Haimura Comments - NT11

Oct 12th, 2014
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  1. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_c11.jpg
  2. Volume 11 cover. It’s not often I use multiple main colors in the background.
  3. The treatment of past Shokuhou (I call her Mini-hou) and Kamijou is given later.
  5. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r39.jpg
  6. Five Over Outsider (FOOS for short) with Mitsuari Ayu.
  7. It was described as a sphere with lots of “eyes”, so I figured, ‘yeah, that’s an Angel’.
  8. But it can freely change form in the novel, so I think this is just one of its many forms.
  9. Mitsuari is pretty much exactly the rejected Shokuhou design from the manga roughs here: http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/ice.htm
  10. These rejected designs are normally locked away, but the actual story was apparently written by making that rejected design into a main character using the concept of an unfortunate girl who could not become Shokuhou.
  11. She has a bit of a yandere psycho side to her, so I made some changes to her expressions.
  13. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r40.jpg
  14. FOOS with Mitsuari 2. My own concept for the FOOS is that the control unit is semi-randomly chosen from the gel colony and another “leader” can take over even if the previous one is destroyed. I also saw it as absorbing the matter in the air and dirt to alter its composition and therefore transform. Of course, none of this is apparent in the illustrations.
  16. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r41.jpg
  17. FOOS 3. The Mitsuari 300 aka FOOS camouflage body meant drawing a realistic depiction of a girl weighing over 300 kg. But no one wants to see an illustration like that, so I did my best to instead draw it like a disturbing mascot costume.
  18. The primary features turned into Shokuhou’s as an elaborate bit of harassment on Mitsuari’s part.
  20. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_r42.jpg
  21. Mini-Hou Misaki. The legitimate point that a middle school girl can’t grow that much in a single year could simply be answered by saying it was a request from a certain someone, but to be honest, I thought the mini-sizing in Railgun wasn’t quite enough, so I just made her a lot smoother overall.
  22. And doesn’t she seem a lot like “someone else” if you change the color of her hair and eyes? (The resemblance was intentional.)
  23. Those of you who have read Volume 11 might understand what I mean.
  25. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/fomo01.jpg
  26. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/fomo02.jpg
  27. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/fomo03.jpg
  28. Five Over Mental Out (Queen Bee or FOMO for short).
  29. I am releasing these pages with consent from Kasai Shin (http://shintop.web.fc2.com/) who designed it.
  30. Originally, it was going to be partially shown on 1C6 (the sixth black-and-white illustration), but I was ordered to give that illustration a symmetrical composition between Shokuhou and Mitsuari, so there was no room left for the gadget. (I had also imagined a double-paged spread of FOOS vs. FOMO, Clash of the Two Giant Monsters.) I feel bad after having the design made and everything.
  32. http://r-s.sakura.ne.jp/w/n/ni_t11.jpg
  33. Volume 11 cover rough. Never showing Kamijou’s face on this volume’s cover and illustrations was meant as preparation (build up) for the single double-page spread that does show his face.
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