developer mode on chrome://extensions (Install unpacked).
  8. Download DarkHunt.zip [4.49KB]: http://storage.hexandcube.tk/files/software/DarkHunt.zip
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