Mifuyu's Mindbreak Museum

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  1. 'Stop it, Mifuyu! Don't do anything to her!' Yachiyo raged as looked on helplessly. All that separated her from Mifuyu and her captives was a glass wall and a few metres. Practically nothing for a magical girl--except that the glass wall had somehow endured the full brunt of her spears.
  2. 'You could have stopped while you had the chance, Yacchan. You could have kept your nose out of the rumours.'
  3. Yachiyo could hear Mifuyu panting, see Iroha's chest slowly rise and fall, her unconscious state a mockery of peaceful sleep. She was so close to saving her, but for all it mattered, they could have been worlds apart.
  4. 'Mifuyu, don't do this.' Yachiyo voice quavered as he pleaded with her old friend. 'It's not her fault. It's all mine. Hurt me instead.'
  5. 'But that's what I intend to do.' Mifuyu said sweetly as she took at a pair of scissors. She carefully snipped away the front of Iroha's school skirt, exposing her white panties.
  6. 'How pure,' said Mifuyu as she went to massage that triangle of white. 'Or maybe not.' A grotesque shaft of meat had materialised beneath Iroha's underwear. Mifuyu proceeded to rub it.
  7. 'No... no...' Yachiyo was at a loss for words. She had her heart broken so many times before--Kanae's death, Meru's witchification, Mifuyu's sudden disappearance--but she didn't expect to be betrayed by a person she thought was her truest friend.
  8. 'I think that's enough,' said Mifuyu, lifting her skirt and putting her hips on top of Iroha's. She turned to look straight at Yachiyo as she slowly lowered herself. The pained, pleading moans from Yachiyo met Mifuyu's sensual groans.
  9. 'I can see why you kept her, Yacchan,' Mifuyu said with a wicked grin as she started riding the unconscious Iroha.
  10. In response, Yachiyo slammed her fist into the glass.
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