Half-Moon in Equestria 7

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  1. After a short bit of walking, Twilight says "While we are out here, I should introduce you to Fluttershy, she lives not to far away."
  2. "Sure, why not" you say, scooping up Twilight, and placing her on your shoulders. Drawing a T-circle on the ground you look back at her, noticing her slight blush and say "Hang on!". Activating the circle, the ground beneath you begins to move, and you and Twilight start flying down the road, the dirt moving like a conveyor belt.
  3. Soon enough you see Twilight indicating with a hoof off in one direction, and you bring your dirt ride to a slow stop.
  4. "That was Amazing Anonymous, how do you make your power do that?"
  5. Chuckling, you say "If you want, I could try and teach you how to use Alchemy"
  6. Her eyes go wide, and she wraps her arms around your neck, giving you a tight hug. "That would be Amazing! Do you realy think you can teach me?"
  7. Scratching your chin, you ponder "Its possible, though we wont know until we try, I guess".
  8. Setting Twilight down, you turn to her and gesture towards the cottage "Ladies first" you say, gining a shallow bow.
  9. "Rarity would love to meet you"Twilight says, giggling as she heads off to the cotage, You in tow.
  11. As you arrive at the cottage, both you and Twilight hear a soft whistling from behind the cottage. Twilight calls out "Fluttershy, are you here?"
  12. A soft voice from behind the cottage says"I'll be right there, im just feeding the animals."
  13. "Is Fluttershy usualy that quiet?" you ask looking down at Twilight.
  14. "Yeah, she is always a bit nervous, especially around new people, so it would be best if you sat down, so you dont look as big and scary."
  15. "You mean like this" you say, towering over her, arms out like a bear, fingers curled like claws, and teeth bared. You hear a faint "Eeeep!", and turn in time to see a pink and yellow blur shoot back behind the cottage.
  16. As you lower your arms, Twilight says "Nice going, now she probably thinks your going to eat me, and then go and eat her."
  17. Hearing that, you start laughing, making Twilight smile. You see a bit of yellow face peeking out from behind the cottage, before it vanishes again.
  18. "Let me handle this" Twilight says, headed towards the cottage.
  19. Nodding, you sit down, and contemplate what to do while you wait. A sudden thought hits you, adn you pull out the paper you used at the bakery. Placing it on the grass, you activate it, turning a bunch of grass tips into candied tulips. Popping one in your mouth, you see Twilight come around the corner, a pink maned, yellow pegasus right behind her, and I mean right behind, like trying to hide behind, behind.
  20. "Fluttershy, I would like for you to meet Anonymous, he is going to be staying in Ponyville for a while."
  21. You hear her mumble something but cant make it out. Holding out some of the Tulips, you say "Twilight, can you share these with her? My presense is obviously scaring her, so I will start on my way back to town". After twilight takes the flowers, you turn and head toward the path back to town.
  22. Before you can take more than a half-dozen steps, you hear Fluttershy say "Excuse me ummmm Mr Anonymous, you dont have to go, umm that is if you dont want to"
  23. Stopping, you turn and see Fluttershy standing beside Twilight looking at you, her face partly hidden by her mane.
  24. Giving a soft smile, you slowly step towards her and Twilight, and sit down in front of them. slowly putting out your hand towards Fluttershy, she shrinks back a bit, but relaxes when you rest your hand on her head. "Its nice to meet you Miss Fluttershy, I hope you and I can become friends." Pulling your hand back, you see a pink tinge roll across her face. Reaching to where Twilight is holding the candied tulips, or at least the ones left, it looks like she is digging into her third, you take one and offer it to Fluttershy.
  25. Sniffing it, she looks at Twilight, now digging into her fourth, decides it is okay, and eats it. Almost immediately, her eyes light up and she says "Thats really good Mr Anonymous, how did you make them?"
  26. "Dont worry about it too much" You say "It would take too long to explain, but if you want I can make more before we head back into town."
  27. "Oh yes" She exclaims, jumping up a bit "That would be lovely, but could you maybe, umm make me violets instead? They are my favourite."
  28. Smiling, you say "Sure, its no problem at all. Do you think that you could get something for me to put them in though?"
  29. "Oh of course" She says, turning and going into the cottage.
  30. Yet again, you remove the paper and place it on the ground. This time though the grass turns into small candied Violets, as well as a few tulips, and a rose. "Twilight, do you think you could hold these up?" you ask, gesturing to the sweets.
  31. "Sure" She says "But only if you teach me to make some later".
  32. "But of course" You say nodding "This one of the earlier things I planed on teaching you anyways."
  33. Putting the paper away, you see Fluttershy come out of the cottage, a bowl in her mouth. Setting down the bowl, she see's the flowers being held up by Twilights magic, and says "Oh, thats too many, I could never accept that many without giving something back."
  34. Shaking your head, you motion Twilight to put them in the bowl, and say "Well, you have already done that, you have given me your trust and, I hope, your friendship, and for that I want these to be a thanks." When you say this, you see another pink flush roll across her features.
  35. Hiding behind her mane, she says "Thank you Mr Anonymous, im glad you think of me as a friend."
  36. Clearing her throat, Twilight says "Im sorry we cant stay longer Fluttershy, but I have to take him back into town".
  37. Waving as you two leave, you see Fluttershy pop a candied Violet in her mouth, her eyes closing in contentment. Turning back to Twilight you ask "Any others stops for today?"
  38. "If your going to be staying here for a while, you may need more clothes, so we should make a stop at Raritys. Im sure she would love to try her hoof at making clothes for you.
  39. Shruging, you say "I guess. I never have worn much, in the way of variety, so all I have for clothes is usualy these, and a spare pair of shorts or two."
  40. Looking up at you expectantly, Twilight asks "Hey, when do you think you could start teaching me that alchemy stuff?"
  41. Taking a moment to think, you finaly respond "Give me about a week to get stuff ready, Then I will be ready to start"
  42. Nodding her head, she cant help but look a little dissapointed. Falling a step or two behind her, you scoop her up, and place her on your shoulders again.
  43. "Are you not tired of doing that yet?" Twilight asks, looking bemused, but you can see a bit of a blush on her cheeks.
  44. "You keep doing nice thinks for me, so this is the least I can do. Its called the law of equivelant exchange. It states that to gain something, something of equal value must be lost. Through this, you can interpret that if someone does something for you, you must do something back, to keep the balance. Of course if your seriously want me to teach you Alchemy, you are going to have to understand that law, and live by it. Also, you are going to have to stop complainign when I carry you like this, thats part of my price for teaching you.
  45. Sighing, she rests against your back, and soon falls asleep from thje rythmic motions of your steps and the beating of your heart.
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