May 2nd, 2014
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  1. “Hey, Nobu!” Suwako's voice calls you. “You can use this moment to tell them who fixed the console!”
  3. Well... What should you say to them? Telling them that the Moriya shrine fixed it, and Nitori will be sad. Telling them the Kappa fixed it, and you'll potentially hurt the shrine's reputation and will anger Kanako...
  5. Fuck this, you only want to help the kids, no strings attached. The kids can believe whatever they wish to believe. You shake your head to inform Suwako that you don't want to tell anything to them.
  7. “Well, if you says so...”
  9. “Wow! Hiroshi, how do you play it?” One of the kids asks Hiroshi
  11. “Uhm... Mister Nobu, could you show us first how to play it?” Hiroshi pleads. Eh, you want to tell them to go through to tutorial by themselves, but since this is a completely alien thing to them, maybe you should do some demo for them first. You take the controller and move the red plumber around.
  13. “Whooaaaaa!”
  15. You pass to Hiroshi to try it out. He slide the control stick to one side, and the plumber follows his command through the controller.
  17. “Let me try it!”
  19. Hiroshi pass the controller to the boys that standing behind him, they're only moving him around a bit, and it already amuses them this much. They don't even know the objective of the game. Mio only stand at Hiroshi's side, probably intimidated by the crowd who are each of them trying to get the controller. You grab it back once every kids have their turn and give it to Mio so she can try it too.
  21. “Ooh... Mister, what's that colored gooey thing on the center?”
  23. “That's... Uhm... You have to clear that thing to advance the game, Mio,” Sanae explains. “Go talk to people there, maybe they can help you?”
  25. “Uh huh. Mister red hat!” Mio calls one of the character directly to the tv. Sanae giggles seeing her trying to talk to the character.
  27. “No Mio, not that way. You control that red hat man using this 'controller'. You make him talk to the other character.” Sanae takes over and shows her. “See?”
  29. “Miss, I can't read the word on his head...”
  31. “Hiroshi, would you help her?”
  33. “Okay. Mio, those words are... 'Mario, be careful, I have a bad feeling about this...' Miss, what's 'Mario'?”
  35. “Mario is the name of the man with the red hat that you control. He needs to find something to clean the colored gooey thing on the center. Try going there!” Sanae points to a sprayer. Mio moves the character to it as instructed.
  37. “So outsiders use this thing to control other beings for fun?” Keine asks.
  39. “How to say it...” Sanae tries to find the correct word to say to her. “The machine creates a 'world' with a set scenario and projects it to the display machine on it. Just like story books, except this thing visualizes the world so you don't have to imagine the world inside the story unlike books, and we can take part into the story more directly by controlling a character in it!”
  41. Keine nods, and observes the kids again.
  43. “Miss Sanae, what is 'R button'?” Hiroshi is now holds the controller, and confused with the tutorial of using the sprayer.
  45. “It's there.” Sanae points to the right shoulder button. “On the outside, there are different alphabets for language that you will probably never use, like 'R'.”
  47. “Hooo...”
  49. “Here, I'll show you some basic controls.”
  51. Sanae take the controller and presses some random button, then explain what each button uses for. The kids watching both her fingers pressing the buttons and the television.
  53. “If only they this attentive when studying in my class...”
  55. Keine sighs. You approach and write to her that she probably could make her students pay more attention to her if she can make the lesson fun, or at least make it looks so.
  57. “I can't make the lesson just fun, I have to make sure that the kids actually learns something from my lesson. They will probably pay more attention to me, yes, but will they remember the lesson?”
  59. Well... She's strict, but she has the point. You can see why Hiroshi hates her, but he'll appreciate what his teacher's done to him when he grows up, especially since he has a friend that can't go to school.
  61. “Spray that goo!” Sanae yells. Hiroshi, whose holding the controller now, carefully aims Mario's spray and launches a jet of water to it. A big flower-goo monster emerges from it.
  63. “Whaaa!”
  65. “That's a goo youkai! Spray it again until the thing exterminated!”
  67. Hiroshi continuously flows the water to the goo-flower monster until it vanishes, revealing a tree-headed person whose previously trapped inside the goo, and a star.
  69. “Miss Kochiya, where did the youkai go?”
  71. “You've exterminated it! Now make Mario grab the star that it dropped!”
  73. Hiroshi does it, and Mario shows the star that he recently collect to the camera, indicating them that Hiroshi has completed the level.
  75. “Good job!” Sanae pats his shoulder.
  77. “Hiroshi, can I borrow that?”
  79. “Let me play it first!”
  81. “Hey, be patient and take turns, okay?” The shrine maiden calms the crowd of kids down. “Let your friends play it for a while, will you? You can play it anytime you want, this is yours after all.”
  83. The boy nods and pass the controller to Mio. Well, close friend goes first.
  85. “Maybe after this the kids will more appreciate Reimu's job of exterminating youkai.” Keine murmurs, then turns to you. “I thought outsiders were unable to understand their own devices. How did you fix it?”
  87. Well... It's not YOU that fixed the console, but since she believes so, you need to make an excuse...
  89. [] With proper tools and studying how the machine works. Nothing special.
  90. [] With complex rites and rituals to the machine spirit inside it, else it won't work.
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