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  1. <Tempest> it's a church to ponies.
  2. <SpaceBrotha> oh you found it?
  3. <Tempest> as if it's not easily found. it's like, 200 blocks from the spawn
  4. <AX> burn it with lava
  5. <SpaceBrotha> it is not my religion, and clearly i should burn it down
  6. <Tempest> you just go in the opposite direction from spawn
  7. <Tempest> and eventually you hit a mountain with a big ass building sticking out of it
  8. <Tempest> made out of obsidian
  9. <SpaceBrotha> i'm getting really tired of that material
  10. <Tempest> nearby is this church to some purple pony
  11. <Tempest> apparently they also hollowed out the mountain
  12. <Tempest> inside, they've replaced the mountain with bedrock for walls
  13. <SpaceBrotha> i'll raze everything
  14. <SpaceBrotha> i'll just bulldoze the entire mountain and everything in it
  15. <SpaceBrotha> and all the ponies
  16. <SaintX> lure an enderman in?
  17. <Tempest> they even have this ice-skating rink
  18. <SpaceBrotha> and just fill it with a lake
  19. <Tempest> dedicated to pinkie pie
  20. <AX> "An asteroid did it!"
  21. <SpaceBrotha> good idea AX, fill it with tnt and detonate
  22. <Tempest> considering everything is made out of obsidian, fire may be useless
  23. <SpaceBrotha> "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PONIES?!" "Err... northerners!"
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