It's Not the Fall That Kills You 3

Sep 27th, 2014
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  1. Instinct kept the ushi-oni from ending the fight before it started. Drew threw the door closed, intercepting the sharp claws before they could grasp his neck. The wood splintered and flew, each claw making it clear through the door but no further. A kick sent the door in and the ushi-oni followed.
  3. Drew’s beretta was ready.
  5. Three shots rang out. Three bullets ripped through the ushi’s head, leaving in a bloody splatter, staining the walls and carpet a sullen red. She slumped to the ground on her abdomen. Drew kept his gun trained on her. That shouldn't have killed her. The holes filled up, blood stopped flowing from wounds, and life returned to the ushi-oni’s body. Drew grimaced as he put three more rounds in her head, but those began to heal as well.
  7. The ushi-oni’s legs lifted her body back up. Six rounds to the head only bought him seconds! If the brain wasn’t an option, he’d have to go for the heart. As that wild elation returned to her eyes, he adjusted his aim and fired. He pulled the trigger in short, regular intervals, shifting his aim so the bullets would destroy as much of her chest as possible. Yet when the gun clicked empty, the ushi was still standing. Their eyes met, and her grin grew. He paled.
  9. An arm darted out and smacked the gun away, but Drew had no used of it any more. A swipe came for his shoulder, but he dodged back. Claws whistled as they cut through the air intent on opening Drew's chest. Drew saw sweat fly off his face as he barely got out of the way. He didn’t have room to keep backing up. He couldn’t get around the ushi-oni to the door. She charged at him, trying to crush him against wall, but he leapt to the side just in time. Scrambling to his feet, he ran down a narrow hall to his bedroom and slammed the door shut. The ushi’s size would slow her, but Drew wouldn’t trust a concrete wall to stop a ushi, much less some drywall. He had no windows and he was on the third floor, so escape wasn’t an option until he could get past the ushi.
  11. The thunder of drywall giving way to frenzy shook the apartment. Fuck! How could she possibly have found him? Had he missed something, something that got the other agents killed? His eyes ransacked the room for a weapon. He swallowed down saliva but still breathed fear. The closet. That's where he kept his supplies. He ran there, threw it open, and his eyes immediately latched onto a black bag. Liess didn't allow him to keep much, but surely something could help him here. His hands closed around smooth metal and he flashed a smile just as the bedroom door exploded inward. Drew spun around and brandished his weapon: a cattle prod. He'd much prefer a gun, but the only one he had was empty and out of reach. He hit the trigger on the prod and the end lit up. Electricity worked wonders on many monstergirls, but a ushi-oni? He guessed he'd be finding out.
  13. The ushi’s mouth opened with a wicked laugh at the sight. Fuck that stupid laugh. Drew faked forward, trying to gauge the ushi’s reaction, but there wasn’t one. She didn’t care about the cattle prod at all, but that still didn't tell Drew if his would be effective or not. A normal cattle prod might not stop a ushi-oni, but his was weapons-grade. He faked forward again, but again got nothing from the ushi-oni. She was daring him--and he took that dare. He jabbed for her side, but she squirmed out of reach with shocking speed. Claws soared for Drew’s face, but he’d kept his eyes on them, giving him just enough time to react. Drew struck with the prod as if it were a rapier, going for a new body part each time. Shoulder, neck, stomach, leg, arm. Every time, the ushi ducked away and went for a counterattack.
  15. After Drew’s last attack, she finally connected. He howled in pain, retreating over his bed with one hand on his ribs. Three clean lines dripped crimson. Squeezing the wound, he opened his mouth in a silent scream. Pain washed over him, but he pushed it away. His grip on the prod tightened so hard his fingers went numb. The metal, hot from his own body heat, bit into his palm. This ushi was making a fool of him. A man trained for years to kill her kind was being twisted into nothing but a toy. And that fucking smile! She never stopped with that smile! Eye-fucking him ever since the doorway like a glutton scarfing down a meal before it was ready. Screw the hit, he’d kill the ushi just for her cockiness.
  17. He switched the prod to his other hand, meeting the ushi-oni’s mad grin with a glare. Trying to win like this was insane. He needed to get out of the apartment and try to outrun her. A shit alternative, but better than slowly getting bled to death here.
  19. The ushi-oni jumped onto the bed, giving Drew no more time to contemplate his doom. Her razor-sharp legs shred the mattress with each step, and her additional height blocked out the light on the ceiling. A storm swallowing the sun. With a sickening cackle, she pounced. This was his chance. He aimed for the gap under her raised arm, like dodging under a falling door. She read his movements and brought a claw down. While unable to get a grip, it was quick enough to dig into his leg and leave a nice gash. Fresh waves of pain struck him, but Drew had no time for it. He’d made it past the ushi. Not missing a step, he darted out the door.
  21. The hallway was gone.
  23. Drew’s eyes went wide. The ushi-oni had obliterated the wall along the hall leading to his bedroom, leaving a waist-high pile of rubble where the hall and wall once were. The moment he reoriented himself to his new surroundings, however, his legs burst into action. It was just a pile a rubble. An easy climb then an open shot to the door. He hit the pile running, using his momentum to get over it, but escape was not to be so easy. His injured leg gave out, sending Drew face-first into the rubble.
  25. It was over. Before he even hit the ground, he knew it was over. This entire fight had been danced along a razor’s edge, and he’d just fallen off. Dust shot into the air in a cloud around Drew, drying out his mouth like it’d never known moisture. Even knowing his fate, he pushed himself to his feet and tried to blink the dust out. With every ounce of defiance in his body, he pushed his legs forward.
  27. The claws around them didn’t allow it.
  29. The ushi yanked Drew’s legs out from underneath him, sending him right back into the rubble. The impact knocked the air from his lungs, sending his head spinning and his vision dancing. Twisting in her grip, Drew slashed back at the ushi with his cattle prod and was surprised to find it hit something. When his vision came into focus, he saw the ushi-oni grasping the end with a closed hand, grinning with teeth clenched. Her eyes only grew wilder with tens of thousands of volts tearing through her body. Crushing the end of the prod, she tossed the scrap metal away and seized Drew by neck. She stood up straight and lifted Drew’s struggling body with a single arm. He rained blows down upon her arm, trying to find a weak point, something that would give, but what he got was more of that damn smile.
  31. Kicks connected with her stomach, her chest, her legs, over and over. Hardly a twitch in response. Fed up with Drew’s resistance, the ushi began to squeeze. Drew’s lungs were robbed of precious air. He clutched at the hand, trying to wrench it open, but her grip was steel. Slowly, so slowly, the fingers grew tighter, now threatening to crush his windpipe and demolish his vertebrae. Drew went berserk on her arm. Pulling, kicking, punching, clawing, anything to free him. His face started turned blue with the lack of oxygen, and his blows grew weak. This was the futility of fighting monstergirls. The moment the gun failed to kill her this battle was over, Drew just hadn’t know it yet. As much as he struggled, the end result didn’t surprise him in the slightest. His vision went black.
  33. A resounding smash against Drew’s back shook his body with pain. Light forced its way back in when Drew’s eyes flew open. The ushi had slackened her grip on his neck and thrown him onto the floor. Drew tried to get up, coughing wildly, but the ushi-oni was already over him. Arms wrapped around him and pulled him into a twisted, perverted hug, crushing their bodies together. Her pediapalps shredded his clothing and tossed it away before hooking around his waist and smashing it into her female heat. Still coughing, Drew squirmed in revulsion and tried to create some sort of distance. It did nothing.
  35. He gasped when the ushi threw him back against the floor again, her hands pinning his shoulders down and keeping him secure. He got one look at that ravenous grin before she began thrusting. And did she thrust. Her thrusting wasn’t like anything he’d experienced or even seen before--it was brutish, wild, and strong enough to shake the entire apartment, but at the same time, absolutely focused. With Drew’s manhood limp, it did nothing useful, just a raw mashing of privates together, but with each motion he could feel the entirety of her body, her being, devoted to the most carnal of desires.
  37. The first thrust stole his breath from him once more. On the second, he heard a crack. He didn’t know if that was him or the floor. The third reverberated fiery spikes through his pelvis and legs, like they’d fallen asleep a hundred times over. Another crack. And another. Juices thick with the ushi-oni’s scent flowed from her nethers and over Drew’s privates. The smell invaded his nose, violating him just like the ushi was. His crotch went numb, like it wasn’t attached to his body any more. Her pediapalps dug into his lower back, wanting more, more, more. With the force of her entire body, the ushi pounded on him again and again. Her claws dug into his shoulders. Drew waited for something to give.
  39. It was the floor.
  41. A mighty thrust broke through the wood, sending the ushi-oni and Drew crashing down to the apartment below them. A scream other than Drew’s rang through his ears and someone ran out. Drew looked at the ushi’s face; she didn’t even glance away. Nothing mattered but the sad little man beneath her. Drool dripped from her mouth. Drew tried to spit back at her, but her thrusts came with such speed and intensity trying to do anything but accept them sent his head spinning. It felt like he was trying to keep his balance and someone kept shoving him. Warmth spread from his crotch, the first feeling he’d gotten from it since it went numb. And it wasn’t just the ushi-oni’s heat he felt.
  43. “No. Nooo,” he groaned, pushing away with what strength he had left. Somehow, he was getting hard. Screw flowing blood to his injuries, to his muscles that strained to get him free. Screw keeping himself conscious and his legs from going numb. No, his body wanted to fuck. He didn’t dare meet eyes with the ushi--he could only imagine how this development thrilled her.
  45. She kept her pediapalps tight around his waist as her hands shifted from pinning him to lifting, slipping under his arms to pick him up like a baby. Every little thing she did stripped away what dignity Drew might hope to claim, from the aches of his defeat to the mindless fucking in a stranger’s apartment. She even controlled his arousal. This is how he was going to die. She’d wail on him until his body failed to respond and beyond. Another naked man to add to the count, and all he could do about it was rage within the prison of his frail body.
  47. His back exploded in pain once more. She’d thrown him up against the back wall of the apartment, close enough to the window that he could still hear the rain fall. He took a single swing at her face, but the punch was something more akin to a slap. Sliding her hands up to his elbows, she dug her claws into the wall and took away the tiny token of resistance he had. Her pediapalps began wriggling around, shifting his waist back and forth, in awkward motions. Drew couldn’t figure out what she was doing until sopping wet lips swallowed his member. He gasped at the shock of pleasure rushing through his body, dulling all his pains and aches to trivial background noise. He gasped again when she thrust into him, her pussy squeezing with dizzying strength. Drew shouted in frustration at his own pleasure, but that was all the defiance he could offer.
  49. All-encompassing heat, wetness, and pressure consumed him and spit him back out over and over. His back slammed into the wall hard enough for his entire body to feel the force reverberate through his bones. Dust fell from the hole in the ceiling he’d been fucked through. The ushi-oni just kept grinning.
  51. She climbed up in the wall with her two front legs to get a better angle. It wasn’t enough. The brutal thrusting, strong enough to shatter bones and decimate floors was not enough. What the hell was going through her head? How did a monster like this--no, a species like this--even come into being? A monster who lived to fuck with the ferocity to kill her mate, uncontrollable but for the seal they wore over their eye. This one, of course, wasn’t wearing hers. Well, if god was going to screw with him by making something as twisted as a ushi-oni, he’d screw with god right back. Maybe Drew was to die, but he wasn’t going to give neither god nor this bitch the pleasure of his surrender. He screamed in her face and kicked. One leg responded with resounding pain… broken.
  53. His resistance only fueled her fervor. Her pediapalps tightened and she drew back. Drew swallowed. She came forward hard enough to crack the wall and this time, when she let up to thrust again, the pain didn’t go away. Something else had broken. He opened his mouth to scream even louder, but choked when he found himself muted. She was kissing him. The thing was KISSING him. He tried to recoil only to hit his head on the wall. Her tongue invaded his mouth, molesting his tongue and lapping up his saliva. When he gagged, she only drove her tongue deeper. As disgusting as that was, what really made him want to puke was the fact part of him was enjoying this. Not just the relentless thrusting and tight nether lips sucking on his length, but the wild kiss as well. He had to stop himself from shoving his face against hers and licking her tongue with his own. Madness. He’d seen his death and gone absolutely mad from it.
  55. When she thrust him into the wall again, he lost complete feeling in his legs. That was fine, though. Her body did all the work anyways. He gnashed his teeth together and squinted his eyes shut, trying to shut out the sweet ecstasy of her sex. It was all for naught. With a kiss that rammed his head into the wall, she forced him to surrender to pleasure. Lightning like fire exploded from his crotch, lighting up every wound, every broken bone with rapturous pain. He spewed himself into her, desperate to empty all he could, to feed that wonderful, vile, primal kiss upon his member.
  57. The ushi relinquished his mouth back to him, the both of them panting. Each breath drew more agony inside, but he couldn’t help himself. He no longer wanted to. He had nothing left to give--it had to end.
  59. But the ushi wanted more. Always more. A twisted cackle escaped her lips through heavy breaths and her body pounded Drew into the wall with more power than ever before. This time his head hit the wall too hard and everything went black.
  62. **
  65. ‘There were worse ways to die,’ Drew told himself, swimming through blackness. ‘Could’ve been infected by a Matango. Could’ve been tortured and drained by a manticore over the course of a week. Could’ve lost my mind to a dark matter. Death by ushi-oni isn’t so bad, especially when you’re knocked out before she really gets into it.’ The thought gave him pause. ‘Wait, do they still rape unconscious bodies? Dead bodies? Do they even care about getting off, or is it just the act itself they enjoy? She was going pretty hard on me before I’d even gotten it up.’
  67. Drew looked down and was surprised to find himself still with a body. Odd. Did spirits have bodies or was he just imagining it? He’d have to find an anubis and ask her sometime. Oh, wait. He was dead. Unless there were anubi in the underworld, he was SOL. Hmm. They knew a lot about the afterlife--did that mean they visited? Drew tapped his chin. Why was he so curious all of a sudden? While he was alive, he’d always been of the opinion death was just endless nothing. Yet he still had his consciousness, his sense of self. None of this was adding up.
  69. And then he knew pain.
  71. “Fuck!”
  73. Well, that’s what he tried to say. What came out instead was closed to ‘fluc’, which very much confused the nurse standing next to him.
  75. “Calm down, dear. You’ve been in bed for a little while now and you shouldn’t be making any sudden movements.”
  77. A succubus. Fan-fucking-tastic. Why couldn’t he have gotten a human nurse? Was the position of nurse going to be perverted into another monstergirl thing? He need medical attention, not sex. In fact, an overabundance of the latter was what landed him here in the first place.
  79. “Yeuh flucing calm down.” What a stupid slur.
  81. “Please, sir.” She reached over him, shoving her dumb breasts in his face. Yeah, that wasn’t on purpose at all. Good luck getting’ Mr. Happy up when I’m like this, bitch. “Stay still, try to keep your breathing nice and even, and I’ll get your doctor.”
  83. “Gugh.” As annoying as the slur was, Drew would much rather talk silly than feel the full brunt of the pain. Even through his grogginess, fiery pangs shocked him all throughout his body, the worst lighting up whenever he tried to breathe. He probably had more broken ribs than intact ones.
  85. The door clicked shut, leaving Drew alone with himself. The best kind of company. Fighting to keep his eyes open, he looked around the room. A boring hospital room, one that smelled like stale sheets and crappy meals. The covers were too heavy, and Drew’s legs were a hundred times hotter than his chest. His arms ached to move, but he knew better than that. He was fortunate enough to have a window off to his left, but the blinds were closed up. He could hear rain on the other side of it. He melted a bit more into the bed, frowning at the ceiling. He hated this kind of vulnerability, but who had put him here but for himself?
  87. Drew turned to the door when it opened. The nurse was back, holding the door for someone else. Drew thought he missed the new arrival until he saw the succubus looking down and followed her gaze. His doctor was a shrimp. Ram-like horns curled toward the back of her head and inwards towards themselves. She had the soft face of a child, though the expression was anything but. Sharp eyes grazed across a chart she held, glancing up only to make sure she didn’t run into something. The white coat of a doctor sat oddly well on her shoulders. As smart as she may have looked, Drew wasn’t interested in a monstergirl doctor, especially a baphomet. Could never tell how old they really were and they had some of the nastiest magic you could come up with. She finally looked up from her chart and took a seat aside Drew’s bed, putting her at eye-level.
  89. “Aren’t yeuh a lil’ short fer a daucter?”
  91. “Joking about my size. You must be the first to make that jab. You should give yourself a pat on the back.” She shook her head. “Later, though. You seem to be somewhat broken at the moment.”
  93. “Fluc yeuh.”
  95. “Fix your tongue, too. Hmmm, wait, never mind. I’m the doctor, that’s my job.” She reached over and held Drew’s jaw shut. “There we go. Now just hold that there for the rest of your life and your tongue will never give you trouble again.”
  97. Even against those child-like muscles, Drew stood no chance. So he blew a raspberry at the air instead.
  99. “How mature.” The doctor removed her hand and leaned back in the chair. “Now I bet you’re wondering exactly how you’re doin--“
  101. “DREW!”
  103. Everyone turned back to the door, finding an ecstatic thunderbird gaping at Drew. She started forward, but the nurse held her back before she’d hardly entered the room.
  105. “No visitors, dear. Drew is very tired and needs some time--“
  107. “Drew! You’re okay! I knew it! I knew the forces of evil couldn’t stop you!”
  109. Too dumbstruck to say anything or even make a face at Blitz, Drew just stared. Why was she even here? What did this have to do with her? She should be trying to scavenge what she could out of their former place and looking for a new one. Their apartment was destroyed--she had other things to worry about.
  111. Blitz struggled to get to him, but the succubus was stronger. Slowly, she pushed Blitz back out the door. As she was forced from the room, the thunderbird stared right into Drew’s eyes like she was expecting something. Only when the door shut her out did he come back to the present.
  113. “That one’s been pestering about you the entire time you’ve been here,” said the doctor.
  115. Drew looked up to the ceiling. “Pestering. Yeah, cee’s gooah at that.” He swallowed and worked his tongue around his mouth. Damn, that slur was annoying.
  117. The doctor watched him a moment, considering saying something more, but kept it to herself. “As I was saying before, I’m here to update you on your situation. I’m Dr. Beveilston, and I was the one overseeing your treatment. You came to us in a rather sad state.”
  119. “You don’t need to tell me that.”
  121. “You were brought two days ago by a wight.” Drew glanced at Beveilston, but said nothing. If anyone were to bring him in, it would have to be her, wouldn’t it? “Had you arrived any later, you probably would’ve died. You had numerous broken bones, internal bleeding, open wounds, contusions, and a concussion which had probably come about when you were knocked out. Your case was so severe we ended up resorting to magic, hence how you ended up with me as your doctor. Traditional methods would never have been able to save you.”
  123. For once in his life, magic had helped him. Weighed against all the times it’d been a trouble, though, it was still mostly shit. “So, how long will I be stuck here?”
  125. “Not too long, actually. Because most of your broken bones were forcibly healed with magic, you won’t have to wait for things to heal naturally. However, the trial which brought you to us and the procedure which kept you alive both put enormous stress on your body. You’ll need another few days of rest before you can go, and even then, you’ll be feeling sore for another week.” She looked down to his crotch. “Some areas more than others.”
  127. Fantastic. Maybe not as bad as he feared, but the stench of this room was already getting to him, and knowing that succubus would be tending to him made it worse. “Fine. I’ll deal with it.”
  129. Beveilston hopped off her chair. “You’re lucky to be alive.”
  131. “Oh yes, I feel incredibly lucky right now.”
  133. She shook her head and headed for the door. “Don’t try to get out early. You won’t like what I do to gung-ho patients.”
  135. Fucking monstergirls. But it wasn’t her he feared. Liess was no doubt watching him, and if he tried leaving while still injured, she’d give him something worse and put him right back where he started. She hated bullheadedness just as much as Drew lived by it.
  137. “Hey,” he said, catching the doctor right before she left.
  139. “Yes?”
  141. “Can you…” He pauses, running his teeth back and forth along each other. “Can you let that thunderbird in?”
  143. “Are you sure?”
  145. “No.” His fingers dug into the sheets. “But do it anyways.”
  147. “Alright.”
  149. Drew hated being surprised. So he’d just have to surprise her back.
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