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hechi genius part 2

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  1. solid_hw: So where’s the disconnect in those ideas? On one hand you’re pointing out how bad corruption is and how it shouldn’t be ignored
  2. 12:44solid_hw: But on the other hand you’re saying cheating is okay because others do it
  3. 12:44hech1zeros: in war everything is viable
  4. 12:45hech1zeros: america said it
  5. 12:45hech1zeros: honor is important
  6. 12:45hech1zeros: but it doesnt won wars
  7. 12:45solid_hw: Okay but we’re not at war. We’re playing a video game as civilians
  8. 12:45hech1zeros: everything starts like a game
  9. 12:45solid_hw: There’s a code of conduct that you should follow when playing games against others. One of those codes is not cheating
  10. 12:46solid_hw: If everyone cheated then no one would play. You’d ruin the thing people enjoy doing
  11. 12:46hech1zeros: there is a diference about system and cheats
  12. 12:46hech1zeros: if u know how the system works
  13. 12:46hech1zeros: u play can rule the system
  14. 12:46solid_hw: “Cheating the system” is what you’re getting at. Key word being cheating
  15. 12:47hech1zeros: cheatting was forge hos 300% cutter odst and colony thing
  16. 12:47hech1zeros: bc u cant contested
  17. 12:47hech1zeros: thats cheating
  18. 12:47solid_hw: It sure is
  19. 12:47hech1zeros: when u cant do anything about it
  20. 12:48solid_hw: And so is boosting against yourself
  21. 12:48solid_hw: It’s all cheating
  22. 12:48Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: I hate your fucking accent
  23. 12:48WizeBot  :bust_in_silhouette: New FOLLOW(S) ❤ LethaLFBaBy ❤, WELCOME! (241 followers) (+13).
  24. 12:48hech1zeros: there is a diference in what ur saying
  25. 12:48Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: please dont read the chat aloud
  26. 12:48BroadcasterSubscriberGethynator: nice 1 lethal
  27. 12:48Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: thanks
  28. 12:48solid_hw: Yeah there is a difference
  29. 12:48Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: "Lee dah"
  30. 12:48hech1zeros: and get 50 pts for 2 dcs is not boosting
  31. 12:48Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: ew
  32. 12:49solid_hw: The people who abused colony cutter and forge actually had to play against people
  33. 12:49solid_hw: You literally are getting free wins off yourself
  34. 12:49Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: "of curse"
  35. 12:49hech1zeros: well i play vs other people before
  36. 12:49BroadcasterSubscriberGethynator: !discord
  37. 12:49Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: it's not an insult
  38. 12:49Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: it's the truth
  39. 12:49Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: shhhhhh
  40. 12:50Twitch PrimeLethaLFBaBy: thanks
  41. 12:50hech1zeros: is not free wins
  42. 12:50hech1zeros: i challenge u to get free wins vs ur smurf with 0 game
  43. 12:50yomadoplays: you all free wins shhhhh
  44. 12:51solid_hw: Hech that doesn’t make any sense
  45. 12:51hech1zeros: actually play vs noobs is free wins
  46. 12:51solid_hw: It’s not hard to search yourself out on 2 champ accounts
  47. 12:51hech1zeros: r u sure?
  48. 12:51hech1zeros: try it
  49. 12:51hech1zeros: but try get champin first
  50. 12:51solid_hw: I have 2 champ accounts
  51. 12:51solid_hw: I could do it very easily
  52. 12:51hech1zeros: so do it
  53. 12:51solid_hw: One search on my pc one search on my Xbox
  54. 12:52hech1zeros: and stop crying
  55. 12:52solid_hw: I don’t boost hech I play the game legit
  56. 12:52solid_hw: Wtf is the fun in resigning against yourself for virtual points on a ladder that means shit
  57. 12:52hech1zeros: I play more legit than u
  58. 12:52hech1zeros: fun is this things
  59. 12:52hech1zeros: what is happening rigth now
  60. 12:52hech1zeros: u vs me
  61. 12:53hech1zeros: thinking about boost ur self
  62. 12:53solid_hw: I don’t think about boosting myself because there’s 0 enjoyment in that
  63. 12:53solid_hw: You’re not a genius for doing it. Everyone knows it can be done
  64. 12:53hech1zeros: fun is rockgen getting mad bc i get my points back after i dc
  65. 12:53hech1zeros: thats fun
  66. 12:54solid_hw: That’s how you ruin games
  67. 12:54hech1zeros: ruin? this game is already ruined
  68. 12:54solid_hw: I’ve seen you type in other chats that this game needs more good players
  69. 12:55solid_hw: Ask yourself how it’s going to get more good players when the top of the leaderboard is dictated by cheaters
  70. 12:55hech1zeros: and the game get ruined when ppl start abusing from cutter odst
  71. 12:56hech1zeros: good players with talents play other games
  72. 12:56BroadcasterSubscriberGethynator: !discord
  73. 12:56solid_hw: If you were a newer player would you want to buy and play a game where the top 5 players cheat?
  74. 12:56hech1zeros: i did it befores
  75. 12:56hech1zeros: when cutter odst was broken
  76. 12:57hech1zeros: and i face u
  77. 12:57hech1zeros: and i lost
  78. 12:57solid_hw: Hechi
  79. 12:57hech1zeros: and a i lost to every cutter
  80. 12:57solid_hw: Leaders being strong
  81. 12:57solid_hw: Is not the same as BOOSTING
  82. 12:57solid_hw: Large difference
  83. 12:57hech1zeros: big
  84. 12:58hech1zeros: 50 pts is not boosting
  85. 12:58Palafoxx25: Solid uses exploits
  86. 12:58solid_hw: If I’m playing CoD and only using the m16 because it’s overpowered it is not the same thing as getting into a team tactical lobby with friends and boosting for headshots
  87. 12:58hech1zeros: solid ur logit is I use xploits but i dont cheaat
  88. 12:58hech1zeros: hypocrit
  89. 12:59Palafoxx25: Hechi is a cheater
  90. 12:59solid_hw: Hechi your logic is cutter was too strong in a meta so that means I can boost myself
  91. 12:59hech1zeros: remember when u stop playing bc they nerfed cutter?
  92. 12:59Palafoxx25: I can confirm he cheats
  93. 12:59solid_hw: That makes literally zero sense
  94. 12:59hech1zeros: how u call it?
  95. 12:59hech1zeros: every cutter player is death now
  96. 12:59solid_hw: I stopped playing because they hard reset MMR and you had play 500 games to get champion
  97. 1:00solid_hw: Remember the season with 4 champ players?
  98. 1:00hech1zeros: so?
  99. 1:00solid_hw: I don’t have time to play 500 games
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  101. 1:00hech1zeros: but we play this game for fun
  102. 1:00hech1zeros: marketing in videogames is that
  103. 1:01hech1zeros: play a lot of games to be top in ur game
  104. 1:01hech1zeros: overwatch
  105. 1:01hech1zeros: fornite
  106. 1:01hech1zeros: all the games
  107. 1:01hech1zeros: open ur eyes little inocent
  108. 1:01solid_hw: The difference in those games is you play against people the same skill level
  109. 1:01solid_hw: This one you can grind against nobodies and be champ
  110. 1:01solid_hw: It’s not the same thing
  111. 1:02hech1zeros: same thing is play a lot
  112. 1:02hech1zeros: have u ever played overwatch or paladins?
  113. 1:02solid_hw: Hechi those games have pros with large salaries who get paid to play a lot
  114. 1:02hech1zeros: or smite
  115. 1:02solid_hw: This game you’re playing a lot for $0
  116. 1:03solid_hw: It’s all for fun
  117. 1:03hech1zeros: no for all the people who play it
  118. 1:03solid_hw: Which means cheating is even more of a loser thing to do
  119. 1:03hech1zeros: i get pay for play hw in mexico
  120. 1:03hech1zeros: i pay diferent strat games
  121. 1:04hech1zeros: i get pay for see how it works every system
  122. 1:04solid_hw: Is their a professional hw league in Mexico that I’m unaware of?
  123. 1:04hech1zeros: i get pay to play in my free time
  124. 1:04hech1zeros: no about Halo Wars
  125. 1:04hech1zeros: i need more people
  126. 1:04hech1zeros: i have just like 30
  127. 1:05solid_hw: You’re losing me here I don’t understand what you’re trying to say
  128. 1:05hech1zeros: so they can give us money
  129. 1:05hech1zeros: i play Clash royale and other strategy games
  130. 1:06solid_hw: What does that have to do with cheating in halo wars?
  131. 1:06hech1zeros: and i teach people to play Chess
  132. 1:06hech1zeros: first nobody is cheating here
  133. 1:06hech1zeros: cheating is like colony season
  134. 1:06solid_hw: Hechi you’ve admitted to boosting. It’s cheating lol
  135. 1:07hech1zeros: boosting is part of the system no cheating
  136. 1:07solid_hw: Naming other exploits doesn’t discount that you’ve boosted and cheated
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