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  1. Our spotlight this week, interviewing [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url] about his community scam report against the user [url=][color=#ffcc33]Cord[/color][/url] about continually ignoring requests to pay up for the service done for him. Evidence and more information can be found [url=]here[/url]
  3. [spoiler]
  4. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  5. Firstly I'd like to ask, what is your thread against the user [url=][color=#ffcc33]Cord[/color][/url] about?
  7. [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url]
  8. A few months ago, he scammed £5 from me after I finished a Photoshop request for him. I've added him directly so I know it's not some impersonator.
  10. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  11. Why is it now you make the thread and not 3 months ago?
  13. [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url]
  14. I didn't even consider him at first, only realized that he was still active today and owes me £5.
  16. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  17. What did he request from you?
  19. [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url]
  20. A Photoshop request to edit his DOB. Like I said, would have made a report earlier but caught my eyes today. Also, if you check the Cord's guy multi he is linked to Ashura which is another reason why I made the scam report.
  22. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  23. Did the "Idle threat" work or is he still ignoring you?
  25. [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url]
  26. No it did not work, also if you check his posts and add his Discord you will know his not getting impersonated. [url=](Source)[/url]
  28. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  29. The user [url=][color=#ffcc33]Cord[/color][/url] was somewhat controversial about scamming other people, did you take that into consideration while dealing or did you not realise until after?
  31. [url=][color=#33cc33]Arrhenius[/color][/url]
  32. I didn't consider him, I just thought it would be pathetic for him (an elite user) to scam 5 GBP
  34. [url=][color=#ffffff]ROD[/color][/url]
  35. Thank you for your time!
  36. [/spoiler]
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