[DCPU-16]Hello World

Jul 8th, 2014
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  1. ;A Hello World in DCPU-16 1.7
  3. :string
  4. dat "Hello, world!", 0
  6. :readString
  7. set j, [string+i]
  8. ife j, 0
  9. set pc, disp
  10. jsr setChar
  11. add i, 1
  12. set pc, readString
  14. :setChar
  15. bor j, 0xf000
  16. bor j, 0x0000
  17. set [0x3000+i], j
  18. set pc, pop
  20. :disp
  21. set a, 0
  22. set b, 0x3000
  23. hwi 0
  25. ;NOTES
  26. ;-The hardware id of the display may not be 0 in some cases. Set it appropriately for the hwi call
  27. ;-The string given can be anything you want, as long as you leave the 0
  28. ;-The 2 bor calls set the string's color and highlight respectively. You can change these if you want
  29. ;-Screen data is allocated in memory within the range of 0x3000 to 0x3181 (approx.)
  30. ;-The 0 data after the string is used to signify the end, as to tell the CPU when to call the disp subroutine
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