Harshwhinny's Milk Tastes Like Victory

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. >coming back to the hotel after spending a day in the sun
  4. >tired in the way only a day spent loafing on the beach can make you
  5. >Harshwhinny walks right over to the bed, laying down on her back
  6. >her voice is harsh, like usual, but not angry
  7. >"I have NEVER felt so tired, and unprofessional."
  8. >"I enjoy the time off of work, but this foal is so heavy, and now that I am making milk, I can't even stand for long."
  9. >It's true.
  10. >Her breasts... is breasts the right word?
  11. >Whatever, her breasts look really full, nearly ready to pop under that modesty maternity suit
  12. >well, it's your foal... satyr? Don't know yet.
  13. >But anyway, it's yours
  14. >she's yours, and you're hers
  15. >she opens her mouth to complain about her back, but stops abruptly when she feels your hands on her breasts
  16. >she smiles slightly, laying back
  17. >it's easy enough to push the suit aside, exposing both of her beautiful teats, with a strip of fabric running down between them
  18. >you lean in, and lick along each sensitive nipple
  19. >she makes a little, half-suppressed moan of appreciation
  20. >she may be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but you love her, and you're here to ease her burden
  21. >you press your lips around her nipple, and suckle
  22. >the room stays quiet, just the sound of her breathing and your drinking
  23. >her hind hooves rest on your shoulders as you drain her
  24. >it takes several long minutes, but finally you pull your lips free of her second nipple
  25. >she lets out a calm, relaxed breath. No longer sore.
  26. >you adjust her suit again, and then climb up into the bed with her
  27. >you snuggle together, and she's out like a light
  28. >it's a vacation, and midday naps are par for the course
  29. >you run your hand over her belly, and think of the foal growing inside
  30. >and you are happy.
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