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  1. [22:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oba-chan!" the delinquent girl called out as she passed through the female-side's curtain. "There are four of us."
  2. [22:37] <LeahofCherem> "Ahaha, on such good terms?" Mary follows, hand brushing the curtain as she walks underneath it. "Please pardon the intrusion." She waves cheerfully at the woman in charge, "I can't wait to just sink in..."
  3. [22:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We all need soap and shampoo too I think." She frowns as she opens her wallet. That's the end of her holiday spending cash. Well, it was her idea. Maybe she should have shaken down those delinquents from earlier.
  4. [22:40] <Midnight> "Why did I agree to this?" Jamie shakes her head as she whispers to herself. She walks through the curtain and nods pleasantly to the woman longing for her own shower.
  5. [22:40] <LeahofCherem> "Aaah, did your allowance run out?" Mary chimes in from the side, smiling, "And New Years is still a week off, hmmmmm?"
  6. [22:42] * Tsuboki_Junko grumbles as she hands over her cash.
  7. [22:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Is Ai still outside?"
  8. [22:43] <@Mr_Rage> Ai bounds into the spring with a yell, quickly learning her lesson as she slips on the wet stone, landing flat on her face.
  9. [22:44] <LeahofCherem> "Ara, all you would have had to do is ask~." Mary reaches into her pocket and draws a red cloth purse with white draw-string. "I don't know, I wasn't-" She watches the girl go running by, "I'll cover her share then." Grinning, she presses a few coins to the desk. "And, two towel sets then."
  10. [22:44] <LeahofCherem> "Did... she wasn't naked yet, was she?" Mary tilts her head to the side, a worried expression suddenly spreading.
  11. [22:44] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I
  12. [22:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ai, get back in here!"
  13. [22:46] <LeahofCherem> Mary makes a sheepish expression to the old woman guarding the entrance from MEN and smiles at Jaime, "In we go then? I haven't been to a modern Sento yet."
  14. [22:48] <Midnight> "I haven't either." Jamie says, paying the woman. "But first time for everything I guess." SHe says with a nod and heads in.
  15. [22:48] <@Mr_Rage> "Bweh..." The chimera picks herself with a whine, her face reddened but not hurt. By the time the rest get in there, she's at least managed to towel over, looking a bit like a rice-roll given her flat build.
  16. [22:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Dorm showers are fine and all but can one live with the occasional bath house visit?" Junko leaves the desk and Nee-san, quickling claiming a locker to stuff her things into.
  17. [22:50] <LeahofCherem> "Poor girl..." Mary follows, smiling, "I used to visit them all the time, but then I started traveling. It's a different story when you're not at home, you know?" She follows Junko's example, but there isn't much for her to put in the locker. No phone, just a tiny coin purse and her clothing.
  18. [22:52] <LeahofCherem> "It's nice that they separate the pools for genders though. I can't imagine having to bathe and having men right there." She shakes her head, tying the larger towel around her chest. If there's one thing to say about her figure, she might want to start walking around a bit more, but that'd take the fun parts away.
  19. [22:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko goes about turning off her phone, bare nekkid with one fist on a hip. Befitting the delinquent she has a few scars, none of them on her back or backside.
  20. [22:52] <Midnight> Jamie picks a locker near the others and neatly puts all of her belongings in. Even going so far as to fold her shirt and pants, remnants of a past forgotten. "In America we don't even bathe with the same gender."
  21. [22:54] <LeahofCherem> "Aaah, but how to you build skinship like that?" She says this creeping up on Midnight: old man in a young woman's body.
  22. [22:54] <LeahofCherem> Jaime*
  23. [22:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> All Junko can think is, 'At least it isn't me.'
  24. [22:55] <Midnight> "Skinship?" Jamie says, backing away just a little. "We're very private people I guess."
  25. [22:56] <@Mr_Rage> "Skinship?"
  26. [22:59] <LeahofCherem> Mary freezes, spotted. "Ah, yes, the art of the community!" She stands up straight, finger pointing in the air as she starts to lecture. "Maybe it is different in, uh... Ahmereka? But in Japan we must be aware of our fellows, and one way to build those bonds is by spending time with each other, see?"
  27. [23:00] <Midnight> "Naked?"
  28. [23:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Well not always."
  29. [23:01] <LeahofCherem> "Oh, no! Well, maybe, but we have these!" She tugs at her towel. "After all, there are some things that should stay secret, you know?" She looks at Junko. "But I suppose her secrets are all below the waste." She grins, "Aaah, what are you hiding then?" She taps her cheek with her finger, attention bouncing back and forth.
  30. [23:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Right, good luck." She waves to Jamie, heading in to have a seat and shower off.
  31. [23:04] <Midnight> "Heh." Jamie grins despite herself. "What a time and place to be alive." She nods to Junko. "Best take her lead I guess."
  32. [23:06] <LeahofCherem> Mary nods, "Yes, a time indeed." She smiles mysteriously and goes to follow Junko, "Wait, wait, wait! We clean first! Then the bath! Do you need help? Ai? Do you?"
  33. [23:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> "She's a big girl, she'll be fine. Right, Ai?"
  34. [23:11] <@Mr_Rage> "Right!" Ai throws her fists up, splashing anyone unfortunate enough to be near her.
  35. [23:11] <LeahofCherem> "But can she get her back?" Mary makes a face, sitting down in front of a shower and staring at it. "Uh... Wait.. How do I...?"
  36. [23:12] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Problem, Nee-san?"
  37. [23:13] <Midnight> "She's a big girl. SHe'll be fine. Right Mary?"
  38. [23:14] <LeahofCherem> "I... uh..." Mary nods, taking her bucket and walking over to the bath. She dips it in, and walks back to the chair, just to dump it over her head
  39. [23:14] <LeahofCherem> "Why are the seats such a walk from the bath?"
  40. [23:14] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko just...stares.
  41. [23:14] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera giggles, walking over to take Mary's bucket. "Here, I'll help."
  42. [23:14] <Midnight> Jamie shakes her head and sighs.
  43. [23:15] * Tsuboki_Junko leans over once Ai goes to fetch more water. "Turn that."
  44. [23:15] <LeahofCherem> "Ah? But she's going to get water now, what would that do?"
  45. [23:16] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You want help each time, or do you want to be a big girl?"
  46. [23:18] <LeahofCherem> "I'm a big girl!" She curls her fists a little, "Jeez, fine, so I just turn this one?" She turns the far right, and the shower bursts on. She screams, "COld! Cold cold cold!" She scrambles back, almost slipping backwards into the bath, "Junko! You tricked me!"
  47. [23:19] <Midnight> Jamie can't help but burst out laughing. "Not a trick. One is cold, the other's hot. Do you live under a rock?"
  48. [23:19] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I didn't say full blast. Geez." She sighs and leans over further to turn it down and counter it with some hot.
  49. [23:20] <LeahofCherem> Mary looks back, shivering and hugging herself. She looks miserable for a moment. "Only for a little bit."
  50. [23:21] <LeahofCherem> She inches towards the water as it steams, "I-it's warm now, right?"
  51. [23:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sticks her arm under the spray of water. "Promise."
  52. [23:22] <LeahofCherem> "... Your arms might not be sensitive though." She reaches up to rub her cheeks, "Onee-chan is going to be very upset with you if it's a trick you know?"
  53. [23:22] <@Mr_Rage> Ai comes tottling back, bucket balanced on her head and horns, tails wagging.
  54. [23:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> With a huff the delinquent gets up and plops herself down on Mary's stool. "See?"
  55. [23:26] <LeahofCherem> Mary smiles and grabs one of the sponges, "I do! Now sit still! Onee-chan will take care of your back." She looks to Ai, "Or, do you want to? Jai~me?" She's having too much fun with this
  56. [23:27] <Midnight> "I'm good." She says, turning to face the shower. "You two have fun."
  57. [23:30] <LeahofCherem> "Ai?" She watches the chimera, "Ai yo?" A grin.
  58. [23:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ugh."
  59. [23:31] <@Mr_Rage> The girl giggles, and nods!
  60. [23:31] <LeahofCherem> "Here, how about yo~u clean Junko's back, I'll clean yours? Or is that already Junko's?"
  61. [23:33] * Tsuboki_Junko rolls her eyes, looking for her lighter and cigaretters. Oh. Right. Locker.
  62. [23:34] <@Mr_Rage> Ai sidles on up, and starts scrubbing Junko's back. It's--actually rather gentle.
  63. [23:35] * Tsuboki_Junko grunts.
  64. [23:36] <LeahofCherem> Mary lets out a cheerful, girlish giggle. "Isn't it cute?"
  65. [23:36] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrr~" Scrubscrubscrub, the little chimera works hard.
  66. [23:37] <LeahofCherem> "She's so diligent too- don't forget behind the ears!"
  67. [23:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Keep laughing nee-san and I'll scrub your back." With those arms. Those arms that wrecked shit.
  68. [23:38] <LeahofCherem> "Ah, but then imagine how nice my skin would be tomorrow morning? They say a maiden in love is the most beautiful of all, but they forget that a maiden who pays attention to her skin comes in close second!"
  69. [23:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Better go fall in love, or is my charm too much?"
  70. [23:42] <LeahofCherem> "Mm, but I'm already beautiful enough! If I was in love it'd be all over for many hearts!"
  71. [23:43] <@Mr_Rage> The conversation is almost visibly flying over Ai's head as she cleans Junko's back.
  72. [23:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oh, Ai, this is basically skinship. Like nee-san was talking about."
  73. [23:45] <LeahofCherem> "Yes, just like that! Next step is cheekship, then what the red-light-women do!"
  74. [23:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Don't tell her that!"
  75. [23:45] <@Mr_Rage> "Red-light?"
  76. [23:47] <LeahofCherem> "Ah yes! Red light, the most mature of lights. The things we shant speak of of no, oh no, or else, no! I wouldn't be able to marry!" She lets out a 'kyaa', lost in whatever parallel universe she came from.
  77. [23:48] ->> emote :Unknown command
  78. [23:48] <Midnight> There's a barely audible, "What the hell." from Jamie's shower.
  79. [23:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko groans, hiding her face in her hands.
  80. [23:49] <@Mr_Rage> Ai nods along, absolutely bewildered but not willing to interrupt the lesson.
  81. [23:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I think my back's good. Did you wash yours, Ai?"
  82. [23:51] <@Mr_Rage> "Not yet!"
  83. [23:51] <LeahofCherem> "So, Ai-chan," Mary finishes, breathing significantly heavier, "Just remember, if she ever touches you funny, call her a Pervert as loud as you can and run to get the guard!"
  84. [23:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Stop teaching her weird shit!"
  85. [23:52] <LeahofCherem> "It's not weird! Every woman needs to know these things!"
  86. [23:53] <LeahofCherem> "Or are YOU!" She points her finger damningly at Junko, "Trying to prepare her for yourself?! I won't allow that!"
  87. [23:53] <@Mr_Rage> The chimera blink-blinks.
  88. [23:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Just go soak or something already." Junko gets Ai seated where she'd been, scrubbing down the little Chimera's back.
  89. [23:54] <@Mr_Rage> "Rrrr~" Ai's tails wag, eyes closing.
  90. [23:55] <LeahofCherem> "But you stole my seat and I'm not cleaned yeee~t," Mary whines.
  91. [23:55] * Tsuboki_Junko points to her one seat, water still running. "Sit."
  92. [23:55] <Midnight> "That poor kid," Jamie said, finally butting in, "isn't going to learn anything if those are her lessons. "Besides, look at her. If someone touches you, Ai, and you don't like it? Rip them to shreds. I guarantee people will leave you alone."
  93. [23:56] <Midnight> "Besides, look at her. If someone touches you and you don't like it, Ai, you rip em to shreds. That will make them leave you alone."
  94. [23:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> her own seat*
  95. [23:57] <LeahofCherem> Mary claps with just her fingers and goes to sit, giggling at the fun she's had.
  96. [23:58] <@Mr_Rage> "Yah! Punch them with Wing Chun!" Ai mimes a dissipating fist, nearly wobbling off the stool.
  97. [23:58] <LeahofCherem> "I still think my lessons are better than outright violence though," Mary pouts.
  98. [23:59] <Tsuboki_Junko> "She likes Bruce Lee." A ruffle of Ai's hair.
  99. [00:01] <Midnight> "Who doesn't? Man's a legend."
  100. [00:01] <LeahofCherem> "Bruce Lee?" Mary tilts her head, cleaning her hair.
  101. [00:02] <@Mr_Rage> Ai stares at Mary, eyes wide.
  102. [00:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Crap."
  103. [00:03] <LeahofCherem> "E-ehe?" Mary kind of smiles and laughs, eyes confused, "I-is he a musician?"
  104. [00:05] * Midnight ( Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
  105. [00:05] <@Mr_Rage> "We have to watch Bruce Lee movies." Jiiiiii.
  106. [00:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You do kinda have to now, trust me."
  107. [00:08] <LeahofCherem> "I-I suppose I do? Movies, those are the big things on the te-be, right?"
  108. [00:08] <@Mr_Rage> "Yus." Somehow, that strikes Ai as less strange than not knowing Bruce Lee.
  109. [00:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Alright, back's clean."
  110. [00:09] <@Mr_Rage> "Wah~"
  111. [00:09] <LeahofCherem> "Good! I'm certain you two needed it after that last mess. To touch that thing..." She lets out a sigh, "A shame, really..."
  112. [00:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> SPLOOSH. Junko sink's herself into the water up to her chin. "Not that worried, I just wanted a bath."
  113. [00:11] <LeahofCherem> Mary sits, "A-Ai-chan, could you get my back too?"
  114. [00:11] <@Mr_Rage> "Sure!"
  115. [00:12] <LeahofCherem> She lights up, turning, "Ai, thank you!" She wriggles a little in anticipation.
  116. [00:13] <@Mr_Rage> Just as with Junko, Ai's particularly gentle with Mary's back. At least, in comparison to the terrible acts of power that Ai's capable of.
  117. [00:15] <LeahofCherem> Mary lets out a happy squeal, "Aaah, so nice! You'll make a good wife one day Ai-chan!"
  118. [00:16] <@Mr_Rage> "Yes! Best wife!"
  119. [00:17] <LeahofCherem> "Ahaha, but then you'd have to wear that stuffy robe and sit still for so looong~." Mary makes the observation like she's seen it many, many times before, who knows from what side.
  120. [00:18] <@Mr_Rage> "Ai can sit still." Did--did she just make a pun
  121. [00:20] <LeahofCherem> "I'm sure it'd be lovely though. Not having to worry about anything else~." She has a strange idea of what being married is like.
  122. [00:21] <LeahofCherem> "But then there's children."
  123. [00:22] <Midnight> "And holding down a job and worrying about the idiot of a spouse you'd married, along with chores, bills..." Jamie trails off, obviously she's thought about that before as well.
  124. [00:23] <LeahofCherem> "Aaah, but wouldn't the job be 'mother and housewife'?" Mary calls over her shoulder, "I mean, we don't have to work in the fields, so, what else is there?"
  125. [00:24] <Midnight> "What we do now comes to mind." Jamie said, almost frustrated. "Sufferage passed over your head like an airliner I see."
  126. [00:29] <Midnight> "And don't you dare ask me what an airliner is."
  127. [00:29] <LeahofCherem> Mary shuts her mouth.
  128. [00:29] <LeahofCherem> "Suffrage?"
  129. [00:30] <Midnight> "Maybe it's an American thing. But since I have a job here in Japan, I'm going to say that we have the right to do whatever we please. It's not a man's world anymore. Or at least not like it used to be."
  130. [00:32] <LeahofCherem> "And if we please to be a housewife?" She sighs happily, "Tending the shrine was like being married in it's own way, I suppose, and I still had to work."
  131. [00:32] <Midnight> "That's fine. But it's not the only option....and some of us prefer it that way."
  132. [00:35] <LeahofCherem> "This is true. Work outside the house is just as fulfilling, I suppose. I certainly answer a lot more questions that way~."
  133. [00:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> "This is how old ladies talk, Ai."
  134. [00:37] <Midnight> "I ain't old."
  135. [00:37] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmf~ I'm gonna be a martial arts-wife!"
  136. [00:39] <LeahofCherem> "!!" Mary lets out a hurt sound, "I'm not old! Onee-chan is... Young!"
  137. [00:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> "How do you plan to do that?"
  138. [00:40] <LeahofCherem> "By training with her husband? Maybe?"
  139. [00:41] <@Mr_Rage> "Yuh. Invent a woman's style that leaves one hand free for baby."
  140. [00:41] <LeahofCherem> Mary giggles despite herself, covering her mouth, "Ah, a defensive style then?"
  141. [00:58] * Midnight ( Quit ( Quit: A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. )
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